Trash to Treasure: 659 Recycled Crafts

Time to empty that recycle bin…right into your craft room! With our amazing collection of 659 Recycled Crafts, you’ll find hundreds of uses for Mason jars, toilet paper rolls, egg cartons, paper plates, and even old sweaters! From funky jewelry to beautiful home decor ideas, these trash to treasure projects are the perfect way to use up all those extra bottles and jugs that you have lying around your house.

Crafters of all ages and skill levels are sure to find something they’ll love in our collection of 659 Recycled Crafts. Kids will get a kick out of the egg carton projects and paper plate crafting ideas, and adults will enjoy learning what they can do with those empty wine bottles and bottle caps.

If you’ve been saving everything from toothbrushes to Mason jars, you’re going to love the projects and tutorials we’ve gathered up for you in 659 Recycled Crafts.


One of the things I love about this collection of projects is that there are great suggestions for using items you never thought you could craft with!  Toothbrushes, sweaters, mesh bags, wine bottles, toilet paper rolls, aluminum foil and so much more can be transformed into awesome projects that anyone can do!

Gather the kids together and dive into the recycling bin for an awesome crafting experience!


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