2014 Spring Fashion Trends: Tea Length Skirts

18 Spring Wardrobe Basics

The days of the micro-miniskirt are over. This spring we are seeing tea length skirts strut their stuff down the runway. If you want to be on-trend and get a headstart on this classy new trend, these 2014 Spring Fashion Trends: Tea Length Skirts are for you. I absolutely love the look of a longer skirt or dress. It is so nice to be able to feel the spring sun and breeze on your legs without worrying about sitting down properly. This length is perfect for the office and out on the town. In fact, you could easily transition one of these skirts from a day look to a night look with the right top change and some funky jewelry. They are so versatile!

Vintage patterns have become increasingly popular. These spring fashion trends may very well owe their popularity to the hit drama Downton Abbey. We just cannot get enough of those Crawley girls and their fashion-forward sense of style. This would not be the first time vintage looks made a comeback following a popular television show. Remember the secretary skirt craze that Mad Men started? Combine the modern look of spring fashion trends and the timeless beauty of vintage patterns with these fabulous tea length skirts.

Tea Length Skirts

1. Coral Dress (bottom left) – This brightly colored skirt is perfect for a day on the town.
2. The Pinwheel Skirt (top left) – This classy vintage dress is perfect for a wedding or formal dinner.
3. Enchanting Tulle Skirt (center) – Look like a fairytale princess in this flowing tea length skirt.
4. Waistband Bow Skirt (bottom right) – Get the bohemian look with this free skirt pattern.
5. 6 Step Skirt – Make the perfect skirt in just 6 steps!
6. Jersey Skirt – Comfy and cool? You absolutely need this skirt.
7. The Lemonade Dress – What says spring more than a cool glass of lemonade?
8. Polka Dot Skirt – This classic polka dot lo will wow all your friends.

Looking for even more fancy duds for the spring season? Check out this 20 Minute Spring Sweater Redo and our Make Your Own Dresses: 4 Spring Dresses for Women page for all your warm weather wear.

What fashion trend are you waiting to come back?



What Are You Working On Now?

Physics, particularly the advances in quantum physics seen in the later part of the 20th century, tell us that time is an illusion: particles can interact forward or backwards in time, or even interfere with themselves.  However, taking all this too seriously will inevitably lead to missing appointments, trains, and meals.  It’s good to keep your mind on the present, especially when dealing with crafts that involve sharp objects.

We went on Facebook to ask our readers what was keeping them busy in the here-and-now, and today we share some of our favorite responses.

There’s plenty of holiday spirit going around on Facebook right now, as evidenced by crafters like Pamela, below:

And some are thinking even further ahead than that, like Fabrizio Martelluci, who clearly doesn’t share my family’s longtime tradition of rushing to send out cards on December 24.

Krigami, for those who don’t know, is the art of folding and cutting paper.  You probably know it from paper dolls like these:

Kami Randall Mullens, below, has more domestic things on her mind, and she was kind enough to share a photo!

Reprinted for your convenience, here’s Kami’s excellent skirt!

Of course, some people are interested in clothing of a different kind:

Looks a little like a monster from Super Mario Brothers, I think: be careful about letting that baby near pipes, Venus flytraps, or fireballs.


What do you think of our readers’ crafts?   What are YOU working on right now?