Link Love: How to Make a Scarf for Spring or Summer

If you were to ask my husband how many scarves I own, he would probably say something close to, “Too many,” or “A ba-jillion.” While he may be pretty accurate with those statements, there are so many ways to wear scarves for each season that I can’t possibly ever have too many scarves. On that note, I should probably get going on making my own scarves for a change. I crochet quite frequently and I loved making this crochet scarf that I wore in my engagement photos, but now that it’s spring I really want to make a DIY fabric scarf.

I have expensive taste and I love the designer looks, but I definitely hate the designer price. So, I set out on a mission to find the perfect DIY scarf – and ended up finding 17 free patterns that have stolen my heart. I do apologize in advance for the high number of infinity scarves in this list if you don’t like them. (Scratch that, I actually did a pretty good job mixing normal scarves and infinity scarves in this list). Infinity scarves are my absolute favorite so you’ll just have to deal. 😉 (or, you know, just not sew the ends together and voila, you’ve got a normal scarf)

Sewing an infinity scarf will be my next adventure in the crafting world. I’m excited because making an easy infinity scarf has been on my crafting list for awhile. With each infinity scarf tutorial below you’ll be itching to pull out your sewing machine. Learn how to make a infinity scarf or just how to make a fabric scarf just by checking out these awesome patterns. And of course, free patterns our the fave here at FaveCrafts so enjoy!

How-To-Make-an-Infinity-Scarf how-to-make-a-scarf
  1. Lace Infinity Scarf from Urban Threads
  2. DIY Stunning Stenciled Scarf from A Pretty Handy Girl
  3. The Lacey Infinity Scarf from Wray Sist3rs
  4. DIY Stamped Chevron Scarf from By Wilma
  5. A Scarf for Spring from Tea Rose Home
  6. DIY Hand Printed Scarf from Crazy About Coral
  7. Infinity Circle Scarf Tutorial from Leafy Treetop
  8. DIY Infinity Scarf from Sea Glass & Ribbons
  9. Tube or Circle Scarf from Cotton + Curls
  10. DIY Chic: Printed Word Scarf from College Fashion
  11. Linen + Lace Infinity Scarf Tutorial from Wildflowers + Whimsy
  12. DIY Anthropologie Scarf from Home Heart Craft
  13. Make Your Own Lace Scarf from A Beautiful Mess
  14. DIY Spring Scarf Tutorial from Pink When
  15. Long Pom Pom Cowl from The Purl Bee
  16. DIY Pom Trim Scarf Tutorial from Carry on…Carry on
  17. Fat Quarter Gang – Patricia Infinity Cowl from luvinthemommyhood

Which DIY scarf are you most excited to try?

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Your New Favorite Sewing Projects For Spring

This post is brought to you by Mary Egan from CraftFoxes.

Believe it or not, spring is here (and summer is on its way)! Now is the time to start looking for some sewing projects that you can wear when the warm weather arrives. Although sewing and knitting are often associated with colder weather, there are plenty of warm-weather wearables you can create with fabric and thread. There’s a chance that cool weather might stick around a little longer, so consider this time to work on some new DIY fashion for the spring months.

Ruffle Neck Romper

When it’s warm outside, the perfect outfit for your little one might just be a romper. This romper is easy to make and you can choose whichever pattern of fabric you’d like. The pattern is adapted from an older pattern to make it more modern in appearance, with a shirred waist and ruffle neck. This pattern is simple and the tutorial, found on CraftFoxes, will lead you step-by-step through the creation of this romper. Choose a fresh, spring-colored floral fabric and create an adorable wardrobe item for your little one.

Get the Ruffle-Neck Romper sewing pattern.


Easy Tote Bag

If you travel to the park, library, or work, you’ll probably need a bag to carry your belongings. This bag is screen-printed with different airport codes to create a travel-friendly theme. First, you need to sew the bag and its handle, then screen-print the letters on using a freezer paper method. For this project, you’ll need fabric, freezer paper, fabric ink, sponges, and some other crafting supplies. You don’t have to use airport codes for your decoration – use your own imagination for letting or images.

Visit CraftFoxes for this tote bag pattern.


Get Ready for Swimsuit Season

Springtime sewing means that summer is not far around the corner! Now is the perfect time to beef up your summer wardrobe. Did you know you can sew a bikini? It’s true! This tutorial on CraftFoxes will teach you how to make your own bikini, saving you time and helping you create an item that’s fitted especially for your body. If you’re learning to sew with new and different materials, this project would be a great introduction to sewing with Lycra, which is the material best suited for swimsuit patterns. For this project you’ll need enough Lycra to create a bikini for your body type and well as the lining, elastic, plastic “sew-in” boning, ribbon, and a clasp closure. You’ll need specialized materials your own bikini and it might be a bit more difficult than other projects, but this CraftFoxes post offers a pattern to download and a clear tutorial.

Check out this bikini pattern.


Shirt Patterns

Everyone needs some flowing, comfortable shirts for the warmer months. This post at CraftFoxes offers several different ways to create your own spring shirts as well as ways to adapt some of your old shirts for new uses. You can make a festival top from a men’s shirt that you have lying around the house or add a dip-dye ombre effect to any old shirt. There are projects in this post that allow you to add crochet side panels, a Peter Pan collar or add ruffles to any shirt. If you’re looking to update some old pieces and recycle them in the process, be sure to check these projects out!

Find some free shirt patterns for women.


What projects do you want to sew up for spring?

Sewing DIY Home Décor Crafts for Your Kitchen

Kitchen CraftsThese Sewing DIY Home Décor Crafts for Your Kitchen are all adorable projects that cost very little. They will give your kitchen some fun, new personality without breaking the bank. With spring cleaning on the horizon and lovely weather on its way, now is the perfect time to create some easy sewing projects to spruce up your space.

Whenever I do some intense spring cleaning, I always get the urge to do some redecorating along with it. With all this blistery, frozen weather we have been having in the Midwest, I have done a whole lot of my spring cleaning early. Nothing makes me want to clean more than being stuck in an apartment that needs it desperately. My first big clean-out is always the kitchen. I like being able to cook in a spotless arena. This is probably why my kitchen is the funkiest place in my whole apartment.

Whether the tutorial shows you how to make towels, craft a fantastic vintage DIY apron, or sew some sturdy oven mitts to keep your hands safe, these DIY home décor sewing projects are sure to brighten your cooking space.


How to Make Dish Towels Help Your Kitchen Pop

No kitchen can go without some handy dish towels. These DIY home décor pieces are necessary for sudden spills and a little bit of flair. These three DIY dish towels are cute and convenient. Hang them from your stove or towel rack to add some color or style to your space.

  1. Mason Jar Dish Towel Pattern
  2. Sketchy Retro Bicycle Dishtowel
  3. Patterned Pot Holders and Tea Towels
  4. Rick Rack Dish Towels
  5. Fab Feathered DIY Dish Towels

DIY Aprons for the Cute Cook

Why let your kitchen have all the fun? These adorable DIY aprons are all absolutely stunning. Cook in style while wearing one of these funky, vintage aprons.

  1. Simple Vintage Apron
  2. Classic Audrey Hepburn Apron
  3. Adjustable Kitchen Apron

Other Kitchen Crafts

The amount of things you need in your kitchen to wash, cook, stay safe, and keep yourself clean are immeasurable. These are just a few of the darling DIY home décor crafts that we have over at that you will absolutely love to have in your kitchen.

  1. Quilted Oven Mitts
  2. Vintage Inspired Dinner Roll Holder
  3. Winter Ready Tea Cozy
  4. Grandma’s Secret Recipe Pot Holders

 What kitchen craft can you absolutely not do without?

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Start your Spring Cleaning with Easy Sewing Projects!

Ah, spring cleaning. Every year it is a giant production that uses up weekends of healthy energy. You spend so much time organizing your life during these spring months just to end up right back where you started one year later. Don’t be discouraged! Instead, craft one of these easy sewing projects to keep your home organized! Say hello to warm weather with these spring cleaning ideas.

Get started by sewing a protective Adjustable Apron or one of these other 27 Free Patterns for Aprons. Follow this checklist for successful Spring Cleaning 2014.

Spring Cleaning Checklist


1. Take Out the Trash

20 Minute Clothespin Bag Let’s be real: the majority of spring cleaning involves throwing out all of that stuff you really don’t need. Say goodbye to those hoarder-like tendencies with the freeing action of throwing things away. While you’re at it, sew up an excellent new trash bag for disposing your junk in style. Try out the Hanging Trash Bag for a convenient solution. This trash bag is waiting at your side, ready for you to toss stuff into it. Another great option is the 20 Minute Clothespin Bag. Transform a plain old clothespin bag into a simple trash receptacle that’s surprisingly cute and practical.





2. Get Organized

Life Saving Collapsible Bin With the remaining items you keep, be sure to organize your home so the clutter doesn’t build like last year! Since we at AllFreeSewing have about a million sewing patterns for organization, I’ll go ahead an list just a few of our best:

1. Make a Bedside Organizer
2. Life Saving Collapsible Bin
3. Door Organizer
4. 8 Awesome DIY Organizers: Sewing Organizer Tutorials eBook



3. Dust Shelves

DIY Washable DusterNo house is truly clean if there is any lingering dust! Send those dust bunnies on their way with your very own DIY Washable Duster. This project is easy to make and perfect for spring. Don’t throw away this duster when you’ve finished using it! Wash it and reuse it for a green solution to your spring cleaning.

For another great duster that can be used over and over, check out the tutorial for these Reusable Swiffer Duster Cloths. This is the perfect way to use up your scrap flannel. Clean out your fabric scraps from your stash and create a new cleaning supply in the process.



4. Clean Floors

Washable Flip Mop Pads There’s no use in tidying up your space if your floors remain grimy. Make your own Washable Flip Mop Pads for your favorite floor duster. Instead of purchasing disposable pads for your flip mop, make your own for a fraction of the price. You’ll save money by washing these flip pads rather than throwing them out and buying new ones.

You can also upcycle some old socks to make another variation! The Reusable Swiffer Sweeper is a marvelous way to repurpose a pair of socks that you won’t wear again.



5. Don’t Forget the Car!

Cool Car Caddy Straps On To HeadrestLet’s not forget the space that serves as your second home! Spring cleaning doesn’t just involved cleaning out your house. Be sure to tidy up the family car, too! Organize your car with a few of these easy sewing projects. Make the Car Caddy for all of your on-the-go crafting supplies. Crafting a is a great way to stay occupied on long road trips, and this is a way to keep those crafting supplies organized! Be sure to keep those road trip snacks organized as well with the Cool Car Caddy Straps On To Headrest.





What is the messiest room in your house?


2014 Spring Fashion Trends: Tea Length Skirts

18 Spring Wardrobe Basics

The days of the micro-miniskirt are over. This spring we are seeing tea length skirts strut their stuff down the runway. If you want to be on-trend and get a headstart on this classy new trend, these 2014 Spring Fashion Trends: Tea Length Skirts are for you. I absolutely love the look of a longer skirt or dress. It is so nice to be able to feel the spring sun and breeze on your legs without worrying about sitting down properly. This length is perfect for the office and out on the town. In fact, you could easily transition one of these skirts from a day look to a night look with the right top change and some funky jewelry. They are so versatile!

Vintage patterns have become increasingly popular. These spring fashion trends may very well owe their popularity to the hit drama Downton Abbey. We just cannot get enough of those Crawley girls and their fashion-forward sense of style. This would not be the first time vintage looks made a comeback following a popular television show. Remember the secretary skirt craze that Mad Men started? Combine the modern look of spring fashion trends and the timeless beauty of vintage patterns with these fabulous tea length skirts.

Tea Length Skirts

1. Coral Dress (bottom left) – This brightly colored skirt is perfect for a day on the town.
2. The Pinwheel Skirt (top left) – This classy vintage dress is perfect for a wedding or formal dinner.
3. Enchanting Tulle Skirt (center) – Look like a fairytale princess in this flowing tea length skirt.
4. Waistband Bow Skirt (bottom right) – Get the bohemian look with this free skirt pattern.
5. 6 Step Skirt – Make the perfect skirt in just 6 steps!
6. Jersey Skirt – Comfy and cool? You absolutely need this skirt.
7. The Lemonade Dress – What says spring more than a cool glass of lemonade?
8. Polka Dot Skirt – This classic polka dot lo will wow all your friends.

Looking for even more fancy duds for the spring season? Check out this 20 Minute Spring Sweater Redo and our Make Your Own Dresses: 4 Spring Dresses for Women page for all your warm weather wear.

What fashion trend are you waiting to come back?



Say Hello to Spring with Free Sewing Patterns!

Feeling blue? No surprises there with the weather as dreary as it’s been. Well we at AllFreeSewing have just the collection to cheer you up! Shift those winter blues toward spring brights with our latest printable collection, Free Sewing Patterns for Spring Fashion: 8 DIY Sewing Projects. This gorgeous free eBook is a fabulous addition to your sewing repertoire. From spring separates to DIY dresses, these marvelous free sewing patterns will amaze and inspire you for the coming warm weather!

Free Sewing Patterns for Spring Fashion: 8 DIY Sewing Projects

Free Sewing Patterns for Spring Fashion: 8 DIY Sewing Projects

DIY Spring Separates

Nothing quite says spring like a flowy spring top, and we have two darling tank tops in this spring collection. If you’re looking for a lovely new top for your little girl, make the Little Top. With a charming ruffle down the center and a fun bright pattern, this top is perfect for your next project!

Little Top

Meanwhile, the 15 Minute DIY Party Shirt is a fun adult tank top for those warm spring outings. Add a flirty ruffle in 15 minutes or less and enjoy your next night on the town in style!

15 Minute DIY Party Shirt

The Romantic Box Pleated Skirt is a gorgeous pattern made with chic Parisian fabric. For a sassy and sophisticated look, this pleated skirt is a fabulous project.

Romantic Box Pleated Skirt

The Barely Sewn Bejeweled Sweater Refashion is a sweater project perfect for those early Spring months when it’s too cold to wear a tank top but too warm to wear tops that are too bulky:

Barely Sewn Bejeweled Sweater Refashion
Spring DIY Dresses

Fifteen minutes to make? This 15 Minute Convertible Dress is an absolute must for the warm spring months. Wear it with one strap or two; the options are endless with this gorgeous dress.

15 Minute Convertible Dress

For a simple and chic look, you must make this easy Colorblock T-Shirt Dress. Grab three colors and make a new outfit that is so casual and cute.

Colorblock T-Shirt Dress

One of the most popular patterns on AllFreeSewing, the Effortless Caftan Dress is a gorgeous sewing dress pattern that is stylish yet comfy. Dress it up or dress it down this upcoming spring.

Effortless Caftan Dress

Last of all, have fun this spring with the Fun and Flirty Wrap Dress. The eye-catching pattern is bright and fun for the warm spring months, and the dress looks so great when finished.

Fun and Flirty Wrap Dress

Free Sewing Patterns for Spring Fashion: 8 DIY Sewing Projects

Get the full tutorials for each of these beautiful patterns when you download the latest free eBook from AllFreeSewing. Free Sewing Patterns for Spring Fashion: 8 DIY Sewing Projects is a marvelous collection that is bound to get you in the spirit for spring.

Which spring sewing pattern is your favorite?





Sewn Retro Vintage Dress Patterns to Die For

Ok, maybe you don’t want to die for these patterns, after all, in the expanse of time they haven’t. AllFreeSewing has noticed that classic patterns outlive any hot trend we see. What is it about timeless patterns that always draws our attention? Just like you, many of us here at AllFreeSewing can’t help but ohh and ahh over a quality vintage sewing pattern. Also like you, though, we don’t all have time to spend hours thrifting for a cheap but authentic dress. Thank goodness we sew. We’ve gathered some vintage-inspired dress patterns to share and enjoy. Walk with us down this stylish memory lane and save some of these pretty projects to try when you have the chance.

Vintage Dress Patterns

Vintage Sheet Dress – What strikes us about this vintage dress pattern is the way it nods to more than one decade of fashion. The pattern certainly recalls Victorian fashion, but what about the length? This long dress would certainly fit the standards of the turn of the century, but don’t you remember wearing radically long dresses like these in the 70’s as well? A relatively easy-to-sew pattern, this tutorial will not only give you a great dress, but tips on sewing a skirt, bodice, and sleeves.

Vintage Sheet to Maxi Dress

30 Minute Sheath Dress – Apart from being absolutely fabulous for its simplicity, this dress pattern is totally mod. Break out your sewing machine and whip up this retro dress in less than an hour. The latter half of the twentieth century certainly made waves in terms of fashion, and this dress proves it.

30 Minute Sheath Dress

Couture Inspired Dress – Is it just us, or is there something about this Couture Inspired Dress that takes you back 60 years? This free tutorial from V&A is truly inspiring for every sewist out there. Sew up this dress in time for a celebration such as a wedding, birthday, or Saturday (you really need no excuse).

Couture Inspired Dress

A Gathered Dress – Perhaps this vintage dress pattern should have been named, “Soda Fountain Frock”, because that’s exactly what comes to mind when you glance at it. Of course the nostalgic road can be slightly dangerous to tread on; after all, no decade was perfect. However, the style from this sewing pattern evokes a convincing feeling of care-free fun. Learn how to make a dress like this one and enjoy your day as if you didn’t have a care in the world!

A Gathered Dress

Vintage Heirloom Dress – Did you think we could resist posting a pattern for babies? Of course we couldn’t. There are so many baby dress patterns out there, but we think this one is really retro. You know that this dress tutorial is irresistible. Just imagine your daughter, granddaughter, or second-cousin’s best friend’s kid in this darling dress. These instructions offer essential sewing tips such as creating a bodice and hemming advice. It’s the perfect project to practice with because it’s child-sized and adorable.

Vintage Heirloom Dress

Did you like this roundup of vintage dress patterns? Find more mod projects with our 21 Retro Vintage Sewing Patterns + 14 New Patterns collection; it’s one of our most popular!

What’s your favorite decade in terms of style?

Sewing Spring Cleaning and Organization Tools

For some of you, spring cleaning may be the most exciting time of the year. For others, myself included, it’s a terrifying confrontation with a year’s worth of junk. For the benefit of crafters and cleaners alike, here are some projects from AllFreeSewing that should serve as home cleaning remedies. Whether you need to organize your house or evict pounds of dust from it, these craft organization ideas should make your journey to spring cleanliness easier. Look around you and admit that some extra ideas for home organization couldn’t hurt. You know that once you effectively master the mess in your home, you can enjoy a guilt-free spring. Ready for some ideas? Here they are:

Do-it-Yourself-CleaningDIY Microfiber Cleaning Slippers

Try out homemade cleaning remedies from AllFreeSewing like this these Washable Flip Mop Pads. There are tons of ways to make your own cleaning supplies. If you’re wondering how to remove dust from your home, these DIY Microfiber Cleaning Slippers from Housing a Forest are also a creative way to do it.

I also love this DIY Washable Duster. DIY Washable DusterOne: because it looks cool. Two: because you can actually reuse this DIY duster instead of throwing it away after every use. It lets you spring clean and be green!


Crafting Organization Systems

Closet cleaning is one of the worst kinds. It’s common knowledge that the closet is the real trash can of a room. Like a black hole it swallows an enormous amount stuff, unbeknownst to you. The problem is you can live without most of the items in your closet, but you choose to keep them. This spring is a time to enforce some organization systems into your closet. This Hanging Jewelry Organizer, for example, will keep your jewelry neatly in one place. Learn how to sew pockets to fit every kind of accessory you have. This Mail Organizer is also a clever closet cleaning DIY organizer. Mail Organizer Tutorial

Pretty Painted PegboardI found this awesome Pretty Painted Pegboard from Sew Fearless. If you’re an avid crafter, this project may be worth the work. The weather is heating up so you can make this in your garage and really enjoy spring cleaning!



Organizational Tips for the Neglected Car

Unfortunately, you may have noticed that your accumulated junk doesn’t only stay in your house. If you’re ever embarrassed to have someone in your car, you know what I mean. A friend slides into the front seat to meet a pile of papers, an ice scraper (even though the snow melted a month ago), a pair of shoes, a sandwich, a roll of toilet paper- these items might be different in your car.

Try enforcing similar organization systems in your car that you use in your home. For example, this Car Caddy is a sewing project for intermediate-level seamstresses who need a place to put the items in their car. Making car caddies like this one will also teach you how to sew pockets. It’s learning a sewing technique and getting organized at the same time. Cool Car Caddy

In my search for cleaning solutions to the car I also came across this excellent DIY sewing project. The Hanging Trash Bag will serve its purpose dutifully in your vehicle. You always need a place to put greasy take-out containers, napkins or baby diapers on the road. What’s great about this trash bag is it doesn’t even look like a garbage can; it’s actually pretty.

Do you have any spring cleaning tips?

Colorful Spring Crafts Blog Hop Winner!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Colorful Spring Crafts Blog Hop this month! We challenged you to share your best spring projects with the FaveCrafts community and we randomly selected one winner to receive a mention and direct link in an upcoming FaveCrafts newsletter as well as an amazing prize package!


And the winner is…

Kathy Lashley!

Kathy submitted this Summer Beach Hat! You can find the full tutorial on her blog, ELK Studio.



Thank you to everyone who linked up for this hop! You can see all the submissions and find great spring craft tutorials by visiting the Colorful Spring Crafts Blog Hop post.

We’ll see you back here for the next blog hop!

Colorful Spring Crafts Blog Hop – It’s Time to Vote!

Our Colorful Spring Crafts Blog Hop has been going strong for a week and we’ve received so many amazing entries! In fact, there were so many impressive projects and we can’t pick a single favorite.

That’s why we need your help – it’s time to vote for a winner! Cast your vote by clicking this link and help us decide who will receive a fantastic craft prize package as well as a mention and link in an upcoming FaveCrafts newsletter.


Voting ends Thursday March 21st at 12:59 p.m. and a winner will be announced on Friday – be sure to cast your vote before it’s too late. Also, share the Blog Hop post so all of your crafty friends can vote for their favorite crafts, too!