Unexpected and Unique Recycled Jewelry

We rummage through old drawers, chests, and closets and toss out old toys, appliances, and clothes. But sometimes, just before our hand looses grip on a long, lost, unloved item, we suddenly see potential in it. We cut, bend, add, and enhance until we have something new and beautiful that clasps boldly around our necks or lays delicately across our wrists. On our site you’ll find a link for projects for unique recycled jewelry. I have a number of my favorite projects below, but first I want to talk about a totally unique recycler I found online that makes jewelry from objects you wouldn’t have thought of.

Left and right images from Brancusi’s site.


Rarely, do I know what to do with old technology. Keyboards, microchips, and circuits are all bound for the trash, but recently I discovered a guy that has incredible jewelry making designs for bracelets using what was thought to be useless computer parts. His name is Constanti Brancusi and he is the maker of Paola Mirai Jewels. Click on this link to see more of his stunning jewelry. I have to appreciate someone who can take raw and ugly parts and transmute them into fascinating, beautiful jewelry.

He’s not the only one that can do it though…you can too! Here are some easy projects for what will be highly envied jewelry.

Pop Can Beads:  Using recycled metals for making jewelry is very eco friendly. Take a tin pop can and transform it into a bracelet that looks like it’s made of expensive pewter beads.


Vintage Pendulum Necklace:  This is a great example of vintage recycled jewelry. You’ll never look at old kitchen knobs the same way again. Sway your friends into jewelry making with this fashionable piece.


Zipper Bead Necklace:  This necklace bellows bold and beautiful, but no one will think it’s from zippers, and so simple to make.



Reclaimed Rubber Bracelet:  Did you every think you could make a stylish bracelet from a flat bike tire? Not only is it possible, but it’s also simple to do.


Tea Canister Cuff:  This might go for $40 bucks at the store, but it’ll cost you nothing to dig through Grandma’s cabinet’s or just a few dollars to buy a canister of tea with an appealing design.



I found two more jewelry making ideas for you to try on bloggers sites. I picked out DIY Shrinky Dink (from plastic container!) [TUTORIAL] from blogger Roudi writer of C is for Craft because I cringe every time I throw away plastic. This  project is such a cute way to reuse it.

I found an incredible site that reuses worn strings from instruments to make jewelry. Strings…and a Dare by Xavior, has so many unique creations. My personal favorite is what’s made from piano wire.

I want to ask all you readers, have you made any jewelry from recycled pieces? If so, what did you use and make?


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