What to Make Today: 21 Crafts for Boys

crafts-for-boysRough and tough it with the boys. It’s no secret that boys like to play in the mud, cheer extra loud for their favorite sports team, and wear a superhero cape around the house. What can you say? Boys will be boys. If you grew up with all girls, like me, and have no idea how to entertain those little balls of energy, then this is the perfect list for you. All these crafts are kid-approved, and boys are sure to have a great time with any and all of them. From football Rice Krispie treats to a Batman bath towel, these crafts for boys are so much fun to make. Sometimes it’s hard to find crafts that boys will be interested in, or ones that will hold their attention, but you don’t have to worry about that anymore. You can choose from sports, science, or superheroes to find the perfect project.

Sports Crafts for Kids

Football Rice Krispie TreatsGo team, go! It’s no secret that little boys love to chant and cheer for their favorite sports team. Whether it’s basketball, hockey or baseball, sports can be so much fun to watch. When you go out to your next ball game, don’t forget to bring the #1 Baseball Fan Sports Craft. You can show everyone just how much you love baseball by being the biggest fan in the entire stadium.

Other Sports Crafts for Kids:


Science Experiment Projects for Kids

Water Bottle RocketYou can fly up, up, and away in your homemade rocket. Well, water bottle rocket, that is. Make the Water Bottle Rocket craft and you can see just how much fun science and physics can be. Science experiment crafts are great for kids because they teach them all about the world and how it works. If you have a naturally curious mind or want to explore everything that is around you, then you will love these crafts.

Other Science Experiment Projects for Kids:

Superhero Craft Ideas for Kids

Earth's Mightiest Avengers Cake PopsAvengers, assemble. Every little boy has a favorite superhero who is someone he looks up to. Whether it’s Captain America or Iron Man, superheroes are great role models. These delicious Earth’s Mightiest Avengers Cake Pops are so cool, and you can make your favorite guy. These superhero craft ideas for kids are great because at the end of the craft, you have something yummy to eat!

Other Superhero Craft Ideas for Kids:

Would you rather do a sports, science, or superhero craft, and why?



Beach Ideas for the Sunny Summer

Nautical Navy Summer Wreath

Summer is here and we’re ready to get crafting at AllFreeHolidayCrafts.com. We’re bringing you our favorite Beach Crafts for the Sunny Summer!  Our beachy collection of Sizzlin’ Summer Crafts: 35 Beach Craft Ideas will help you get through every aspect of your summer day. Whether it’s your outfit, your home decor, your beach bag, or something for your kids, we’ve got a craft for you. Each of these beach craft ideas is inexpensive and easy to make. You won’t believe how fabulous each craft looks.

Summer only lasts so long, and when you work, days at the beach are limited. These Beach Crafts for the Sunny Summer take so little time, you don’t have to worry about missing the best hours of the day. Simply assemble this Easy Mesh Beach Bag and head down to the water with all your essentials on your arm. Sew up this Tic Tac Toe Beach Blanket and you have the perfect item for sitting on the sand.

After a long winter hibernation home, it’s time to transform your home and yourself for summer. These Decoupage Sunglasses Designs are classy and chic while these Simple Seashell Candles are delicate and calming. You decide which beach craft ideas will define your summer style.

From all the wearable beach crafts you could ever want to specials details for your home decor, there’s something in this list of Sizzlin’ Summer Crafts: 35 Beach Craft Ideas for you!

Wonderfully Wearable Beach Crafts

Sizzlin' Summer Crafts: 35 Beach Craft Ideas

Summer is a season in which fashion is at the forefront but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton of money to look absolutely fabulous. These Wonderfully Wearable Beach Crafts take so little time and cost so little money. These wearable beach craft ideas are simple and adorable- exactly as your summer style should be. Sunglasses and sandals in, sunburns and sandy butts out!



Beach Craft Ideas for Home Decor

Sizzlin' Summer Crafts: 35 Beach Craft IdeasThese Beach Craft Ideas for Home Decor will help you transform your home from bare to beach this summer. Set the mood with these Simple Seashell Candles or go sea creature chic with these Starfish Coffee Mugs. Add just a subtle something or make a big splash with any of these beach craft decor ideas.




Make Your Own Bag for the Beach 

Sizzlin' Summer Crafts: 35 Beach Craft IdeasIf your beach bag isn’t absolutely adorable, your entire beach fashion statement is thrown off. With these DIY beach bag ideas, you have tons of different options for the design of your tote. Each bag has a simple structure made perfectly for carrying your beach essentials.






Beach Craft Ideas for Kids

Sizzlin' Summer Crafts: 35 Beach Craft IdeasSummer days can be super long if your kids have nothing to do. These Beach Craft Ideas for Kids are sure to keep them busy and get their creative juices flowing. Throw a luau and have your kids make some Homemade Hawaiian Leis or set up this Tie Dye Beach Towel and let them go crazy with a classic crafting favorite. With these beach craft ideas, your kids will have an unforgettably fun summer.




Bonus: Beachy Treats

Beachy Pie Once you have prepared yourself, your home, and your kids for the summer it’s time to look towards fun ways to treat yourself. These summer recipe ideas are fresh and delicious and so easy to make. Quick summer recipes are the way to go. Maximum time in the sun, minimum time in the kitchen with sweet treats like a Beachy Pie.If you’re on a bikini bod diet, don’t fret we have some low-cal sweets for summer too. Sip on a Banana Blueberry Summer Smoothie and start a cycle of Apple Cinnamon Detox Drinks to help you retain a healthy summer glow and meet your weight loss goal!

Hold a seashell up to your ear and tell us…which craft is calling your name?

In Case You Missed It: “11 Christmas Gift Ideas: Handmade Scarves, Hats and More”

I am a huge fan of festive attire at any time of year. During the summer, I create wearable crafts with more color than in fall or winter. Around Halloween, I bust out the orange and black and go a little heavier on the eye makeup. At Easter, it’s pastels at all times, and pretty dresses.

The same trend holds true, of course, around Christmastime. Bring on the ugly sweaters, the handmade hats, the holiday earrings. You better believe I’ll find an excuse to wear my knee-high green and red striped socks, and I’ll roll up my skinny jeans to show them off, proudly. To me, nothing says “I’m getting in the holiday spirit” like dressing up in wearable crafts.

You can make great wearable crafts for the holidays when you download the 11 Christmas Gift Ideas: Handmade Scarves, Hats and More eBook! Christmas wearable crafts are perfect gifts for anyone on your Christmas list. Even if your friend, cousin, or child doesn’t love to wear handmade hats or homemade scarves, there’s always the argument of practicality. If it’s cold, you’ll need a hat. Why not make it an elf hat? If it’s brisk, you’ll need a scarf. Why not make it a Fleece Scarf with Pom Poms?

It may be more than six months until Christmas, but making great handmade Christmas gifts takes time . . . especially if you’re going to try making all eleven wearable crafts in this great AllFreeChristmasCrafts eBook!

What you’ll find in this eBook:

Loom Knitted Santa Hats: Talk about getting in the Christmas spirit. Nothing says “Merry Christmas!” like these great Loom Knitted Santa Hats. They’re festive, sure, but they’re also practical: if you live in a seasonal climate, you need to keep that head warm. Put those knitting skills to the test when you knit this great handmade Christmas gift found in the 11 Christmas Gift Ideas: Handmade Scarves, Hats and More eBook.

Santa Scarf: Now this homemade scarf is just so precious, I had to share. The scarf project has you make Santa’s face and beard on one end, and the entire length of the scarf is his hat! The scarf tapers to a point, then you attach a puff ball for the pom-pom, and you have the finished product. Best of all, you don’t need to sew to make this adorable scarf because this blogger gives directions for a no-sew version as well. Find this incredibly endearing scarf in the 11 Christmas Gift Ideas: Handmade Scarves, Hats and More eBook.



Download a copy of 11 Christmas Gift Ideas: Handmade Scarves, Hats and More; like all of our great eBooks, it’s free!







If you like this eBook, you might also enjoy:

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What is your favorite wearable Christmas craft that you’ve made?

Despicable Me 2: Easy Crafts for Kids of All Ages

Despicable Me Twinkie Minion Cupcakes Despicable Me 2 is such a great kids’ movie that I could watch it over and over, and I’m not even a kid anymore. My sisters and I used to pretend to be minions and constantly reenact scenes from the movie, much to my parents dislike. Randomly shouting ‘bananas!’, as the minions do, was a favorite of ours. Whether you are a first-time viewer or a veteran, you’ll love making crafts based on Despicable Me 2. They provide hours of entertainment, and if you love Gru, Margo, Edith, and Agnes as much as I do, then you will have a blast with these easy crafts for kids. Turn a cardboard box into an astronaut helmet, Twinkies into minion cupcakes, or even a fairy tutu into a ballerina costume. Below you will find 19 amazing crafts for kids of all ages. Whether you’re a teenager like Margo or in Preschool like Agnes, this collection of really easy crafts for kids is sure to have the perfect project for you.


Movie Crafts for Kids

Despicable Me Minion BowlingMinions are oh-so-adorable little creatures that make everyone squeal with delight. Any easy craft for kids that looks like a minion is sure to be a hit, whether you are having a movie day or a Despicable Me birthday party. Try playing the Despicable Me Minion Bowling game, which is so much fun and won’t burst your budget. This movie craft for kids is great because you can use materials you already have around the house to create a new game. All you need is an empty two-liter bottle to turn a boring day into a minion day!

Other Movie Crafts for Kids:


Margo: Crafts for Teenagers

Bead Wrapped Leather BraceletIf your favorite character is Margo, the oldest sibling of Gru’s adoptive daughters, then you will love these crafts for teenagers. Margo has a mind of her own, so it’s only fitting that these movie crafts, like the Bead Wrapped Leather Bracelets, will let you express yourself in any way you want. When you’re in a crafty mood, make sure you have a craft for kids that is cool to entertain yourself. These easy crafts for kids are great as movie-themed activities to do after you watch Despicable Me 2.

Other Crafts for Teenagers:



Edith: Elementary School Crafts

No Sew Easy Fairy TutuIf you like Edith and her rebellious and spunky nature, then you will love these fun and easy crafts for kids. These projects, like the No Sew Easy Fairy Tutu, are perfect for an elementary school kid who wants to make a statement. Movie crafts are great to do by yourself or with a friend, so settle down, watch Despicable Me 2, and have a blast dancing around in a ballet tutu that you created.

Other Elementary School Crafts:



Agnes: Preschool Crafts for Kids

Unique Unicorn HornThere is no doubt that Agnes is the cutest kid in the movie. Her fondness for unicorns and Gru is simply adorable, and you can’t help but love her. That’s why the Unique Unicorn Horn craft is perfect as a preschool craft for kids. It’s easy to make, and if Agnes could spend a day with a darling unicorn horn, she definitely would. These movie crafts are perfect for a tiny tot’s hands and are sure to keep them entertained for hours.

Other Preschool Crafts for Kids:



 What is your favorite part of Despicable Me 2?



Go Back in Time with Vintage Crafts

Some of you might already be planning ahead for next Christmas by deciding on your Christmas home decor and tree theme. One style that’s become very popular in the past few years has been an old-fashioned look. Crafters of all styles have been looking backwards for craft inspiration and designing some very intricate looking vintage crafts for every room in their house, and now they’re passing on their ideas to you. The editors at AllFreeChristmasCrafts would like to help you get started with your planning with our latest collection, A Vintage Christmas: 15 Old Fashioned Craft Ideas, which has some of the best ways to put a classic spin on Christmas that you’ll find anywhere.

Still not sure if you want your entire Christmas theme to revolve around vintage crafting? No problem; you can start small with one of these handmade Christmas ornaments. Each ornament shows off uses different crafting techniques that have standout presentations. You can go for a simple paper themed craft, or crochet a traditional-looking ornament that you can pass down safely to other family members in the future.

Incorporating bigger handmade Christmas decorations is just as easy, as the projects included in A Vintage Christmas cover everything from Christmas stocking patterns to options for a wreath to decorate your front door. These DIY Christmas decorations are excellent ways to save money and preserve style. Stores everywhere are picking up on the vintage tread, but their prices aren’t always reasonable. You won’t have to worry, as you’ll be learning some creative ways to use recyclables and craft materials to make store-bought quality Christmas decorations.

Another way you can incorporate classic elements into your Christmas planning is through your own Christmas fashion. Learn how you can refashion traditional patterns into brand new DIY accessories to show off at your next Christmas party. These are suited for all ages, and help to bring down spending costs in a major portion of your holiday budget.

 If you have any friends with a love for all things vintage, than our list of old fashioned Christmas crafts is a must read for gift ideas. The gift ideas we’ve included on our list cover both the practical and the decorative, which ensures loved ones of different tastes will be pleased with what they receive.


Classic Christmas crafts never get old, and they’re a great way to start new traditions with your family that can be passed down for future generations. A Vintage Christmas: 15 Old Fashioned Craft Ideas can be the first step in your Christmas planning, and the vintage crafts you’ll find here can also be used throughout the year to bring a little spark of the traditional into your home.

What’s your favorite way to add a vintage touch to your Christmas crafts?

Fun in the Sun! Summer Sewing Projects & Must Makes

Summer is almost here and with the arrival of the new season it’s time to prep for pool parties and beach days. Finally we can do away with the heavy winter coats and scarves and shift focus to bathing suits, beach totes and toys. Whether you’re looking to create summer sewing projects for the kids or yourself, these useful ideas are sure to come in handy. Whip up some of these cool summer necessities and then throw on the shades, sit back and relax.

Easy Summer Sewing Projects:

Pennies Swimsuit

Simply Made Swimwear

A Big Splash Swimsuit TutorialThere’s nothing better than spending a great day at the pool. Catch some rays in style by wearing these DIY swimsuits and wraps. You don’t need the hassle of hussling through department stores in search of a fitting suit. Instead, make your own that will fit your body and your budget. Let’s start with the kids, shall we? A Big Splash Swimsuit is perfect for girls (and parents) who prefer one-piece swimwear. This girls’ summer sewing pattern includes detailing towards the top that makes this a fashionable piece. If it’s thrifty you’re after, this Pennies Swimsuit is right up your alley. Face it, your girl is growing taller everyday; don’t spend a fortune on a suit that won’t fit in a year.Summer Two Piece Swimsuit

Swimsuit Tutorial from Luck & BlissFor the more mature lady there are a lot of swimsuit patterns that you can easily make. Take this easy one-piece swimsuit from Luck & Bliss. It’s easy to make and will give you an opportunity to make a suit tailored to your tastes. A custom look can also be applied to two-piece bathing suits. I love the simplicity of this Summer Two Piece Bathing Suit. It’s easy to make and looks like any piece you’d find in stores.

Cindy Bathing SuitYou’ve got to check out this retro Cindy Bathing Suit from BurdaStyle. This suit is packed with vintage-appeal. Put your sewing skills to the test on this number.

Victoria's Secret Inspired Backless Swim Cover


Beach and Pool Accessories

If you’re looking for a coverup that doesn’t necessarily cover everything, check out this Victoria’s Secret Inspired Backless Swim Cover. I bet you didn’t know you could look so chic without paying through the nose. Whatever size or shape you are, these summer sewing patterns will fit your body and tastes. Make heads turn when you hit the beach in your affordable and cute swimwear.Sun Hat

Boy's SunhatAdmit it: you’re a babe; and beach babes need to accessorize. Try out summer sewing projects that prep you for those rays. This Sun Hat will keep your complexion clear and safe from harmful UV rays. While you’re at it, you might as well make some protective headgear for your little one as well. Check out this Boy’s Sunhat that will keep your boy’s eyes and face safe.

Big and Bold Beach BlanketYou can also make some summer sewing projects to lounge on. I’m wild about this Big and Bold Beach Blanket. It makes a big statement with style. Best of all, this is a craft you can take out every summer.

Can’t get enough of these summer sewing crafts? There are more on our site! There’s plenty of time to get ready for summer so why not dive into your fabric stash and create some summer looks that are totally unique to you?

What’s your idea of perfect swimwear?

20 DIY Prom Ideas You’ll Love

Prom is almost here, and you know what that means. It’s time to show off those legs, arms, and fancy dresses for the whole school to see. When we are young we think this day will live in infamy, but later on the pictures are almost comical. I remember my senior prom and how excited I was to wear my evening dress.

Looking back, I could have saved a whole lot of money if I had taken the time to make some DIY prom accessories. Jewelry, a bag, shoes, and a dress come out to a pretty spendy tab! Luckily, there are tons of homemade options for those of us that love to get creative and stand out from the crowd.

I scoured the annals of time to find 20 of the best DIY prom ideas to keep your wallet happy and your style flawless. I hope you love them as much as I do.

5 Dazzling DIY Dresses to Make their Jaws Drop

1) This easy video tutorial shows you how to make a prom dress in under 8 minutes. It’s a great option for visual learners that like to follow along with step-by-step instructions.


2) The girl who made this pop tab dress was featured on the local news with her prom date!

3) She also made a Dorito bag prom dress the following year entirely out of empty chip bags.

Dorito Prom Dress

4) A long dress is modest and chic. Check out this quick and easy DIY Maxi Dress.

5) For that princess personality, a video teaches you how to make a ravishing homemade dress using your own two hands.


5 Soulful Shoe Projects for the Centerpiece of your Outfit

1) Jazz up your old wedges with some thumbtacks. You can make your own design or just cover them with metal if you’re going for the rocker look.

2) Lady Gaga is getting married soon. This DIY shoes project is inspired by her wild diva days.
Lady Gaga Inspired Shoes

3) This red and white duct tape dress is a great example of turning drab into fab. Just fold the tape or line the inside so it doesn’t stick to your body.

4) Houndstooth shoes have a classy, vintage look, but they’re really hard to find. Make your own and add a tassel for the cherry on top.

5) For some kicks, get in touch with your inner punk and make these DIY spiked heels.

5 Handmade Jewels to Decorate Your Body

1) Instead of throwing out your candy wrappers, use them to make this cool homemade creation. Not sure how to make a bracelet ? Follow this tutorial.

DIY Wrapper Bracelet

2) Pop tabs can be recycled, but they can also be up-cycled. Find some ribbon and make a funky bracelet.

3) This Yves St. Laurent-inspired ring tutorial is the shiniest  piece around for barely any money.

4) This simple chainmaille project gives you an awesome body chain to adorn your body with chains, emphasizing your freedom to wear whatever you please.

5) Everyone will be wondering about your origins when you wear handmade DNA earrings. You can just tell them that craftiness runs in the blood.

5 Beautiful Bags to Complete the Ensemble

1) This DIY envelope bag came quicker than the post because it came from your creativity.

Celine Trio Bag

2) When used the right way, neckties give a classy vintage look to homemade purses.

3) This Faux Suede and Snakeskin Purse is the coolest DIY purse. The best part about it is that there’s no snake-slaying involved.

4) A Celine-Inspired Trio Bag is simple to make, and it can hold three times as many items.

5) An old cereal box and a faded shirt are all you need to make a boxy purse with a sturdy interior.

What do you think about the Dorito prom dress: tacky or fantastic ?

19 Quick & Easy Mother’s Day Crafts

Getting your mom a gift for Mother’s Day might have stumped you in the past, but this time it won’t. We’ve rounded up a wide variety of sewing projects to show your mother just how much you care on this most special of days. It’s been said that the mother-daughter relationship is like apple pie: a lot more complicated than it looks. Luckily, these tutorials are all simple enough to master in less than a weekend.

Don’t worry if you are a beginner at sewing. There is nothing these step-by-step instructions cannot teach you! If you would rather keep a distance from the sewing machine, you’re in luck; there is an entire no-sew section just for you. Forget the department stores and get crafting today with these fun and easy Mother’s Day gift ideas.

 30 Free Sewing Patterns for Women: Mother's Day Gift Ideas

DIY Accessories

Buttoned Tablet Cover

Buttoned Tablet Cover: If your mom likes technology and gadgets, she’ll love this crafty and convenient tablet cover.



Gyme Tote Bag Tutorial

Gym Tote Bag Tutorial: Sporty mothers are such great role models. Let’s give them bags to make their lives easier.





Homemade Clothing

How to Sew Pajama Pants


How to Sew Pajama Pants: Make your mom’s dreams come true with these comfortable, roomy, and easily-adjustable pajama pants.




Ice Cream Social Skirt

Ice Cream Social Skirt: This ice cream social skirt will flutter and flow in the breeze when your mother wears it to the ice cream parlour.






DIY Jewelry Patterns


Pretty Fabric Chandelier Earrings

Pretty Fabric Chandelier Earrings: For a fantastic accessory, these fancy earrings should do the trick.





Linen Jewelry Travel Bag

Linen Travel Jewelry Bag: On-the-go moms could use a drawstring bag to hold precious jewelry items.








Easy No-Sew Craft Projects


Effortless T-shirt Headband

Effortless T-Shirt Headband: This headband is made from a recycled t-shirt sleeve and is essential for the active mother.



Easy and Cheap Apron

Easy and Cheap Apron: A no-sew apron is perfect for all your mother’s delicious kitchen endeavors.




Check out these other great projects for Mother’s Day!

  1. 30 Free Sewing Patterns for Women: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas
  2. Zig Zag DIY iPad Cover
  3. Tea Time Mug Rug Tutorial
  4. Manicure Travel Kit

What is the best Mother’s Day gift you have ever received? Was it homemade?


Link Love: Crafts That Will Have You Seeing Red

February is all about the color red. Of course there’s Valentine’s Day, when red hearts, red candies and, well, red everything rules. February is also American Heart Month, a time to raise awareness about heart health. Throughout the month, there have been a variety or events and opportunities to spread the word about heart disease. Wearing red was just one of many options and people all over the world took advantage.

Before February ends, make a red craft (or two) to capture the essence of the month. In a previous blog post, AllFreeHolidayCrafts editor Jennifer showed off some of the top red crafts from that site. Today, we’re widening the scope and going beyond holidays – we’re talking red crafts for every season! During the long, cold winter months, a Knitted Brim Hat and a Bright Red Shimmer Cowl are great accessories that will stand out from a sea of black clothes. These patterns show that your wearables don’t have to match the cold and gray weather outside your window! If you’re not interested in yarn crafts, use a red shirt to create a dress or red cardstock to make a handmade card.

Get inspi-RED and create some bright crafts that will capture everyone’s attention – it’s a great way to beat the winter blues!


  1. Paper Quilled Rose from Honey’s Quilling
  2. Mushroom Ring from Lexy Levin
  3. Duct Tape Gift Wrap from The Sweetest Occasion
  4. Ombre Bangle from One Artsy Momma
  5. Gold Twig Pendant from Crap at Crafts
  6. Date Night Bow Brooch from Terra Savvy
  7. Geometric Rose from The Southern Institute
  8. Fringed Feather Earrings from La Bella Ironia
  9. Red Statement Necklace from Elemental Carbon

16 Free Shirt Sewing Patterns Up for Grabs!

16 Free Shirt Patterns: Learn How to Sew a Shirt collection

Are the rumors true? Is spring really around the corner? We won’t know until the groundhog gives us the official word but for our own sakes, let’s pretend spring is on the way. Sounds like you’ll be needing some new spring tops for your wardrobe. Not to worry. We’ve just put together this collection full of free shirt sewing patterns to put your mind at ease! Many of these tutorials will show you how to make a tank or how to sew a blouse.

It’s time to whip out the sewing machine and start creating these simple and fun tops. Spring will be here before you know it and you’ll want these pretty sewn tops to be pressed and ready to wear. For all of your free shirt sewing pattern needs, check out some of our favorites below.


Beautiful Bow Tank:

This Beautiful Bow Tank is an elegant top and easy sewing project. Just follow the pattern for a basic tank and embellish it with a ruffled bow. Don’t spend money on a new wardrobe when you can easily make your own clothes!


Ruffle Blouse:

Serged ruffles and ruched sleeves make this Ruffle Blouse a must-have top. It’s a feminine sewing pattern that you’ll love wearing. Learn how to make a blouse with this easy sewing tutorial.



Gardens at Dusk Tank

There’s something romantic and beautiful about the Gardens At Dusk Tank.  It’s a woman’s shirt sewing pattern that you’ll love to wear to parties.



For more, check out the 16 Free Shirt Patterns: Learn How to Sew a Shirt collection.


What are you most looking forward to in spring?