Burst Into Spring: 16 Flower Crafts

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Was it a little too much? Well, I just can’t help it! Here at AllFreeHolidayCrafts, we obviously love winter and the holidays associated with it, but given the long and treacherous Chicago winter we’ve been having, let’s just say that I’m a little excited to begin crafting for spring (understatement of the year). Instead of looking out my window to find grey from sky to ground, I have a hankering for a pop of color and the smell of freshly cut flowers. Don’t you? With spring just a month away (thank heavens), it’s time to get crafting. And let me say, what could possibly scream spring more than flower crafts?



While it still might be too cold (and covered in snow) for me to have some freshly cut flowers, at least I can create some of my own! Not to toot my own horn, but I think these might even make Mother Nature envious. It’s hard to believe that they’re made from paper or fabric. Not only do they look beautiful, but they’re also guaranteed to stay fresh all year round. So what are we waiting for, let’s get crafting!

Fabric Flowers:

Learn how to make fabric flowers with these beautiful tutorials! These are great ways to do a little spring cleaning to your scrap pile, too.



Paper Flowers: Paper-Flowers

Learn how to make paper flowers that will leave everyone thinking you splurged on a bouquet at the super market with these fabulous tutorials! Choose nice bright colors to brighten up your home.




Link Love: Think Spring with Pastel Crafts

I’m so sick of winter. The cold weather, the endless snow, the harsh winds – I just can’t take it anymore. To combat these winter blues, I’ve started looking ahead and planning my spring crafts. In my search for warm and sunny projects, I’ve found that the common denominator is always light, soft colors. Pastels might not be springing up in nature quite yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them right this second in your craft projects.

Whether you love yarn or prefer fabric crafts, there are plenty of pastel projects to brighten your day. An Eyelet Parfait Afghan is soft and cuddly, making it a fantastic baby shower gift. The light and breezy eyelet design makes it perfect for any time of year. Best of all, this afghan is a gender-neutral pattern, so  it’s perfect for new mommies who are waiting to find out the sex of her baby. If you want to crochet something awesome but don’t have the time of energy to complete an afghan, make a Pastel Brooch instead. You can pin it on an otherwise boring outfit during the winter months and add a touch of fun and excitement. Be prepared for compliments! If you’re not comfortable working with yarn and a hook, channel spring with Burst of Color Fabric Flowers. My suggestion? Save big on supplies by using scraps of fabric and leftover beads.

It’s time to rebel against winter and start looking forward. You won’t believe how little pops of color can really change the look and feel of a project. The bight and pretty pastels will put you in a good mood and make you excited for all that is to come in 2014. Just don’t get too excited – according to the groundhog, we’re still in for a long and dramatic winter.


  1. Pastel Braid Bracelet from Into Mind
  2. Kate Spade Inspired Rope Bracelet from Claire Belle Makes
  3. Studded Zipper Pouch from Say Yes
  4. Pastel Glass Jars from Kootut Murut
  5. Washi Tape Coaster from At the Girls’ Room
  6. Polymer Clay Stones Necklace from Mashia Crafts
  7. Tribal Pastel T-shirt from EmerJa Design
  8. Pastel Camera Strap from Time for Tea
  9. Pastel Monogram Card Set from Damask Love

Spring Preview: 25 Spring Jewelry Designs

Are you tired of winter weather, and looking forward to warmer, sunnier days? I know I am! Having less hours of sunlight and facing icy winds can leave you feeling very weary. That is why the first signs of spring weather are always a delight. Whether it is the sound of buzzing bees, the sight of gorgeous butterflies, or the smell of fresh flowers, everyone has their favorite thing about spring. Start preparing for this lovely season by creating some fabulous jewelry accessories that will get you in a spring-ready mood. Check out Spring Forward: 25 Spring Jewelry Designs for some of our favorite jewelry projects for spring.

 Spring Forward: 25 Spring Jewelry Designs

Even though we here at AllFreeJewelryMaking are not be able to thaw the ice and snow, we can help you warm things up indoors with some spring-ready accessories. We have compiled a list of some of favorite projects for spring, just for you. From nature inspired necklaces to beautiful flower bracelets, we have something for everyone in this collection.


Nature Inspired Projects Crochet Wire Flower Pendant

When you think of spring, you think of nature. Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and the smell of rain showers is in the air. Get inspired by all of these natural elements, and make lovely jewelry pieces. These Crochet Wire Flower Pendants are so cute, you are going to want to make a full garden’s worth of them. Find this project and other natural jewelry pieces in our list of spring projects.






Colors of Spring Designs Braided Seed Bead Necklace

Influenced by the sights of blooming flowers and foliage, all of the colorful pieces in this spring collection reflect the fun and excitement of this thrilling season. From a stitched Swirling Pastel Crystals Bracelet to a simple Braided Seed Bead Necklace, you are sure to find the right colorful spring piece for you in the collection.






Butterflies, Bees, and More Buzzworthy Bee Cuff

Butterflies are so popular in the crafting world for spring, and jewelry makers are no exception to this trend. We have several butterfly designs, as well as this amazing Buzzworthy Bee Cuff bracelet, for you to choose from to create stellar spring jewelry accessories.






If you still haven’t seen the right spring jewelry accessory for you, don’t fret! We have even more spring projects for you to choose from. Remember, we are always adding projects to AllFreeJewelryMaking.com, so be sure to check in for the latest seasonal projects and trends!



Wire-Wrapped and Natural Jewelry Pocket Guide GiveawayBONUS: This collection features several wire-wrapped and natural jewelry pieces. Want to expand your skills in these areas? Enter to win the Wire-Wrapped and Natural Jewelry Pocket Guides Giveaway! Learning how to make jewelry has never been easier than with these two helpful pocket guide books. If you have ever wondered how to wire-wrap jewelry, or how to make jewelry inspired by nature, these pocket guides are for you. Enter today to win this fabulous giveaway prize!  The deadline to enter is February 17, 2014, at 11:59:59 p.m. Eastern Time.

Top 100 Seasonal Crafts of 2013

100 Seasonal Craft Ideas: Spring Crafts, Fall Crafts, and so Much MoreWe know you love holidays as much as us, so why not have all your favorites together on one great list? AllFreeHolidayCraft’s list of the top 100 seasonal craft ideas has everything that your heart desires! From Valentine’s Day to the Fourth of July and every season in between, this collection will have you covered through the entire year. Not only does this list offer you all of our top crafts from the past year, it also features a variety of your most-loved techniques. Whether you’re looking for a way to use up your leftover yarn or fabric, how to recycle old holiday cards, or  how to create the perfect party atmosphere, we’ve got you covered with this collection!

Winter Crafts
Finger Knit WreathStay warm and toasty by the fire while you make our top winter crafts of 2013. These cute and creative crafts for winter touch on all the top holiday ideas from the entire season!

Big Rice Krispie Kisses
3 Dollar Heart Frames
Valentine Snowflake Garland from Coffee Filters
Finger Knit Wreath

Spring Crafts

These pretty pastel ideas come in all shapes and sizes. From Easter crafts for spring to handmade wreaths and much, much, more, this list of our most popular crafts for spring will have you bouncing like a bunny from March through June.

The sizzlin’ seasonal sun has a lot of fun to offer, and these most-loved summer crafts only make it a more enjoyable season. Deck out your garden, hit up the beach with some DIY accessories, and add a nautical touch to your home.

Fall Crafts
Make your own leaf crafts, find our favorite pumpkin patterns and celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving, all with one handy collection. You’ll be sure to fall in love with these fall crafts, and autumn is always near!

Beginner Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial
Fall Fabric Scrap Wreath
Quick and Cool Crochet Leaves
Magical Fall Candles

What is your favorite season to craft for?

Countdown Calendars
Enter to win a copy of Countdown Calendars from Stash Books! The deadline to enter is January 14, 2014 at 11:59:59 p.m. Eastern Time. Filled with full-color photographs and a wide variety of crafts, Countdown Calendars is the perfect resource to consult for any celebration.

Free Printable Crafts for Kids

While kids are darling, they can’t always color inside the lines, draw the perfect circle, or fold the paper correctly. And on top of that, you can’t always color the exact shade of brown they’re looking for, draw the perfect elephant that matches their imagination, or fold an origami star just right. To ease the crafting process, some bloggers grace you with templates and printables. These either provide the right color, the perfect outline, or the correct places to fold (or if you’re lucky, all three). Craft time goes a lot more smoothly when these generous bloggers make it easy on you. Printables start the kids off on the right foot and simply require them to connect the dots. And if it’s still not perfect, who cares? Perfect isn’t going to start any conversations, now is it?

Summer Printable Crafts for Kids

Beat the heat by crafting the symbols of summer. Whether you’re bringing the happiness of sunshine inside your walls or the freshness of fruit to excite your tummy, printable crafts for kids are the perfect place to start. I love the fresh feel of the 3D Fruit Frenzy. Enjoy summer with these other printable crafts for kids:

Fall Printable Crafts for Kids

The leaves are falling, school is starting up again, and summer tans are fading. To keep your kiddo happy, surprise him with notes in his lunchbox. Don’t worry if you can’t think of anything to say after the first few, they’re all thought out for you thanks to Printable Lunch Box Notes. Make the rest of autumn easy on yourself too with these other printable crafts for kids:


Winter Printable Crafts for Kids

As the temperatures drop, more time is spent indoors. Beat the boredom with these printable crafts for kids made just for the winter months. When it’s too cold to build a snowman outside, design some inside with the handy Draw a Snowman Printable. Celebrate the many holidays of winter with these other printable crafts for kids:

Spring Printable Crafts for Kids

Spring is the lovely season where vibrant colors start returning and pink reenters the cheeks of children. Welcome the joy of spring with the convenient and adorable Happy Spring Printable Posters. For the days when it’s not quite warm enough or when April showers are promising May flowers, keep this list of printable crafts for kids close.

View all 50 free printable crafts for kids here.

Which is your favorite season to craft in?



Make Homemade Gifts for the Graduate that He or She Will Love

It’s amazing how quickly graduation season rolls around each year. If your family members or friends are donning that black cap and gown, it may be time for you to think about homemade gift ideas for the graduate in your life. For my own part, I’ll admit that I’m still mourning the long-lost college life and that sweet season of graduation. As a way of coping with my graduation-less future, though, I find it best to indulge in some graduation crafts for those around me. A little self-indulgence now and then isn’t too bad, right? Check out what my most recent search for graduation stuff yielded.

Homemade Gifts for the Grad- Another Excuse to Craft!

"Finding My Way" Graduation GiftMake this “Finding My Way” Graduation Gift in time for the morning of his or her graduation. This adorable table decoration will psych them up before they have to make that walk towards their diploma.

Maybe you want to go more traditional. Totally fine. You can utilize the always-appropriate picture frame as a way of gifting to your graduate. The Graduation Frame is a quick and Graduation Frameeasy project that is entirely tailored for the special day. You can also check out our other famous frame projects to tailor a gift to your graduate’s taste.


Graduation Decor and More that You’ll Adore

DIY PinwheelsI was super psyched when I came across this DIY Pinwheel from Style Me Pretty. This project will add a whole lot of fun to whatever shindig you’re holding. Make this grade-A graduation decoration by fashioning these DIY pinwheels in your graduate’s school colors.

Maybe you’re a scrapbooking fiend. If you’re hosting a graduation party, take it as an opportunity to display a Graduation Scrapbook Page. You can include a photo of the graduate, their accomplishments and even a space for guests to sign. Browse through our scrapbook crafts to get more ideas for this party-pleaser. Graduation Scrapbook Page

Don’t forget about a banner! Make this Congrats Paper Banner to add some festive fun to your party. It’s so easy to make and will look gorgeous. String it up and let guests and the graduate celebrate underneath.

Congrats Paper BannerTime to get crafting on those homemade graduation gifts and decorations. You’re not only crafting gifts and decorations; you’re crafting memories!

Do you have a favorite graduation memory?

Spring-ify Your Space with Silk Flowers

This tutorial is brought to you by Latrice Murphy from Any Occasion.


It’s finally spring here in Illinois and I’m excited to share the seasonal projects with you. My first craft idea was to dress up some lampshades that I’ve had for about six years. They were originally meant to be displayed in my daughter’s room, but we went in a different direction. Since IKEA has great prices, we decided to hold on to them until inspiration struck.

My daughter and I get to visit American Girl a couple times a year and have either tea or lunch there. Well, our first time in the cafe, I was totally floored by the decor. They had these giant lampshades covered in hot pink and black flowers. STUNNING, I tell you. I turned to her and said “We’re going to make something like this.” So here we go!


  • Plain lampshades
  • Hot glue gun
  • Silk flowers



First off wipe down your lampshades with a damp cloth. Mine were a little dusty from being stored for a few years.

Next, move on to prepping your flowers. Pull each flower off the stem and snip the flower as flat as possible. This will make it easier when gluing them to the shade. You’ll end up with a giant pile of flowers.

All you do next is take your time adding about a quarter size of hot glue on the back of one flower at a time and holding it in place on the lampshade until it’s cooled enough to stay on its own. I did both shades this way and it took about an hour since you have to hold them for a few seconds. I ended up with a fun finished project.

These will finally get hung in her room. I haven’t decided whether to light them or not since the flower and glue would get hot. We may go with an LED bulb so the heat wouldn’t be an issue.

Happy spring wherever you are!

Make a Splash this Spring with Aquatic Jewelry Designs

It’s the hottest new trend for spring: aquatic jewelry. I’ve been seeing this sea-inspired motif popping up all over the place, and I can’t help but want to dive into the trend headfirst myself. Of course, most of those amazing aquatic accessories come with a pretty hefty price tag…and who wants to pay a treasure chest worth of cash for designer jewelry when the fads change as quickly as the tides? Don’t let your floundering finances dash your fashion dreams; go the DIY route and make your own aquatic jewelry designs! With these bold, beachy jewelry projects, you can make a splashin’ fashion statement while holding on to your gold.

Aquatic Jewelry Designs that Make a Splash!


If you want to try out the aquatic jewelry trend but aren’t quite ready to jump in the deep end, get your feet wet at first with these Painted Seashell Earrings. This is a super easy project that even beginners will find to be smooth sailing. Add a splash of color by giving your seashells a coat of coral paint.



Now you’ll have something to do besides sit back and soak up rays the next time you make a trip to the beach. You’ll be busy scouring the sands for the perfect pair of shells to make these DIY Shell Earrings from Honestly…WTF. These enchanting earrings are enough to inspire accessory envy in the trendiest fashion mer-maven.


You may just ensnare a sailor or two with this South Seas Siren Necklace. This nautical necklace pattern is fit to grace the neckline of any statement-making sea nymph. Just beware; admirers may be helplessly mesmerized by your beachy beading prowess.



Incorporate the colors of the coral reef into your jewelry creations with this Crocheted Sea Anemone Bracelet. Bright, bold, and beachy, this sizzling bracelet pattern is ready for a day of fun in the sun. With hook in hand, you’re all set to snag this look for yourself.



If you don’t want to look all washed up this spring, you’ve got to make this Washed Ashore Necklace. Use that gorgeous sea glass you picked up on your summer vacation to create this pretty piece by Shrimp Salad Circus. This little treasure is sure to become one of the most prized possessions in your jewelry box.



There’s no going overboard with these ocean-inspired accessories, so go ahead and make them all! If you haven’t jumped ship yet and are still seeking sea-inspired accessories, check out these other aquatic jewelry projects:

What do you think of the “aquatic jewelry” trend? Would you rock it?



AllFreeHolidayCrafts Giveaway: Paper Blooms

Paper BloomsPaper Blooms, by Jeffery Rudell, demonstrates 25 different ways to create simply extraordinary paper flowers. These fabulous flowers would make the perfect addition to a handmade card, gift wrap, a seasonal table setting, or even a wedding centerpiece. Each of the 25 different paper flower tutorials that are included in this book are accompanied by step-by-step directions and full color images. These instructions and detailed images make crafting paper flowers simple for paper crafters of all ability levels. Paper flowers add a touch of class and grace to almost any occasion and they make for wonderful DIY wedding decorations, making Paper Blooms perfect for seasonal crafters like you!

Included within this compilation of 25 paper flowers are tutorials on how to make daisies, mums,  English roses, black eyed Susan’s, carnations, and more. There are also a few creative paper creations included within the tutorial section of this book, like how to craft paper pumpkins, gourds, and cattails. Jeffery Rudell’s craft book begins with an informative and well-written introduction, giving the reader a clear idea of the basics required to craft flowers from paper. Combined with these effortless guides, this introduction allows the reader to not only feel at ease with the included tutorials, but confident in their creative process as well. Making paper flowers will come easily to any crafter with the help of this intricate, gorgeous, and educational paper crafting book.

Paper BloomsThe three sections that are broken down in Paper Blooms include how to make paper flowers from strips of paper, paper punches, and hand-cut shapes. With so many options, the reader is able to better assess their paper crafting specialty and create the paper flowers included in this book that they find to be easiest. Get ready for the spring wedding season while you learn how to craft gorgeous flowers as decorations.

AllFreeHolidayCrafts.com is giving away one copy of Paper Blooms to one lucky winner. You could win!

Learn more and enter to win here.

Contest ends April 30, 2013. You can enter once daily, return often to improve your chances of winning!


Mother’s Day Queen Bee Tea Party Saturday

Queen Bee Paper Crafts for Mother's DayQueen Bee Paper Crafts for Mother's DayYou read correctly; Mother’s Day Tea. As in, Mother’s Day is closer than you think (it always is). This year, don’t go over tons of do-it-yourself projects trying to figure out which you haven’t made for mom yet. What she’ll really love is spending quality time with loved ones like you. AllFreeHolidayCrafts has got you covered as far as throwing a tea party for the woman who started it all: mom. She deserves this Queen Bee Mother’s Day Tea and will appreciate it more than you know. This doesn’t mean you can’t make numerous Mother’s Day Gifts for her; be our guest as far as crafting goes. These instructions on how to throw a tea party for mom are just another way to say, “I love  you; thanks for putting up with me.”

Paper Crafting a Tea Party

Queen Bee Paper Crafts for Mother's Day

Queen Bee Paper Crafts for Mother's DayYou’ll be as busy as a bee when you make all of the paper crafts from these Queen Bee Paper Crafts for Mother’s Day. These instructions walk you through every step to hosting a lovely tea party for mom. Every craft, from card holders to hanging decor, is bee-autiful. You’ll feel like you’re in a buzzing bee colony by the time all of your homemade muffin cups and honeycomb cut-outs are made. The only difference is you won’t be terrified or stung – we hope.

Queen Bee Paper Crafts for Mother's DayOne of the most charming aspects of these Mother’s Day paper crafts is that each one is merely a detail in the collective tea party but is vital to its success. Take the drinking straw embellishment, for example. This is simply a teeny-tiny paper bee on a straw. Despite its small size it adds tons to the overall effect of the party. Making paper bees and honeycombs is incredibly fun, and having them strung about the table and walls only adds to the enchantment of this Mother’s Day tea party. Even if you’re not a regular crafter, these paper crafts are described so well in the instructions that you’ll be able to whip them up easily.

Queen Bee Paper Crafts for Mother's DayThis entire tea party package is irresistible. The final set-up may look complicated, but putting this tea party together is very doable. Whether you’re throwing this tea party for your mom, mother-in-law, grandmother or mother-figure in your life, she’ll love it. Take some time out of your day and have fun crafting these beautiful decorations in honor of mom.Queen Bee Paper Crafts for Mother's Day

We hope we’ve put a bee in your bonnet as far as Mother’s Day crafts go. If you’re looking for more ways to celebrate the mama bear in your life, visit our site.

 Queen Bee Paper Crafts for Mother's Day

Why does mom deserve to be Queen Bee with this tea party?