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Top 5 Crafts of April

Can you believe that May is already a week old? Well, you know what that means–it’s time to count down the top 5 craft projects from last month. These are the projects that FaveCrafts readers loved the most in April. But before I show them to you, make sure you catch up on last month’s recap, the Top 5 Crafts of March! And of course, check out what was popular on our sister sites last month as well in FaveCrafts Most Popular Craft Projects: April 2011.

5. Cleavage Be Gone

What in the world is the “Cleavage Be Gone?” It’s exactly what it sounds like–you wear it under your shirt and hook it around your bra to cover up for modesty’s sake. A lot of FaveCrafts readers complain that they can’t find modest shirts anymore, so the Cleavage Be Gone is a God send to them! We debuted this easy sewing pattern way back in October of 2010, but you guys loved it just as much in April! By the way, have you seen our Cold Weather Knit Dickie?

4. Butterfly Crochet Bag

It seems that FaveCrafts readers love a good butterfly motif. Is this true? I definitely love butterfly crafts; they’re so pretty and they just scream “SPRING!” You guys loved this cute little bag in our spring crochet issue from 4/14. How many of you tried the pattern? By the way, have you seen our Crochet Flower Clutch?

3. The Coziest Crochet Baby Blanket Ever

With a name like that, this baby blanket pattern has a lot to live up to! But it really does look extremely cozy and soft. Next time I get invited to a baby shower, I’m going straight to this pattern for the gift. We sent out a newsletter issue full of vintage baby blankets on 4/22, and this pattern was your favorite one! And I can see why. By the way, have you seen our Baby Love eBook from Red Heart Yarns?

2. Dollar Store Easter Bunny

I’m sad that Easter is over because it means I won’t be seeing adorable crafts like this anymore. But there are plenty of other dollar store crafts to hold me over! If there’s anything I love more than Easter crafts it’s dollar store crafts. It looks like FaveCrafts readers like them too! We featured this little guy in our Easter issue on 4/5, and he was a big hit! By the way, have you seen our Dollar Store Petal Skirt (I made it myself!)?

And now for my favorite part, the most popular project from April!

1. Unique Tampon Angel

This project has been…how shall I put this?…controversial, to say the least. Check out some of our readers’ comments (and add your own!). Perhaps this angel is more infamous than popular. But nevertheless, it certainly piqued your interest! We featured it in our “Wacky, Weird, and Wonderful Crafts” issue (the same issue as the Cleavage Be Gone!) and you guys went nuts over it. Would you ever hang an old tampon on your Christmas tree? I know I would! I think it’s kitschy. Am I just gross? By the way, have you seen our Delicate Crochet Angel Doll?

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