Plan Ahead: 14 DIY Fall and Winter Wedding Centerpieces

Spring and summer are the two biggest seasons for weddings. My sister just got married about three weeks ago, so I know how much planning she had to do in an abnormal amount of time in advance, just to make sure she got everything done before the rush for all the other summer weddings went through. Her maid of honor had the bachelorette party planned and booked about three months ahead, all without a wedding guide or planner. Summer in Missouri is relatively safe weather wise, except for this year when the entire Midwest is practically drowning. Luckily, it was a humid, sunny day, so the worst that happened was that our heels would sink into the mud. We had no problem finding colors and wedding crafts for the summer, but that got me thinking. If most wedding dates are in the spring and summer, what about those fall and winter weddings?

DIY Fall and Winter Wedding Centerpieces

Wedding Centerpieces

It kind of breaks my heart because I would love to have a fall wedding and they seem so under-appreciated. It’s a little cooler outside, so the guys aren’t dying in their tux’s. If you choose to wear satin, then you won’t be suffocating either. If you choose real flowers for pretty bouquets, then they won’t wilt as fast from the heat, and color schemes are a lot more versatile. A huge theme is doing a palette of colors. For instance, I would like to have gray bridesmaid dresses, but have slate blue, lavender, plum, and white throughout all of my DIY decorations. It really is much cheaper to make the little items all by yourself. If you get ahead (like the moment you get engaged), and plan out the items that you are going to craft, it saves a heap. Not to mention the swap and shops that are all over Facebook. That’s how my sister got all of her table decorations! Glass vases from swap and shop, fake flowers from a bulk website (these were the first craft done), and silver ribbon on clearance at my local craft store.

Anyway, I feel like the fall and winter weddings need a little love. They’re just such beautiful seasons of the year. These are some inspiring DIY wedding ideas for the guest tables and the head table. Obviously you can tailor them to your theme and your colors, but I think these wedding centerpieces are just to die for.


Lace and Burlap Mason JarLace and Burlap Mason Jar




Citrus Mason JarsCheerful Citrus and Burlap Mason Jars




TealightsSublime Autumn Tealights Centerpiece




Succulent CenterpieceVibrant Fall Harvest Succulent Centerpiece




Floating FlowersRomantic Floating Cherry Blossom Centerpieces




Woodland Nymph DIY CandlesWoodland Nymph DIY Candle Holders




Birch DIY CandleBeautiful Birch DIY Candle Holders






Frosted Pine Cone JarFrosted Pinecone Mason Jar Lights




Simple Winter CandlesElegant Winter Wedding Candles




Winter TreesFaux Bark Winter Wedding Centerpiece




Wedding TreeRustic Winter Wonderland




Winter Head TableDazzling Winter Wedding Foliage Table Garland




Winter Wedding BouquetRich Marsala Winter Wedding




Gold VasesDIY Gorgeous in Gold Striped Vases


What was your favorite part of your own wedding? Or for my unmarried “homies,” when do you want to have your wedding?

Tropical Getaway: Nautical Wedding Inspiration

Sun’s out, fun’s out, and if you’re throwing a warm-weather fete, it better scream summer. Gorgeous greens, bright blues, soft sea foam, and pure white make for a romantic affair that guarantees a good time. Even if your venue isn’t located on the beach, the details below will ensure guests feel sand between their toes, a breeze in the air, and the sun on their face. Once you’ve decided upon a nautical theme, your creative possibilities multiply. The parallel between “tying the knot” and the nautical theme allows for fun and unique details. For example, you can create a logo with your fiance and your initials from rope for a branded celebration. Continue the theme throughout the event with a nautical-inspired unity ceremony, rope boutonnieres, seashell table numbers, a boat seating chart, sand-dipped candles, and more. The options are seriously endless thanks to the breadth of the theme. With ropes, seashells, life preservers, sea glass, water, waves, sand, sea creatures, and gorgeous hues at your disposal, you’re guaranteed to throw an amazing wedding.

Nautical Unity Ceremony Sailor Knot Necklace

double-knot-mwd108461_vert Florida-Nautical-Wedding_0033

il_570xN.298907145 vintage-nautical-wedding-inspiration-1-500x375
Dani Leigh Photography Lime-and-Navy-6
nautical_wedding_theme_inspiration_nautical_theme_decor_cheap_ placesetting
vintage-nautical-wedding-inspiration-6-500x333 vintage-nautical-wedding-inspiration-7-500x333

With all these brilliant nautical wedding ideas under your belt, your tropical getaway is just steps away from coming to life. Every detail shown above is totally DIY-able, so if you’re looking to save a few bucks or add an extra-personal touch to your big day, consider crafting. For a complete list of DIY ideas, check out our collection of 30+ nautical wedding projects.

Take your guests on a trip that they’ll never forget with a romantic, fun, and beachy wedding theme.

What was your favorite vacation ever?

21 Stunning Summer Wedding Finds

summer-findsWedding season is on the horizon, and we’re on the hunt for stand-out details to inspire the brides of next summer and beyond (or those still tying up loose ends for their upcoming nuptials). If the weddings you attend aren’t this fabulous, then we apologize for making you wickedly jealous.

Bright colors are one way to welcome the sun, but there are also many more creative ways to turn the dog days into the season of puppy love. From unbelievably beautiful wedding cake designs with fresh flowers and delectable insides to the most brilliant way to serve appetizers, this collection has it all. We’ve searched high and low, far and wide for the most original, most stunning, and most fun summer wedding ideas.

Use the photos below as eye candy, inspiration, or models off of which to design your wedding. These wedding ideas are the best of the best, and we want you to have the first-rate affair that features them before anyone else. Guests’ jaws will drop, eyes will widen, and smiles will spread as they discover each amazing detail your celebration has to offer.

Make the first impression unforgettable with a mason-jar-lined aisle and exquisitely decorated seats.
Fresh flowers add a delicious scent to the already present romanticism in the air.


When committing to a summer wedding, you’re also committing to an incredibly stunning bouquet.
The vibrant colors of summer flowers radiate in these grabbing arrangements.

Prevent any confusion on the reception grounds by clearly directing guests to their destinations.
This fun sign does so in a trendy and rustic way.


Pair mint with some brighter pink hues for a delicate, romantic color scheme ideal for summer.
This color combination works beautifully in an outdoor space lit with strung Christmas lights.

Once the sun sets, you want to ensure guests can still see everything happening.
Light up the night in a fabulously original way to keep guests’ interests piqued.

Gia Canali Photography

For a daytime wedding, brighten up your space with strung flowers.
This gorgeous bohemian look is sure to get guests talking and gawking.


Creative food ideas are wonderful ways to rope in guests who aren’t as impressed by gorgeous decor.
No one will be able to turn down this amazing idea for passed hors d’oeuvres–mini salad!


Get innovative with drink serving by thinking outside of the box.
Aesthetically-pleasing and original setups draw guests’ eyes and encourage participation.

succulent-strawberry-pomegranate-punch beer
5311205 infused

Ditch typical table numbers and bring yours to life with edible centerpieces.
This sweet idea works for place cards as well.


Present your dessert in fun ways with out-of-the-ordinary treats and presentations.

IMG_1109-web  IMG_1061-web

Go unique with wedding cake designs for a final course that no one else will have.
Match the flowers with the rest of your event for a truly exquisite finale.


What’s your favorite season for a wedding?

11 Sinfully Easy Late Night Snack Ideas for Your DIY Wedding

Weddings can be exhausting for guests. With all that dancing and drinking, wedding party-goers often end up hungry before they are ready to exit the festivities. These 11 Sinfully Easy Late Night Snack Ideas for Your DIY Wedding will send your guests home with a happy stomach. Many wedding themes are ripe with easy midnight snack ideas. Having a Hollywood wedding? Serve up some popcorn. Throwing a down-home shindig? Pass out some crock pot applesauce. The possibilities go on and on. These unique wedding ideas will add an extra memorable moment to your wedding that guests will be talking about for years to come.

I absolutely love the idea of midnight snacks at a wedding. Too many times, I have left a wedding in search of some late night cheap snack ideas to quiet a rumbling stomach. All that dancing, partying, and drinking can really make you work up an appetite. These late night smorgasbords are a dream come true for out-of-town guests who are not familiar enough with their surroundings to hunt down some late night snack ideas on their own. They are perfect to pass around a party, too. Just like appetizers, they can be enjoyed while the festivities are still happening. There is no need to stop the celebration for a rumbling stomach.

Fabulous Wedding Late Night Snack Ideas

Donut Cake Dessert Table IdeasYummy donuts and a caffeinated pick-me-up for the drive home? Could this idea be any more perfect?

2 Ingredient Grilled Cheese DippersGrilled cheese is the ultimate comfort food. I would be knocking down other guests to grab a handful of these little treats. Bonus points if you pair these with a tasty little cup of tomato soup!

Midnight Snack Crock Pot ApplesauceI love applesauce, especially when it is chock-full of cinnamon. This would be an amazing healthy snack to munch on post-wedding. It’d be great paired with some cinnamon donuts and cider, too!

Down Home Dessert TableYou cannot have enough sweets at a wedding. It is a fact. This tasty Down Home Dessert Table would be an amazing late night snack to roll out, especially if you pair it with coffee and some ice cream a la mode.

Milk and Cookies Midnight SnacksCookies and milk? A classic. Plus, how cute is the milk in a martini glass? This is one of my favorite late night snack ideas.

Midnight Snack WafflesWhenever I go to a diner late at night, you can be sure I will be ordering the waffles. So, these little late night waffles? A total dream come true.

Doggy Bag Midnight SnacksA late night snack does not have to happen at your wedding. Consider sending your guests home with a doggy-bag of take-out. A little bag of popcorn or some fries would be great in the car or back at a hotel room.

Sweet Mini Blueberry Heart TartsThese Sweet Mini Blueberry Tarts taste as sweet as they look

Mini Banana PuddingHow yummy do these Mini Banana Pudding Cups look?

Little Sliders and Tiny Beer MugsThese little sliders and tiny beer mugs will definitely keep the party going.

Dainty DoughnutsThese dainty doughnuts and hot cocoa would be delicious at a winter wedding.

What do you love to munch on late at night?

Wedding Trends 2014: The Wedding Dresses You’ll Kill For

I’m going to take a moment to brag about my job. My research? Sit front row at a bridal fashion show and take photographs of all the glitz, glam, and glory. When I say you’ll kill for these dresses that I saw, I’m not kidding. There’s no kidding in weddings.

Wedding dresses are just exquisite, and any girl who says she doesn’t love to look is lying. What I love most about wedding dresses as time goes on is how varied they’ve become. Designers are daring to ditch tradition with colored wedding dresses, plunging backs, and sexy silhouettes.

While drooling over each frock as it made its way down the runway, I noticed some blaring trends that I couldn’t not share. You’ve got to nab these ideas before they become the norm. Bare backs, floral-inspired gowns with a twist, non-stop sparkles, and fearless necklines are begging to be shown off on the biggest day of your life.

Make sure your dress is “you.” Luckily, in this bunch, there’s a dress for absolutely every personality. Hover over your favorite photo to find out the designer and style so you can flaunt these stunners. For 2014, 2015, and 2016 brides, these wedding trends are must-haves.

Pair these looks with some to-die-for headpieces and killer bouquets to watch your friends and family’s jaws drop.

Baby Got Back


Liancarlo 5875

Haley Paige-6413

jaclyn 816

Justin Alexander-8727

Cristiano Lucci-Vanessa

Hayley Paige-Carrie

jaclyn 927

Illusion Necklines

Cristiano Lucci-Vanessa


James Clifford-J11450

Justin Alexander-8726

Lace Wedding Dress Detail

Matthew Christopher-Sofia

Justin Alexander-8708


LunaNovias-Esfera LunaNovias-Esfera

Justin Alexander-8708


Justin Alexander-9733

Tara Keely-2354


Victor Harper Couture-VHC283 Victor Harper Couture-VHC283

Justin Alexander-9735

Justin Alexander- 9733

Christiano Lucci- Nicole

jaclyn 967 jaclyn 970

Tara Keely-2358


Hayley Paige- Carrie

Rosa Clara- Carmina


David Tutera-Crawley

Victor Harper Couture-VHC285 Victor Harper Couture-VHC285

 Haley Paige-6413


Soft by Rosa Clara-Uma

Horsehair Skirts

Justin Alexander-9740

David Tutera-Crawley

Alvina Valenta-9350

Justin Alexander-8709


James Clifford-J11440 James Clifford-J11440

David Tutera-Beryl

 Which wedding dress trend is your favorite?

Wedding Planning Tips: Prevent Outdoor Wedding Disasters



Celebrating a new couple’s love out in the fresh air can be absolutely stunning and so much fun. Some of the most memorable weddings I have attended have been outdoor weddings. Though there are, arguably, more potential problems when your wedding doesn’t take place between four walls, this is no reason to keep your wedding inside. Just follow these Wedding Planning Tips to Prevent Outdoor Wedding Disasters, and you will be good to go!



The Weather

Gold Animal Escort Card Holders

The following tips will help you have a successful outdoor wedding, come rain or shine.
1. Prepare for the heat and make sure there will be plenty of water provided for your guests.
2. Remind your guests that they should be prepared for the weather by bringing a light coat or shawl.
3. Craft a comfy accessory like the Mad Men Faux Fur Wrap for your bridal party.
4. Provide weather-appropriate party favors. If you know your wedding might be super sunny, sunglasses would be an adorable gift to place on your tables.
PLUS: Don’t forget about the wind. If you know your wedding venue might be breezy, it would best to avoid a lot of paper crafts at your wedding. Use fabric napkins, which are heavier, and secure them with a ring like the Stylish Starfish Napkin Rings. Be sure placeholders are held down, as well. These Animal Escort Card Holders would be perfect for that.

Buzzing Bugs

Chalkboard Mason Jar Candle Centerpiece

Bugs can be especially bad during the spring and summer. The following tips will help you chase off these pests.
1. Keep the food somewhere that’s relatively bug-free. If there’s a slight breeze in a certain spot or somewhere to keep your food inside, place your food there.
2. Add citronella candles to your DIY outdoor lighting. These candles naturally ward off insects. These Chalkboard Mason Jar Candle Centerpiece and Evening Glow Hanging Votives would be great places to utilize one of these bug-zapping candles.

Grass and Mud

Smashing Knockoff Black and Gold Embellished Flats

Unlike indoor venues with solid floors, planning an outdoor wedding reception means you have uneven ground to contend with at your location. Use the following tips to make your environment a little more walkable.
1. Make sure your guests know about the venue. If it is mostly grass and gravel, advise your female guests to go for flats instead of heels.
2. Limit mass travel to walkways and sidewalks, if you can. This means strategically placing things like the guestbook, the food, and the dance floor. These Rustic Wedding DIY Wood Signs would be a great way to direct traffic.
3. Craft a bridesmaids’ gift to keep your bridal party comfortable. These Classy Kicks or Smashing Knockoff Black and Gold Embellished Flats would be the perfect presents.

If you love these outdoor wedding tips, check out this Wedding Themes: Rustic Wedding!

What’s your favorite thing about an outdoor wedding?

The Great Gatsby Wedding of Dreams


I attended a New Years’ Eve wedding, which was pretty much heaven on Earth. Everything about it was perfect, and the Great Gatsby theme only lent itself to the absolute perfection. I loved that the theme wasn’t in your face, but it was subtly tied in throughout the day. The Art Deco/Great Gatsby wedding theme was ideal for New Years with the rich gold color mixed beautifully with black, white, and tons of sparkle.

When I walked in the reception room, my jaw literally dropped. The draping from the ceiling was exquisite, and the addition of the chandeliers just put it over the edge. The bride, my roommate from college, looked spectacularly classic with a modern twist. She literally exuded “princess.”

Consistent with current wedding trends, there were a few different centerpieces which alternated throughout the room.  All classy, all with a 1920s-feel, and all gorgeous. The head table was a fun, long curved table adorned with the most beautiful candelabras. The chairs at the head table also had a little something extra with a simple but stunning black ribbon. Restricting this to the head table is a fantastic way to add a fun touch while keeping yourself on budget.

They made the most of the winter weather taking romantic photos in the snow. The bride and bridesmaids all sported darling fur coats to get the photos. It was truly a winter wonderland wedding.




I absolutely adore the reflection in this photo.


Gorgeous Art Deco-inspired heels worn by the bride, subtly but perfectly in line with the theme.



These photos of the bridal party crack me up. They’re so “Mad Men” meets “Great Gatsby.”




591 608 594


Such a pretty and simple way to distinguish the chairs at the head table.



582 583


Thanks to the low lighting and hundreds of candles, the entire room felt like it was lit by candlelight which was so romantic.



613 607

I love the detail in this centerpiece: the gold-sequined fabric, black and white marbles, and the beading on the box.


This floating candle and calla lily look is a huge wedding trend as of late. It looked delicate and charming.





The room was literally draped in crystals.


Surrounding the dance floor were these lounge-like low chairs with appropriately sparkly pillows. A lovely way to be in on the action without feeling pressure to dance.


The lighting made for the best photos.


The bride and her father danced to “Brown Eyed Girl,” which was adorable. It really alleviated any pressure for them.


The crafty bride made these adorable DIY headbands for all of the female guests. They were all adorned with feathers, beads, and flowers, perfectly complementing the theme and adding a fun layer to the evening.




I loved the baby’s breath and candles surrounding the beautiful cake.



There was a midnight toast. A perfect end to a perfect wedding.

Wedding Trends: Opposites Attract

opposites-attractYou’ve heard the phrase “opposites attract,” but do they? Yup. What fun would it be to marry someone exactly like you? They wouldn’t challenge you or help you to explore and strengthen new parts of yourself. Life would be predicable. Life would be boring. Transfer that to wedding themes, and you’ve got a similar situation. Sure, a one-note wedding can be beautiful, but imagine the dimension added when completely contrary elements are juxtaposed. That’s when you’ll inspire awe.

If you just can’t put your finger on a theme that encompasses your relationship, the answer lies where you would least expect it: antonyms. If you’re loving the vintage trend, but you just can’t stand to throw another whimsical bicycle wedding, look to modern vintage to give a fun twist on a classic idea. This brilliant method of finding wedding themes that are uniquely you has endless possibilities. Below are some of our favorites, but this list truly goes on and on…

Extravagant Simplicity

Rustic Sophistication

Nature’s Lab

Modern Vintage

Soft Rigidity

Extravagant Simplicity

You’ll find it easier to wrap your mind around these extreme opposites becoming one as you get more used to the idea. In the meantime, use our inspiration to help you better understand what in the world we mean. As with all of these genius concepts, extravagant simplicity can go one of two ways: extravagant details presented simply or simple details setup extravagantly.





centerpiece-black-and-white-modern-contemporary-low-wedding-luxury-lavish-sophisticated-23 modern_save_the_date_announcements_minimalist_invitation-p161121466495462635z70be_310


winter-white-bridal-shower-rosette-linen    chand




Rustic Sophistication

Rustic weddings are hot, hot, hot, but taking that concept and turning it on its head makes it that much more spectacular. Add soft, sophisticated elements to the unwieldy harshness of earth, and a beautiful hybrid is born. Sophistication can manifest itself in straight lines, carefully arranged flowers, wine glasses, or chandeliers.


frita green-table-piece



Nature’s Lab

Bring the outside in or the inside out to achieve the fabulousness that is Nature’s Lab. In the gorgeous photo below, an incredibly crafted reception was set up inside a tent, while other inspiration injects man-made materials into nature. Watch handcrafted details mimic nature and experience the amazing result that occurs when “the lab” intersects nature.



Modern Vintage

Trade in plain mason jars for the modernized version to give your wedding spunk. The modern vintage theme can be seen in the increasingly popular Great Gatsby parties, but the concept is hardly limited to that. Infuse a bit of modern moxie into the typical vintage details to throw your guests a curve ball. They’ll be pleasantly surprised that you took a few steps off the beaten path.


gats  full_size

centerpieces   il_570xN.437947366_lhca



dress    cake









Soft Rigidity

Play with shapes to make your wedding one for the books. Contrast sharp lines with soft colors or rigid concepts with more delicate details to execute this wedding theme. Your guests won’t know what hit them, but they sure will be picking their jaws off the floor all night long.



Geometric-wedding-inspiration-33 knot-austin-market-mixer-2013-061

teal-peach-geometric-wedding-19 teal-peach-geometric-wedding-61





See more wedding themes here!

What would your opposites attract theme be?

Marquee Madness: 2014 Wedding Trends + DIY

I’m loving this new marquee trend making its way from movie theatres to weddings. The options are endless and the result is magical. Here are some of the pretty possibilities circling around the Web. Below that, you’ll find a tutorial to make your own marquee, whether it’s for a wedding or to warm up your home. Some of these light-up letters can run you upwards of $300, but when you make it yourself, you’ll be spending less than $50.

DIY Wedding Inspiration

Top Row: Etsy, Iron Accents, Rock ‘n Roll Bride Middle: Borrowed and Bleu, Cassandra Lee for Boho Weddings Bottom Row: 100 Layer CakeVowed and Amazed

Click here to learn how to make your own marquee!

DIY Wedding Marquee

Light up the night with words that shine. Whether you choose you and your fiance’s initials, a romantic quote, or a word that means something special to you, a marquee will add another dimension to your celebration. If you’re throwing an outdoor wedding, use the marquee as lighting. Throwing a ski lodge soiree? Place this stunner over the fireplace as shown. To point people to the dessert table (the real star of the night), hang a “Love is Sweet” marquee above, directing the way. Guests are sure to love the effect and commend your efforts. The best part about this glistening guy is that you can display it in your new home after the wedding is over. GLOW CRAZY, brides!

Tell Us: What would your marquee say?

17 Ways to Make Radiant Orchid Happen in Your Wedding

Radiant Orchid Wedding Ideas

To throw the wedding of the year, you must incorporate the color of the year (as determined by the fashion gurus of the world). Pantone has declared the ultimate color of 2014 to be the rich and stunning hue radiant orchid. This purple-pink stunner is the ideal addition to any wedding color scheme. In fact, use it as your starting point and find complementary colors to fill in the blanks. The glory of this hue lies in the fact that it can be used all year long. For real. It radiates in the summer just as much as it dazzles in the winter. Here are some fabulous color combinations to get your wheels turning:









Any Season-



More radiant orchid wedding inspiration:

Wedding Stationery

Bicycle Bridesmaids Invite
Free wedding printables like this fun DIY bridesmaid invite save you tons of money!

Radiant Orchid Wedding Invitation
Pair radiant orchid with black and white for an elegant invite with a pop.

Radiant Orchid Save the Dates
The vibrant radiant orchid pairs well with other shades of purple.

Wedding Attire

Radiant Orchid Bridesmaid Dresses
Put your bridesmaids in the gorgeous color for a fun look.

Radiant Orchid Wedding Dress
If you’re okay trotting off the beaten path, dress yourself in a breathtaking radiant orchid gown. You could even wear a white dress for the ceremony and then change into this for a rockin’ party.

Purple Wedding Flowers

Purple Wedding Flowers Bouquet
This combination of radiant orchid, pink, violet, and indigo flowers is awe inspiring.

Rustic Recycled Flower Box
Use the darling shade as an accent, as in this pretty arrangement that you can DIY!

Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Radiant Orchid Wedding Ceremony
Go all out with radiant orchid as your dominant color, using only white or ivory to offset the strong hue.

White and Purple Wedding Ceremony
This wedding ceremony goes the other way, featuring white as the dominant color and highlighting with radiant orchid.

Elegant Purple and Pink Ceremony
Again, pairing radiant orchid with purples and pinks creates a jaw-dropping set up.

Party Food and Drink

Lavender Collins
Tie your drinks into the color scheme with these radiant orchid cocktails. Find the recipe here.

Radiant Orchid Wedding Cake
A white cake with radiant orchid flowers makes a beautiful last course that is almost too pretty to eat.

Mini Ombre Wedding Cakes
Give dessert options other than the main wedding cake, and keep to your wedding colors while you do. Make mini ombre cakes to wow your guests.

Radiant Orchid Wedding Reception Decor

Radiant Orchid Wedding Reception Purple Chandelier
This radiant orchid-dominated reception is elegant and royal. Top it off with radiant orchid chandeliers for a party worthy of a queen. By pairing the color with white and silver, the purple hue is not too overwhelming.

Purple and White Flowers
This color pairs well with crystals and neutrals, as shown by this wedding reception decor.

Radiant Orchid Lighting
Create an ethereal look with white and silver as your main wedding colors and radiant orchid lighting.

Purple and Red Reception
Chandeliers, candles, and red accent flowers make radiant orchid the perfect base for a fabulous wedding.

Are you a fan of 2014’s choice hue?