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Teachers & Students: Celebrate Summer With DIY Gifts

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It may be hard to believe, but it’s already time to think about end-of-year school gifts! Saying goodbye to friends is never fun, and it can be especially difficult when your child knows he may not see his favorite pals for the entire summer. To end the year on a high note, why not put together some inexpensive gifts for all of your kiddo’s classmates? The gift ideas in the following 30 blog posts are all reasonably priced and easily assembled, and are perfect for letting your little one’s friends know how much they mean to him.

DIY Favor Bags

Favor bags are a simple, inexpensive way that your child can treat all of his friends. All you need to assemble these little bags is some candy, maybe some small toys and a topper with a fun saying. One simple option for a favor bag is a Candy Header, which takes just minutes to make. You can even use a fun play on words when you make the topper, such as doing a ball-themed topper with the words “Have a Ball this Summer!” added on top.


Non-Food Gift Ideas

If the school your child attends doesn’t allow candy or food in goodie bags, or if you want to avoid potentially triggering an unknown food allergy, you can put together some bags or boxes filled with toys, fun straws and personalized cups instead. You can even create personalized version of the Class of ’09 Shirt with a graduation year and give one to everyone on the last day.


DIY Gifts from the Teacher

It’s easy for teachers to get attached to the students that they’ve taught for an entire school year. After all, you’ve seen them through their ups and downs, their learning struggles and their breakthroughs. You’ve watched them grow. Giving a little token to each child at the end of the year is completely appropriate and welcomed by the children.  A Job Well Done Pin will help end the school year on a sweet and motivational note. With 20 or more students per class, the gifts likely need to be inexpensive and easily assembled.

DIY Gifts to Give to Tweens and Teens

By the time the kids get to be a little older, they may no longer be interested in goodie bags full of little trinkets or bags filled with candy. These six blog articles detail several gifts that are appropriate for older kids. Older children typically love pictures and CD’s, as well as all sorts of memorabilia that can be autographed by their friends. Teens can create their own Custom Notebooks in which friends can leave notes and memories from the year.


Homemade Gifts for Kids to Make

When there are lots of kids to make gifts for, the costs associated with each gift can quickly add up. Using items that you have at home and making gifts for classmates is a frugal option that will still allow the student to give something to classmates and teachers. If you’re looking for a thoughtful teacher gift, have your child create a Tribute to Teacher. Use scrap fabric and a picture frame to create a quick and thoughtful gift. After your child determines what he wants to give his friends, you can give him a helping hand putting everything together.