Top 3 Favorite Knitting Patterns

I’m no genius on how to knit or crochet, but when I see a good pattern I really enjoy it. I have plenty of knit sweaters that come in handy during the winters and even during summer. We’re having quite a chilly summer this year, so anything made of yarn is my friend. I especially enjoy the chunky long wrap. That will definitely keep me warm any time of the year. I’m always chilly while I’m sitting and my desk too, but it’s summertime so I don’t want to wear big heavy sweaters in the office. The most amazing creation I’ve seen are the wrist warmers. What a great idea, just to keep your arms warm instead of wearing something bulky. Last but not least is the greatest invention for those yoga lovers. Yoga socks are able to keep your feet warm, but able to breath at the same time. I’ve never done yoga, nor do I plan on doing it, but that won’t stop me from making these socks. They’re adorable. If you like these top 3 favorite knitting patterns be sure you check out all our other knitting patterns. We’re adding new ones every day!


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