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Gotta Make These Terra Cotta Pot Crafts

What very few people know about me is that I have a knack for gardening. I’m talking about the flower kind of gardening, not the food kind of gardening. When it comes to trying to grow food it almost never works out. Plants die, I over water them, or, at least in Missouri, there’s a nasty dry-spell that seems like there is never enough water. My favorite flowers are hydrangeas. The only thing about my gardening is that it needs to adapt to the city life. I wish I could live in both the city and the country. I know, it’s called the suburbs, but the city has so much life and culture, but then the country has some good soil for my hydrangeas. I always have to make-do with good ol’ terra cotta pots. They are the staple item for gardeners both food and flowers. The best thing about terra cotta pots is that you can leave them their burned-orange color, or you can decorate them to match your decor, inside or outside.

Terra Cotta Pots

Terra cotta pot crafts especially became popular when the DIY fairy garden theme came about. You remember: the broken pots with miniature houses and cute stone paths made out of pebbles, with tiny foliage to make the “fairy” have her own garden. They were such cute little fairy themed crafts. I’ve seen people go so hard core on their fairy gardens that it would take up an expansive amount of space—as in half of their backyard. Don’t get me wrong, I love themed gardens as much as the next person (my plan is to have an English countryside, with stone walls and everything) because it takes some serious dedication to think of and construct them.

What frustrates me is when my veggies die mid-season, and I have an empty pot with nothing to plant in it. Oh I know, I could plant more, but I work like a train. I have a schedule and I stick to it. Sometimes, though, I don’t want to just plant more stuff. I want to create more things to put into my garden. Even upcycle pots and place them around my apartment as some rustic decor. These are the cutest terra cotta pot crafts I have ever seen. If you have leftover stuff from your own fairy garden that has magically become a ghost town, just recycle the pot and make some fun pot crafts.


Gotta Make These Terra Cotta Pot Crafts

Garden Turtle

Clay Pot Critters

Vintage Paper Flower Pot

Ivy Leaf Mosaic Hanging Pot

Clay Saucer Bird Feeder

Chalkboard Style Terra Cotta Planter

Upcycle Wallpaper Flower Pots

Dipped in Gold Planter


And if you want to recreate your fairy garden, DIY Indoor Fairy Garden is an easy tutorial that even the kids can get in on. 🙂


What is your favorite food or flower to plant?


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