12 Show-Stopping Succulent Crafts

There’s something to be said for bringing a little bit of the outdoors into your home. A little bit of greenery can easily brighten up any room. That’s why we are just in love with succulents right now! They are the most adorable little plants, and they can flourish just about anywhere. I’ve seen people keep succulents on their bookshelves, on their desk at work, even hanging from the ceiling!

There are a lot of reasons that succulents are so popular. A big reason is that they are a very low maintenance plant. As long as they are kept in sunny spots, they only need to be watered about once a week (depending on the week). Learn more about how to care for succulents here.

Show-Stopping Succulent Crafts

Remember, succulents can be more than just an adorable piece of home decor. Succulents can be given as gifts, make precious party favors, and have even been used at weddings! Succulents can be incorporated into corsages, bouquets, and even used as place cards at a reception. There’s no end to what these charming little plants can be used for.

Now that it is officially March, that means there is one thing on everyone’s mind: Spring is coming!! This means that it’s time to get creative and breathe new life into your home. And what better way to celebrate the approaching change in season than with these show-stopping succulent crafts?


Show-Stopping Succulent Crafts

How to Make a Succulent Fairy Garden (shown)

Elegant and Easy Succulent Centerpieces

How to Make a Succulent WreathHow to Make a Succulent Fairy Garden

DIY Vintage Vertical Succulent Garden

Succulent DIY Garden Projects

Decoupaged Succulent Planter

Punny Succulent Gifts

Shimmery Succulent Centerpiece

Smiling Succulent DIY Pincushion

Succulent Quilt Pattern

Mini Succulent Planters

Gorgeous Green Succulent DIY Earrings


Comment below and let us know, what is your favorite way to display your succulents?

DIY Centerpiece Ideas for Spring That Will Brighten Your Home

Nothing says spring like fresh, vibrant decorations around the home. The ultimate spring centerpiece brings together the best and brightest elements of the season in a creative way and places itself proudly in the center of the home.

Whether you have time for complicated centerpiece creations or want a simple yet classic statement piece for dinner parties, brunches, and celebrations, there are plenty of ideas for unique pieces of seasonal crafty goodness.

Traditional Floral Centerpieces

At the top of most crafters’ lists for centerpieces is a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Not just any old flowers will do for springtime, though. Make sure to source the freshest, best varieties for the season to create the most appropriate centerpiece with real wow factor. Which flowers are best for springtime, you ask? Here are a few firm favorites:


These practically scream springtime and look and smell fantastic. For an extra punch of color, throw in some other varietal narcissi in white and pale yellow.


Also indicative of spring, tulips can be dressed up or down to create whimsical or formal centerpieces. Mix colors together for an even brighter statement.


Also known as Grape Hyacinth, this sometimes overlooked flower is often planted with daffodils and tulips and packs a punch of purple.


This bright purple flower has a whimsical, almost animal-like face that wows in any bouquet.

When arranging your flowers, try to think outside the box for a better visual effect. Blunt cut bunches of tulips and tie with twine, or get creative with pots, Mason jars, milk jugs, planter boxes, and other unconventional vases. Want something even more eye catching? Add citrus fruit to a glass vase or bowl and arrange your flowers on top.

Non-traditional Floral (Living) Centerpieces

If you’re wanting something slightly less typical for your floral bouquet, don’t forget varieties such as pussy willows (a personal family favorite), poseys, sweet peas, or flowering lavender. Kick it up a notch by adding tall grass or wheat grass to a rectangular planter or terracotta pots and mixing and matching colors and textures of plants.


Craft Centerpieces

Sometimes a bouquet of flowers just won’t cut it when it comes to a stunning and creative centerpiece. If you’re looking to take the creative road less traveled and to make your own showstopper, try one of these innovative pieces.

Bird nest

A DIY bird nest (not a real bird nest, obviously) comes together with very little effort, using only twigs, a hot glue gun, and some bobby pins, according to Kate’s Creative Space.

Crepe paper flowers

If you want the floral look without worrying about watering and wilting, try making your own everlasting floral bouquet with a bunch of flowers like these from Oh My! Handmade:

Candle arrangements

Sure to light up your dinner parties in more ways than one, spring themed candle arrangements give a meal a soft, romantic feel. Who doesn’t love dining by candlelight? Use a giant statement three wick candle on a glass platter or wrap smaller votives with lavender.

Still looking for more inspiration for the perfect spring centerpiece? Head outside and let nature be your guide. Focus on colorful, fresh, and seasonal flowers and pair with quirky accessories, or take even more time to craft your own handmade piece and your guests will be sure to appreciate your creative flair.

Which centerpiece idea is your favorite?


By Kaitlin Krull. For more design ideas and inspiration, head to Modernize.com.

13 Spring Crafts That Will Make Your Life Instantly Better

It’s FINALLY starting to not be horribly cold outside and I’m just itching for spring to be officially here. To me, spring means putting away my boots, packing up my winter coats, and sunshine! Glorious sunshine. Winter is just so gray and sunshine just makes life better.

You know what also makes life better? Crafting. Crafting + Spring? The perfect combination for an instant pick-me-up.

That’s why for National Craft Month this year we worked with some of our favorite brands and bloggers to put together the 13 Spring Crafts: Easter Craft Ideas, Spring DIY Home Decor, and More free eBook. What I love about this book is that it has something for everyone. There’s a knit shawl pattern for the knitters, a crochet beanie for the crocheters, and a paper pinwheel wreath for the paper crafters, for example. Perhaps you’re even a triple threat and craft in all three of the areas! Plus there are even more types of crafts in this book and you’ll just have to download your free copy to see for yourself!

Did you know that to celebrate National Craft Month and the beginning of spring we also have giveaways going on ALL month long? Yup, you read that right! Check them all out here


March 11th through March 12th: AQS Gift Card

March 13th through March 14th: MD Hobby and Craft Bundle

March 16th through March 17th: Marvy Uchida Easy Crystal Applicator

March 18th through March 19th: Sizzix eclips2 DIY Electric Cutter Starter Kit

March 20th through March 21st: iLovetoCreate Color Craze Assortment

March 23rd through March 24th: Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable Skeins

March 25th through March 26th: Painter’s Paradise Collection

March 27th through March 28th: Little B Fancy Finishes Kit

March 30th through March 31st: Red Heart Yarn Assortment

Which craft has the tendency to make your life instantly better?

How to Make a Hoppy Easter Banner

This tutorial is brought to you by Latrice Murphy from Any Occasion.

Easter is fast approaching! I’m excited to share this project with you because I feel it’s the best banner I’ve ever made. Start with simple white paper and layer other colors.


  • Cardstock
  • Patterned paper
  • Adhesive
  • Die cutting machine or templates
  • Ribbon
  • Gemstones
  • Sewing machine (optional)


Start off by either die cutting or using a template for all of your pieces. I chose four shapes from Silhouette for my banner.

Next, you can start layering the pieces. This one was banner piece, bracket topper, fancy egg and then the letters were attached with 3D squares for dimension.

I prefer sewing my banners together, but you can also use a stapler for this part.

Finish the banner off with a couple buttons on the crosses and a small gemstone on the bracket toppers. Hang with pride!

Say Hello To Spring With Handmade Greeting Cards

This tutorial is brought to you by Latrice Murphy from Any Occasion.

Hello crafters! Spring is finally here and I’m excited to start crafting for Easter. I love sending cards to friends – it’s a great way to add a smile to their mailboxes! I’ve been die cutting lots of patterned paper into super fun flowers, which I love doing. This creates visual interest when the main image is the pattern. Here is the card set I’ve created for you today.


  • Solid cardstock (both color and white)
  • Patterned paper
  • Die Cutting machine (I used a Silhouette)
  • Border punch
  • 3D adhesive
  • Buttons
  • Glossy Accents
  • Stamps or sentiment stickers (Mine are SRM Stickers)
  • Sewing machine (optional)

These cards are super easy to make. You pretty much create a simple base and let the die cut flower do all the talking. First, choose your cardstock and patterned paper.

Cut first piece of patterned paper down to 5” X 3.75”, border punch the bottom and adhere to card front.

Next trim down a piece white cardstock to 4.25” X 3.25”, add sentiment sticker and then add 3D adhesive to the back. Adhere this to your card front.

Next using more 3D adhesive adhere your die cut flower to the white cardstock.

Get your liquid adhesive and add a button to the flower center.

Lastly finish the card off with a single line of stitching above the scallop.

Spring Has Sprung! 17 Flower Crafts, Butterfly Crafts, and More Spring Crafts for Kids

When the Earth finally wakes up from its long winter slumber and begins to bloom with sunny spring weather, it’s time to celebrate. The flowers are returning, the birds are singing, and the kids can finally be let outside without fear of tracking snow into the house. Shake off your winter blues and spring into smiles with this brand new printable collection from AllFreeKidsCrafts!

Spring Crafts for Kids: 17 Flower Crafts, Butterfly Crafts, and More

Spring Crafts for Kids: 17 Flower Crafts, Butterfly Crafts, and MoreFlower Crafts

Let your child’s inspiration bloom with these fantastically fun flower crafts. Just like the many blossoms of spring, the flower crafts inside this charming new collection come in all styles and colors, so make them all to get a full garden worth of entertainment. From paper flowers to recycled crafts, there’s a new floral favorite waiting for you inside Spring Crafts for Kids: 17 Flower Crafts, Butterfly Crafts, and More.

Spring Crafts for Kids: 17 Flower Crafts, Butterfly Crafts, and More

Butterfly Crafts

Butterflies bring happiness with them wherever they go, which means that they’re the perfect symbol of spring. Create beautiful butterfly crafts to fill your home with cheerful colors this spring with Spring Crafts for Kids: 17 Flower Crafts, Butterfly Crafts, and More…you won’t believe what you can use to make your own butterflies for spring!

Spring Crafts for Kids: 17 Flower Crafts, Butterfly Crafts, and More

More Spring Crafts for Kids

It’s easier than ever to decorate your home with all the colors of spring, thanks to these charming spring crafts. Create a pretty flower pot for someone you love, decorate your home with a stunning DIY vase, or create whimsical little ladybugs out of old CDs. With Spring Crafts for Kids: 17 Flower Crafts, Butterfly Crafts, and More, you’ll discover fun-filled recycled projects, crafts for preschoolers, and tons of other easy spring crafts for the whole family to enjoy.

Spring Crafts for Kids: 17 Flower Crafts, Butterfly Crafts, and More

Spring Crafts for Kids: 17 Flower Crafts, Butterfly Crafts, and More

Stay creative this spring by browsing this free collection of printable kids’ craft ideas! Spring Crafts for Kids: 17 Flower Crafts, Butterfly Crafts, and More is packed with pretty projects that will make you wish it was springtime all year long.

How does your family celebrate the arrival of spring?

DIY Flowers to Combat March (Snow) Showers

This has been one of the longest winters ever! This season, we set new records for cold temperatures and snowfall across the country … and there’s really no end in sight. It’s time to start channeling spring and crossing our fingers for warmer weather. Since it’s too cold to get out and garden, why not create your own flower crafts? These handmade designs never wilt or die, making them a great alternative to the real thing! Say goodbye to winter blues and hello to summer sun with the free craft tutorials featured in FaveCrafts’ recent eBook, 17 Flower Craft Ideas: How to Make Paper Flowers, Easy Fabric Flowers and More!


This eBook is filled with projects for every kind of crafter. If you love paper, fabric, or yarn, you’ll find a project that fits your style. Also, there are a ton of crafts for beginners and kids. Basically, this is a one-stop-shop for all things flower crafts.


Fabric Flowers

Got scraps? We’ll we’ve got projects just for you! Don’t throw away those oddly shaped leftovers from your last craft project. Instead, save them and use them to create the flowers in this free eBook. You can make embellishments, accessories and so much more with only a few inexpensive supplies. Try out a project and see how easy these crafts are; before you know it, you’ll be hooked on these fabric craft ideas!

Strip Fabric Flowers

Sheer Spring Flowers

Ribbon Flower Pins

Coffee Stained Roses



Paper Flowers

It’s time to change the way you think of paper crafts. Be honest – do you imagine preschool crafts with glue, scissors and a piece of bright-colored construction paper? Well, leave those ideas behind, because these paper flower crafts are anything but juvenile. You can use everything from crepe paper to recycled newspaper for these fabulous florals. As with the fabric crafts, dig into your scraps and discover how much you can make with a few odds and ends. Give someone you love a paper bouquet or add a flower to something you already own – you’ll love the look of these inexpensive DIY designs?

Faux Calla Lily

Funny Flowers

Crepe Paper Rose Bouquet

Blooming Scrapbook Flowers




For all of these crafts and more, download a copy of 17 Flower Craft Ideas: How to Make Paper Flowers, Easy Fabric Flowers and More – it’s free!






What is one craft you plan to make this spring?

9 Crafts to Motivate Your Spring Cleaning

Spring is just around the corner which means one thing – it’s time to start cleaning.  The gray skies and cold weather make activities that don’t involve a blanket and hot cocoa seem absolutely terrible. That means you might not be interested in taking a day to clean out your closet, clear off your tabletops and root out those dust bunnies. However, after a long and cold winter, it’s easy to accumulate tons of junk. Luckily, there are plenty of crafty ways to get motivated. These chemical-free, easy-to-make projects are perfect for anyone who is ready to clear out some clutter.

Sure, it takes effort to get started cleaning, but once you’re done, it’s so worth it. Think of this as a way to clear your mind before the start of a new season. Or, you can think of spring cleaning as a way to save money – seriously! Knit your own Textured Dishcloth and use it over and over again – it’s a more eco-friendly option that paper towels (and you won’t go through a roll as quickly). You can also save on Swiffer covers when you crochet your own Mop Cover. Feeling overwhelmed? Enlist the kids to help with your spring cleaning efforts! Create a Customizable Chore Chart and dole out the responsibilities – it’s a great way to get the whole family involved in the process.

Give yourself a fresh start this season and take some time to really clean your space. Who knows – you might find some buried treasure!

  1. Felted Wool Dryer Balls from Petals to Picot
  2. Sweet Hanging Organizer from Once Upon Her Dream
  3. Crochet Rope Toy Storage Basket from Oh Everything Handmade
  4. Earring Holder from Alternate Creations
  5. Homemade Cleaning Spray from Gimme Some Style
  6. Magnetic Spice Rack from Kitchen Table Scraps
  7. Laundry Softener from Liz Marie
  8. Room Air Freshener from The Burlap Bag
  9. Magnetic Office Organization from House of Earnest

Flower Power: 25 Flower Crafts

I think it’s safe to say that flower crafts are the most popular way to decorate for spring. And while the ground may still be covered with snow, you can create your own flowers with the help of a few of these stunning tutorials. From paper flowers to fabric flowers, there are so many options. You could go small, like this Rustic Paper Flower Ornament, or big like this Breathtaking Poinsettia Wreath. Not only are these crafts beautiful, but the best part about creating them with fabric or paper is that they’re guaranteed to stay fresh all year round. It’s your turn to become Mother Nature and make your own beautiful blossoms.
flower-craftsWho knew that with just a single piece of paper you could create something so exquisite? These paper flowers are the perfect way to get ready for spring!


Simple Paper Flower Ornaments
Recycled Book Rosette Wreath
Handmade Crepe Paper Rose Centerpieces
Sheet Music Magnolia Ornament





Impressive Tissue Paper Flowers
Perfect Punch Paper Flower Pin
Blushing Folded Paper Rose
Flower Bustle Ornament



If you’re not a paper crafting fan, then check out these beautiful fabric flowers! They’re the perfect addition to any wreath!

Festive Sweater Rose Wreath

DIY Flower Pillow
Flower Brooch
Vintage Handmade Flower
Fabric and Felt Wreath
Fabric Rosette Hair Accessories




Cheerful Fabric Flowers
Spring Roses Wreath
Felt So Good Daisies
Holiday Felt Flower Wreath
Elegant Fabric Flower Wreath
White Winter Flowers



Get ready for spring  with a few more flower crafts! cherry-blossom

Adorable Button Flowers
Cherry Blossom Chandelier
Chenille Button Flower Ornaments
Toilet Roll Flower Ornament
Crochet Violets Pin




How do you make craft flowers?


2014 Spring Fashion Trends: Tea Length Skirts

18 Spring Wardrobe Basics

The days of the micro-miniskirt are over. This spring we are seeing tea length skirts strut their stuff down the runway. If you want to be on-trend and get a headstart on this classy new trend, these 2014 Spring Fashion Trends: Tea Length Skirts are for you. I absolutely love the look of a longer skirt or dress. It is so nice to be able to feel the spring sun and breeze on your legs without worrying about sitting down properly. This length is perfect for the office and out on the town. In fact, you could easily transition one of these skirts from a day look to a night look with the right top change and some funky jewelry. They are so versatile!

Vintage patterns have become increasingly popular. These spring fashion trends may very well owe their popularity to the hit drama Downton Abbey. We just cannot get enough of those Crawley girls and their fashion-forward sense of style. This would not be the first time vintage looks made a comeback following a popular television show. Remember the secretary skirt craze that Mad Men started? Combine the modern look of spring fashion trends and the timeless beauty of vintage patterns with these fabulous tea length skirts.

Tea Length Skirts

1. Coral Dress (bottom left) – This brightly colored skirt is perfect for a day on the town.
2. The Pinwheel Skirt (top left) – This classy vintage dress is perfect for a wedding or formal dinner.
3. Enchanting Tulle Skirt (center) – Look like a fairytale princess in this flowing tea length skirt.
4. Waistband Bow Skirt (bottom right) – Get the bohemian look with this free skirt pattern.
5. 6 Step Skirt – Make the perfect skirt in just 6 steps!
6. Jersey Skirt – Comfy and cool? You absolutely need this skirt.
7. The Lemonade Dress – What says spring more than a cool glass of lemonade?
8. Polka Dot Skirt – This classic polka dot lo will wow all your friends.

Looking for even more fancy duds for the spring season? Check out this 20 Minute Spring Sweater Redo and our Make Your Own Dresses: 4 Spring Dresses for Women page for all your warm weather wear.

What fashion trend are you waiting to come back?