16 DIY Terrariums and Indoor Garden Ideas to Get You Through Winter

I’m pretty abysmal at gardening. I’ve tried those tiny flower kits that come with a one-inch pot, soil, and seeds, and nothing ever grows. But I do love how a plant can really give life to a space, especially in the dead of winter! I tend to buy myself a bouquet of flowers and call it a day. However, if you have more of a green thumb than I do, you should try these indoor garden ideas! Find ideas below for making terrariums, decorating terra cotta pots, planting succulents, and more! This is one collection you won’t want to miss this winter.

DIY Terrariums + Indoor Garden Ideas

DIY Terrariums

Coffee Pot Homemade Terrarium

Terrariums are only becoming more trendy. These DIY terrariums are simply lovely for your home or office space! A little goes a long way with these projects. For example, take the concept of fairy gardens with tiny elements, and apply that to terrariums. You can have a wonderful miniature forest housed nicely in a gorgeous glass planter. Or, you can even put one inside a unique receptacle like a coffee pot!

  1. Coffee Pot Homemade Terrarium
  2. Tropical Terrarium
  3. Star Wars Terrarium – seriously!
  4. Recycled Indoor Terrarium
  5. Too Easy Succulent Terrariums
  6. Jurassic Park DIY Terrarium – awesome!
  7. Living Terrarium Necklace
  8. Wood Slice DIY Terrarium
  9. Terrarium in a Mason Jar Gift Idea – NEW

Bonus! DIY Succulent Terrarium Ideas Infographic

Get the basic components for making terrariums and make one totally customized to you!

DIY Succulent Terrarium Ideas Infographic


Indoor Garden Ideas

Super Easy Succulent Indoor Garden Ideas

Just because it grows outside doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t grow inside! Make these lovely garden crafts to keep in your home during the colder months. Certain plants like succulents might even grow better indoors! Below, find some fantastic indoor garden ideas.

  1. Succulent Garden Arrangement
  2. Hamster Wheel Wreath
  3. Chalkboard Style Terra Cotta Planter
  4. Super Easy Succulent Garden
  5. French Countryside DIY Planter
  6. Cup and Saucer Planters
  7. Wonderfully Springlike Terra Cotta Pots

Looking for more great indoor garden ideas? Check out our collection of 38 Flower Pot Crafts.

Clay Pot Garden Angel

What is your favorite flower?

20 Crochet Beanie Patterns to Get You Through Winter

Winter has finally arrived, and you know what that means! It’s time to dig into the closet and find all of those old hats, gloves, and scarves we tucked away last spring. We need to find our extra warm clothes and bundle up before we head outside. Those gusts of frosty wind can really bite, and it’s no fun to trek in the snow when we’re exposed to Jack Frost’s icy teeth.

If you’re like me, you may have forgotten where you stored last year’s winter hats. It’s a recurring problem I should fix, I know.  My old hats will turn up eventually (they always do), but in the meantime, I’ve put together a list of crochet beanie patterns to get you (and me) through the winter. I like to keep these crochet beanie patterns handy for when that first big winter storm hits. It’s good to be prepared, and with some of these patterns, it’s easier to make a new beanie than rummage through the closet looking for last year’s favorite hat. As the seasons change, so should our attire, right? Plus, some of these crochet beanie patterns make really fantastic hats that I’ve been dying to try out, anyway!

In the collection of crochet beanie patterns below, I’ve collected 20 amazing patterns that make wonderful winter hats for adults. Some of these patterns are unisex, and at least one crochet beanie pattern is designed specifically for men. All of these crochet beanie patterns are for adults, but some patterns offer adjustments if you’re planning on making one of these for a small child.

20 Crochet Beanie Patterns to Get You Through Winter


20 Crochet Beanie Patterns to Try This Winter

Beanies are my personal favorite seasonal project. What are some of your favorite crochet projects to make during the winter?

9+ Winter Cross Stitch Patterns

The weather outside is frightful, so we’re staying in and working on some of our favorite cross stitch patterns! No matter your level of expertise, you’ll find a range of projects in our roundup of 9+ Winter Cross Stitch Patterns.

Winter Cross Stitch Patterns

Rose Dishcloth and Potholder

Rose Dishcloth and Potholder

This gorgeous tutorial includes a crocheted gingham dishcloth and a cross-stitched rose potholder. If you’re a lover of both crafts, this is the perfect pattern set for you!

Rose Chair Caddy

Rose Chair Caddy

Speaking of roses, this chair caddy is a gorgeous project that is both decorative and handy! Keep your essential craft supplies, especially those for needlecraft, in this caddy.

Freshwater Fish Cross Stitch Pattern

Freshwater Fish Cross Stitch Pattern

You may not have fish on the mind since it’s such a cold time of year, but if you want to have this cross stitch pattern done in time for summer, you’ll have to start this project now!

Night Sky Bookmark

Night Sky Bookmark

This bookmark is the absolute loveliest for reading before bed! Small projects like this one work up more quickly and make great gifts.

Hearts Plastic Canvas Tissue Box

Hearts Plastic Canvas Tissue Box

This tissue box is so precious. It’s a fun project to get in that Valentine’s Day spirit (already!), and it’s also very beautiful to add a cozy feel to any room.

Daisy Tissue Box Cover

Daisy Tissue Box Cover

Speaking of tissue boxes, this daisy cover is another lovely option, especially for spring! The little bow is a darling touch.

Cherries Cross Stitch Oven Pad

Cherries Cross Stitch Oven Pad

The cherries in this cross stitch oven pad pattern are so cheery and would fit right in any fruit-themed kitchen. This is a great quick project and would be great for that cherry-loving friend.

Easter Egg Cross Stitch Ornament

Easter Egg Cross Stitch Ornament

Over the course of winter, get a head start on those Easter projects! This cross stitched Easter egg is a lovely option, and the designs really lend themselves well to cross stitch.

Hedgehog Cross Stitch Pattern Keychain

Hedgehog Cross Stitch Pattern Keychain

This hedgehog keychain is the cutest pattern to round out our winter list. Anytime a loved one takes out their keys, they’ll think of you when you make them this keychain.


31 Free Cross Stitch Patterns

We have tons more free cross stitch patterns, too! View our collection of 31 Free Cross Stitch Patterns.





What cross stitch patterns would you like to see on FaveCrafts?



28 Snowman Crafts You Absolutely Need This Winter

Sometimes the endless snow of winter can really dampen a person’s spirit. Whether the stress of the holidays is getting to you or you’ve got the infamous post-Christmas blues, these cheery snowman crafts will add some much-needed crafting therapy to your life. You may want to create snowman ornaments to brighten your tree, or unwind from that visit from the in-laws with a crochet snowman pattern. Whatever your wish, you’ll find an answer here with these spectacular and adorable snowmen.

28 Snowman Crafts You Absolutely Need This Winter

When you’re all done with your designing ornaments or crocheting up a snowstorm, check out the lovely snowman cards and snowman DIY Christmas gifts to give your friends and family something special during the holiday season. There’s something here for everyone on your list, whether it’s the hot chocolate fanatic or the earring enthusiast in your life.

Snowman Ornaments

Snowman Glass Ornaments

  1. Vintage Snowman Ornament
  2. Paper Snowman DIY Ornaments – new!
  3. Antique Snowman Ornament
  4. Snowman Glass Ornaments – shown!
  5. Believe Snowman Christmas Ornament
  6. Glitzy Snowman Ornaments
  7. Cinnamon Dough Ornaments

Knit and Crochet Snowman Patterns

Mr. and Mrs. Snowman

  1. Mr. and Mrs. Snowman – shown!
  2. Crochet Frosty the Snowman
  3. Winter Snowman Dishcloth
  4. Knit Snowman Family
  5. Frostie the Snowman Beanie Pattern
  6. Smiling Snowman Jar Cozy – I totally want to make this!
  7. Frozen Olaf Doll

Snowman Cards

Post It Note Snowman Craft

  1. Geo Snowman Card
  2. Pop-Up Snowman Card – my favorite!
  3. Post It Note Snowman Craft – shown!
  4. Smiling Snowman Card
  5. You Melt My Heart Snowman Shaker Card – this one is as precious as it sounds.
  6. Snowman DIY Christmas Stationery
  7. Holiday Greeting Card

Snowman DIY Christmas Gifts

North Pole Snowman Cocoa

  1. Snowman Brooch
  2. DIY Snowman Decorated Candle
  3. North Pole Snowman Cocoa – shown!
  4. Faux Pearl Snowman Earrings
  5. Snowman Jar DIY Christmas Gift
  6. Snowman Belly Jars – what a cute idea!
  7. Cozy Canned Cocoa Snowman

32 Snowman Christmas Crafts


If you need more snowman fun, then check out this festive and fabulous list of 32 Snowman Christmas Crafts.


What’s your favorite Christmas memory?

Winter DIY Projects: 14 Nature-Inspired Jewelry Pieces

It’s the new year and a time to be excited about new things to come! However, it is still the winter, and often winter weather can bring about the blues. Cheer up and see the beauty of winter weather with these nature-inspired designs. Soon people will be looking forward to flowers blooming and the sounds of springtime. But guess what nature lovers? There is no need to wait until spring when you can enjoy these fabulous jewelry for winter pieces right now.



AllFreeJewelryMaking has compiled a list our favorite nature-inspired projects for winter. From magnificent winter roses to sparkling ice-inspired projects, you are sure to find an awe inspiring jewelry piece amongst this lovely collection of winter projects.


Rustic Winter Designs

Silver Branches BraceletCarry a little bit of winter into your style with these nature-inspired designs. Evoke the stunning shimmery look of a fresh snowfall on dainty tree branches with a Silver Branches Bracelet. Find this sparkling winter piece and more below.

  1. Silver Branches Bracelet
  2. Stone and Bone Bracelet
  3. Naturally Charming Necklace
  4. Bark and Bead Earrings



Winter Rose Ideas

Clay Rose Multistrand BraceletFlowers are often associated with spring, but roses are both pretty and popular all year round. From simple stud earrings to intricate crossweave bracelets, here are some gorgeous winter rose projects to add to your homemade jewelry collection.

  1. Violet Rose Crossweave Bracelet
  2. Beaded Rose Necklace Tutorial
  3. Clay Rose Multistrand Bracelet
  4. Darling DIY Rose Studs
  5. Life is Rosy Necklace
  6. Wire Rose Ring




Ice and Snow-Inspired Projects

Ice Crystals Flower MotifFrost yourself with fresh and fabulous ice and snow-inspired jewelry pieces. Get the sparkle and shine of ice crystals without the chill of the cold. Stay warm at home and craft these beautiful winter patterns.

  1. Ice Crystals Flower Motif
  2. Crystal Wreath Pendant
  3. Snowflower Bracelet Pattern
  4. Exquisite Ice Crystals Bracelet




For more winter-friendly projects, check out 24 Winter-Ready Jewelry Designs. Be sure to visit AllFreeJewelryMaking for more nature-inspired projects throughout the year.

Stay Warm with DIY Clothing Ideas!

Brrr…it’s cold outside! Don’t sacrifice fun times in the snow because of frigid temperatures, bundle up the DIY way! If you look forward to venturing outdoors this season, you and your loved ones can stay toasty warm this sampling of super-cozy hats, headwraps, and sweaters from AllFreeHolidayCrafts.com. Let your little ones join in the fun with some wearable winter crafts for kids. The whole family can get creative with these seasonal projects and make memories that will last a lifetime. If you’re strapped for cash or short on time, don’t fret. These winter wearables are easy and inexpensive. You and your family will be fashionable even in the most frigid temperatures.


DIY Clothing Projects for Kids

A darling headband is the perfect accessory for your newborn to wear to a family gathering. One of our many free crochet patterns will teach you how to make insanely adorable earmuffs for your toddler. Plus, these winter crafts are as affordable as they are charming.


DIY Winter Hats and Scarves

Beat the winter winds with a handmade knit hat pattern or crochet scarf pattern. These warm winter accessories are just the thing to keep Jack Frost from nipping at your nose!


DIY Clothing for Adults

Whether you’re going out or staying in this winter, this collection of tops has something to suit you. You can learn how to knit a sweater that is perfect for lounging around the house, or how to decorate a tee so that it’s seasonal and chic.


Wintery DIY Accessories

Nothing completes your winter-ready outfit quite like a sparkly accessory. We have a selection of snow-themed DIY earrings that will teach you how to turn a few beads and some wire into a pair of cute earrings.

Make the Most of Snow: 11 Winter Crafts and Outdoor Activities for Kids

11 Winter Crafts for Kids + Outdoor ActivitiesDepending on where you live, you might experience an entire season of snowfall when winter comes, or you might consider yourself lucky to get even a few days of snow. No matter how much snow you get, it’s time to celebrate the season with some winter crafts for kids!

Sometimes it’s easy to forget all the reasons why we love winter, especially when we’re faced with holiday traffic or bitter cold temperatures. Luckily, the latest free eBook from AllFreeKidsCrafts is stuffed with new ideas for both indoor and outdoor fun, so on days when it’s just too chilly to go outside, you can still find a way to enjoy the weather without getting cold. And of course, playing outside on the more temperate winter days can actually benefit your kids’ cognitive development. So bundle up; this collection of 11 Winter Crafts and Outdoor Activities is going to blow you away!

Outdoor Activities for Kids

Ice Balloon LanternsWhen you think of outdoor activities for winter weather, you might think you’ve got it all figured out: snow angels, igloos, snowmen, and snowball fights, right? Well, those classic winter activities are tons of fun, but now there’s even more outdoor fun to be had! Winter becomes twice as fun with these outdoor activities for kids. You can decorate your house with ‘cool’ decorations made out of ice, or you can create special stacking blocks that are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. The best part of these winter crafts for kids is that you can still enjoy them even if there’s no snow on the ground—just make sure the air temperature is cold enough!

Preschool Winter Crafts

Teensy Weensy Snowman PalYou’re never too old to play in the snow, and you’re never too young to enjoy a good winter craft project! The winter craft ideas in this eBook are a great way to enjoy the snowy season on days when it’s too cold to go outside, or on school snow days. 11 Winter Crafts + Outdoor Activities for Kids has fantastically frosty projects that are perfect for preschoolers, from adorable snowman crafts to winter arts and crafts. Little ones will love displaying their handiwork all over the house, and you’ll love having handmade decorations for winter!


11 Winter Crafts for Kids + Outdoor Activities


What’s your favorite way to celebrate winter?

A Year of Quilts: Our Favorite Seasonal Free Quilt Patterns

According to our last site survey, a big number of our loyal FaveQuilts readers only want to spend a few weeks on their patterns. With the right quilt patterns, this could mean a new quilt for every month! Below, you’ll find some cute designs and projects ideas that will make each month special.

FaveQuilts 2014 Calendar


Treat yourself to something that’s stylish, useful, and very easy to piece together by making a Chinese New Year Pop Up Hexie Basket. Even if you won’t be celebrating the Chinese New Year beginning at the end of the month, you can make this cute little basket with English paper piecing.


Instead of a generic gift, you can show someone special how much you care with a sweet quilt pattern like the Heart of My Heart Valentine Quilt for Valentine’s Day. It’s the gift that keeps on giving; this heart quilt pattern is small enough to serve as a table decoration or small wall hanging.


Spring has arrived, and nothing will suit it better than a quilt pattern with refreshing green fabric. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, decorate your home with a Green Beer Quilted Table Runner. Even if you don’t celebrate the holiday, the simple strip pieced design will bring a modest and modern look to any style of decor.



Nothing says April like the April Showers Mug Rug; whether it’s storming outside or bright and beautiful, you can enjoy a peaceful afternoon with a hot cup that you rest on this creative mug rug pattern. It’s perfect for scrap quilters looking to start cleaning out their stash in time for spring cleaning.


Nature blooms so beautifully during May, and now you can appreciate their beauty in your quilting too with the beautiful and easy Fields of Tulips Quilt. It’ll be a nice change from a vase of flowers, and these will last much longer.


If you have little ones, they’ll finally be home, and your schedule might be thrown for a loop. Even if you only have a few hours, you’ll still be able to make the cute Sunny Santa Monica Quilt and decorate it with your favorite free motion design.


Picnic season will be in full swing as soon as things heat up, so be prepared for some fun adventures with the family with your very own picnic quilt pattern like the Ravishing Rail Picnic Quilt. This eye-popping jelly roll quilt looks just as amazing in your home too.


Before the warm weather goes away, enjoy one final fun trip to the beach with the handy Seaside Chevron Picnic Quilt, which uses laminated fabric that ensures you’ll be able to enjoy your day and minimize clean up.


Another chill is on its way, but your family will always be warm and cozy thanks to a rag quilt like the Fuss Free Rag Quilt.


Many quilters don’t want to create a whole new project for Halloween because of how short the holiday is, but a project like the One Hour Pumpkin Hot Pad can be used throughout the season while still making a cute addition to your holiday decor.


Nothing’s more important than the table during Thanksgiving, so make sure yours looks its best with a classic table topper like the Cinnamon Spice of Life Tablecloth.


No matter what holiday you celebrate during December, the Attic Window Snowman Scene Quilt will be a sweet reminder of how magical the season is.




For more quilting inspiration year round, enter our 2014 Calendars from Landauer Publishing giveaway! We’re giving away two calendars full of beautiful ideas and designs for every month of the year. Enter by tomorrow!








What month/season inspires your quilting the most?

5 Creative Ways to Stay Warm this Winter

Snuggly Christmas Character Rice BagsWe’re halfway through October, and you know what that means: Winter is coming! It’s time to break out the big duvet blankets and heavy crocheted sweaters. Personally, I’m looking forward to finally having an excuse to drink hot chocolate every day.

Probably my favorite thing about winter is figuring out new ways to keep warm (hence all the hot chocolate). As I was trolling through the Winter Projects category on AllFreeSewing to learn how to sew easy projects to keep cozy, I realized that we had some super creative, fun projects that totally deserve their own blog post. So, whether it’s a DIY scarf, a homemade heating pad, or a free fleece hat pattern, I present the most creative ways to keep warm that the internet has to offer.

Hats You Will Love

Keep those ears covered!

Whatever your style, it’s important to keep your ears warm and toasty this season. If you’re the type that loves cutesy headgear, then the Adorable Owl Fleece Hat is perfect for you.

But if you’re of the New York hipster variety, try the Faux Fur Floppy Ears Hat, which will keep you cozy while reminding everyone that you wore hilarious hairy hats before they were cool.

And of course, everyone will look cute as a bug in the Fleece Halloween Ladybug Hat, which can be used as part of a costume or just a fun twist on typical fleece beanies!

If you like these, check out 17 Sewing Tutorials to Make Hats You Will Love!

The Snuggie 2.0

Red Riding Hood Cape TutorialWinter capes are seriously underrated. They’re super warm, snuggly, and comfy—it’s like wearing a blanket around all day. Who says capes are only for Halloween? Make one of these awesome DIY cape patterns and make everywhere feel like your cuddled up on the couch!

I love the Enchanted Forest Fashion Cape for its over-sized sleeves and warm hood, but the striking Red Riding Hood Cape will definitely get you noticed. Of course, if you’re not into capes, winter is also the season for sweatshirts like the DIY Basketweave Hoodie, or the adorable Dinosaur Hoodie for kids who haven’t given up on the dream of growing up to be a T-Rex.

 Rice Bags and Hand Warmers

Keep It Cozy Rice PadNothing is cozier in the middle of winter than cuddling up with a warm homemade rice bag. Bring a taste of Paris to your house with the La Petite Tour Eiffel Rice Bag or snuggle up to Santa with a Snuggle Christmas Character Rice Bag.

For a smaller hand warmer that fits into your gloves, make some DIY Flannel Hand Warmers to keep your hands feeling great all day.

For more creative winter ideas, try one of these AllFreeSewing projects:

  1. Bunting-Inspired Winter Gloves
  2. Adorable Dragon Shoes
  3. Cashmere Mitten Pattern for Grown Ups
  4. Quick and Simple Hooded Tube Scarf
  5. Perfectly Polished Armwarmers

What’s your favorite thing about winter?

Sew an Eiffel Tower Heat Bag from A Spoonful of Sugar: National Sewing Month 2013

It’s Day Twenty-Eight of National Sewing Month! Too see the daily blog posts, projects of the day, and more National Sewing Month details, click here.

National Sewing Month 2013

Hi, we are Lisa and Sarah, a mother and daughter team who blog over at A Spoonful of Sugar where we share lots of free sewing tutorials, recipes, and crafty projects.


One of our most popular tutorials is our Winter Warmers Lavender Heat Bags. We love to add a French twist to our projects, so we designed an Eiffel Tower Heat Bag Cover. Featuring an appliqued Eiffel Tower, it is a pillowcase style cover with an internal flap that hides the heat pack from view. Simply heat the pack in the microwave and then carefully place it in the cover for use. The cover can be laundered which extends the life of the heat pack.

An Eiffel Tower Lavender Heat Bag would make a great gift.


• Fat Quarter of small floral print

• Fat Quarter of green hounds tooth check

• Small piece of blue gingham

• Small scrap of red print

• Applique film such as Steam a Seam

• Black thread

• White thread

• Small pieces of ribbon (optional)

• Fat quarter of white homespun

• Rice or wheat

• Dried lavender (optional)



1. Cut fabrics:

Floral print – 11 ½ x 6 ½ inches (front cover)

Green hounds tooth print – 2 ½ x 6 ½ inch (cuff); 6 ½ x 15 ½ inch (back cover)

White homespun – cut 2 rectangles measuring 6 x 12 inches

2. Trace the Eiffel Tower and flag from the template onto paper backing of applique film. Cut out leaving a ½ inch clearance around the design. Iron the Eiffel Tower onto the back of the blue gingham, following manufacturer’s instructions. Cut out outline. Iron the flag shape onto the back of the red print and cut out outline. Position the Eiffel Tower and flag on the blue floral print. Fuse in place following manufacturer’s directions. Top stitch around the shapes three times using black thread. Try not to stitch along the same line to give a sketched appearance.

3. Fold the cuff in half lengthwise. Press. Position the raw edges of the cuff along the top edge of the floral front. Stitch in place using ¼ inch seam allowance. Overlock/serge raw edge. Press. Topstitch 1/8 inch from seam.

4. Optional: decorate the Eiffel tower with a piece of ribbon stitched in place. Cut a 2 ½ inch piece of ribbon/tape folded in half, and stitched to the right long edge to create a tag.


5. With the backing fabric, fold under ¼ inch along one short edge. Press. Fold under another ¼ inch. Press. Stitch folded edge in place. Position the backing fabric and the Eiffel Tower front with right sides facing and bottom edges aligned. Fold the top of the backing fabric over to front (as shown). Stitch along bottom and sides. Clip corners. Turn out the right way and press.


6. Position the white homespun rectangles together. Stitch around all four sides, leaving a 3 inch gap in one short side. Turn out the right way. Fill with rice or wheat, and lavender. Stitch opening closed.


 Be sure to check out A Spoonful of Sugar right here for tons of lovely tutorials.


How do you stay warm in the winter?