Make Your Nest—17 Ideas for DIY Home Decor

Sometimes all you need to make a room feel like yours is to add a new piece or two. Ideas for DIY home décor will help you add unique style to any room in the house. With some craft materials, you can create your own accessories rather than resorting to manufactured, store-bought items. Make your nest a place you enjoy spending time in and showing off with these fun DIY home decor projects!

Pretty Pillow

Pillows can be quick and easy to make and they usually don’t use much material. For some cute ideas, check out 15 Patterns for Easy Homemade Pillows and 32 Pillow Making Crafts. I absolutely love this Anthropologie inspired Orimono Pillow. It’s perfect for a multicolored room. However, if the idea of sewing a scares you away, DIY No Sew Pillows are just for you! The trick is to use fusion tape to make the seams.

Decoupage Crafts

With decoupage, your furniture woes can be solved. There’s no need to scour stores for the perfect shelf or table. Buy something simple or old and revamp it with your crafty skills. Decoupage is an amazing solution for creating your own designs. Have fun with this inspiring table and storage projects!

End Table Upcycle
String of Circles Bookshelf for Plaid
Decoupage Dresser
Decoupage Storage Bin

Homemade Vases

You don’t need to flowers to put out vases. Use any vase as a table accessory to spruce up a room quickly and give it some character. Inspiration jars are easily made by using glass paint and stencils to brighten up old jars. And for even more color, check out the Circles of Color Vase. Use masking tape to mark off the design you want and paint with glossy colors.  Turn another vase into a work of by making this Decoupage Bud vase. Scrap book paper, ribbons, flowers, and some Mod Podge is all it takes! And for a project that’s more labor intensive (but very rewarding!) check out the Cottage Shore Pair project.

Creative Wall Art

There are so many options for your walls! DIY home décor projects will help you deck them out in your favorite styles. Paint those walls and add some interesting pieces for decoration. The best part is that you’re going to create that art!  Check out a great collection of projects in 19 Cool Wall Art and Décor Ideas. It will provide you with the inspiration you need to make your home look amazing! And view some of these other projects for more fun ideas:

Colorful Stencil Wall Art
Embroidery Hoop Bulletin Board
Stenciled Embroidery Hoop-Art
Mosaic Wall

What DIY home decor projects do you like to make to add some style to your nest?

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Link Love: Buttons, Buttons, and More Buttons!

Most crafters hoard buttons like it’s their job, so I’m guessing you all have a huge button stash sitting around, just waiting to be used. Here are some ideas for turning your beloved buttons into something cute and crafty!

  1. Button Monogram Wall Art from Living with Punks
  2. Perpetual Button Calendar from Craftzine
  3. Button Christmas Tree Ornament from Modern Minerals
  4. Button Snowflake Ornament from Shanty2Chic
  5. Embroidery Hoop Button Clock from Occasionally Crafty
  6. Retro Button Necklace from Yellow Blackbird
  7. Fall Button Branch from Meet the Dubiens
  8. Box o’ Chocolates Shirt from Ruffles and Stuff
  9. Snowman Button Card from Make and Takes

Link Love: Specimen Wall Art

I’m back with another huge craft trend: specimen art! This is another great home decor project that even the least artsy-craftsy person can do. All you need to do is mount several of the same thing together–whether that be paper punched shapes or small objects from the dollar store–and frame them. Voila, a beautiful piece of art! Here are my faves:

  1. Cupcake Scrap Paper Art from Patches of Pink
  2. Burlap Bird Specimen Art from Housing a Forest
  3. Glitter Spider Art from Ameroonie Designs
  4. Zipper Specimen Art from Living with Punks
  5. Butterfly Specimen Art from Embellishing Life
  6. Valentine 3D Art from Blooming Homestead
  7. Cowboy Boot Specimen Art from Closet Crafter
  8. Shell Specimen Art from Free Stylin’
  9. Peep Specimen Art from Choose to Thrive Blog

Link Love: Embroidery Hoop Art

You know I love a good craft trend, so here’s a CRAFT TREND ALERT that I’ve been meaning to share with you: embroidery hoops on display as art! That’s right, people–the hoops themselves are being used along with whatever is inside them. These ain’t your grandma’s embroidery hoops…or maybe they are!

  1. Birdie Embroidery Hoops from Little Birdie Secrets
  2. Hoop Art Picture Displays from Take Heart
  3. Scrap Fabric Embroidery Hoop from Under the Sycamore
  4. Camera Hoop Art from Luzia Pimpinella
  5. Embroidered Table Numbers from Weddingbee
  6. Mixed Media Weather Hoops from A Bit of Pilli Pilli
  7. Embroidery Hoop Wedding Decor from Love and Lavender
  8. Obi Sue Kenobi from The Trouble with Crafting
  9. Stitched Messes from Little Dear Tracks

Confessions of a Mod Podge Addict Part 5: Bathroom Wall Art

Today’s Guest Post was written by Nichole Nelson.

My husband doesn’t understand the need for decorating in the bathroom. He’s a man. When we got married and I moved in, he said “Everyone can tell I’m officially married now.” I wasn’t completely sure what he meant by that. He finished by saying “There are foofy pillows on the couch and towels I can’t touch.”

Yeah. It’s true. Towels are the easiest way to decorate a bathroom. Just tie them up cute on a towel rack, use some ribbons or flowers to keep them in place. It’s WAY cute. Only the husband doesn’t understand that. So, I’ve been banned from decorative towels in the bathroom.

Which is why I created this masterpiece. I needed something black and white to hang in my bathroom and this was just what it needed. It’s actually hanging above the toilet and it looks great in there. (The bathroom is a mess right now or I would have posted a better picture. Anyone else hate bathroom cleaning day?)


  • Mod Podge
  • Wood Scraps
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Ribbon
  • Hot Glue Gun

Total Cost: $5

I just took a big piece of scrap wood I found in the garage and cut it into 7×11 squares (I guess technically that’s a rectangle). I painted the sides and back black and then Mod Podged my paper on top. Then I hooked it all together with ribbon and voila! A bathroom masterpiece!

If you don’t have wood scraps you could use canvas (or maybe even that cool foam poster board stuff. That’s WAY cheaper than canvas.)

Looking for a way to keep your closet organized? I’ve got just the project. And yes…it uses Mod Podge!

Nichole Nelson admits she’s a Mod Podge addict and craftaholic. She’s a self-proclaimed word nerd and writer for TopTenREVIEWS by day and an avid crafter by night. In her spare time, she enjoys crafting (obviously), reading and trying to help her sweet husband understand her love for all things crafty.

Confessions of a Mod Podge Addict Part 2: Canvas Wall Art

Today’s Guest Post was written by Nichole Nelson.

Canvas is the latest and greatest in décor. Head to the hospital, and you’ll see canvas art hanging. It’s also found in office buildings and homes. I even saw some when I was on a date at Arby’s the other day (hey…it’s what the husband wanted for dinner!)

I love canvas art. There’s only one problem: It’s expensive. So, I decided to make my own. See how cute?

I think I’m in love. This project is super easy. The most expensive part is the canvas. Just watch for when the craft store runs it on sale … then stock up because it comes in really handy!


  • Mod Podge
  • 12×12 Canvas
  • Paint
  • Scrapbook Paper

Total Cost: $30

  1. I started by painting the edges of the canvas brown.
  2. Then, dump some Mod Podge into the center of your canvas (you’ll need a good amount), spread it around and then put your scrapbook paper on it. Rub, rub, rub…and rub some more. Because canvas is so flexible, you’ll need to make sure to rub it all out. Here’s a tip: once you’ve got the paper down and rubbed out a bit, flip it over and rub from the inside of the canvas. It helps! I promise. Let it dry for a few minutes and then put a couple of top coats on.

Isn’t it cute with those iron rod accents? I’ve been looking for a way to use those for months and the canvas art was the perfect solution!

You can also hang them in a row and embellish them with ribbon or other accents. Or, even use stamps or vinyl lettering to put a word or phrase on each one. The possibilities are endless!

Happy crafting! Up next: a picture frame wall collage that I hope you LOVE as much as I do!

Nichole Nelson admits she’s a Mod Podge addict and craftaholic. She’s a self-proclaimed word nerd and writer for TopTenREVIEWS by day and an avid crafter by night. In her spare time, she enjoys crafting (obviously), reading and trying to help her sweet husband understand her love for all things crafty.

Confessions of a Mod Podge Addict Part 1: Decoupage Bulletin Board

Today’s Guest Post was written by Nichole Nelson.

I’ll admit it. I’m a craftaholic I went shopping with a girl friend a few weeks ago, and that’s when I realized I have a problem: I’m addicted to Mod Podge. Seriously, the stuff is amazing. If you haven’t used Mod Podge before, you are so missing out! How do I know that I’m addicted? Well, my friend pointed it out to me. We were looking for kitchen supplies and storage for her new apartment. She’d find something cool-looking and say “what about this?” and I would follow up by saying “Hey! We could Mod Podge that!” Yep. I’ve got a problem.

I go to work every day and write for a technology web site (TopTenREVIEWS), but at night my real ‘talent’ shines. I was recently married and so I’ve spent the past few months decorating my (our) new place. The house desperately needed a woman’s touch. So, after getting new carpet (the pink just had to go) and repainting (goodbye green walls) I started decorating.

My husband doesn’t understand my love for crafting, but he’s supportive. He tries to sit with me and understand my excitement over my new glue gun or the ribbon I just found or that really cute fabric that I just HAD to buy. The husband, well, he just doesn’t get it. The husband also dislikes spending money. He’s a saver. So, it secretly kills him when I head out to the craft store. Don’t worry, I don’t spend TOO much money. I am cheap. I’ll be the first to admit it. I don’t like spending hundreds of dollars for decorating – that’s probably why I’m a DIY crafter.

The other day I was walking through my house looking at how cute it is becoming (okay, okay…I was looking for an empty wall that I could create something for) and I realized nearly all of my decorations are created with Mod Podge. The crafts are all pretty cheap (less than $60) and I just HAVE to share them with you.
So, here’s a look at one (of seven I’ll be posting) fun craft projects you can make to spice up your home décor…oh, and it helps you stay organized!

Isn’t this bulletin board cute? I made it for my little sister a few months ago. She was constantly taping things to the mirror or her walls, so I thought maybe a bulletin board would help. This was super easy and only took about 20 minutes. Here’s how to make your own:


  • Mod Podge
  • Frame
  • Corkboard
  • Ribbon
  • Embellishments
  • Scrapbook Paper (or fabric)

Total Cost: $20

  1. I bought four pieces of 12×12 scrapbook paper. Measure your frame and cut the paper into strips (makes sure you take into account the side/edge of the frame when you measure).
  2. Once you’ve got your paper cut, cover part of the frame with Mod Podge and stick the paper down. It gets a little bit tricky when you have to fold the paper and wrap it around the edges, so just be patient. As always when working with Mod Podge, make sure you rub, rub, rub and get all the air bubbles out. Repeat until you’ve covered your whole frame.
  3. Let it dry for a couple minutes. (This is a great time to hurry and fold that load of laundry you’ve got calling your name.)
  4. Put a coat of Mod Podge on the top of the paper and let it dry. (Give it 5 or so minutes.) Repeat. I like to give it a couple coats, just to make sure.
  5. Once it’s completely dry, just take your ribbon and embellishments and decorate away.
  6. Now, you’ve just got to put the cork board in and find a place to hang it. Enjoy!

That’s just the beginning of our Mod Podge fun—check back soon to see a quick and easy way you can make your own canvas art…and it’s cheap too!

Nichole Nelson admits she’s a Mod Podge addict and craftaholic. She’s a self-proclaimed word nerd and writer for TopTenREVIEWS by day and an avid crafter by night. In her spare time, she enjoys crafting (obviously), reading and trying to help her sweet husband understand her love for all things crafty.

FaveCrafts 365 A New Canvas!

When I think of canvas a picture of a stretched canvas over a wood frame comes to mind, but we discovered a new canvas that we think you’ll like. Chris Wallace from Walnut Hollow shows us a mixed media piece from her booth at Winter CHA 2011. You’ll find the artwork inspiring.

Walnut Hollow has lots of wonderful projects on Check them out!

Leaves Box

Big Circle Clock

Beginner Woodburning Tulip Plaque

Home Decor Tuesday

The countdown to my wedding is driving me nuts. As of today, there are 101 days. That seems like it may be a while away, but it will be here before we know it. In any case, my fiance and I have been putting together our registry lists. I’m trying to think of some really neat decorating ideas we can do. Some throws for the couch will be nice. We can change it up per season. Here are some other home decor ideas I was thinking about:

3-D Butterfly– I used to catch butterflies all the time when I was little. This would look great coming off the blinds.

Pink Trinket Bowl– I don’t even care that my fiance wouldn’t like this, I LOVE the color pink!

Bathtime Elegance– I would love for my bathroom to look like this.

Dot Frame Trio– This is a great piece to have. You can hang it vertically or horizontally.

Wall decor? Don’t even get me started. I fall in love with everything I see, so we may have a hard time choosing which ones to actually register for. Whatever we end up not getting, maybe I can make.

Kids Saturday: Easy Crafts

Get cozy with your friends and your child’s friends. Create some really cute and easy crafts this weekend. Here is a great list of fun crafts:

Best Friends Banner– Using some fun colored paints and a picture kids can create this banner to give to their bff.

Be a Star Visor– Simple and very easy to make. The kids can have a ball making as many of these as they want.

Bottlecap Coaster– Using foam and acrylic paints your kids can really go at it with these fun flower bottlecaps.

Soccerball Pencil Holder– Scrapbook papers make this pencil holder so much fun.

Name Wall Art– Get your child’s name up on that wall, makes for cute decor.

For some other really cool kid’s crafts check out the 9 easy crafts for kids.