How to Sew a Skirt to Get the Job: Interview Attire

We’ve all been there. You’ve got a job interview coming up and you have no idea what to wear. First of all, relax, you’re smart enough for the position and if they can’t see that then you don’t want to work with them anyway!

Second of all, instead of using your precious pennies on a new skirt, save some money and learn how to sew a skirt that you’ll look and feel comfortable in. Half of the hurdle of an interview is overcoming your nerves, and with these free sewing tutorials you’ll be notably more confident in your ability to put your best foot forward.

1. Anthropologie Ruffled Skirt Tutorial

For the girl who likes a little bit of flair and not just a straight edged pencil skirt, learn how to sew this Anthro-inspired piece.

Anthropologie Ruffled Skirt Tutorial

2. Mulberry Style Paperbag Skirt

If you’re not the world’s best seamstress, consider this easy DIY skirt to get a whole new look that will make you look chic and fabulous.

Mulberry Style Paperbag Skirt

3. Ruched Pencil Skirt

Certainly one of our favorite finds of late on the big, bad, worldwide web, we think this alternative take on the typical pencil skirt is fabulous. Many thanks to 2nd Story Sewing for sharing it!

Ruched Pencil Skirt

4. The Charlotte Skirt

A low-waist skirt can still take a tip or two from the good old days. We love how this sewn skirt tutorial involves a asymmetrical ruffle along the hem for a clean but fun look.

The Charlotte Skirt

5. Ruffled Peplum Skirt Tutorial

Go atypical when you learn how to sew a skirt by placing the ruffles at the waist instead of on the bottom hem.

Ruffled Peplum Skirt Tutorial

6. Anthropologie Work Skirt

For a lengthening accent, sew a ruffle down the length of your sewn skirt. We love this Anthro knock-off that shows you how to make this charming piece.

Anthropologie Work Skirt

7. How to Make a Scalloped Front Skirt

One of the earliest projects hosted on AllFreeSewing, this scalloped skirt is still a favorite. Learn how to sew a skirt that’s completely classic by following this tutorial.

How to Make a Scalloped Front Skirt

8. Knit DIY Pencil Skirt

There is always this classic solution to your wardrobe woes. You might be the type that feels great in a classic, uncomplicated piece, and that’s exactly what this sewing tutorial provides.

Knit DIY Pencil Skirt

Whether you’re learning how to sew a skirt for an interview for yourself or a loved one, these tutorials are a sure bet to boost your confidence. If you’re looking for more types of skirts, check out our updated collection of fave pieces right here. We’re wishing you great luck in your upcoming interview!

What did you wear to your first job interview?

Color Blocking and Upcycled Clothing Ideas

9 Ways to Transform Old T-Shirts

Color blocking is slated to come back in full force over the next few months. As the sun comes out and our world gets just a bit brighter, our clothes should be doing the same. Color blocking is an amazing way to wear bright, stunning colors while still looking chic. Plus, many color blocking pieces are extremely flattering and slimming. Mostly black pieces can really help you look trim and adding color blocking to those pieces means you do not have to sacrifice flair. Whether you are looking for a color block dress pattern or searching for a DIY t-shirt reconstruction, one of these 9 Color Blocking and Upcycled Clothing Ideas will surely become a staple in your already fantastic wardrobe.

I personally love color blocking on clothes. It never really goes out of a style and always looks timeless and vintage. One of my favorite dresses in my closet is a mod color blocked dress that features big splashes of blue. Plus, color block pieces are so simple that you can pretty much pair them with anything. If you like big jewelry, you can go totally 80s with chunky, costume jewelry. If you are more of a subtle girl, you can wear a simple pearl necklace with a color blocked piece to look like a sassy Audrey Hepburn.

I have compiled these particular projects together because they combine my love of color blocking and bright colors with my love of t-shirt reconstruction. Many of these mod and fab pieces are created by upcycling t-shirts and other clothing. I just love to be able to give new life to an old piece. It saves you money and gives you a sassy new wardrobe in the process.

15 Minute Tuxedo SkirtColor Block Dress and Skirt Projects

Refashioned 1960s Mod Dress
Color Block T-Shirt Dress
Tank Top Make Over Dress
15 Minute Tuxedo Skirt (Pictured left)
How to Make a Skirt Longer
Party-Ready Jersey Dress Tutorial


Thrifty Refashioned Infinity ScarfOther Color Block Upcycled Projects

Thrifty Refashioned Infinity Scarf (Pictured right)
Draped Color Block Tee
Color Block DIY Pants



What other 60s trend do you wish would come back in full force?

50+ Cheap & Classy Anthropologie Knock-Off Crafts

anthropologie-knock-off-craftsI am absolutely obsessed with the store Anthropologie. It is one of those stores that I can spend hours wandering around in, browsing their beautiful collections, and lusting over being able to decorate my whole apartment and wardrobe with their products. I remember the first time I walked into an Anthropologie. I felt like I had found the holy grail of unique items. Every single item was funky and fun. I just about went wild picking out item after item. When I finally looked at the price tags, I realized I would bankrupt myself. After that, I turned to DIY home décor ideas and easy sewing projects instead. These 8 Cheap & Classy Anthropologie Knock-Off Crafts will knock your socks off. All of these fab items look just like their counterparts at the famous boutique. Luckily, these Anthropologie knock-off crafts will fit into just about anyone’s budget.

Anthropologie Knock-Off Crafts for Your Wardrobe

  1. Chevron Inspired DIY Purse: I just love the pattern of this purse. I would make this my go-to bag in a heartbeat. How could you not? It will match practically anything.
  2. Thrifty Anthropologie Ruffled Hem Sweater: This Anthropologie knock-off looks exactly like the original for half the price.
  3. Anthropologie Maxi Skirt: I am so ready for winter to go away so I can start wearing my DIY maxi skirts again
  4. Anthro Striped Knock-Off Top: I love the new patchwork style that is getting so popular. It is so much fun to mix patterns with a sleek pair of jeans. This Anthropologie knock-off is so chic and rustic.
  5. Anthropologie Ruffled Skirt Tutorial
  6. Fabulous Anthro Inspired Shirt
  7. Anthropologie Work Skirt
  8. Anthropologie Inspired Camisole
  9. Anthropologie-Inspired Esplanade Halter Top

If you love these Anthropologie knock-off crafts, you will love these 9 Printable Knock-Off Patterns.

Anthropologie Knock-Off Crafts for Your Home

  1. Anthropologie Inspired Pintuck Pillow: This pillow would look so classy in your bedroom.string-art-ampersand-anthropologie
  2. DIY Anthropologie Orimono Pillow : This is hands-down my favorite Anthropologie knock-off. I love the colors. I love the patchwork. I love how it looks just a little bit vintage. I just love it.
  3. Anthropologie Smoldering Hues Shower Curtain: Colorful bathrooms are so under-rated. I absolutely love this fuchsia piece of DIY home décor.
  4. Anthropologie Inspired String Letters
  5. Anthropologie Inspired Love Pillow
  6. Anthropologie-Inspired Spring Tea Towels
  7. DIY Anthropologie Inspired Bolster Pillow
  8. Anthropologie Knock-Off Comforter
  9. Anthropologie Inspired Confetti Pencils
  10. Anthropologie Inspired Recipe Binder
  11. Anthropologie Inspired Holiday Mug
  12. Anthro Inspired Snow Globes
  13. Anthropologie Inspired Tree Topper
  14. Anthro Penmanship Gift Tags
  15. Anthro Inspired Lampshade

Anthropologie Jewelry Knock-Off Crafts

  1. Anthro Knock-Off Akela Necklace: It is insane how expensive one little piece of jewelry at Anthropologie can be! Luckily, this lovely necklace is a quick and cheap craft.anthro-diy-earrings
  2. Anthropologie Knockoff Tealights Bracelet
  3. Anthro Knockoff Tassel Earrings
  4. Knockoff Anthropologie Beaded Bracelet
  5. Knockoff Anthropologie Necklace
  6. Anthropologie-Inspired Bib Necklace
  7. DIY Anthropologie Purl One Bracelet
  8. Anthro Knockoff Earring Tutorial
  9. Anthropologie Knockoff Butterfly Necklace
  10. Anthro Lantana Brooch Bracelet Knockoff
  11. Anthropologie Inspired Vintage Bracelet
  12. Anthro-Inspired Vintage Brooch Necklace
  13. Dollar Store Anthro Spectacle Necklace
  14. Anthro Knockoff Ribbon Necklace
  15. Anthropologie Inspired Limitless Strands Necklace
  16. Into the Woods Anthropologie Necklace
  17. Anthropologie Knockoff Hardware and Bead Necklace
  18. Anthropologie Knockoff Wire Triangle Earrings
  19. Anthropologie Necklace Knock-off
  20. Anthro Power of 3 Knockoff

DIY Anthropologie Knock-Off Accessories

  1. Anthropologie Inspired Ruffle Scarf
  2. Love That Anthro Headband Braid
  3. Anthro-tastic Headband
  4. Anthropologie Inspired Beaded Headband
  5. Anthro Inspired Scarflet
  6. Anthropologie Inspired Headband
  7. Anthropologie Inspired Poppy Mallow Hair Pins
  8. Anthropologie Inspired Fringe Scarf
  9. Anthro Knockoff Elastic Hair Tie
  10. Anthro Inspired Hat
  11. Anthropologie Sweater Headband Tutorial

Are there any stores where you love the products and hate the prices?

National Sewing Month 2013: Daily Posts and Projects


National Sewing Month 2013 Blog Posts & Projects of the Day

Day One – September 1st
Blog Post of the Day: Happy National Sewing Month 2013
Project of the Day: Easiest Lace Skirt Ever

Day Two – September 2nd
Blog Post of the Day: How to Make Stuffed Animals
Project of the Day: Raw Edged Dresden Plate Pillow

Day Three – September 3rd
Blog Post of the Day: Invisible Zippers With Deby Coles
Project of the Day: Sinfully Simple Ruffled Clutch Bag

Day Four – September 4th
Blog Post of the Day: Bias Tape with Melissa from Melly Sews
Project of the Day: Kid Size Football Jersey

Day Five – September 5th
Blog Post of the Day: DIY Jewelry Organizer With Meream
Project of the Day: Portable Hard Drive Case

Day Six – September 6th
Blog Post of the Day: Sewing Social: Easy and Sweet Sewing Patterns
Project of the Day: Kids Top Chef Hat

Day Seven – September 7th
Blog Post of the Day: Sewing Dresses & Apparel Tips from Suzannah
Project of the Day: Sweater Into Infinity Scarf Tutorial

Day Eight – September 8th
Blog Post of the Day: 2-in-1 Art Tote from Made By Marzipan
Project of the Day: U-Shaped Pillow for Baby

Day Nine – September 9th
Blog Post of the Day: Quilted Table Runner from Samelia’s Mum
Project of the Day: Charm Pack Placemats

Day Ten – September 10th
Blog Post of the Day: Sew a Tote With Anna from Charmed Liebling
Project of the Day: Your Go-To Travel Pouch

Day Eleven – September 11th
Blog Post of the Day: How to Sew Hoodies & DIY Sweatshirts for Every Young Man
Project of the Day: Ruffled Fall Table Runner

Day Twelve – September 12th
Blog Post of the Day: Handmade Fall Decorations from Love to Sew Studio
Project of the Day: Fabric Pumpkin Doll

Day Thirteen – September 13th
Blog Post of the Day: Woodland Christmas from Ric Rac
Project of the Day: One Hour Softie

Day Fourteen – September 14th
Blog Post of the Day: While She Was Sleeping on Special Fabric
Project of the Day: The Lady’s Nappy Wallet

Day Fifteen – September 15th
Blog Post of the Day: Hollywood-Inspired Vintage Patterns to Sew
Project of the Day: Fit for Pemberley Dress

Day Sixteen – September 16th
Blog Post of the Day: Pleated Knees from Sew a Straight Line
Project of the Day: Choose Your Own Adventure Jacket

Day Seventeen – September 17th
Blog Post of the Day: Princess Gloves from Blooms and Bugs
Project of the Day: Little Ladybug Costume

Day Eighteen – September 18th
Blog Post of the Day: The Little Belt Bag from Domestic Diva
Project of the Day: Camisole Turned Dress Tutorial

Day Nineteen – September 19th
Blog Post of the Day: Be a Crafter XD on Single-Fold Bias Binding
Project of the Day: Romping Good Time Romper

Day Twenty – September 20th
Blog Post of the Day: Sewing a New Wardrobe on a Budget
Project of the Day: Upcycled Rubber Organizer

Day Twenty-One – September 21st
Blog Post of the Day: Scrappy Fabric Baskets from Threading My Way
Project of the Day: Alice in Wonderland Apron

Day Twenty-Two – September 22nd
Blog Post of the Day: Easy Sewing Projects to Make for Kids
Project of the Day: Comic Book Cushion

Day Twenty-Three – September 23rd
Blog Post of the Day: 4 Ways to Refashion Your Wardrobe from Fleece Fun
Project of the Day: Red Riding Hood Cape

Day Twenty-Four – September 24th
Blog Post of the Day: How to Organize Your Sewing Room
Project of the Day: Wrapping Paper Organizer

Day Twenty-Five – September 25th
Blog Post of the Day: Applique with Becky from Patchwork Posse
Project of the Day: Pattern Full of Posies Skirt

Day Twenty-Six – September 26th
Blog Post of the Day: Flirty Fall Skirt with Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom
Project of the Day: Lady’s Shirred Maxi Dress

Day Twenty-Seven – September 27th
Blog Post of the Day: Watermelon Pencil Case Tutorial from Creating my way to Success
Project of the Day: Giant Pencil Case

Day Twenty-Eight – September 28th
Blog Post of the Day: Sew an Eiffel Tower Heat Bag from A Spoonful of Sugar
Project of the Day: Yo Yo Pattern Weights

Day Twenty-Nine – September 29th
Blog Post of the Day: Install Pillow Piping from The Sewing Loft
Project of the Day: 6 Step Skirt

Day Thirty – September 30th
Blog Post of the Day: 27 Free Clothing Projects for Every Season
Project of the Day: Your DIY Maxi Dress and Skirt: 27 Free Clothing Projects for Every Season


The Top Five Sweetest Summer Dresses to Sew

If you’re like me, you check the weather multiple times everyday. I check it when I wake up, and I check it less than an hour later before I get dressed and leave for class or work. And I most certainly do not go to sleep without checking tomorrow’s weather at least once. This probably seems obsessive (okay, it is obsessive), but I do my best to be dressed weather-appropriate before I head out for several hours. If there’s one thing I can tell you from the numerous weather reports I’ve recently read, it’s that it’s time to break out your summer dresses because the warm weather is on its way.

What’s in style is ever-changing, and perhaps you’re ready to add some new summer dresses to your wardrobe. Let’s be honest, who has ever said they couldn’t use another great dress for the summer? If you’re ready to update your closet, check out these five sweet summer dresses that you can sew to get ready for some fun in the sun.

Easy Breezy Summer Dress for Girls

Easy Breezy Summer DressNothing says “summer is here” like a great floral print dress. You can sew this little number for your little girl in just a few easy steps. Check out the summer dress tutorial to see how you can make this adorable outfit full of ruffly fun.






Stitch in Color Summer Dress

Stitch in Color Summer DressThis sweet summer dress is full of bright, eye-catching colors and features the ever-popular overalls design. Your daughter will love playing and twirling in this soft and comfy outfit you sewed just for her.






Super Easy Summer Dress

Super Easy Summer DressA great summer dress is just a few stitches away with simple patterns like this one. This strapless dress is so easy to make, you might even want to try it in a few different colors. Grab your favorite fabric (or two, or ten) and give this pattern a whirl.






Summer Dress

Summer DressYour next summer dress can be a low-budget, upcycling project. Grab an old plaid shirt and sew away using this dress pattern. There’s no need to spend big bucks when you can sew a sweet dress with recycled materials.






Easy Summer Halter Dress

Easy Summer Halter DressThis sweet summer dress is perfect for any beach getaway. All eyes will be on you when you wear this ensemble, and you’ll love knowing that your great dress was made from your very own handiwork.






Which of these dress patterns do you want to try?

Fun in the Sun! Summer Sewing Projects & Must Makes

Summer is almost here and with the arrival of the new season it’s time to prep for pool parties and beach days. Finally we can do away with the heavy winter coats and scarves and shift focus to bathing suits, beach totes and toys. Whether you’re looking to create summer sewing projects for the kids or yourself, these useful ideas are sure to come in handy. Whip up some of these cool summer necessities and then throw on the shades, sit back and relax.

Easy Summer Sewing Projects:

Pennies Swimsuit

Simply Made Swimwear

A Big Splash Swimsuit TutorialThere’s nothing better than spending a great day at the pool. Catch some rays in style by wearing these DIY swimsuits and wraps. You don’t need the hassle of hussling through department stores in search of a fitting suit. Instead, make your own that will fit your body and your budget. Let’s start with the kids, shall we? A Big Splash Swimsuit is perfect for girls (and parents) who prefer one-piece swimwear. This girls’ summer sewing pattern includes detailing towards the top that makes this a fashionable piece. If it’s thrifty you’re after, this Pennies Swimsuit is right up your alley. Face it, your girl is growing taller everyday; don’t spend a fortune on a suit that won’t fit in a year.Summer Two Piece Swimsuit

Swimsuit Tutorial from Luck & BlissFor the more mature lady there are a lot of swimsuit patterns that you can easily make. Take this easy one-piece swimsuit from Luck & Bliss. It’s easy to make and will give you an opportunity to make a suit tailored to your tastes. A custom look can also be applied to two-piece bathing suits. I love the simplicity of this Summer Two Piece Bathing Suit. It’s easy to make and looks like any piece you’d find in stores.

Cindy Bathing SuitYou’ve got to check out this retro Cindy Bathing Suit from BurdaStyle. This suit is packed with vintage-appeal. Put your sewing skills to the test on this number.

Victoria's Secret Inspired Backless Swim Cover


Beach and Pool Accessories

If you’re looking for a coverup that doesn’t necessarily cover everything, check out this Victoria’s Secret Inspired Backless Swim Cover. I bet you didn’t know you could look so chic without paying through the nose. Whatever size or shape you are, these summer sewing patterns will fit your body and tastes. Make heads turn when you hit the beach in your affordable and cute swimwear.Sun Hat

Boy's SunhatAdmit it: you’re a babe; and beach babes need to accessorize. Try out summer sewing projects that prep you for those rays. This Sun Hat will keep your complexion clear and safe from harmful UV rays. While you’re at it, you might as well make some protective headgear for your little one as well. Check out this Boy’s Sunhat that will keep your boy’s eyes and face safe.

Big and Bold Beach BlanketYou can also make some summer sewing projects to lounge on. I’m wild about this Big and Bold Beach Blanket. It makes a big statement with style. Best of all, this is a craft you can take out every summer.

Can’t get enough of these summer sewing crafts? There are more on our site! There’s plenty of time to get ready for summer so why not dive into your fabric stash and create some summer looks that are totally unique to you?

What’s your idea of perfect swimwear?

Free Dress Patterns for Women: Summer Ideas You’ll Love!

Honestly, does anything trump the feeling you get when you realize it’s officially summer? I don’t know about you, but I look forward to that first taste of summer every year. With outdoor barbeques, pool parties and , you’ve got a a slew of opportunities to sport new dresses. For free dress patterns for women, you’ve arrived at the right place.

Whether you’re looking for some great DIY maxi dresses or skirt patterns, I’ve rounded up some of our most popular free dress patterns for women here. The great thing about dresses? Besides being a comfy, stylish option for almost any get-together, dresses are super fun to make! Show up to any summer event in one of these little numbers and you’re sure to be the hit of the party! Not to mention, these free dress patterns for women are so simple to make, you can make several. This season, build a closet made up of all lovely dresses!

Now imagine sipping on an ice cold lemonade and kicking back with friends while receiving compliment after compliment on your gorgeous handmade dress. Ah, yes – summer is here.


Maxi Dresses

The SoHo Maxi Dress (shown above): This free long dress pattern delivers an outfit perfect for summertime parties and outings.

Coral Dress: Can you believe this adorable dress can be made with a $3 top and some cotton knit fabric?

Vintage Sheet to Maxi Dress: You can achieve both the vintage and the modern look in one dress this season!

Find an entire collection of DIY maxi dresses.

Maxi Skirts


Stripe Play Maxi Skirt (shown above): Combines fun patterns and colors.

DIY Maxi Skirt: Take material you already have and simply dress it up into something new!

The Domesticated Skirt: It doubles up as a skirt and an apron–perfect for a woman who loves cute sewing projects and cute clothes.

Find an entire collection of free maxi skirt patterns.


Free Skirt Patterns

Denim Skirt Refashion (shown above): Do you have a men’s denim shirt? You can quickly turn it into a fashionable denim skirt with this skirt sewing pattern.

Ice Cream Social Skirt: Choose a stylish fabric and this skirt will complement your figure even while you indulge in a creamy treat.

DIY Lace Skirt: It’s a free skirt pattern that will help you create a lovely piece for your spring or summer wardrobe.

Find 14 more free skirt patterns.


For even more free dress patterns for women, check out the 11 Sewing Patterns for Women’s Dresses & Other Pretty Projects eBook.







 What are you looking forward to sewing this summer?

How to Start Sewing

Whether you used to be very familiar with the sewing machine or the two of you have never met, sewing basics never go out of style. Every now and then it’s time for a refresher. Or, if you’re new to sewing, you can use these tricks and tutorials to teach yourself how to sew. It’s a great lifelong skill to have. Not to mention, you can create fun clothing and accessories that will have that special handmade element and won’t break the bank! At first, sewing something may seem overwhelming. If you’re not sure where to start, what supplies you’ll need or even what kind of projects you’d want to make, fear not. We’ve put together this post just for you! Let’s get started, shall we?

Basic Sewing Supplies:

Sewing doesn’t always require a bunch of new purchases. Once you commit to buying quality supplies and tools, you’ll be set for a while. Of course, there are some needles and notions you’ll need as your sewing skills progress. For now, let’s focus on the basics. Here are a few things every sewists needs:


Easy Sewing Tips and Techniques:

Since you’re learning a new skill, you’ll need to pick up on some simple tips and techniques. Below we’ve rounded up helpful sewing tips. Check out these easy lessons before you start sewing. It’s our best advice to any new sewist!

Applique Basics

Bound Seams

Creating Pintucks

Handmade Buttonholes

Sewing Straight Lines


Simple Beginner Sewing Projects:


15 Minute Mouse Pad Wrist Rest – A quick and easy sewing project you can use daily.

20 Minute Skirt Tutorial – A simple skirt project that’s totally wearable.

5 Things to Make with Fat Quarters – Several fun ideas that all require small amounts of fabric.

For an entire collection of easy project ideas, check out this handy round up: 14 Quick and Easy Sewing Projects


How To Sew: Video Tutorials

For all you visual learners, we’ve got video tutorials that were created to help new sewists learn how to pick up the craft. Below you’ll find a few videos we recommend to anyone learning how to sew or even those of you who just need a little refresher. Let Amy Renea, our newest video creator, lead you through a few simple basics you’ll need to know for sewing.


Hopefully we’ve given you enough direction to start sewing. Remember, all you need is a little inspiration and these sewing tips and tutorials to get started. Our sewing site, is constantly updated with new project ideas, tips, video tutorials and more. Check back often to find even more sewing inspiration. You can also subscribe to our sewing newsletter, Sewing It Up and receive the latest on all things sewing right to your inbox!


And while you’re picking up a new craft, why not check out a new project and giveaway everyday in March? We’re celebrating National Craft Month in a big way. Check out today’s post for your chance to win an awesome prize!


What’s your best piece of advice to new sewists?




National Sewing Month: Refashioning and Upcycling

Dear Readers,

It’s National Sewing Month! To celebrate, is hosting a special blog series throughout the entire month. Check back daily for posts featuring our favorite projects, new sewing videos and tutorials, guest blogs from talented designers and more. We’re also giving away a HUGE sewing prize at the end of the month. You won’t believe how EASY it is to WIN!

Leave a comment on any of the blog posts with the headline “National Sewing Month”. Your comment will count as an entry into the giveaway. You are free to comment as often as once per blog post (for a total of 30 chances to win!). At the end of the month, we’ll pool all of the comments together and pick one lucky winner to win the mystery grand prize. And trust us; you want to win this one!

Whether you’re already a sewing enthusiast or new to the craft, our hope is that this September will encourage you to create wonderful sewn projects.

Happy National Sewing Month!

Here’s today’s post:

I have a confession to make: I love thrifting.  More specifically, I love buying vintage dresses, tearing them apart, removing obnoxious shoulder pads and the like, and creating a unique piece that’s truly one-of-a-kind.  My current project is this ultra-80s dress that I found while thrifting in Antioch, Il.  Right now its shoulders rival Mount Everest in height, the waist is big enough to swim in and the skirt is too long (and not in a cute, maxi dress kind of way).  Here’s what it looks like as it is now:

As much altering as it needs, I still LOVE the fabric and since it only cost $5, it will be well worth the time I put into refashioning it.   I don’t have pictures of the finished product just yet (the dress is currently sitting on my sewing table full of pins and pieces of thread) but I can’t wait until it’s finished.

So if you’re like me and you can’t get enough of refashioning clothes, you’ll love what I’m about to show you.  In honor of National Sewing Month and the awesome power of upcycling, here are some stylish projects from AllFreeSewing to add to your sewing to-do list. Enjoy!

Shirty Pillows Tutorial

 Shirty Pillows Tutorial: Isn’t this pillow adorable?  What a great way to use up old t-shirts!

30 Minute Tank Dress Tutorial

30 Minute Tank Dress Tutorial: Who said you need to have mad skills to sew your own dress?  This easy tutorial combines an old tank top with a funky pattern to create the ultimate party or picnic dress in under an hour!


Kate Spade Tank Knockoff

Kate Spade Tank Knockoff: The best part about sewing is how much money you can save!  Why spend $200 on a designer tank top that you could easily make yourself?  If you were one of the many who fell in love with the Kate Spade tank top above, you’ll love this free tutorial that will guide you through making your own for a fraction of the price.

Do you enjoy refashioning clothes?  What is your favorite refashioned project that you’ve ever made? 

National Sewing Month: Watch and Learn on YouTube

Dear Readers,

It’s National Sewing Month! To celebrate, is hosting a special blog series throughout the entire month. Check back daily for posts featuring our favorite projects, new sewing videos and tutorials, guest blogs from talented designers and more. We’re also giving away a HUGE sewing prize at the end of the month. You won’t believe how EASY it is to WIN!

Leave a comment on any of the blog posts with the headline “National Sewing Month”. Your comment will count as an entry into the giveaway. You are free to comment as often as once per blog post (for a total of 30 chances to win!). At the end of the month, we’ll pool all of the comments together and pick one lucky winner to win the mystery grand prize. And trust us; you want to win this one!

Whether you’re already a sewing enthusiast or new to the craft, our hope is that this September will encourage you to create wonderful sewn projects.

Happy National Sewing Month!

Here’s today’s post:

I’m a visual learner. I like to look at pictures and watch videos, especially when it comes to developing a new skill. Sewing isn’t always the easiest craft to master and it’s always nice to hear someone’s voice and watch them complete a project instead of merely reading instructions. That’s why I love AllFreeSewing’s YouTube channel!

With over 40 videos available to view, this channel is so informative and exciting. There are basic tutorials (Sewing 101: Hand Sewing Basics) as well as more complicated projects (How to Make a Baby Quilt). There are even helpful videos on topics like cleaning your vintage sewing machine.

My favorite video on the AllFreeSewing YouTube channel is How to Make a Fabric Box. I just moved in to my first apartment and I’m always looking for fun, unique home decor ideas.

Maureen Wilson‘s step-by-step tutorial is so easy to follow. These boxes are great for bedrooms, living rooms or even a college dorm rooms. Store magazines, books and even blankets in your own , homemade storage bins.

Do you find video tutorials helpful for your projects? Why or why not?