13 Cheerful Cross Stitch Patterns

Need a little pick-me-up or got a case of the blues? We all know that crafting is a great stress-reliever and cross stitch is one of our favorite crafting activities. These cross stitch patterns are so cheerful, they’re bound to put a smile on anyone’s face and they’re sure to be a joy to make. Pursue the list, and maybe you’ll find a cross stitch pattern you’ll want to make on your next rainy day!

13 Cheerful Cross Stitch Patterns


Oh Hi! Free Embroidery Pattern: this cross stitch pattern lets you display a cheerful greeting for all to see!

Oh Hi! Free Embroidery Pattern

No Statement Printable Embroidery Pattern: if you’re feeling the opposite of cheery (which we all sometimes do), then let people know with this fantastic design. Show off your personality!

No Statement Printable Embroidery Pattern

Watermelon Cross Stitch Pattern: this watermelon pattern is so wonderful, it reminds us of summer.

Watermelon Cross Stitch Pattern

Photo courtesy of storypiece.net


Ladybug Cross Stitch Pattern: ladybugs are so friendly! This cross stitch pattern also has instructions for those who are just learning the trade and need some good tips.

Ladybug Cross Stitch Pattern

Photo courtesy of sugaridoo.com


DIY or DIE Cross Stitch Pattern: display your love for DIY projects with this undeniably funny pattern. Put it in your craft room for the perfect DIY decor piece.

DIY or DIE Cross Stitch Pattern

Photo courtesy of wecanmakeanything.net


Sparkly Butterfly Pattern: this pretty butterfly is extra pretty because it sparkles! Make a bunch of different-colored butterflies to decorate your wall.

Sparkly Butterfly Pattern

Photo courtesy of sewfrenchembroidery.blogspot.com


French Rose Pattern: channel your inner Belle with this cross stitch pattern. How about a Prince Charming to go along with it?

French Rose Pattern

Photo courtesy of sewfrenchembroidery.blogspot.com


Happy When It Rains Cross Stitch Pattern: prove that the rain isn’t enough to dampen your good mood! This pattern instantly cheers us up.

Happy When It Rains Cross Stitch Pattern

Photo courtesy of hancockshouseofhappy.blogspot.co.uk


Hot Cross Stitch Buns: boy, those are some nice buns! If you’ve got a sense of humor, then this cross stitch pattern is definitely for you.

Hot Cross Stitch Buns

Photo courtesy of makerssociety.com.au


Thankful for Pie Cross Stitch Pie Card: we love pie! We think pie is great for many a fine occasion, so we can see ourselves using this card a lot.

Thankful for Pie Cross Stitch Pie Card

Photo courtesy of crafts.tutsplus.com


Embroidered Babushka Doll: this smiling doll is super pretty and really adorable. It’s such a fun cross stitch pattern!

Embroidered Babushka Doll

Photo courtesy of cupcakecutie1.blogspot.co.nz


Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice! Pattern: “Sugar, sugar, honey, honey” we want to put this up in our kitchen and dance all day long to one of our favorite songs! This is the perfect DIY decor for any baker or Archies fan.

Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice! Pattern

Photo courtesy of hancockshouseofhappy.blogspot.co.uk

Together is a Wonderful Place Pattern: the sentiment on this cross stitch pattern is just so sweet (as sweet as sugar?) it’s simply bound to put a cheerful smile on anyone’s face.
Together is a Wonderful Place Pattern


Comment below and let us know, what’s something that always cheers you up?




7 Must-Have Quilt Patterns for the Holiday Season

If you love free quilt patterns, then there’s nothing like putting them to use for the upcoming holiday season. Why? Well, they simply make the best DIY gifts! Who wouldn’t want to receive one of these personal and beautiful quilt designs for Christmas? We want nothing more than to hide under a soft, warm quilt during the winter months enjoying some hot cocoa by the fire. They’re undeniably amazing and an absolute necessity in the winter!

7 Must-Have Quilt Patterns for the Holiday SeasonNot only do these quilt ideas make great handmade gifts, but they’re also the perfect DIY home decor project for the holidays. Hanging up a quilt pattern like this Polar Bear Wall Hanging will instantly make a room look festive. Plus, you get say you made these unique pieces! These free quilt patterns are great for a blank wall in your home. If you feel like the walls are looking bare and need some festive flair, then these quilt patterns are the answer to your dilemma. They are so full of details and creativity — they’re surely the most unique DIY home decor item anyone could make.

If you’re learning how to make a quilt, then try your hand at a seasonal quilt will last you for years to come. These designs range in difficulty level, so they’re great for both experienced and beginner quilters. Feel free to use up fabric scraps with any of these quilt patterns because they’re sure to turn out special and unique no matter what. There’s no other craft project idea like a quilt: they’re one-of-a-kind pieces that will be treasured for years.

7 Must-Have Quilt Patterns for the Holiday Season


Christmas Stars Quilt

Christmas Ribbons Throw

Spinning and Spiraling Christmas Quilt

A Dotty Christmas Quilt Pattern

Christmas Tree Farm Wall Hanging

Polar Bear Wall Hanging

Patchwork Evergreen Quilt


Have fabric scraps? Love making DIY ornaments? These quilt Christmas ornaments are super fun and will compliment any Christmas tree in your home. They also make great DIY gifts or stocking stuffers!

Quilt Christmas Ornaments! 17 Projects to Hang on Your Tree

Quilt Christmas Ornaments! 17 Projects to Hang on Your Tree


Comment below and let us know, which one of these festive quilt patterns is your favorite?

Blog Hop: Pretty Birds Owl Pattern

Today my fellow editor and I embarked on a lovely sewing adventure! We made this little owl from the new Pretty Birds book. Be sure to check out the Blog Hop for a chance to win our copy of this book!

These owls are SEW cute. Learn how to make your own on the blog!

A photo posted by FaveCrafts (@favecrafts) on

Reprinted with permission from Pretty Birds © 2015 Virginia Lindsay, Running Press, a member of the Perseus Books Group.


Photo Credit: Ivan Jones

Owls have long represented wisdom and scholarship. There is something about their unique shape and big round eyes that is just so appealing. Just one warning note—making fabric owls is addictive. I have been doing it for years and I still love it.

These fun little friends are a quick and easy sew, and you can use a variety of fabric combinations. Feel free to use bright and funky colors; the Owl’s shape and features are so distinctive that it’s always obvious what you are making. You can search for all your favorite fabric scraps and use them up for this project. The Owl pattern can be used to make toys, door stops, cable caddies, and fun pillows. Be sure to use good-quality wool felt so the eyes and base do not become spoiled after a few big owl hugs!

Get stitching!

Materials Needed

  • Cotton fabric scraps in 3 colors
  • Wool felt in 2 colors, 1 for eyes and 1 for coordinating with cotton fabrics for base
  • Sewing machine (optional), thread, scissors
  • Polyester fiberfill
  • Needle and thread
  • Separated coordinated embroidery floss
  • 2 ½-in. (1.3-cm) buttons

To download a printable version of this pattern, go to bit.ly/1nw2xgs


Pattern measures

Height: 5 ½ in. (14 cm)

Width: 5 in. (13 cm)

Step 1

Cut out all the pattern pieces according to the guidelines

Step 2

Zigzag stitch the belly piece onto the front body. Switch back to straight stitch and sew on the felt eyes. To handsew, use blanket or overcast stitch then running stitch. The pattern piece has a placement guide to help you.

Step 3

Pin the front and back pieces right sides together. Leave the base open but sew up the side to the point and then back down the other side. Trim the seams down and then clip the fabric at the tip.

Step 4

Turn right side out and press flat. The pattern piece has a guide for sewing the ears. Do this with the sewing machine by marking with pins where you want to begin and end and then just sew a curve above the eyes.

Step 5

Stuff the Owl with polyester fiberfill. Knot the end of a piece of thread and then sew a running stitch around the base of the Owl. Gently pull the thread to gather the fabric together. Secure the gathered fabric with a strong knot.

Step 6

Handsew on the base felt piece to cover up the gathered fabric. Use matching embroidery  floss and a simple running stitch to secure the felt onto the base.

Step 7

To finish, sew the button eyes in place and sew the beak down with a couple of stitches. You can really make the eyes stand out by doing a simple decorative stitch around the circumference of the eyes.

Other Ideas to Try

Small hot-water bottle cover

Because of its shape the Owl is perfect to transform into a small hot-water bottle cover for chilly nights. Consider using heat-insulated batting to give your hot water bottle longer-lasting warmth. You could use flannel and minky fabric for the exterior pieces to create an extra cozy bottle cover. Turn to page 121 for additional templates, QR codes, and full instructions.

Headphone or cable caddy


Illustration: Jess Herbert

Add a simple pocket to the back of the Owl. Use a scrap of fabric 6 ¼ x 9 in. (16 x 23 cm) to make a piece that is 6 ¼ x 4 ½ in. (16 x 11.5 cm). Fold the fabric in half lengthwise, wrong sides together, to make a pocket. Line it up with the base of the back piece and tack it to the sides. In Step 3, sew through the pocket layer when you sew the front and back sides together. Finish the Owl as usual but now you will have a nice little pocket in the back. Keep it on your desk next to your computer!

We love this little owl! Who would you make one for?

Quilting for Life: How to Sew a Quilt

AllFreeSewingWhen people hear the word “quilting,” most automatically assume that it’s an all-encompassing term for the art of sewing together patchwork blankets and nothing more. We over at AllFreeSewing know that isn’t the case and that quilting is so much more than blankets. “Quilting” is the art of sewing together layers of fabric to create a thicker and padded material, and blankets happen to be the most common quilting project. You can make many varieties of home decor and accessories with quilting fabric!

Blankets are the most popular and common, of course, and with good reason. They’re basically one large rectangle that you an create as big or as small as you want, and blankets are always handy in a house, no matter the season. With some sturdier fabric, you can also create a picnic blanket! You can also create smaller quilted pieces, like table runners, place mats, tablecloths, oven mitts, pot holders, and coasters. If you’re also looking to create some great quilted accessories, try your hand at some sturdy quilted bags; they provide the durability of fabric but with added strength.



The classic quilted project – an actual quilt. Whether you’re looking to make a smaller baby quilt or a larger one to fit over an adult bed, you can find all the inspiration you need with these classic quilting squares and patterns.

Starflower BlockButterfly Garden Quilt 

Adorable Pinwheel Quilt

Starflower Block Tutorial

Spin on the Pinwheel Block


Home Decor

Does your kitchen need a makeover? Sew up some great DIY home decor pieces with these easy quilting projects. Choose between table runners, over mitts, and pot holders for a fab new look!

2 Hour Stack and Slash Table Runner
2 Hour Stack and Slash Table Runner

Tea Time Mug Rug

Scrap Happy Table Runner

Reversible Quickie Coaster

Scrapbuster Fall Pillow


Quilted Bags and Purses

A fabric bag is very durable, and it’s very easy to make. In order to be sturdy enough to carry, say, groceries home from the store or market, the fabric needs to be thick and strong. You can even make smaller cosmetic bags to contain all your makeup when traveling.

Chevron Purse

Fat Quarter Bag

Chevron Purse

Quintessential Quilted Bag

Quilted Clutch Purse

Quilted Cell Phone Pouch




A Quilter's Ark
BONUS – Can’t get enough quilt block patterns? AllFreeSewing and Martingale are teaming up to give away A Quilter’s Ark! Full of animal quilt block patterns, A Quilter’s Ark is the perfect pattern book for the animal lover in your life. With over fifty animals to choose from, the quilt possibilities are endless! Enter daily from 4/14 – 4/28 to win!




What’s your favorite quilting project?


How to Make a Tutu + More Tulle-riffic Crafts

How to Make a Tutu + 4 Tulle-riffic CraftsThe saying goes that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but I think when it comes to accessories, the tutu is seriously underrated. Tons of little girls love flaunting their fabulous tutus every chance they get. In fact, I know quite a few that tell me dress up time is all the time!

Whether your little princess doesn’t own a tutu or already owns twenty, you can learn how to make a tutu she’s never seen before with the help of these simple tutorials. Weary sewists, never fear. Scroll all the way through this post to learn how to make a tutu without sewing!



Basic DIY Tutus

1-Hour TutuSo you’ve decided to jump into the tulle-riffic world of making tutus. Congratulations; your adorable adventure starts here! All of these DIY tutu tutorials will teach you everything you need to know to get started, even if you’ve never tried making a tutu before. Dive into these easy sewing projects and learn how to make a tulle tutu:

 How to Make a Tutu for Everyday Wear

How to Make a Tutu DressTutus are more than just a whimsical accessory to add to your child’s outfits. Truthfully, little girls can (and will) wear their tutus any time they want, but if you’re going somewhere with a dress code, their super-poofy tutu might not blend in. Thanks to these easy sewing projects, you can let your child wear their love for tutus on their sleeve….or, rather, on their shirt. Learn how to make a tutu they can wear anywhere:

Homemade Costumes with Tutus

Mystical Mermaid TutuWe’ve already determined that dress up time is all the time, so I’m sure you’ll agree that there’s no need to save your child’s costume tutus for a special occasion. Allow your child to unleash her imagination any day of the week with any one of these adorable DIY tutus:

How to Make a Tutu the Easy Way

No-Sew Fairy TutuIf your sewing skills are a little lackluster, don’t fret; you can still learn how to make a tutu! These no-sew projects will help you outfit your little princess in her own fabulous tutu.



BONUS! Other Tutu-Inspired Projects

Fluffy Tutu and Button Wall ArtFeeling inspired by all these DIY tutu tutorials? Dress your little girl’s room to match her tulle-riffic style with any one of these decorative crafts!


Which one of these DIY Tutus is your favorite?

Working With Faux Furs + 1 Big Announcement

It was a pretty typical day in the office until – GASP – a package arrived to the editors of AllFreeSewing. If you’re a FaveQuilts fan you’re surely familiar with Shannon Fabrics. Like a swarm of bees who spotted fennel amongst a barren wasteland, we were all over the package from Shannon Fabrics. What could it be? A cuddle kit? Something Suessian? Oh no, something much better…

Faux Fur Kits.

You can imagine how excited sewing editors get when they receive products to try, and I was ecstatic at the opportunity to test run the Sadie Fur Throw & Pillow Cuddle Kits. Before my fellow colleagues could snatch these gems away from me I hurried home and started work on what is now an object of envy in my family. Read on to see how I worked with these gorgeous kits, then look down below for one big announcement!

Sadie Fur Throw Cuddle Kit

Let me tell you, I was most excited to get my hands on this bear of a kit the moment I set eyes on it. The first few minutes with this decadently soft textile was like a dream.




Taking out the pre-cut sheets of fabric for the faux fur throw was like watching a monster emerge from its lair.



fur-6   fur-9

Since I’m no self-proclaimed faux fur expert, I was very relieved to find helpful tips and tricks from Shannon Fabrics wrapped up with the materials to put the throw together.

I was curious over what the backing would look like to this piece, and was thrilled to find a complementary solid brown to the wild, animal print front piece.

fur-11    fur-15

Here the two pieces are side-by-side.


After prepping the faux fur with a light wash, it was time to get started. Shannon Fabrics suggests sweeping a yard stick over your fur pieces once they’re aligned so that the direction of the fabric matches.


Seam allowance for this type of fabric is about 1/2 an inch.




For rounded corners, simply use a 9″ plate.




The rest of this assembly was easy as pie. The only challenge I had sewing this throw was holding it up with my little sewing table.



Do NOT forget to take out all of the pins before sewing your throw closed.




Et voila! A gorgeous, seductively snugly throw.




Sadie Fur Pillow Cuddle Kit

Obviously after creating the larger throw, putting the pillow together took no time at all.

Again, the moment I took the kit pieces out of the wrapping was dream-like.



This process is exactly like the larger throw. You’ll want to pin 1/2″ seam allowance after you’ve faced your right sides together.




I opted for harder, square corners for the pillow, just to switch it up. That really only affected me while sewing. If you’re new to sewing, square corners mean rotating your fabric 45 degrees, make a couple of stitches, then finishing the turn to a full 90 degrees to begin on the next side.




Remember again that those pins need to be removed! I certainly didn’t sew one in because the faux fur was so luxuriously concealing.


Pull your pillow case right side out, and hand sew the opening shut.

fur-44  fur-45

I thought it was hard keeping my co-workers away from the kit before it was finished. I didn’t count on them trying to take it afterwards! The Sadie Faux Fur Throw & Pillow are huge hits at the office, and we’re thrilled to offer you the opportunity to win these kits!

Want to win the Sadie Fur Throw & Pillow Cuddle Kits?

You can! Enter the Fabulous Faux Fur Pillow and Throw Kits Giveaway here every day until March 31st and you could have your own incredibly soft, faux fur set! Read the review for the Sadie Fur Throw Cuddle Kit right here; then, read the review for the Sadie Fur Pillow Cuddle Kit right here! Good luck!

Have you ever made anything out of faux fur before?

Oscars 2014: How to Sew a Red Carpet Dress

AllFreeSewing.comThe Oscars are a time each year to honor Hollywood’s biggest names for their work, but they’re also the best time to see some of the best (and worst) in fashion walk down the red carpet. The awards themselves are very important, but the fashion choices almost always overshadow the winners. People will share their reactions to the awards, but the conversations will ALWAYS veer towards, “Yeah, and did you see the dress she was wearing?!”

For me, it’s a night where I get to get all dressed up in my Target-chic glitzy outfit and go to my friend’s apartment for her annual Oscar party. Everyone gets red carpet ready, and we have our own little photoshoot before gathering around the TV in time for the actual red carpet. For us, the awards themselves are important, but they do take a backseat to what everyone is wearing and how everyone looks.

Oscar style is always glamorous and indulgent; some celebs choose to go with a long and sleek silhouette while others take advantage of the event to rock something more outrageous and a bit less “safe.” If you’re looking to create your own Oscar-worthy ensemble for your own Oscar party, AllFreeSewing is the place for you! We’ve sought out our more glitzy projects to share with you for some inspiration.


Mix and Match

If you aren’t ready to take your look to full-blown Oscar-level and want to look a little more subdued, you can still look stylish and fancy. The best part about these outfit pieces is that you can mix and match them with anything. You can wear the black peplum top with the white lace skirt, and you have a timeless look that works for both an Oscar party and a work outfit. Incorporate these pieces with what you already own for even more styling options!

Sequined Mini Skirt15 Minute Lacy Blazer

Elizabeth Taylor’s Favorite Lace Skirt

Gold Trim Cardi Detail

Enchanting Tulle Skirt 

Ravising Peplum Refashion

Sequined Mini Skirt 


Glam Accessories

Don’t forget the accessories! As you’re getting yourself all dolled up, don’t forget a clutch to hold a mirror and your emergency lipstick and the appropriate scarf or wrap to keep you warm this chilly winter. The right accessories can add the proper Oscar glitz to just about any accessory, so don’t be shy!


DIY Envelope ClutchOn the Go Designer Purse

DIY Fancy Lace Clutch

Lined Sequin Clutch

DIY Envelope Clutch


Scarves and Stoles

Faux Fur Collar

Infinity Bow Wrap 

Faux Fur Collar 

How to Sew a Faux Fur Stole




Red Carpet Ready!

Are you ready to go all out with a fabulously fancy dress? These dresses are all fit for a fantastic party. Depending on the mood of the night, choose a sleek and simple long gown, or you can go shorter and tighter to have a dress with a little more party in it.

Tiered Gown

DIY Little Black Dress 

Tiered Gown 

Golden Goddess Gown 

Bachelorette Party Dress

New Year’s Resolution Party Dress 

Draped Maxi Dress 

Putting on the Glitz LBD

Femme Fatale Cocktail Dress 



Check out these gorgeous dresses and amazing glitter pumps I came across while looking up Oscar inspiration? They all come from Suzannah from Adventures in Dressmaking!

 DIY Christian Louboutin Glitter Pumps Red Skater DressSilk Party Dress

DIY Christian Louboutin Glitter Pumps // Red Skater Dress // Silk Party Dress

Are you more excited for the awards or the fashion of the Oscars?


How to Sew Pincushions: Adorable Fabric Patterns

AllFreeSewingPincushions: For any sewist, they’re super useful and highly essential. Without them, you would lose track of your pins, or you wouldn’t have them at hand when you needed them the most. Can you imagine placing them near your machine and having them just roll off the table? You could easily prick your foot with one, and you certainly would have a hard time finding it amidst your carpet threads. Really, they’re one of the unsung heroes of the art of sewing. Wouldn’t you agree?

A pincushion, much like a family pet, takes on the characteristics of the sewist who owns one. Ranging from simple and basic to more elaborate and quirky, there are countless options in terms of pincushion style. There are some sewists who just want something simple to sit near their sewing machine, something that simply holds the pins they need – being practical about your pincushion is totally fine. There are also the sewists on the other end of the spectrum, those who don’t want a simple pincushion, those who treat the creation of their pincushion like an art masterpiece.

For those in both camps, we at AllFreeSewing have found our favorite pincushions to make. If you haven’t given much thought to a crazy-cute pincushion before, maybe these adorable designs will inspire you! I mean, why have a boring spherical pincushion when you can have one shaped like a sunny-side up egg or a zombie?


Simple and Practical

These are basic pincushions – no frills or anything too complicated.

Easy to Make PincushionQuick Pieced Pincushion TutorialDoily Pin Cushion

Quirky Designs

For those who want a challenge, or who want their own little pin-friend next to them as they sew, here are our favorite quirkier designs.

Porcupine Pin CushionBitty Bug PincushionBirdie PincushionTurtle Pincushion

We also came across these adorable animal pincushions online! How cute are they?

Book Giveaway

Pincushion Appeal

Have I convinced you to try and make a cute pincushion yet? You can also enter an exciting giveaway for your own copy of Pincushion Appeal: Patterns for Pincushions to Make You Smile. This book of eight unbelievably cute pincushion patterns has full templates and color photos to walk you through the steps needed to make your own pincushions. Enter between 2/17 and 3/3 here for your chance to win! Good luck!


What does your pincushion look like?


Sew Mad: Mad Men Inspired Free Sewing Patterns

AllFreeSewingI’m obsessed with Mad Men. It took a while for it to grow on me, but when it did, I marathon-watched the seasons day after day to get caught up. Like everyone else, I’m in love with all the fashions of the time; the pencil dresses and made-up hair and makeup on the women and the perfectly tailored suits and slicked back hair on the men so classy and glamorous.

With the first half of the seventh and final season airing in the spring of this year (the second half doesn’t air until 2015 – if you can possibly wait that long), it’s time to start getting excited for the beginning of the end of an era. We at AllFreeSewing have found some great 1960s vintage, Mad Men-inspired sewing patterns. Whether you’re on the hunt for some great throw-back skirts and dresses or headbands and clutches, we have a pattern that will suit your needs. If the home decor of the time has inspired you, we’ve also included some great curtain and kitchen patterns for you.


For the Ladies

Ladies of the 1960s enjoyed both snug-fitting pencil dresses and skirts and flared out floor-length dresses. They would adorn their hair and hands with properly placed headbands and gloves to always look perfectly put together. Bring out your inner Joan, Peggy, or Betty with these vintage sewing patterns. There are even some patterns for the little Sally Draper in your life!

Mulberry Style Paperbag Skirt

Bow Belt Tutorial
Elizabeth Taylor’s Favorite Lace Skirt
Mulberry Style Paperbag Skirt
Polka Dot Skirt
The Perfect Peggy Skirt
Graceful Dress Pattern
Marilyn Pencil Skirt
Vintage Heirloom Dress
DIY Fancy Lace Clutch



For the ‘Gents

Men, don a finely tailored suit and slick back your hair and you’re good to go. The go-to style for men and boys is prim and polished suits and vests with neat ties.

The Boy VestHow to Sew a Single Placket
The New Yorker Boys’ Peacoat
The Boy Vest
Handsome Rob Necktie
The Eddie Cap
The Man Cowl




DIY Accessories for the Home

Do you want to transform your kitchen to one of the ’60s? These home decor choices have that perfect throw-back vintage feel that will do just the trick!

Betty Draper Inspired Hostess Apron

Betty Draper Inspired Hostess Apron
Mad Men Embroidered Kitchen Towel
Kitchen Curtains with Gingham Bows
Easy Ruffle Apron
Reversible Breakfast Tablecloth





Which character’s style do YOU most envy?


How to Embroider: Learning About Embroidery Stitches

AllFreeSewingThe art of embroidery is an intricate and delicate one. Using a needle and a string of yarn or thread to slowly hand-stitch a design can be daunting to grasp. Some designs can be fairly simple, so a beginner can easily fumble around and slowly practice. Once you’re comfortable in the more basic areas of embroidery, you can move on and try more advance patterns, which can be more intricate and time-intensive. The more elaborate the design, the more careful you have to be. AllFreeSewing is a great resource for all types of embroidery projects, so you can sharpen your hand-stitching skills no matter your current level.

You can embroider pretty much anything out there that’s fabric! You can personalize pillowcases, washcloths, and even clothes with a single needle and thread. Whether you hand-stitch directly into the fabric or you create an applique to attach later, embroidery is a great way to learn the finer points of sewing. Check out some of our favorite embroidery projects and make a few today!


Needle Organization

Once you get the hang of embroidery, you’ll probably want to own a few needles of different sizes, and then store them in a way so you don’t lose them. These needle cases are just that!Storybook Needle Case

Matryoshka Needle Case Tutorial

Embroidered Needle Book

Storybook Needle Case


Around the House

Many people take very simple items around the house, like dish towels or pillowcases, and add some embroidery to them. That way, you have a unique and decorated fabric piece that you crafted to your specifications.

Patriotic Summer Ruffles Set Dishtowel

Patriotic Summer Ruffles Set Dishtowel

Embroidered Recipe Card Holder

Ribbon Embroidery Pillow Cases

Embroidered Apple Tree Pillow

Bird Lover Embroidered Coaster

Grandmother’s China Embroidered Pillow

Embroidered Box Curtains

Embroidered Envelope Pillow



Clothing and Accessories

Just like with items around the house, you can take any accessory or piece of clothing and add your own stitched embellishments to it. Take a bag or purse and use your needlepoint skills to add a fun design, or add some flair to a fuzzy pair of tights. The possibilities are endless!

Dotty Embroidered ToteDotty Embroidered Tote

Don’t Shoot the Messenger Bag

Embroidered Dog Tee

Bunting Inspired Winter Gloves

Embroidered Fabric Wristlet

DIY Embellished Tights Tutorial

Hand Embroidered Baby Bib



Hoop Stitching/Wall Art

You can easily create a hangable work of art using embroidery, so let these great projects show you how! All you need is a piece of fabric to stitch your design into and a way to hang it; you can frame these projects with a typical photo frame or with a circular hoop.

Embroidery Hoop ArtLabor of Love Freezer Paper Embroidery

Baby Name Embroidery Pattern

Delicate Flowers Embroidery Pattern

Labor of Love Freezer Paper Embroidery




Bonus giveaway!

Learn to Embroider with the Best of Leisure Arts

Let Leisure Arts help you learn to embroider with their Learn to Embroider with the Best of Leisure Arts! Full of full color photographs and easy-to-access templates, this book will show you how to hand-embroider fantastical designs onto your everyday items. Enter to win a free book that’s full of embroidery patterns and inspiration. The contest runs from 1/20/14 – 2/3/14. Enter today!




What are you going to embroider?