Projects to Dye For: Tie Dye Projects You’ll Love

Hi there, FaveCrafts readers! I’m Suzannah from Adventures in Dressmaking, and in celebration of the publication of How to Make Tie Dye Shirts, Decor, and More I thought I’d share with you a few of my fave tie dye project ideas. I’m sure you’ve been inspired already this month from tie dye posts, but some of these are pretty original, so I know you’ll see something new!

If you’re up for clothing, home dec, or other tie dye projects, check out these!! Which ones are your faves??!

No tying involved exactly, but you’ll need bottled dye–how about making your own yarn colors, with this tutorial? I love the soft, natural mottled look you get when you knit with it!

Tie Dye Home Decor

  • I love how simple and cool this dip dying project is–a dip-dyed lampshade is so modern and natural-looking!
  • I love bedrooms, bedding, and bedroom decor… and these tie dye sheets are the coolest I’ve ever seen. They are SO fun for summer! Like something you’d see at a really trendy shop… but you can make them yourself in whatever colors you want. Perfect!
Source: Design Love Fest
  • If you’re feeling really adventurous, how about trying some wax batiking with your tie dye? You could get really creative–like with a gingham print and tie dyeing!
Source: Martha Stewart

Tie-Dye Clothing Tutorials

  • A really great intro about basic tie-dying techniques. I love seeing the “before”s with the rubber bands on–reminds me of tie-dying experiments when I was a kid; I never understood how my mom made such cool shapes on hers when we took the rubber bands off!
Source: The Shed blog
  • And here’s a tutorial and video on how to make a tie dye heart pattern–perfect for these little girls’ dresses!
  • If you’re gonna go tie dye, why not go all out, eh? 😉 For the very bold, these tie dye leggings have a designer vibe, perfect for late summer! Colored pants are way more fun than plain, anyway!
Source: Martha Stewart
  • If you’re not quite up for the pants, here’s a tried-and-tested tutorial for tie dye tights. Way fun!

Other Tie Dye Project Ideas

Source: Prudent Baby
  • So, they’re not really tie dye, but in the spirit of things… how amazing are these watercolor cookies? What a great snack for a tie-dying party!!
  • And once you master these basic tie dye projects, try some of the dying ideas from Contemporary Dyecraft. Such a beautiful book!

So there you go, readers! Hope I’ve inspired you to get out there and try your Tulip dye kits. My most recent dying projects were these shoes and dip-dyed tee and these jeans. And I’m hooked! Love dying things to the color I want, and am dreaming of dip-dyed or tie-dyed curtains. So feel free to stop by my blog sometime and check out my other recent projects!

Free Book

And if you want more tie dying project ideas, you can download this free book full of tie dye projects from I Love To Create. Filled with tons of unique tie dye project ideas, you will love all the step-by-step instructions and full color photos. Don’t miss out on all the fun with this free book. Tie Dye is not just for T-shirts anymore.


Have fun tie-dying!

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