Rainbow Loom Patterns: What Are Those Things

I went home this weekend for my sister’s bachelorette party. Now, I don’t mind airports. I don’t mind getting through security and waiting in the terminal for my flight. I do mind when I actually get on the plane and actually fly. I know. I’m weird. Sue me for being claustrophobic and being 33k feet in the air. Anyways, while I was waiting to board the flight, I noticed a family sitting a few rows ahead of me. The youngest had this plastic thing in one hand that looked like a bunch of cut off test tubes and a needle-pokey-thing in the other. I swear I stared at this girl for a good 10 minutes trying to figure out what this thing was! (Yes, I eventually got caught.) That weird thing and what she was making was a Rainbow Loom design, otherwise known to make rubber band bracelets.


Rainbow Loom Patterns and Designs: What Are Those Things


Rubber Band Bracelets



Apparently these are all the rage with the kids and in classrooms. I must have been living under a rock because kids are doing so much stuff with these and I didn’t even know about it. They are mostly intended for rubber band bracelets, but once you get the basic process down, you can make anything and everything with this easy kids craft. The patterns give people of all ages a bit of a brain teaser and keep your hands busy, while it is still simple enough that kindergarten teachers are using it in their classrooms to train fine motor skills.

Just to show you how intense these easy kids craft projects can turn into, I highly encourage you to check out the story of an 11-year old girl from Northhamtonshire, England, who made a dress out of loomed rubber bands. Yes. You read that right. She created the first adult-sized loom dress in England. It took her over 80 hours and 24,000 rubber bands to create this incredible dress. She sold it on eBay for 150£ to earn money for her vacation.


Loom LadderThis is a loom ladder. It looks like cut off test tubes to me. But the sides of it are open, so you can grab the rubber bands with ease and precision. You can buy these at your local craft store, most likely in the kids’ section. The kits should come with some starter rubber bands.




Rubber BandsThese are the rubber bands. They look like the kind they give you for braces, but don’t worry, these won’t go anywhere near your pearly whites. They come in a variety of different colors so you or your child will be able to make one for every color of the rainbow!




HookYour most important tool is the needle-pokey-thing. In real life, it’s just called a hook. This will help you weave and connect the rubber bands on the loom.




 So get your rainbow loom, and start banding everything together! These are some great starter rubber band loom patterns if you’re not quite up to the dress making level.

How to Make Rubber Band Bracelets

Easy Three Color Fishtail Bracelet

Stunningly Sweet Fishtail Bracelet

Loom Ladder Bracelet

Colorful Hexafish Bracelet

Ravishing Rainbow Fishtail Bracelet

If you’re more of a visual learner, check out these tutorial videos:

How to Make a Valentine’s Single Rainbow Loom Bracelet

How to Make a Beaded Triple Bracelet with the Rainbow Loom

Popsicle Rainbow Loom Charm

How To Make A Rainbow Loom Bracelet With Beads



What other rainbow loom crafts have you seen?

Loom Love: 11 Rainbow Loom Patterns for Valentine’s Day

Have you fallen in love with Rainbow Loom bracelets? So have we! As you already know, Rainbow Loom bracelets are the perfect accessory for just about any occasion…so why not make some new designs for Valentine’s Day?

To show our love for you, our lovely readers, we brainstormed new ideas, found some new Rainbow Loom patterns, and even included a special surprise at the bottom of this post. Enjoy, and don’t forget to spread the Loom Love!

11 Rainbow Loom Patterns for Valentine's Day

Ideas: Rainbow Loom Designs

Beautiful Bow Rainbow Loom BraceletsFishtail Rainbow Loom Bracelets

Update these classic Rainbow Loom bracelets for Cupid’s favorite holiday! Whether you’re making them for yourself or your BFF, Rainbow Loom bracelets are a super fun accessory for February 14th. Here’s how to turn our favorite Rainbow Loom patterns into something special for Valentine’s Day:

Fishtail Rainbow Loom Bracelets: pink, white, red…create pretty patterns with these romantic colors! Stack a ton of these on your arm for a super-festive look.

Easy Bead Rainbow Loom Bracelets: simply choose beads and rubber bands in festive Valentine’s Day colors, and you’re good to go. You don’t even need the loom for this one! Bonus points if you use heart-shaped beads!

Charmed Rainbow Loom Bracelets: have any adorable heart-shaped charms around the house? This tutorial will teach you how to add them to your Rainbow Loom bracelets. Talk about a classy accessory.

Beautiful Bow Rainbow Loom Bracelets: Give your beau a bow with this adorable Rainbow Loom design!

Printable Valentines

Easy and Adorable Printable ValentinesOver the Loom Printable Valentines

Already have a ton of bracelets whipped up that you don’t know what to do with? Give your friends the gift of a brand new Rainbow Loom bracelet for Valentine’s Day this year. You simply can’t go wrong with printable valentines like these, since they’re so easy to make. From ‘punny’ to pretty, you won’t want to miss these unique Valentine’s Day craft ideas:

 Love these valentine ideas for kids? Learn how to combine your rainbow loom bracelets with a photo of you for a super cool valentine!

BONUS! Rainbow Loom Video Tutorials

We love trying new things! Here are some incredible Rainbow Loom tutorials you just have to try:

How to Make a Valentine’s Single Rainbow Loom Bracelet

Valentine Heart Rainbow Loom Bracelet

Ready to show off your skills on the Rainbow Loom? This bracelet is the perfect accessory for February 14th.

Rainbow Loom Heart Charm

Beginners, approach this tutorial with caution. The Heart Charm is a little tricky, but it’s totally adorable. Give it a shot!

Layered Heart Rainbow Loom Pattern

This particular pattern is relatively easy. You can even turn this rainbow loom design into a fashionable hair clip to wear to school!


Which one of these tutorials do you want to try?

Candy-Free Alternatives: 9 Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids: 9 Valentine's Day Ideas You'll LoveRHas your child’s school restricted what kinds of gifts and treats kids can bring to class? Whether your kids like it or not, a candy-less Valentine’s Day might be headed your way… but that’s no reason to fall out of love with the season of love! AllFreeKidsCrafts always believes that crafting is a great way to express the way you feel, and that’s especially true around Valentine’s Day. With our latest crafty collection of valentine ideas, you’ll be completely charmed by Valentine’s Day all over again.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t always get quite as much fanfare as other holidays, but we think these festive Valentine’s Day crafts for kids might change that. The Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids: 9 Valentine’s Day Ideas You’ll Love free eBook is more than the perfect resource for kids to craft gifts for friends, teachers, and relatives. Kids will discover delightful new ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and families will find entertaining activities for spending time together.

Homemade Valentine Cards, DIY Jewelry, and more

Have you been struck by Cupid’s arrow of curiosity? Here’s a preview of the crafts inside Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids: 9 Valentine’s Day Ideas You’ll Love:

Conversation Heart Treat Baskets

If you can’t bring candy for your classmates, you can still whip up something sweet to give as a gift! Conversation Heart Treat Baskets look like the real deal, but you can throw in any sort of trinkets for your friends. Valentine’s Day crafts for these are so creative and fun, and there are plenty more to discover in this delightful eBook.

Hand Print on My Heart CardOne of the most heartwarming aspects of the Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids: 9 Valentine’s Day Ideas You’ll Love eBook is the sentimental homemade cards kids can make. Sure, it might be easier to buy a card or valentine from the store, but making something that came from your heart is a much more sincere way to show someone you love them.

Want to know the best thing about these cute Valentine’s Day craft ideas? No matter if you have tons of time or only a little, we’ve gathered some kid-friendly crafts that work for any schedule. This collection of Valentine’s Day craft ideas has a project that will help you make the most out of whatever family time you have.

Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids: 9 Valentine's Day Ideas You'll Love

You can find all of these Valentine’s Day crafts for kids in our newest free eBook, Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids: 9 Valentine’s Day Ideas You’ll Love. Click here to download your copy, grab a few new ideas, and start celebrating the season of love with the people that matter most!


How did you celebrate Valentine’s Day when you were a child?

Valentine Ideas for Kids: 13 Printable Valentines

Valentine Ideas for Kids: 13 Printable ValentinesThere’s nothing nicer than receiving a homemade card, especially during the season of love. After all, making your own homemade Valentine’s cards is such a simple way to show your friends and family just how much you care about them. But when you’ve got a lot of valentines on your to-do list, making each one by hand can seem a little daunting. So what are you supposed to do?

Luckily, AllFreeKidsCrafts has a solution! Printable valentines are a quick and easy way to make sure everyone you know feels the love this Valentine’s Day. Plus, printing your own Valentine’s Day crafts for kids is a super thrifty way to bring an original card for everyone in your class to enjoy.

Ready to get printing? Enjoy our roundup of free printable valentines!

Easy Valentine Ideas for Kids

Adorable Button Valentine CardAfter you hand out these homemade Valentine’s cards to your friends, you’ll never go back to the store-bought boxes of valentines. These Valentine’s Day crafts for kids are super straightforward. All you’ll have to do is print, add a tiny bit of flair to make it your own, and sign your name! Want to know the best thing about these free printables? No one else will be handing out the same ones at school.

Homemade Toys and Games

Fortune Teller ValentinesPrintable Valentine Memory Game

You’ll impress everyone you know with these cool printable valentines for kids. Sure, it’s great to receive a homemade Valentine’s Day card, but it’s even better to receive something you can play with! From play dough to paper games, these free printables are guaranteed to wow your friends.

Tasty Valentine Ideas

Printable Candy Necklace CardsIt’s easy to hand out candy for Valentine’s Day, but why stop there? Personalize your candy valentines with these free printables!

BONUS! If thinking about delicious Valentine’s day crafts for kids has sparked your sweet tooth, you’ll love our collection of 15 Easy Valentine Recipes!

SUPER BONUS! Need more sweet treats in your life? You HAVE to check out these awesome No-Bake Chocolate Cake Pops.Kids will love sharing these with their friends! Enter today to win a cake pop kit of your own!

Unique Valentine Ideas

Printable Seed Packet ValentinesScratch Off Valentine Cards

Don’t miss the last of our favorite free printables! These Valentine’s Day crafts for kids are the coolest we’ve ever seen. Your friends and family will love these original valentine ideas!

What valentines are your kids bringing to class this year?

Get Kids Crafting & Make These Gifts for Valentine’s Day

This post is brought to you by Rachel Thomas.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, handmade gifts really stand out. Even if the artwork is reminiscent to a sleep-deprived Picasso, the final product can easily warm the heart. Helping your children create scented waxy hearts can be quite easy if you have the tools on hand.

Image via Parenting.com

Ways to Make Homemade Candles for Valentine’s Day

Collecting the Wax – When the wick is too short to light, scented wax from the candle can be easy to retrieve. If the wax is in a jar, you can heat it up in order to help  it liquefy. Using a spoon, you could scrape the wax out of these jars. If you’re looking to make these in mass quantities, you can also find scented wax cubes or cheap candles at local dollar stores.

Heart-Shaped Designs – You can find a myriad of heart-shaped cookie cutters that will work great for cooling the wax. These will help you turn the collection of scented material into a work of art. Virtually any heart-shaped mold will do for Valentine’s Day.

Oil – To help separate the wax from the heart mold, many people add a small amount of oil to the inside of the shape. This will help prevent the wax from sticking to the heart mold. A thin layer of oil can help you retrieve the wax without a breaking heart – unless that is your goal.

Wax Paper or Tin Foil – Lastly, you’ll need wax paper, tin foil, or other covering that the wax will be easy to retrieve from. As you’ll be filling the heart mold with scented wax, you want to have a semi-tight seal between the shape and the material.

Putting it Together

Combining the materials to create the scented wax heart isn’t difficult to do. While you may want to help your children handle the hot material, the actual work is quite easy.

  • Lay your paper or other material on a flat surface. You can also use a cookie sheet if you’re careful about using a spatula to pick up the heart.
  • Place your heart mold securely on the paper.
  • Carefully pour the melted wax into the heart mold. You don’t want to splash hot wax everywhere as it could make an unsightly mess.
  • Let the wax cool before retrieving it from the mold. Depending on the size of the heart-shaped mold, it could take anywhere from five minutes to more than 30 in order for the wax to be stable enough to remove it from the area.

Don’t be afraid to add a bit of flare to the design. Layered colors can be easily accomplished if you let each harden before pouring in the next. The end result is a magnificent work of scented art that can be carved by your children to include dates or initials.

What would be your favorite scent to turn into a Valentine?


Rachel is an ex-babysitting pro as well as a professional writer and blogger. She is a graduate from Iowa State University and currently writes for www.babysitting.net. She welcomes questions/comments which can be sent to rachelthomas.author @ gmail.com.

Love is in the Air! The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Crafting Guide

Whether you love it or you hate it, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and everyone’s scrambling to figure out what to give their loved ones. One of the perks of being a crafter is that we never have to worry about this, as there are always Valentine’s Day crafts waiting to be created. With all the potential decorations, gifts, and edible projects to make, you’ll have a number of inexpensive, personalized ways to show your valentine that you care.


 Valentine’s Day Cards

Instead of buying your cards this year, use these easy tutorials to design your own special holiday card. You’re sure to find a way to get your message across with projects ranging from elegant to downright adorable.

Gifts to Give

Make your loved ones something that’s truly one of a kind. You can put your own personalized touches on projects they can cherish for years to come.

Sweets for Your Sweet

Valentine’s Day is the best excuse to indulge in some delicious desserts . You can create traditional candies, or try out some unique designs that put a crafty twist on edible gifts.

Valentine’s Day Decorations

Usher in the holiday with some homemade decorations. You won’t need to spend your money at a holiday store because these crafts can easily be done for next to nothing.

Projects for the Kids

Whether they’re looking to make valentines for their classmates or just have some creative fun, your kids are sure to love these easy projects. You’ll find projects for children of all ages to ensure that everyone can contribute to the spirit of the season.

Do you prefer to receive store-bought or homemade gifts and cards on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Crafts for Kids PLUS Heartfelt Craft Ideas for Teenagers

Red Valentine RosesWhile any day is as good as the next when it comes to showing your love, the Hallmark holiday of Valentine’s Day has designated February 14th as the most passionate 24 hours of the year. Use your words to express your love the other 364 days, but to make this day special, show you care with homemade gifts. To make a handcrafted present for Grandma that means a lot and really shows the extent of your Rose Wreathappreciation, it’s going to take a bit of work. So, it’s time to start crafting for the day of love, and AllFreeKidsCrafts has heaps of heartfelt ideas. These Valentine’s crafts can be worked on throughout the course of a month, which means they will be completed just in time, and those ever-moving kids don’t have to finish them all in one sitting.

One thing that I really love about Valentine’s Day in my family is that my mom always made the day about family love, not only romantic love. She’d set up a treasure hunt for us every year, and at the end of the hunt we would find a present that showed us how much she cared. Make this true for your family too by crafting lovely gifts together for those about whom you care. Your kids will feel a definite sense of pride as they hand their dad a darling gift made with little hands of love.

Photo Crafts for Valentine’s Day

Alphabet Photography Collage

Little is more meaningful than capturing a special moment and framing it. You’re telling the recipient that they mean a lot to you, and that the event in the picture is something to be remembered. Giving pictures, though, can be boring if they’re not housed with care. Use one of these creative photo crafts to show Grandpa just how much that fishing trip meant or to remind your sister about that awesome day at the park. I’ve been very into the photos of everyday items creating words. Spell out “I Love You” or “You Rock,” and your dad will be amazed. Check out what I’m talking about with the Alphabet Photography Collage. It’s really fun for kids to wander around with a camera and see what shapes and letters they can find.

Other Photo Crafts for Valentine’s Day:

Clever Magazine Picture Frame
Dazzling White Button Frame
Father’s Day Photo Box perfect for Valentine’s Day!
Frugal Ombre Frame Teens!

Valentine’s Day Crafts with Yarn

Finger Knitted Throw Pillow

Impress each member of your family and your best friends with a hand-sewn, finger knitted, or crocheted gift that they’ll love. These are the perfect crafts for older children or the little, expert sewists to make for Mom. Since so many mini crafters have picked up on finger knitting, my top pick for a Valentine’s Day gift is the Finger Knitted Throw Pillow. It’s really useful and very sophisticated-looking, but can be crafted by a child in elementary school. Grandma would love having a pillow on her couch made by you!

Other Valentine’s Day Crafts with Yarn or String:

Easily Embroider Styrofoam
Spider-Man Throw Pillow
Red Valentine Roses Teens!

Cozy Valentine’s Day Crafts

Comfy No-Sew Valentine Pillow

Cupid’s Day is the perfect day for cuddling, so give your favorite snuggle buddies warm presents. Pick out a really fun fabric for a No-Sew Fleece Blanket for your big sister. She’ll love the cozy gesture, and may just let you sleepover in her room. Mom would also adore a comfy gift that encourages her to relax. Then you can sit right next to her, watch a movie, and eat hot popcorn in the coziest of ways. The Comfy No-Sew Valentine Pillow uses the same technique as the blanket, and it will remind the recipients that you love them every time they rest their heads.

More Heartfelt Craft Ideas for Teenagers

Glass Vial Necklace

Teens, get crafting! Below are some more great ideas for everyone you love.

Rose Wreath perfect for the family
52 Reasons I Love You Dad and Grandpa
Scrabble Crossword Grandma’s favorite
Glass Vial Necklace give it to Mom
Pretty Poppies Pin great for friends


Bonus: Make the Drawsome Dry Erase Framed Gallery as a Valentine’s Day gift for the kids. Your craft becomes an amazingly fun art project for the children.

Who do you and the kids give Valentine’s Day presents to?

Link Love: Hearts Abound!

I’m back with another Valentine’s Day round-up, and we’re another week closer to the holiday! This week, red, pink, and hearts abound with these clever DIY Valentine’s Day crafts. We’ve got more decorations, gifts, and lovey-dovey wearables to satiate your appetite for everything hearts.

And if this round-up isn’t enough for you, check out last week’s Valentine’s Day Crafts round-up, a handmade Valentine card round-up, and last year’s last-minute Valentine round-up, Valentine’s Day extravaganza, and love is in the air round-up!

  1. Woven Drinking Straw Heart from The Cheese Thief
  2. Mod Podge Heart Window Clings from Mod Podge Rocks
  3. Ruffled Heart Pillow from Ameroonie Designs
  4. Hanging Paper Hearts from Made
  5. Crochet Valentine Envelope from Crochet Spot
  6. Felt Heart Wreath from Vintage Umbrella
  7. Ruffled Heart Valentine’s T-Shirt Dress from Make it and Love it
  8. Cross Stitch Ombre Hearts from Little Lovelies
  9. Paperclip String Heart Earrings from Pitter and Glink


Link Love: Valentine’s Day Crafts

Valentine’s Day is on its way! Here are some more cool craft ideas I found from around the web. Use these craft ideas for a Valentine’s Day party, or just to decorate your home for the holiday. Some of the craft ideas can even be left up all year round if you’re a fan of red and pink! I included some handmade cards and other gifts in the round-up too, in case you’re exchanging Valentines this year with that special someone. And for those who love to dress the part, Valentine’s Day accessories and other wearables will do the trick!

By the way, if you haven’t signed up for our Valentine’s Day card swap yet, there’s still time! The sign up deadline in February 1st, so go sign up and then start making your handmade card. I haven’t decided what I’m making yet, but there are plenty of ideas floating around on the internet!

  1. Valentine Heart Cookie Sandwiches from Make and Takes
  2. Painted Heart Bag from V & Co.
  3. String Wall Art from Que Linda
  4. Pop-up Valentine Cards from Martha Stewart
  5. Glittered Mason Jars from Tatertots and Jello
  6. Crochet Heart Bobby Pins from With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart
  7. Striped Origami Heart Garland from How About Orange
  8. Love Frames from I Will Craft
  9. Stenciled Heart Bookmarks from 30 Handmade Days

Kids’ Valentine Gifts and Crafts

When I was growing up, I absolutely loved Valentine’s Day.  Not only would I wake up to a little gift and a sweet card from my parents, but I would get to make Valentine cards for kids in my class.  I loved jazzing up little paper hearts with glitter and stickers, and I got even more excited when we’d have Valentine craft time at school!

Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to get your kids into crafting.  Whether you help them with handmade Valentine cards or they help you with Valentine’s Day home décor crafts, your children will love these sparkly, sweet, and colorful projects created especially for young crafters!

Hard to believe that Valentine’s Day is less than a month away!  With crazy schedules and kids going back to school, it may be hard to dedicate much time to making handmade Valentine cards.  Thankfully there are these Easy Peasy Tissue Paper Valentines.  All you have to do is cut out the tissue hearts and you can let your kids do the rest!  Have them arrange and glue to their heart’s content.

These Cupid’s Arrow Valentines are also great if you need to make a large quantity of cards in a limited time frame.  Here’s an idea…instead of straws, you could use pencils…so the kids get a bonus gift with their little Valentine greeting!  If you’re feeling even more generous, you can use a candy sugar stick as well!  I’m not sure how teachers would feel about it, but odds are the kids will LOVE it!

I also love these Snow Globe Valentines Cards.  These would be perfect to send to grandmas, neighbors, even teachers!  And kids will love that the confetti in the card actually moves, just like a real snow globe.

You could also have your kids help with creating handmade gifts for Valentine’s Day.  These Valentine Candy Poppers are perfect for neighbors and classmates (or parents—toss one in your kids’ lunch as a sweet Valentine’s Day surprise!).  Fill them with little candies and fun Valentine jokes or poems.  Plus this is a great way to use up those toilet paper rolls you’ve been storing away!

If you’re looking for a fun school activity, these Thumbprint Animal Bookmarks are perfect!  Kids will love getting their hands dirty, and this project is virtually free to make…so it’s perfect for the classroom!  Kids can make them for each other or bring them home as a little gift for mom and dad.

It’s no secret that kids love a good mess…and this heart decoration is a great way to keep kids occupied after school.  With a little salt, Mod Podge, glitter, flour, and water, kids can make these Salt Dough Hearts to give, keep, or share!  This easy Valentine craft is guaranteed to please!

What kid doesn’t love those little conversation hearts?  And what parent doesn’t know that kids LOVE to talk?  With this cute Conversation Candy Heart Picture, kids can arrange their favorite sayings into beautiful works of art.  This is a great idea for those freezing cold late winter evenings when it’s too cold to sled and too early for bedtime.

In an age where everything is emailed, downloaded, uploaded, and digitized, it’s so important to show kids how fun arts and crafts can be…and handmade Valentine crafts is a great way to do it!  So show your kids some love and help their creativity blossom with these fun and easy Valentine projects!

Are you crafting with your kids this Valentine’s Day?  What are you going to make together?