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Too Cool for School

The summer has flown by. It doesn’t even feel like we had a summer this year. Come August all the kids are going back to school. I was never ready to leave school, but I guess you have to go into the working world at some point. There are so many ways you can get the kids back into the groove of going back to school soon. You know they love the summer and dread going back, so have some fun out of it. I found this really cute craft that kids can make for themselves, for a friend or for their teachers. It’s a terra cotta pot apple container. Kids can put anything they want in there, whether it’s little treats or even small school supplies. It’s really easy to make and I thought it was a cute craft, so I thought I’d share. Terra cotta pots are really cute, so if you like this craft you should check out the decorative pots. I really like the painted pots for the kitchen. Kids can definitely help out with this one. Get creative!