Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids: Craft Stick Turkey Friends

Create kids’ Thanksgiving crafts to decorate your home!

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 Turkey Friends

These super cute decorations are the perfect touch for your Thanksgiving table spread, and kids will love making them!


  • Large Popsicle sticks
  • Brown and red acrylic paint
  • Assorted feathers
  • Craft glue
  • Thin tipped Sharpie / black & pink
  • Small paint brushes


Turkey Friends

1. Paint the top of your Popsicle sticks with brown acrylic paint. About ⅓ of the entire Popsicle surface is the perfect amount. Let dry completely.


2. Add faces to your turkeys using a fine tipped black sharpie marker. Experiment with all different expressions! Add wings, legs and feet as well.

3. Use craft glue to apply feathers to the back of the turkeys and add a little red feather to the heads of each bird.

Turkey Friends

4.  Add a little red paint under each turkey beak and some cheeks with a pink Sharpie marker. A little dot of red paint for the cheeks if you don’t happen to have colored Sharpies.

Turkey Friends

5.  Decorate the home with your turkey friends by placing them in vases around the house, in flower bouquets on your dining table, or by sticking a few in your holiday centerpiece. Happy Thanksgiving!

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What’s your go-to Thanksgiving decoration?


  1. Robert says

    These crafts remind me of the kind of art projects I used to make in elementary school when I was little, and this would serve as a fun project for any kid.

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