The Chevron Summer: 17 Easy Quilt Patterns

We’ve gathered up the summer’s hottest chevron quilt ideas in this blog post, The Chevron Summer: 17 Easy Quilt Patterns.

The crafting term “chevron” gets tossed around a lot. But let’s step back…what is a chevron pattern?

Basically, a chevron pattern is just a variation of a zig zag pattern, with a reoccurring “v-shape.” You can use chevron in quilting in a variety of ways: with quilt blocks, full-sized projects, baby quilts, and unexpected quilting ideas.

The reason that chevron quilts are so popular with crafters is that they’re so easy to assemble. Because you’re working with simple strips of fabric, you definitely won’t get confused. Chevron stripe is also a more modern design, for quilters who are looking to broaden their quilting horizons.

Regardless of the pattern you choose from this AWESOME (if I do say so myself…) list, you’ll have fun looking through all the latest summer trends. We think you’ll pick a few of our projects, though. Because who can resist a free quilt pattern?

Chevron Quilt Blocks

Herringbone String Block A chevron quilt block pattern is a great way to familiarize yourself with the zig zaggy print. These quilt block ideas will inspire and teach you valuable techniques!

1. Herringbone String Block

2. Chevron Strip Tube Block

3. Zigzag Quilt Block

4. Easy Chevron Quilt Block



 Easy As Pie Quilt Tutorials

The Easiest Chevron QuiltSummertime is difficult enough. It’s hot, and you have to wrangle the kids in from outside. Make your life easier with these simple quilt patterns. Pick bright and cheery fabrics to channel the summer season.

5. The Easiest Chevron Quilt

6. Easy Peasy Chevron Quilt Pattern

7. Chevron Duvet Cover

8. Quirky Colored Chevron Stripe Quilt

9. Chevron Waves Wedding Quilt


Chevron-y Baby Quilt Tutorials

Electric Zig Zag QuiltCrafters often wonder how to make a baby quilt. Luckily, chevron stripes are a wonderful introduction to the art of baby quilting. Follow one of these chevron baby quilt tutorials; we promise you won’t go astray.

10. Electric Zig Zag Quilt

11. Softie Chevron Minkee Baby Quilt

12. Striped Chevrons Baby Quilt Tutorial

13. Zig Zag Baby Quilt

14. Chevron Cut Chenille Baby Quilt



Unexpected Ideas: DIY Chevron Quilt Patterns

Chevron Fun Book CoverSometimes full-scale projects can be boring. You’ll have the chance to quilt something fun and different with these unexpected, easy quilts to make.

15. Chevron Fun Book Cover

16. Chevron Patchwork Initial

17. Style with Chevrons Placemat



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13 Reasons to Start Quilting Today

13 Reasons to Start Quilting Today

It’s the middle of the summer, so it’s hot, sticky, humid, and … did I mention … hot? We all need an indoor respite from the brutal summer sun. Why not try quilting? It’s one of the most popular indoor sewing projects among crafters of all kinds.

The reason why quilting is a great craft for anyone is that it’s good for any skill level, amateur or expert. Also, the majority of quilting is just sewing in straight lines (and who can’t do that?!).

The art of quilting also has many benefits for the soul, too. It’s therapeutic, cheap, and old fashioned fun. Blast your summer tunes and sew your little heart out, because this is definitely a quilter’s summer.

Read this article for 13 Reasons to Start Quilting Today …


Afternoon High Tea Quilt‘Cause You’re Looking for Ways to Save Money at Home

With these simple quilt patterns, you can live the lap of luxury for free at home. These quick quilt ideas seem expensive, but are actually really inexpensive to make. Pretend you’re on a European getaway with our first two quilts, and create something useful for your home with the next two!

1. Afternoon High Tea Quilt

2. Love from Paris Quilt

3. Preppy DIY Book Cover

4. How to Make a Dog Bed


Everyday Easy Baby Quilt‘Cause Quilts are the Best Baby Shower Gifts

Struggling with what to buy your pregnant friend or daughter? Don’t sweat it. These informative tutorials will teach you how to make a baby blanket inexpensively. We picked some of our easier patterns, so you’ll have a stress-free project.

5. Everyday Easy Baby Quilt

6. Sunday in the Park Baby Quilt

7. Tetris Baby Quilt

8. Simple Quilted Baby Blanket



  Quilt As You Go Quilt Block‘Cause You Need a New Hobby

These free and easy tutorials will teach you how to make a quilt for beginners. Start with a quilt block, move to a mini quilt, and then try out a full-sized quilt. We think you’ll love these patterns because they’re summery, fun, and totally simple to make.

9. Quilt As You Go Quilt Block

10. Here Comes the Sun Patchwork Quilt

11. Day at the Races Horse Quilt

12. Rainbow Hearts Nine Patch Quilt

13. Kaleidoscope Pinwheel Quilt


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Ragtime Blues: 15 Rag Quilt Patterns

What is a rag quilt and how do you make one?

Luckily this blog post will answer any and all of your questions.

A rag quilt uses the quilt-as-you-go technique to create a square quilt with exposed seams.

Rag quilting is much easier than traditional quilting because you fasten the backing, batting, and top fabric to each quilt block before sewing them all together.

DIY quilt projects are really popular for the summer, especially free baby quilt projects. With rag quilts, babies love the texture of the exposed seams, and parents love how they can throw the quilt in the wash without any hesitation.

Here are some hot rag quilt ideas for summer that we absolutely adore. This post features many fellow-bloggers, but the last five patterns come from FaveQuilts . If you want more rag quilt patterns, check out this article, Snuggly Free Rag Quilt Patterns.


Link Love: Easy Rag Quilt Ideas

Beach Beauty Rag QuiltLooking for easy quilt pattern ideas for your summer quilt needs? Whether you need a quilt for the beach, a picnic, or a summer sports game, you will love the patterns from these creative bloggers. Thanks for inspiring us, ladies!

1) Beach Beauty Rag Quilt by Heidi

2) Fancy French Rag Quilt by Shabby Soul

3) Dreaming in Denim Rag Quilt by Crystelle

4) Perfect Pastels Rag Quilt by SewDelish

5) Quilter’s Choice: Rag Quilts in Bright Colors by Beckie


Link Love: Baby Rag Quilts

Little Monster Baby Rag QuiltBaby rag quilts are too cute to handle. We love these precious projects from other bloggers!

6) Little Monster Baby Rag Quilt by Patricia

7) Duck, Duck, Goose Baby Rag Quilt by Aubrey

8) Three Shades of Blue Baby Rag Quilt by Amber

9) Itty Bitty Blue Baby Rag Quilt by Joan

10) Fabulous Fleece Baby Rag Quilt by Shannon


No More Summer Blues: Free Rag Quilt Tutorials

Fuss Free Rag QuiltEach of these tutorials will teach you the quilt-as-you-go technique. The step-by-step instructions will  make your life so much easier. We picked patterns with blue fabrics because blue is definitely on trend this summer!

11) Fuss Free Rag Quilt

12) Easiest Thrifty Rag Quilt

13) Ragtime Quilt

14) Rustic Rag Quilt

15) Adaptable Rag Quilt

CONTEST: A Quilter’s Mixology

A Quilter's Mixology ContestYou absolutely need a copy of  A Quilter’s Mixology: Shaking Up Curved Piecing by Angela Pinge. Luckily if you enter this contest today, you have a chance to win a FREE copy of the book! Don’t pass up this chance because A Quilter’s Mixology is flying off the shelves in the craft world, so be sure to submit your name to the contest by July 21 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time!




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15 Disappearing Nine Patch Quilts for Summer

Looking for an easy summer sewing project? Nine patch quilts are perfect because they’re so quick to make. What’s a disappearing nine patch quilt, though?

A disappearing nine patch quilt is a simple rift on the traditional nine patch quilt. Each square quilt block is so unique that you can’t immediately tell where the blocks come together.

Take a look at our favorite 15 Disappearing Nine Patch Quilts for Summer. We admit most of them are disappearing, but we picked a few traditional nine patch quilts for old times’ sake, too.

If you’re feeling extra inspired, you can find more free quilt patterns in this article, 20 Free Nine Patch Quilt Patterns + Other Nine Patch Designs.


Link Love: Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt Ideas

Pretty in Pink Disappearing Nine Patch QuiltThe following bloggers have a real knack for nine patch quilt patterns. You’ll love their free tutorials because they’re thorough and easy to understand. We like what you’ve done here, ladies!

1. Pretty in Pink Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt by Cathy

2. Cheery Cherry Blossom Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt by Suzan

3. Preppy Pastel Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt by Blenda

4. Wonky Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt by Elizabeth

5. Summer Lovin’ Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt by Sharon




 Easy Disappearing Nine Patch Quilts

The Take Along QuiltThese nine patch quilts are a piece of cake to make. We think that these quilts would be great at the beach, a summer picnic, or a concert in the park. Sew at night time for a relaxing and fun evening activity.

6. The Take Along Quilt

7. Carrie’s Checkerboard Quilt

8. Strawberry Fields Forever Lap Quilt

9.  Lattice Garden Fence Quilt

10. Simply Disappearing Baby Quilt


Just for Kicks: Traditional Nine Patch Quilts

These traditional nine patch quilts are absolutely darling. They require a little less time than a disappearing nine patch quilt, and you can even pick a cute theme. We love the under-the-sea motif right now. It’s utterly adorable!

11. Really Simple 9 Patch Quilt

12. Rainbow Squares I Spy Quilt

13. Home Sweet Home Nine Patch Throw

14. Mod Nine Patch Throw

15. Brady Bunch Inspired Nine Patch Block



FREE BOOK GIVEAWAY!!!Easy-Cut Quilts with a Modern Twist

Enter for the chance to win this awesome Easy-Cut Quilts with a Modern Twist by Laundaur Publishing. This popular quilting book will teach you how to design, layout, and create beautifully composed quilts. This book is perfect to read over in the hammock this summer or on your lawn-chair outside. Click here to enter the contest. The deadline to enter is July 1st at 11:59:59 p.m. Eastern Time.


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14 Fabulous Fat Quarter Quilts

So … what’s a fat quarter? It’s not too late to ask. Don’t worry.  A  fat quarter is simply a rectangular piece of fabric  (18″x22″) from 1 yard of a standard bolt of fabric. In other words, it’s one quarter of a yard of fabric. This blog post will give you fun ideas for fat quarters to sew on different occasions. Simple sewing projects are a great way to use fat quarters. Once you have fat quarter quilt patterns down, you should try one of these 10 Fantastic Fat Quarter Quilt Patterns, too. Learning how to make a fat quarter quilt is such a cinch.


Four Fat Quarter Quilts for Baby

Bright and Cheery Fat Quarter Crib QuiltIs there a new baby on the way? Make one of these amazing fat quarter baby quilts. All of these patterns are both easy and free! Check them all out and choose the cutest pattern for the family’s new little addition. You will love what you come up with in these easy sewing projects.

1. Bright and Cheery Fat Quarter Crib Quilt

2. Tiny Trails Baby Quilt

3. Afternoon Six and a Half Dozen Baby Quilt Pattern

4. Fabulous Fat Quarter Baby Quilt




Fat Quarter Quilts for YOU

Steps to Tranquility QuiltTired of making quilting gifts all the time? Then it’s time to make something for you. These quilts are adult appropriate and will fit right in at your house. The best part is that these fat quarter quilts are super easy to make. All of the patterns are free, so definitely take a look!

5. Steps to Tranquility Quilt

6. Nostalgic Fat Quarter Quilt

7. Homemade Blessings Patchwork Quilt

8. Indie Chic Circle Quilt

9. Midwest Crossings Quilt

10. Mod Nine Patch Throw


Link Love: Simple Fat Quarter Quilts

Super Square Fat Quarter Quilt

These sewing blogs are absolutely adorable. We love them. It’s always fun to check out new bloggers and broaden our quilting horizons. This week, we want to give a shout out to Sara, Melissa, LeAnne, and Jen for their stellar fat quarter projects. They’re perfect for any occasion, but we know that all of them would make a great gift.

11. Super Square Fat Quarter Quilt by Sara

12. Quick and Easy Fat Quarter Quilt by Melissa

13. Just Growing Fat Quarter Quilt by LeAnne

14. Pretty Pastel Fat Quarter Quilt by Jen



Special Free Bonus!!!

Peppered Cottons Fat Quarter Collection Enter to win this Peppered Cotton Fat Quarter Collection from Studio e. This is your chance to WIN two 10-piece fat quarter bundles of the Peppered Cottons collection from Studio e Fabrics! The deadline to enter is June 30th at 11:59:59 PM, EST. Click here to enter the contest! You’ll love this luscious collection of fabric for its texture, weight, and rich colors. Submit a form every day, and you could be the ultimate winner!



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