Cozy Winter Crochet Patterns To Keep You Warm

Tis the season to be cold. The temperatures are steadily dropping and that cold winter chill is settling in. In addition to heavy coats, it’s time to grab gloves, mittens and hats before you head out the door. Instead of spending money on poorly made winter wearables, stay home and crochet yourself something fabulous. Most of these patterns are quick to make and easy enough for beginners. Even the more complicated patterns won’t take all season, so you can create your piece and then wear it before the season comes to an end.

You know what else you can do with winter wearables? Give them as holiday gifts! The Christmas season is just around the corner, so you want to make sure you have some quality gifts to give your loved ones. These winter crochet patterns are both cute and practical, so you don’t have to wonder if the recipient will actually use what you give them.

Don’t wait! Every minute you waste NOT crocheting is a minute you’ll spend feeling cold and quite possibly numb out in the cold.


Ear Warmer Crochet Pattern

Cozy Winter Headband – How cute is this chunky winter headband? Don’t neglect your ears (or mess up your hair) when you head outside. This quick pattern is perfect for a car or train ride.

Fuzzy Pouf Ear Muffs – If you like a more traditional look, consider a pair of ear muffs. The vintage look and textured feel is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Simple Crochet Ear Warmer – The name says it all – this winter crochet pattern takes almost no time to make. If you’re new to the world of crochet, this is the perfect project. Test your skills and practice what you’ve learned so you can proceed to more complicated patterns later on.

Twist of Fate Headband – The twisted head wrap look of this pattern is so trendy right now. The focal point is the front rather than the side of your head, giving it a bohemian look and feel. The thick texture makes this extra warm and cozy.


Free Mitten Patterns

Colorful Texting Gloves – Texting gloves are one of the most genius inventions of the new millennium (in my opinion at least). Now you can dash off a text or e-mail while keeping your fingers warm and toasty.

Elizabeth Bennet’s Lacy Hand Warmers – Lizzie Bennet would surely approve of these delightful hand warmers. Catch your own Mr. Darcy with this delightful design.

Easy Fingerless Gloves – Fingerless gloves are a great option if you need to turn pages or apply lip gloss. Keep your palms warm while performing every day tasks – it’s the best of both worlds.

Chunky Crochet Mittens and Scarf – This yummy set makes a great gift. The warm mittens and fuzzy scarf can be worn together or separate – it’s up to you. No matter what, you know you won’t be cold.


Free Scarf Patterns

Sea Foam Infinity Scarf – Take a trip to the beach without leaving your home (or booking a plane ticket). Evoke the look and feel of the ocean with the bright color and soft wavy texture of the scarf.

Forever 21 Knockoff Scarf – Whether you are 21 or 121, you’ll go gaga for this simple scarf pattern. The single color and easy stitch make this ideal for a new crocheter.

One Skein Asymmetry Scarf – Got one skein? Well we have a fantastic pattern for you to enjoy. This is one of the most popular patterns with our readers, and we can certainly understand why.

Soft and Easy Alpaca Scarf – Alpaca is one of the best fibers for yarn – it’s so soft! You won’t be able to stop touching this scarf, so prepare accordingly!


Crochet Cowl Pattern

Crochet Convertible Cowl – Scarf or hoodie? Now you don’t have to pick! This is a quick and easy pattern that beginners will love. Since you don’t have to change colors, you won’t need to purchase a ton of yarn.

Bright Red Shimmer Cowl – Make a bold statement with this little cowl. If you’re heading to a holiday party, be sure to top your outfit with this fun winter crochet pattern.

Crimson Ridge Cowl – Who doesn’t look elegant in red? This is a great gift idea for women who like to make an entrance. This is also a great option for people who don’t like to wear constricting circle scarves.

Crochet Cowl Hood – This beautiful pattern is super trendy. The understated look and color makes this an age-appropriate delight that will last all winter long.



What’s your favorite way to stay warm?


Link Love: Fun with Fringe and Tassels

Fringe – it’s not just for hippies. In fact, if you check out your favorite store or head to your mosy-visited online shopping destination, you’re more than likely to find some fringe and tassels. This trend was all over the runways at New York Fashion Week and is taking over the craft world. If you’re a little nervous about fringe, you’re not alone. Personally, I like a more understated look and tend not to go for big, bold clothing and accessories. Luckily, there are so many ways to easily incorporate fringe and tassels into your crafts without channeling Lady Gaga (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Tassels and fringe can add a cool three-dimensional look to an otherwise traditional piece. The best example of this is the Aran Crochet Throw, which looks like something your grandma would have made. While the afghan itself is pretty simple, the tassels and bobble stitching patterns make it a little more challenging. The extra time and effort is worth it though – you’ll want to display this afghan forever. For a bigger, bolder look, make your own Cable Afghan with Tassels. In this case, you crochet the afghan first and then work on the tassels. Once all four have been made, you simply attach one to each corner. If you’re running short on time, make a Tee Shirt Fringe Scarf. You don’t need a sewing machine or even a needle and thread for this trendy project. Instead, cut up an old shirt with a pair of scissors – seriously, it’s that easy.

Don’t be afraid of fringe. Whether you choose to rock a statement necklace or create festive streamers for your next party, there are so many ways to embrace the trend. Simply channel your inner Stevie Nicks, get creative and see what you can accomplish.




  1. DIY Leather Tassels Scarf from Eyes of Style
  2. Fringe Necklace from Pop Champagne Blog
  3. Neon Fringe Necklace from Fall For DIY
  4. Upcycled Fringe Cell Phone Sleeve from Isn’t That Sew
  5. Glitter Gold Trimmed Tissue Fringe from Confetti Sunshine
  6. Ombre Fringe Skirt from Make It, Love It
  7. DIY No-Sew Fleece Throw from Life Over Easy
  8. DIY Shawl Skirt from Anna Evers
  9. DIY Anthropologie Fringe Earrings from Gina Michele

Wedding Planning Tips: Prevent Outdoor Wedding Disasters



Celebrating a new couple’s love out in the fresh air can be absolutely stunning and so much fun. Some of the most memorable weddings I have attended have been outdoor weddings. Though there are, arguably, more potential problems when your wedding doesn’t take place between four walls, this is no reason to keep your wedding inside. Just follow these Wedding Planning Tips to Prevent Outdoor Wedding Disasters, and you will be good to go!



The Weather

Gold Animal Escort Card Holders

The following tips will help you have a successful outdoor wedding, come rain or shine.
1. Prepare for the heat and make sure there will be plenty of water provided for your guests.
2. Remind your guests that they should be prepared for the weather by bringing a light coat or shawl.
3. Craft a comfy accessory like the Mad Men Faux Fur Wrap for your bridal party.
4. Provide weather-appropriate party favors. If you know your wedding might be super sunny, sunglasses would be an adorable gift to place on your tables.
PLUS: Don’t forget about the wind. If you know your wedding venue might be breezy, it would best to avoid a lot of paper crafts at your wedding. Use fabric napkins, which are heavier, and secure them with a ring like the Stylish Starfish Napkin Rings. Be sure placeholders are held down, as well. These Animal Escort Card Holders would be perfect for that.

Buzzing Bugs

Chalkboard Mason Jar Candle Centerpiece

Bugs can be especially bad during the spring and summer. The following tips will help you chase off these pests.
1. Keep the food somewhere that’s relatively bug-free. If there’s a slight breeze in a certain spot or somewhere to keep your food inside, place your food there.
2. Add citronella candles to your DIY outdoor lighting. These candles naturally ward off insects. These Chalkboard Mason Jar Candle Centerpiece and Evening Glow Hanging Votives would be great places to utilize one of these bug-zapping candles.

Grass and Mud

Smashing Knockoff Black and Gold Embellished Flats

Unlike indoor venues with solid floors, planning an outdoor wedding reception means you have uneven ground to contend with at your location. Use the following tips to make your environment a little more walkable.
1. Make sure your guests know about the venue. If it is mostly grass and gravel, advise your female guests to go for flats instead of heels.
2. Limit mass travel to walkways and sidewalks, if you can. This means strategically placing things like the guestbook, the food, and the dance floor. These Rustic Wedding DIY Wood Signs would be a great way to direct traffic.
3. Craft a bridesmaids’ gift to keep your bridal party comfortable. These Classy Kicks or Smashing Knockoff Black and Gold Embellished Flats would be the perfect presents.

If you love these outdoor wedding tips, check out this Wedding Themes: Rustic Wedding!

What’s your favorite thing about an outdoor wedding?

Oscars 2014: How to Sew a Red Carpet Dress

AllFreeSewing.comThe Oscars are a time each year to honor Hollywood’s biggest names for their work, but they’re also the best time to see some of the best (and worst) in fashion walk down the red carpet. The awards themselves are very important, but the fashion choices almost always overshadow the winners. People will share their reactions to the awards, but the conversations will ALWAYS veer towards, “Yeah, and did you see the dress she was wearing?!”

For me, it’s a night where I get to get all dressed up in my Target-chic glitzy outfit and go to my friend’s apartment for her annual Oscar party. Everyone gets red carpet ready, and we have our own little photoshoot before gathering around the TV in time for the actual red carpet. For us, the awards themselves are important, but they do take a backseat to what everyone is wearing and how everyone looks.

Oscar style is always glamorous and indulgent; some celebs choose to go with a long and sleek silhouette while others take advantage of the event to rock something more outrageous and a bit less “safe.” If you’re looking to create your own Oscar-worthy ensemble for your own Oscar party, AllFreeSewing is the place for you! We’ve sought out our more glitzy projects to share with you for some inspiration.


Mix and Match

If you aren’t ready to take your look to full-blown Oscar-level and want to look a little more subdued, you can still look stylish and fancy. The best part about these outfit pieces is that you can mix and match them with anything. You can wear the black peplum top with the white lace skirt, and you have a timeless look that works for both an Oscar party and a work outfit. Incorporate these pieces with what you already own for even more styling options!

Sequined Mini Skirt15 Minute Lacy Blazer

Elizabeth Taylor’s Favorite Lace Skirt

Gold Trim Cardi Detail

Enchanting Tulle Skirt 

Ravising Peplum Refashion

Sequined Mini Skirt 


Glam Accessories

Don’t forget the accessories! As you’re getting yourself all dolled up, don’t forget a clutch to hold a mirror and your emergency lipstick and the appropriate scarf or wrap to keep you warm this chilly winter. The right accessories can add the proper Oscar glitz to just about any accessory, so don’t be shy!


DIY Envelope ClutchOn the Go Designer Purse

DIY Fancy Lace Clutch

Lined Sequin Clutch

DIY Envelope Clutch


Scarves and Stoles

Faux Fur Collar

Infinity Bow Wrap 

Faux Fur Collar 

How to Sew a Faux Fur Stole




Red Carpet Ready!

Are you ready to go all out with a fabulously fancy dress? These dresses are all fit for a fantastic party. Depending on the mood of the night, choose a sleek and simple long gown, or you can go shorter and tighter to have a dress with a little more party in it.

Tiered Gown

DIY Little Black Dress 

Tiered Gown 

Golden Goddess Gown 

Bachelorette Party Dress

New Year’s Resolution Party Dress 

Draped Maxi Dress 

Putting on the Glitz LBD

Femme Fatale Cocktail Dress 



Check out these gorgeous dresses and amazing glitter pumps I came across while looking up Oscar inspiration? They all come from Suzannah from Adventures in Dressmaking!

 DIY Christian Louboutin Glitter Pumps Red Skater DressSilk Party Dress

DIY Christian Louboutin Glitter Pumps // Red Skater Dress // Silk Party Dress

Are you more excited for the awards or the fashion of the Oscars?


Use Clip-On Earrings to Update Any Outfit In 5 Minutes

This post is brought to you by Brianna Balesso.

Clip-on earrings have so many uses. Okay, I know what you’re thinking- “Really, clip-on earrings?” Yes! Clip-on earrings are making a huge comeback and best of all, you can make a pair yourself without ever leaving home!


If you’re ready to start creating your own fabulous accessories but don’t have any clip-on earrings, don’t worry! I usually get an old pair from my grandmother or mom, but have also found some great hidden vintage treasures at garage sales and thrift stores.  If buying used isn’t your thing, the website Emitations offers affordable clip-on earrings in current and trendy styles.

To make your own trendy clip-ons, you’ll need:

  • Needle-nose pliers
  • An old pair of clip-on earrings

Using pliers, simply bend the clip to make it as flush as possible to the earring back.  If the clip is not flush with the back, you may experience some uncomfortable rubbing.

Add your new clip-ons to:

  • Heels / Wedges
  • Scarves
  • Shirt collars
  • Waist belts
  • Clutch / Purse


What clothing items would you decorate with sparkly clip-ons?


Brianna is a recent college graduate working on expanding her portfolio.  While studying to obtain her undergraduate degree, she became an avid crafter and DIY-er in order to stretch her budget as far as it could go.

Sew Mad: Mad Men Inspired Free Sewing Patterns

AllFreeSewingI’m obsessed with Mad Men. It took a while for it to grow on me, but when it did, I marathon-watched the seasons day after day to get caught up. Like everyone else, I’m in love with all the fashions of the time; the pencil dresses and made-up hair and makeup on the women and the perfectly tailored suits and slicked back hair on the men so classy and glamorous.

With the first half of the seventh and final season airing in the spring of this year (the second half doesn’t air until 2015 – if you can possibly wait that long), it’s time to start getting excited for the beginning of the end of an era. We at AllFreeSewing have found some great 1960s vintage, Mad Men-inspired sewing patterns. Whether you’re on the hunt for some great throw-back skirts and dresses or headbands and clutches, we have a pattern that will suit your needs. If the home decor of the time has inspired you, we’ve also included some great curtain and kitchen patterns for you.


For the Ladies

Ladies of the 1960s enjoyed both snug-fitting pencil dresses and skirts and flared out floor-length dresses. They would adorn their hair and hands with properly placed headbands and gloves to always look perfectly put together. Bring out your inner Joan, Peggy, or Betty with these vintage sewing patterns. There are even some patterns for the little Sally Draper in your life!

Mulberry Style Paperbag Skirt

Bow Belt Tutorial
Elizabeth Taylor’s Favorite Lace Skirt
Mulberry Style Paperbag Skirt
Polka Dot Skirt
The Perfect Peggy Skirt
Graceful Dress Pattern
Marilyn Pencil Skirt
Vintage Heirloom Dress
DIY Fancy Lace Clutch



For the ‘Gents

Men, don a finely tailored suit and slick back your hair and you’re good to go. The go-to style for men and boys is prim and polished suits and vests with neat ties.

The Boy VestHow to Sew a Single Placket
The New Yorker Boys’ Peacoat
The Boy Vest
Handsome Rob Necktie
The Eddie Cap
The Man Cowl




DIY Accessories for the Home

Do you want to transform your kitchen to one of the ’60s? These home decor choices have that perfect throw-back vintage feel that will do just the trick!

Betty Draper Inspired Hostess Apron

Betty Draper Inspired Hostess Apron
Mad Men Embroidered Kitchen Towel
Kitchen Curtains with Gingham Bows
Easy Ruffle Apron
Reversible Breakfast Tablecloth





Which character’s style do YOU most envy?


14 Gold Medal Sewing Patterns

gold-medal-sewing-patternsThe XXII Winter Games, in Sochi, begin on February 7th and go until February 23. With just over two weeks of winter sports and athletic showmanism, it’s hard not to get excited. Though I’m mainly looking forward to the hockey games, especially since so many of my beloved Chicago Blackhawks are representing their various countries, there is also a slew of solo events to get your pulse racing, like skiing, ice skating, or snowboarding.

In honor of the 2014 Winter Olympics, AllFreeSewing is here to inspire you with a fabulous collection of gold metal projects! Whether you want to show off your patriotism as you root for America, or you want to work on getting yourself in tip-top shape at the gym, we have something for you to create.


Show Your Pride

Cheer on Team America with these festive and patriotic sewing projects! These clothing and home decor items are sure to inspire a sense of camaraderie. If you’re visiting us from another country and would be rooting instead for another team, you can easily change the fabric to reflect your country’s colors!

America the Beautiful SkirtSeeing Stars Pillow Tutorial 
All Americana Stars Pillow Tutorial
Patriotic Pillowcase Dresses
Red, White, and Blue Dress
Learn to Sew Star Pillow
America the Beautiful Skirt
Easy Applique Star Tee


Train for It!

Have the competitive events inspired you to become more active and fit in your life? Whether you’re a gym newbie (no shame! We all have to start somewhere) or you’ve decided to finally return to the gym after a short break, these projects are meant to help and inspire you in your journey to the gold!

Superhero Gym Bag
Exercise Pedometer Armband
Comfy and Secure Jogging Armband
Don’t Sweat It Headband 
Superhero Gym Bag

Arm Band Pouch
DIY Yoga Mat



Let the Games Begin!

With all the prepping and training you’ll be doing to gear up for the winter games, why not be inspired to host your own mini games? Invite some friends and family over and hold your own contests and events to replicate those in Sochi; you can all go to an ice-skating rink and see who can circle the rink the fastest, or sled-race down an especially big and snowy hill! Or you could gather in a large backyard and come up with relay races and agility tests! At the very end, you can give out DIY medals and awards to the winners.

Olympic Torch + Medal


How cute is this Plush Torch and Medal? This great sewing pattern set was created by Cheryl from Sew Can Do!




What event(s) are you most anticipating?


Stay Warm with DIY Clothing Ideas!

Brrr…it’s cold outside! Don’t sacrifice fun times in the snow because of frigid temperatures, bundle up the DIY way! If you look forward to venturing outdoors this season, you and your loved ones can stay toasty warm this sampling of super-cozy hats, headwraps, and sweaters from Let your little ones join in the fun with some wearable winter crafts for kids. The whole family can get creative with these seasonal projects and make memories that will last a lifetime. If you’re strapped for cash or short on time, don’t fret. These winter wearables are easy and inexpensive. You and your family will be fashionable even in the most frigid temperatures.


DIY Clothing Projects for Kids

A darling headband is the perfect accessory for your newborn to wear to a family gathering. One of our many free crochet patterns will teach you how to make insanely adorable earmuffs for your toddler. Plus, these winter crafts are as affordable as they are charming.


DIY Winter Hats and Scarves

Beat the winter winds with a handmade knit hat pattern or crochet scarf pattern. These warm winter accessories are just the thing to keep Jack Frost from nipping at your nose!


DIY Clothing for Adults

Whether you’re going out or staying in this winter, this collection of tops has something to suit you. You can learn how to knit a sweater that is perfect for lounging around the house, or how to decorate a tee so that it’s seasonal and chic.


Wintery DIY Accessories

Nothing completes your winter-ready outfit quite like a sparkly accessory. We have a selection of snow-themed DIY earrings that will teach you how to turn a few beads and some wire into a pair of cute earrings.

94 Grown Up Tie Dye Patterns + Giveaway!

Tie dye may appear to be a summer craft, but there are tons of clever ways to use tie dye the whole year through!  From bright school spirit shirts to lovely home decor, these Tie Dye Techniques and Patterns are all grown up, great for giving your wardrobe and your home a classy and colorful makeover!

Tee Shirt Tie Dye Patterns

capt-america-tie-dye-teeTee shirts are perhaps the most popular fabric of choice when it comes to tie dyeing.  Great for kids and adults like, these tie dye tee shirt patterns can be worn any time of year!  This Captain America Tee, for example, is not only great for Halloween, but it makes an awesome gift for Father’s Day or dad’s birthday!  These easy tee shirt tie dye patterns are great for the whole family, and tie dyeing is a great way to spend some quality time together as a whole family!

Tie Dye Projects for the Home

web13_012_2Bring color to your home with these fun tie dye home decor patterns.  From pillows to luminaries, pillows to curtains, these tie dye home decor projects are sure to liven up any room in your home.  This Quote Art Canvas is a great die dye project for young adults and older adults alike.  Customize this canvas to say anything you’d like.  These canvas prints also make great gift ideas for teenagers come Christmas time or birthday celebrations.

Apron Tie Dye Patterns

StylishSpringApronGreat for grilling, cooking, cleaning, or crafting, these apron tie dye patterns are sure to keep you nice and clean in style! Use your favorite tie dye techniques to create a fun-looking apron that’s unlike anything else.  This Stylish Spring Apron makes a wonderful hostess gift and is perfect for keeping your clothes nice and clean no matter what you’re doing.

There’s plenty more where these came from!  Check out our full collection of 94 Tie Dye Techniques and Patterns for a never-ending list of tie dye projects!



Enter to win Tie Dye: Dye It, Wear It, Share It, a great book filled with “grown-up” tie dye patterns.  From elegant shawls to colorful scarves, these patterns use kid-friendly techniques to create beautiful and stunning designs.  We’re giving away one copy of this awesome book, and the deadline to enter is October 11th, so head on over to the giveaway page today and register to win!


7 DIY Watches for Back-To-School

Summer may be in swing, but the school year is looming, and with it the need for new supplies and accessories. But there’s no need to spend hundreds to give your child or grandchild back-to-school style. Watches are this year’s back-to-school trend, so check out these fabulous DIY watches from AllFreeJewelryMaking and around the internet! With these fantastic timekeepers, your kids will never be late to a class again.

Bangle Watch

Put some bright pep into your child’s back-to-school fashion when you make the Bangle Watch. This easy pattern is fun to make and fun to wear, and it’s a great way to get a lovely DIY bracelet and watch rolled into one. Your daughter will love checking the time with this watch on hand.


Woven Paracord Watch


If you’ve got a kid who never stops moving, you’ll want him or her to have a watch that’s tough and ready to withstand anything. The Woven Paracord Watch is a great pattern for anyone who’s constantly on the go. The woven cord and easy clasp make this DIY watch a great choice for anyone who wants durability and comfort.


Friendship Bracelet Watch
Perhaps your watch band needs light texture and color, and in that case, the Friendship Bracelet Watch is the perfect choice. Easy to make and customize, this pattern is guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Make it as a gift in the recipient’s favorite colors for a trendy personalized accessory.



Leather Watchstrap


School celebrates the classics, and leather is one that will never go out of style. This DIY Leather Watchstrap shows that sometimes the old ways are indeed the best. Spiffy up a watch with this band and you’ll have a stylish strap that’s upcycled and upbeat, perfect for guys and girls of all ages.


Floating Jewels Wrap Watch


And if you want some bling, the Floating Jewels Wrap Watch gives you the trendiness of clear jewelry without the high prices. This pretty wrap bracelet is a triumph of crafting. By using nail polish and vinyl scraps for easy decorating, this design is an easy and budget-friendly statement piece.



Want even more more DIY watches? Check out these awesome patterns!

Celtic Copper Watch
Wraparound Charm Watch

Do you like wearing watches? Why or why not?