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The Cost of Creativity – Creating Your Own Online Store

A very common question I receive is about the amount to charge for crafting goods. I specialize in teaching Crochet & Loom Knitting. New enthusiastic people come on board and learn with my “How To” tutorials and then get all rev’d up on the excitment. While sitting there, they get thinking big about creating their own home based businesses. They see people selling stuff all over the internet and then they start seeing themselves as a business owner and marketing their goods.

Realistically, what something is worth is up to the person who wants it. If you are creating something that can be found all over the internet, “How is your product any different?” Are you doing something, a stitch, an emblishment, or a style that is unsually pleasing to the creative beings of your purchasers?

The question answer is, “I have no idea what something is worth, that’s up your purchasers?”

Many websites have great Create Your Own Online Stores with service fees attached to it. Then companies like EBAY or PAYPAL also take a small percentage of your purchase price. Have you thought about shipping and the level of services required to ship your item. Just ensure you factor in the costs of all the service fees that make a transaction possible.

We are in a society where “OUR WORK” aka Creative Designs is heavily discounted due to mass production of stuff available to the general public. We are very used to big box stores clearing creative things at bargain prices. So when you go to price your item, you need to think about your material costs, and then time involved. For some strange reason, “Time” in “OUR WORK” seems to be heavily discounted as its perceived as a pass time hobby. However, you are still an artist regardless.

I know myself… people have offered prices for blankets that have taken 40 + hours and the rate they want to pay is less than the material costs of the yarn. The big box stores have made it harder for real people who have creative abilities to be recognized because they can buy something that looks half creative at a fraction of the price. Creative to many people these days is a really cool idea that has been mass produced a million times over that would look great and can be made cheap due to the mass production involved. People perceive seeing something in your project that they seen at the local store for merely pennies… and take that in account when offering a price.

“The Presentation Of Your Goods is everything and you only get one opportunity to impress…” Follow some simple tips as follows below:

There’s lots to think about… and many people can benefit from making a few extra dollars off their creativity. Just be mindful and think about all avenues before getting the itch to buy a skid of raw materials.