Easy Halloween Treats for Kids: 16 Copycat Recipes and More

Ding dong! It’s that time of year again. Trick-or-treaters are preparing their best Halloween costumes, parents are decorating the house, and everyone has candy on the brain. You want to make this Halloween better than the rest…but how? Copycat recipes for candy of course!

AllFreeKidsCrafts teamed up with AllFreeCopycatRecipes to make this list of the best homemade candy recipes for a Halloween everyone will remember, including edible Halloween crafts for kids. These copycat recipes mimic some of the best name-brand candies, so these Halloween treat ideas are great for impressing friends and family at Halloween parties. From excellent candy bar recipes to yummy Halloween crafts for kids, there’s something for everyone to love. Don’t worry; this list also includes sealed-candy ideas for trick-or-treaters, so everyone can get in on the fun.

Trust me; if you give out these awesome Halloween treats, you won’t get a single trick played on you this Halloween.

Copycat Candy Bar Recipes

Homemade Snickers Bars

Chocolate lovers will be in heaven with these awesome candy bar recipes. These Halloween treats are delicious homemade versions of all your name-brand favorites, like these Homemade Snickers Bars. Your kids will love bragging to their friends that the best candy on the block came from their house. Check out more of our homemade chocolate candy recipes:

Trick-or-Treat Ideas for Kids

Trick or Treat Party PoppersGet the whole family in on the candy-making fun with these edible Halloween crafts for kids. Even the youngest family members will love making easy Halloween treats as a family. But instead of just dropping candy into visitors’ trick-or-treat bags, make some Trick-or-Treat Party Poppers to add a little surprise. Trick-or-treaters won’t know if they’re about to get a trick or a treat! Here are more trick-or-treat ideas for a fun Halloween:


Copycat Recipes for Candy

Candy Store Gumdrops

Homemade candy recipes make the best Halloween treats! Everyone in the neighborhood will think you got these sweet treats from the candy store, especially if you make these Candy Store Gumdrops. If you’re looking for more Halloween recipe ideas without chocolate, these copycat recipes for candy are for you:

Healthy Halloween Treats

Apple Candy Monsters

Halloween treats for kids can be healthy, too! If your kids need a break from their trick or treat candy but still want something sweet, they’ll love Halloween snacks like these Apple Candy Monsters. Your kids can even help make these Halloween recipes. Don’t miss the last of our copycat recipes for Halloween:


Still hungry for more? You’re in luck! Get more delicious copycat recipes for candy with a free ebook from AllFreeCopycatRecipes, or download more Halloween crafts for kids with a free ebook from AllFreeKidsCrafts:

19 Halloween Crafts for Kids

13 Best Homemade Halloween Candy Recipes


What’s your favorite Halloween treat?

103 Halloween Sewing Patterns: Your Complete Crafty Guide to Halloween

103 Halloween Sewing Patterns: Your Complete Crafty Guide It’s that time again . . .

What’s the worst part about Halloween?

That’s a trick question. There are no bad parts of Halloween, only good parts and better parts! Halloween is a crafter’s paradise, bursting with reasons to start fun new projects. In fact, there are so many crafting opportunities that the biggest difficulty can be narrowing down the field. Thankfully, AllFreeSewing stepped up to the plate this year to round up the Complete Crafty Guide to Halloween, featuring the very best of Halloween crafts! This guide has everything: Halloween recipes, DIY home decor, homemade costume ideas … if a project is awesome, crafty, and Halloween-themed, it’s here.

 Eatin’ Good: Halloween Treats

Halloween Treat Bags



The best part of Halloween trick-or-treating is dumping your haul on the kitchen floor when you get home and gorging yourself on sugary goodness. This year, help your kids trick-or-treat in true style, with one of these awesome homemade trick-or-treat bags! Then impress all the neighbors’ children by handing out incredible homemade peanut butter cups.




Sittin’ Pretty: DIY Home Decor

Fantastic Fall Pumpkins

Pumpkins are everybody’s favorite part of fall. They look good, they taste good, and they make for some seriously fun carving. Add a little pumpkin spice to your Halloween decorations with one of these unique pumpkin sewing patterns. Whether you opt for the Fantastic Fall Pumpkin or the Pumpkin Wall Hanging, your house will be ready for the season.



Lookin’ Fly: Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes

The Cutest Prince Charming Costume Ever


There’s nothing more charming than a little prince. This collection of homemade Halloween costumes will give your kid an adorable edge over his or her fellow trick-or-treaters. Whether they want to get gussied up like a Disney Princess or are prepared to scare as one of the recently risen dead, like a mummy or a ghost, you’ll be able to find plenty of easy sewing patterns in the Complete Crafty Guide that cater to their Halloween whims.




What’s your favorite part of Halloween?

How To: Trick or Treat Tote Bag

Today’s guest post is by Jenny Barnett Rohrs of CraftTestDummies.com.

Halloween is just around the corner, and my kids are so excited. As a Mom, though, I’m worried about safety after dark. So my son and I came up with a tote bag that he could make (and meet his specifications of “being cool” ) and I would be happy that it would provide some additional visibility on his route.

You’ll need:

  • Natural or white canvas tote
  • Simply Spray Fabric Paint (We used lime green.)
  • Tulip Slick 3-D fashion paint in Neon & Glow
  • Pencil
  • Iron-On Reflective Tape
  • Flat-tipped paintbrush
  • black acrylic paint (We used a combo of Martha Stewart Glitter Paint, High Gloss Black Paint, and Tintable Fabric Medium.)
  • Glow in the Dark Glitter
  • Black Fabric Marker (optional)
  • Bat Template (We used one we found online here.)

The first step is optional. The color of the canvas bag may be just what you’re going for, but we wanted an lime green tote so we so the bats would “pop”!

To dye the tote, spread out newspapers or a plastic disposable tablecloth to protect your surface. Using the Simply Spray, mist the tote bag to get the coverage you desire. Let it dry completely- overnight is best.

The next part may require some adult supervision. Iron on the reflective tape around the top of the tote. Alternatively, you can glue it on and let it dry overnight again.

Using your template, trace your shape onto the tote bag with a soft pencil.

Now color in the shapes using your black paint and flat-tipped brush. If you don’t have glitter paint, you can sprinkle some black glitter on while it’s wet.

When the paint is dry, outline the bats with the Tulip glow-in-the-dark 3D slick paint. This fun glow-in-the-dark paint will help drivers help see your kid in the dark- so it’s practical as well as fun! Your kiddo can aad extra squiggles if they feel like it.

If you like, sprinkle in some Glow-In-The-Dark Glitter while the Tulip paint is still wet.

Lastly, write in your “Trick or Treat” message with the fabric marker. Or, you can use the Glow paint and write on the tote with that.

Now your little monster is ready to hit the night with a great big goody bag AND some extra visibility!

I also have another variation on the tote with my Glow-In-The Dark Halloween Tote featured on my blog.

You can also find more easy Halloween craft ideas in this free eBook from AllFreeHolidayCrafts: 8 Halloween Kids Craft Ideas.  Hope you enjoy!

Would you make this treat bag?  What other kinds of candy bags have you made?


Last Minute Trick-or-Treats

I went to a Halloween party over the weekend and had a blast. I wasn’t expecting to have the greatest time, but my costume turned out better than I thought and everyone was just having a great time all together. This made me realize there’s only 5 days until Halloween, which means I need to get cracking. My friend hosts a party every year and I like to bring some kind of appetizer.

Last year I made little pizza rolls which were a hit with everyone. No matter what I make this year I have to have it on a cute little Halloween plate. I think I’m going to make a pumpkin plate to carry my treats on. I have to go all out with treats and platters because when we reach the bottom of the plate, it has to be festive. I love Halloween, I can’t wait!

What kind of platter do you serve your treats on?