The Top Five Sweetest Summer Dresses to Sew

If you’re like me, you check the weather multiple times everyday. I check it when I wake up, and I check it less than an hour later before I get dressed and leave for class or work. And I most certainly do not go to sleep without checking tomorrow’s weather at least once. This probably seems obsessive (okay, it is obsessive), but I do my best to be dressed weather-appropriate before I head out for several hours. If there’s one thing I can tell you from the numerous weather reports I’ve recently read, it’s that it’s time to break out your summer dresses because the warm weather is on its way.

What’s in style is ever-changing, and perhaps you’re ready to add some new summer dresses to your wardrobe. Let’s be honest, who has ever said they couldn’t use another great dress for the summer? If you’re ready to update your closet, check out these five sweet summer dresses that you can sew to get ready for some fun in the sun.

Easy Breezy Summer Dress for Girls

Easy Breezy Summer DressNothing says “summer is here” like a great floral print dress. You can sew this little number for your little girl in just a few easy steps. Check out the summer dress tutorial to see how you can make this adorable outfit full of ruffly fun.






Stitch in Color Summer Dress

Stitch in Color Summer DressThis sweet summer dress is full of bright, eye-catching colors and features the ever-popular overalls design. Your daughter will love playing and twirling in this soft and comfy outfit you sewed just for her.






Super Easy Summer Dress

Super Easy Summer DressA great summer dress is just a few stitches away with simple patterns like this one. This strapless dress is so easy to make, you might even want to try it in a few different colors. Grab your favorite fabric (or two, or ten) and give this pattern a whirl.






Summer Dress

Summer DressYour next summer dress can be a low-budget, upcycling project. Grab an old plaid shirt and sew away using this dress pattern. There’s no need to spend big bucks when you can sew a sweet dress with recycled materials.






Easy Summer Halter Dress

Easy Summer Halter DressThis sweet summer dress is perfect for any beach getaway. All eyes will be on you when you wear this ensemble, and you’ll love knowing that your great dress was made from your very own handiwork.






Which of these dress patterns do you want to try?

Memory Craft 9900 Giveaway from FaveQuilts and Janome

The editors at FaveQuilts cannot contain our excitement over our latest big giveaway sponsored by one of the longest-running and most successful craft product companies around, Janome. This is for more than just quilters; needle crafters of any kind in need of a sewing machine that’s as versatile as they are will be missing out if they don’t enter our giveaway for a Memory Craft 9900.

Until June 2nd, FaveQuilts will be running this exciting new giveaway on our site. This means one lucky winner will have their chance to start sewing with a brand new Memory Craft 9900 machine worth $4,999 gifted by the gracious staff at Janome.

When it comes to innovation in sewing machines, there’s no one who can design one like Janome, and the excitement in the crafting community already can attest to that! Not only does this machine have incredible helpful processes, as well as improved speeds and an increased memory for more embroidery, but also improved attachments and holders to make even the simplest needle threading take no time at all. If you’re excited to hear more about this latest product, be sure to  read the full review on FaveQuilts.

Janome Memory Craft 9900

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AllFreeHolidayCrafts Giveaway: Sewing the Seasons

Sewing the SeasonsWithin the pages of Sewing the Seasons by Sandi Henderson, you will find a plethora of different sewing projects well-suited for each season of the year. The 23 projects that are included in this book from John Wilery & Sons, Inc. will allow you to celebrate your sewing skills and the unique seasons, all year long. The different patterns included in Sewing the Seasons will cater to a wide variety of sewists of all different tastes and skill levels. Henderson begins her book with a sweet and personal note to the reader discussing how much she adores the seasonal changes; which acts as the inspiration for her sewing pattern book. This sewing book will take you from the beginning of spring all the way through the end of winter, with great variety.

This collection of seasonal sewing patterns will supply you with more than enough options to last the entire year to come. From light and airy spring umbrellas to summer totes to fall pumpkins and finally to winter stockings, this collection of patterns will guide you through the sunshine and into the snow. Sandi Henderson gives you a craft for every aspect of the seasons. Sew your own seasonal treasures with the help of this craft book.

All of the different projects that are included in Sewing the Seasons comes with a full color image of the completed projects, a step-by-step guide, and description pattern images to help you move from step to step. Each of the 23 different DIY projects included in this book will keep you practising your sewing talents all year long! is giving away one copy of Sewing the Seasons to one lucky winner. You could win!

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Upcycled Camera Strap Cover Tutorial Plus Earth Week Giveaway!

It’s amazing what you can do with leftover materials lying around your house. Your closet, for example, is a treasure trove of material perfect for refashion projects. This Earth Week, celebrate by creating upcycled projects that are totally simple to make and useful. Reusing fabric and material you have on hand will not only help you make awesome new projects, it will help reduce your carbon footprint. FaveCrafts is happy to offer up crafty ideas that will inspire you to create with the earth in mind!

Day five of our special Earth Week celebration includes a tutorial for an Upcycled DSLR Camera Strap Cover. With just a few supplies and these easy steps, you can make yourself a lovely little cover free of a heavy price tag.  And since we’re celebrating all things Mother Earth, this project calls for shirt material you already own. It’s time to reduce, reuse and refashion with our friend Calley, from The Eco Chic.

Upcycled DSLR Camera Strap Cover


  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins
  • Fabric measuring approx. 27”X8”
  • Optional: Padding and/or extra fabric for lens pocket


Step 1: Cut a piece of fabric approx. 27”X8” and option lens pocket (to desired size).

Step 2: Place the lens pocket in place at one end of the fabric (on half of the fabric only). Sew around 3 sides of pocket leaving the top open.


Step 3: If you prefer a padded strap you can add the padding to the back at this time. Hem both ends (the 8” width) of the strap cover about 1/2”.

Step 4: Fold the 27” length in half with fronts facing each other and pocket on the inside (it should be folded to approx 27”X4” at this time). Using your lens cap as a guide, measure the desired width and pin both sides of the strap cover. Sew along the length of the fabric being sure to leave the short ends open on each end.

Step 5: Trim the edges and flip so that the right-side of the fabric is now facing out with the pocket at the bottom of one end. Iron flat and feed your camera strap through the cover.

Step 6: You are now a trendy photographer! When taking pictures you’ll never lose your lens cap again because it will be stored safely inside the pocket. Depending on how wide your pocket, you may be able to fit your cell phone in the pocket also.


Note: The sample shown here was not padded but some photographers prefer padded straps. Also, adding elastic to each hemmed end will help keep your strap cover in place.

About the author: Calley is an eco-junkie and mom of 2. I love crafting with repurposed or upcycled materials and have recently taken up photography along with my numerous other hobbies. For more upcycled crafting projects please visit my blog The Eco Chic.

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What’s the most creative thing you’ve made with an old shirt?





Designer Inspired Sewing: Get Knock-Off Patterns That Look Like The Real Deal

These days, designer and store brand clothing and accessories will set you back a pretty penny. We don’t want to forfeit the chance to wear the latest trends but at what cost? With some sewing skill and free knock-off patterns like the ones found in this new eBook, you can have your won versions of the real thing! Instead of spending your hard-earned cash on expensive designer duds, check out these cheaper alternatives. No one will believe you actually made these projects yourself!

Keeping your size, personality and style in mind, our blogger friends have created tutorials that will help you make clothing and accessories like the stuff you see in stores.  Our designer knock off patterns are completely free. They’ll also lead you through each step of the tutorial. Designer knock off patterns don’t have to be complicated. Once you see how simple our designer knock off patterns are to follow along with, you’ll never want to buy another expensive piece at a store again.



Get your FREE copy of the Designer Inspired Sewing: 9 Beautiful Designer Knock Off Patterns eBook.





And for other great knock off patterns, check out these ideas:


Craft Fair Must-Haves: 5 Coin Purses to Make

If you are a creative person who likes to make a little pocket money from your crafts, attending craft fairs is a big part of your lifestyle. It gives you a chance to meet like-minded people, expose your work to the community, and make a little change to spend on more craft supplies (let’s be honest, that’s always the goal). Our friends at Creative Income know all about this. They also know that when it comes to planning for a craft fair, there are several things you need besides an amazing table set up and fun product. One of those things on the craft fair checklist is change. And usually lots of it. Luckily, coin purses can help you keep some of those bills in order. These adorable and easy-to-make purses are just minutes away from being yours.

Cute and Simple Coin Purses

Macaron Coin Purse

Macaron Purse: The following round coin bag is inspired by macarons, a fluffy French dessert that melts in your mouth. This tutorial shows you how to make your own Macaron Purse quicker than it takes to bake the sweets themselves. You can keep your money tucked away safely all day long.





Cute Japanese Coin Purse: To bring some Eastern style to your handmade repertoire, try making this Cute Japanese Coin Purse. This little guy is not only an easy craft to make right before the show, but it’ll help keep you organized during – which is something any crafter can appreciate at busy shows.

Flower Coin PurseFlowered Coin Purse: A cute coin purse in 6 steps sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. Just follow this easy DIY tutorial and watch a simple coin purse transform into a beautiful beaded flower creation. It’s a stylish bag to hold your day’s hard-earned bounty.







Dragonfly Coin Purse or Wallet: An adorable dragonfly coin purse is really easy to make. It will grabbing change a breeze with velcro and a clip to attach to the inside of your backpack or belt loop.

Mini Backpack Coin Purse
Mini Backpack Coin Purse and Key Chain: This quick and fun craft attaches to your keys or purse and helps you keep track of how much money you’ve made during your latest craft fair. Plus, it’s just adorable and another way to show off how incredibly creative you are to all the potential customers.



 That’s not all…

Creative Income has a newsletter that is specially written for crafty people just like you. Discover the latest tips, tricks, and advice on how to navigate your way through the creative world. It’s so easy to subscribe to the Creative Income newsletter that you’ll be wondering why it’s taken you this long!

AllFreeSewing Book Giveaway: Sew What You Love

Author and designer Tanya Whelan is known for her distinct vintage modern aesthetic found in her fabrics and projects. Inside the pages of this bright and cheerful book, readers find 30 simple yet charming project ideas to fall in love with. For the novice sewist to the professional, Sew What You Love delivers lovely ideas ranging from pretty clutches to soft baby toys.

Read the full book review.

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20 DIY Prom Ideas You’ll Love

Prom is almost here, and you know what that means. It’s time to show off those legs, arms, and fancy dresses for the whole school to see. When we are young we think this day will live in infamy, but later on the pictures are almost comical. I remember my senior prom and how excited I was to wear my evening dress.

Looking back, I could have saved a whole lot of money if I had taken the time to make some DIY prom accessories. Jewelry, a bag, shoes, and a dress come out to a pretty spendy tab! Luckily, there are tons of homemade options for those of us that love to get creative and stand out from the crowd.

I scoured the annals of time to find 20 of the best DIY prom ideas to keep your wallet happy and your style flawless. I hope you love them as much as I do.

5 Dazzling DIY Dresses to Make their Jaws Drop

1) This easy video tutorial shows you how to make a prom dress in under 8 minutes. It’s a great option for visual learners that like to follow along with step-by-step instructions.


2) The girl who made this pop tab dress was featured on the local news with her prom date!

3) She also made a Dorito bag prom dress the following year entirely out of empty chip bags.

Dorito Prom Dress

4) A long dress is modest and chic. Check out this quick and easy DIY Maxi Dress.

5) For that princess personality, a video teaches you how to make a ravishing homemade dress using your own two hands.


5 Soulful Shoe Projects for the Centerpiece of your Outfit

1) Jazz up your old wedges with some thumbtacks. You can make your own design or just cover them with metal if you’re going for the rocker look.

2) Lady Gaga is getting married soon. This DIY shoes project is inspired by her wild diva days.
Lady Gaga Inspired Shoes

3) This red and white duct tape dress is a great example of turning drab into fab. Just fold the tape or line the inside so it doesn’t stick to your body.

4) Houndstooth shoes have a classy, vintage look, but they’re really hard to find. Make your own and add a tassel for the cherry on top.

5) For some kicks, get in touch with your inner punk and make these DIY spiked heels.

5 Handmade Jewels to Decorate Your Body

1) Instead of throwing out your candy wrappers, use them to make this cool homemade creation. Not sure how to make a bracelet ? Follow this tutorial.

DIY Wrapper Bracelet

2) Pop tabs can be recycled, but they can also be up-cycled. Find some ribbon and make a funky bracelet.

3) This Yves St. Laurent-inspired ring tutorial is the shiniest  piece around for barely any money.

4) This simple chainmaille project gives you an awesome body chain to adorn your body with chains, emphasizing your freedom to wear whatever you please.

5) Everyone will be wondering about your origins when you wear handmade DNA earrings. You can just tell them that craftiness runs in the blood.

5 Beautiful Bags to Complete the Ensemble

1) This DIY envelope bag came quicker than the post because it came from your creativity.

Celine Trio Bag

2) When used the right way, neckties give a classy vintage look to homemade purses.

3) This Faux Suede and Snakeskin Purse is the coolest DIY purse. The best part about it is that there’s no snake-slaying involved.

4) A Celine-Inspired Trio Bag is simple to make, and it can hold three times as many items.

5) An old cereal box and a faded shirt are all you need to make a boxy purse with a sturdy interior.

What do you think about the Dorito prom dress: tacky or fantastic ?

19 Quick & Easy Mother’s Day Crafts

Getting your mom a gift for Mother’s Day might have stumped you in the past, but this time it won’t. We’ve rounded up a wide variety of sewing projects to show your mother just how much you care on this most special of days. It’s been said that the mother-daughter relationship is like apple pie: a lot more complicated than it looks. Luckily, these tutorials are all simple enough to master in less than a weekend.

Don’t worry if you are a beginner at sewing. There is nothing these step-by-step instructions cannot teach you! If you would rather keep a distance from the sewing machine, you’re in luck; there is an entire no-sew section just for you. Forget the department stores and get crafting today with these fun and easy Mother’s Day gift ideas.

 30 Free Sewing Patterns for Women: Mother's Day Gift Ideas

DIY Accessories

Buttoned Tablet Cover

Buttoned Tablet Cover: If your mom likes technology and gadgets, she’ll love this crafty and convenient tablet cover.



Gyme Tote Bag Tutorial

Gym Tote Bag Tutorial: Sporty mothers are such great role models. Let’s give them bags to make their lives easier.





Homemade Clothing

How to Sew Pajama Pants


How to Sew Pajama Pants: Make your mom’s dreams come true with these comfortable, roomy, and easily-adjustable pajama pants.




Ice Cream Social Skirt

Ice Cream Social Skirt: This ice cream social skirt will flutter and flow in the breeze when your mother wears it to the ice cream parlour.






DIY Jewelry Patterns


Pretty Fabric Chandelier Earrings

Pretty Fabric Chandelier Earrings: For a fantastic accessory, these fancy earrings should do the trick.





Linen Jewelry Travel Bag

Linen Travel Jewelry Bag: On-the-go moms could use a drawstring bag to hold precious jewelry items.








Easy No-Sew Craft Projects


Effortless T-shirt Headband

Effortless T-Shirt Headband: This headband is made from a recycled t-shirt sleeve and is essential for the active mother.



Easy and Cheap Apron

Easy and Cheap Apron: A no-sew apron is perfect for all your mother’s delicious kitchen endeavors.




Check out these other great projects for Mother’s Day!

  1. 30 Free Sewing Patterns for Women: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas
  2. Zig Zag DIY iPad Cover
  3. Tea Time Mug Rug Tutorial
  4. Manicure Travel Kit

What is the best Mother’s Day gift you have ever received? Was it homemade?


AllFreeSewing Book Giveaway: Weekend Sewing

Weekends are meant for relaxing and spending time doing things you enjoy. For the busy sewist, Weekend Sewing offers more than 40 beautiful and quick sewing projects that can be completed within two days. Inside the pages of this creative collection the reader is led through step-by-step instructions to make blouses, scarves, bags and more. Designer Heather Ross presents lovely projects complete with pullout patterns that help execute the project.

Read the full book review.
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The contest ends April 1, 2013. You can enter to win every day so keep coming back to increase your chances!