15 Quick Sewing Projects Under 15 Minutes

Quick Sewing Projects

Let’s face it, sewists- you do not have all the time in the world. While we would love to sew for hours on end, life can get in the way. Luckily, you can use quick sewing projects to get your crafting fix in. These quick and easy sewing projects are an excellent way to take a break. Fast projects let you focus for a short amount of time on something besides your worries. These little projects are great stress-busters. If you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed, take a fifteen minute break. Just like a 15 minute power nap, quick sewing projects can help you find a moment of zen and center yourself during a chaotic week. All of the projects in 15 Quick Sewing Projects Under 15 Minutes help you find a sewing moment to yourself.

When I am stressed out, I find that taking just a moment of time for myself can help tremendously. Reading a favorite book, crafting a small project, or even sipping coffee all by my lonesome can help me gain some perspective. The best part about a quick sewing project is that you are being productive, too! So, if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, consider trying one of these fab projects. Enjoy!

Quick Sewing Projects in 5 Minutes

If you have 5 minutes, these insanely fast and insanely cute crafts are the perfect time-waster.

5 Minute Gift Card Holder from Burlap Scraps
5 Minute Halter Top
5 Minute Holiday DIY Headband
5 Minute Pillows
5 Minute Skirt

Quick Sewing Projects in 10 Minutes

If you have just a few more minutes, consider these 10 minute wonders. I’m in love with the 10 Minute Apron Pattern. It is just so cute. Don’t believe me? Look up!

10 Minute Apron Pattern
10 Minute Little Pillow
11 Minute Galaxy Skirt
Braided T-Shirt Headbands

Quick Sewing Projects in 15 Minutes

Fifteen minute projects are hands-down my favorite projects. It is enough time for you to take a serious break from the day. These projects giveyou a craft zen moment without eating up too much of your day. Plus, they’re really handy.

15 Minute Fabric Lunch Wrap
15 Minute Mouse Pad Wrist Rest
15 Minute Pet Bed Tutorial
15 Minute Tissue Box Cover
15 Minute Tuxedo Skirt
Bonjour DIY Bath Mitt

If you love these projects you will love our 32 Quick and Easy Sewing Projects.

When you have 15 minutes to sew, what sort of projects do you reach for?

The Short List: 7 How to Sew Shorts You’ll Love

How to Sew Shorts: 18 Free Shorts Patterns Read more at http://www.allfreesewing.com/Bottoms-to-Sew/How-to-Sew-Shorts-15-Free-Shorts-Patterns#OrADZVfkgDgiyvbJ.99

Wearing shorts is one of my top five favorite fashion choices for the summer. I love being able to feel the sun and the air on my legs without all the extra responsibility of a skirt. I don’t have to worry about wind or crossing my legs just right. I can just enjoy the summer sun comfortably. There’s nothing more freeing than sporting some shorts, flip-flops, and a tee for the day. Summer casual is the best kind of casual. That’s why learning how to sew shorts is such an exciting summer sewing endeavor.

The problem with buying shorts in the store, however, is they just keep getting shorter and shorter. Now I realize shorts should be, you know, short, but do they have to be that short? This is why I have started turning to how to sew shorts tutorials for my summer wardrobe options. When you make DIY shorts from a pattern, you can basically make them as long or as short as you would like. Learn how to jazz up your wardrobe with these amazing how to sew shorts tutorials. Use The Short List: 7 How to Sew Shorts Tutorials to spice up your summer duds.

How to Sew Shorts

Faux Crochet Doily Shorts: I’m loving the lace on these. They are so simple to make and so feminine! Plus, lace-trimmed shorts are huge this season.

DIY Pleated Shorts: Learn how to sew shorts with a classy twist with this tutorial. Wear these pleated DIY shorts with a button-up for a classy brunch or even to work if you make them long enough.

DIY Lace Shorts: Add some length to some cut-offs that are just a little too short with these DIY Lace Shorts.

How to Sew Shorts: Learn how to sew shorts from a pair of old pants with this upcycled sewing tutorial.

Fast and Lazy Linen Shorts: Have an hour to burn? If so, follow this tutorial and you will learn how to sew shorts in under an hour.

DIY Cut Off Jean Shorts: Make the perfect cut offs with this how to sew shorts tutorial.

Simple Shirred Waist Shorts: These are so comfy and so easy. You will not regret sewing them.

Pick one: shorts, capris, or a summer skirt.


Color Blocking and Upcycled Clothing Ideas

9 Ways to Transform Old T-Shirts

Color blocking is slated to come back in full force over the next few months. As the sun comes out and our world gets just a bit brighter, our clothes should be doing the same. Color blocking is an amazing way to wear bright, stunning colors while still looking chic. Plus, many color blocking pieces are extremely flattering and slimming. Mostly black pieces can really help you look trim and adding color blocking to those pieces means you do not have to sacrifice flair. Whether you are looking for a color block dress pattern or searching for a DIY t-shirt reconstruction, one of these 9 Color Blocking and Upcycled Clothing Ideas will surely become a staple in your already fantastic wardrobe.

I personally love color blocking on clothes. It never really goes out of a style and always looks timeless and vintage. One of my favorite dresses in my closet is a mod color blocked dress that features big splashes of blue. Plus, color block pieces are so simple that you can pretty much pair them with anything. If you like big jewelry, you can go totally 80s with chunky, costume jewelry. If you are more of a subtle girl, you can wear a simple pearl necklace with a color blocked piece to look like a sassy Audrey Hepburn.

I have compiled these particular projects together because they combine my love of color blocking and bright colors with my love of t-shirt reconstruction. Many of these mod and fab pieces are created by upcycling t-shirts and other clothing. I just love to be able to give new life to an old piece. It saves you money and gives you a sassy new wardrobe in the process.

15 Minute Tuxedo SkirtColor Block Dress and Skirt Projects

Refashioned 1960s Mod Dress
Color Block T-Shirt Dress
Tank Top Make Over Dress
15 Minute Tuxedo Skirt (Pictured left)
How to Make a Skirt Longer
Party-Ready Jersey Dress Tutorial


Thrifty Refashioned Infinity ScarfOther Color Block Upcycled Projects

Thrifty Refashioned Infinity Scarf (Pictured right)
Draped Color Block Tee
Color Block DIY Pants



What other 60s trend do you wish would come back in full force?

Sewing DIY Home Décor Crafts for Your Kitchen

Kitchen CraftsThese Sewing DIY Home Décor Crafts for Your Kitchen are all adorable projects that cost very little. They will give your kitchen some fun, new personality without breaking the bank. With spring cleaning on the horizon and lovely weather on its way, now is the perfect time to create some easy sewing projects to spruce up your space.

Whenever I do some intense spring cleaning, I always get the urge to do some redecorating along with it. With all this blistery, frozen weather we have been having in the Midwest, I have done a whole lot of my spring cleaning early. Nothing makes me want to clean more than being stuck in an apartment that needs it desperately. My first big clean-out is always the kitchen. I like being able to cook in a spotless arena. This is probably why my kitchen is the funkiest place in my whole apartment.

Whether the tutorial shows you how to make towels, craft a fantastic vintage DIY apron, or sew some sturdy oven mitts to keep your hands safe, these DIY home décor sewing projects are sure to brighten your cooking space.


How to Make Dish Towels Help Your Kitchen Pop

No kitchen can go without some handy dish towels. These DIY home décor pieces are necessary for sudden spills and a little bit of flair. These three DIY dish towels are cute and convenient. Hang them from your stove or towel rack to add some color or style to your space.

  1. Mason Jar Dish Towel Pattern
  2. Sketchy Retro Bicycle Dishtowel
  3. Patterned Pot Holders and Tea Towels
  4. Rick Rack Dish Towels
  5. Fab Feathered DIY Dish Towels

DIY Aprons for the Cute Cook

Why let your kitchen have all the fun? These adorable DIY aprons are all absolutely stunning. Cook in style while wearing one of these funky, vintage aprons.

  1. Simple Vintage Apron
  2. Classic Audrey Hepburn Apron
  3. Adjustable Kitchen Apron

Other Kitchen Crafts

The amount of things you need in your kitchen to wash, cook, stay safe, and keep yourself clean are immeasurable. These are just a few of the darling DIY home décor crafts that we have over at AllFreeSewing.com that you will absolutely love to have in your kitchen.

  1. Quilted Oven Mitts
  2. Vintage Inspired Dinner Roll Holder
  3. Winter Ready Tea Cozy
  4. Grandma’s Secret Recipe Pot Holders

 What kitchen craft can you absolutely not do without?

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50+ Cheap & Classy Anthropologie Knock-Off Crafts

anthropologie-knock-off-craftsI am absolutely obsessed with the store Anthropologie. It is one of those stores that I can spend hours wandering around in, browsing their beautiful collections, and lusting over being able to decorate my whole apartment and wardrobe with their products. I remember the first time I walked into an Anthropologie. I felt like I had found the holy grail of unique items. Every single item was funky and fun. I just about went wild picking out item after item. When I finally looked at the price tags, I realized I would bankrupt myself. After that, I turned to DIY home décor ideas and easy sewing projects instead. These 8 Cheap & Classy Anthropologie Knock-Off Crafts will knock your socks off. All of these fab items look just like their counterparts at the famous boutique. Luckily, these Anthropologie knock-off crafts will fit into just about anyone’s budget.

Anthropologie Knock-Off Crafts for Your Wardrobe

  1. Chevron Inspired DIY Purse: I just love the pattern of this purse. I would make this my go-to bag in a heartbeat. How could you not? It will match practically anything.
  2. Thrifty Anthropologie Ruffled Hem Sweater: This Anthropologie knock-off looks exactly like the original for half the price.
  3. Anthropologie Maxi Skirt: I am so ready for winter to go away so I can start wearing my DIY maxi skirts again
  4. Anthro Striped Knock-Off Top: I love the new patchwork style that is getting so popular. It is so much fun to mix patterns with a sleek pair of jeans. This Anthropologie knock-off is so chic and rustic.
  5. Anthropologie Ruffled Skirt Tutorial
  6. Fabulous Anthro Inspired Shirt
  7. Anthropologie Work Skirt
  8. Anthropologie Inspired Camisole
  9. Anthropologie-Inspired Esplanade Halter Top

If you love these Anthropologie knock-off crafts, you will love these 9 Printable Knock-Off Patterns.

Anthropologie Knock-Off Crafts for Your Home

  1. Anthropologie Inspired Pintuck Pillow: This pillow would look so classy in your bedroom.string-art-ampersand-anthropologie
  2. DIY Anthropologie Orimono Pillow : This is hands-down my favorite Anthropologie knock-off. I love the colors. I love the patchwork. I love how it looks just a little bit vintage. I just love it.
  3. Anthropologie Smoldering Hues Shower Curtain: Colorful bathrooms are so under-rated. I absolutely love this fuchsia piece of DIY home décor.
  4. Anthropologie Inspired String Letters
  5. Anthropologie Inspired Love Pillow
  6. Anthropologie-Inspired Spring Tea Towels
  7. DIY Anthropologie Inspired Bolster Pillow
  8. Anthropologie Knock-Off Comforter
  9. Anthropologie Inspired Confetti Pencils
  10. Anthropologie Inspired Recipe Binder
  11. Anthropologie Inspired Holiday Mug
  12. Anthro Inspired Snow Globes
  13. Anthropologie Inspired Tree Topper
  14. Anthro Penmanship Gift Tags
  15. Anthro Inspired Lampshade

Anthropologie Jewelry Knock-Off Crafts

  1. Anthro Knock-Off Akela Necklace: It is insane how expensive one little piece of jewelry at Anthropologie can be! Luckily, this lovely necklace is a quick and cheap craft.anthro-diy-earrings
  2. Anthropologie Knockoff Tealights Bracelet
  3. Anthro Knockoff Tassel Earrings
  4. Knockoff Anthropologie Beaded Bracelet
  5. Knockoff Anthropologie Necklace
  6. Anthropologie-Inspired Bib Necklace
  7. DIY Anthropologie Purl One Bracelet
  8. Anthro Knockoff Earring Tutorial
  9. Anthropologie Knockoff Butterfly Necklace
  10. Anthro Lantana Brooch Bracelet Knockoff
  11. Anthropologie Inspired Vintage Bracelet
  12. Anthro-Inspired Vintage Brooch Necklace
  13. Dollar Store Anthro Spectacle Necklace
  14. Anthro Knockoff Ribbon Necklace
  15. Anthropologie Inspired Limitless Strands Necklace
  16. Into the Woods Anthropologie Necklace
  17. Anthropologie Knockoff Hardware and Bead Necklace
  18. Anthropologie Knockoff Wire Triangle Earrings
  19. Anthropologie Necklace Knock-off
  20. Anthro Power of 3 Knockoff

DIY Anthropologie Knock-Off Accessories

  1. Anthropologie Inspired Ruffle Scarf
  2. Love That Anthro Headband Braid
  3. Anthro-tastic Headband
  4. Anthropologie Inspired Beaded Headband
  5. Anthro Inspired Scarflet
  6. Anthropologie Inspired Headband
  7. Anthropologie Inspired Poppy Mallow Hair Pins
  8. Anthropologie Inspired Fringe Scarf
  9. Anthro Knockoff Elastic Hair Tie
  10. Anthro Inspired Hat
  11. Anthropologie Sweater Headband Tutorial

Are there any stores where you love the products and hate the prices?

20 Quick and Easy Homemade Gifts


Every once and a while, a birthday, baby shower, wedding, or holiday can sneak up on us. Even those with the sharpest memory can forget a date here or there. If you just realized you are in a pickle when it comes to gift giving, take a deep breath. I have compiled this list of 20 Quick and Easy Homemade Gifts to help you out. No matter who you need to make a gift for, we have plenty of homemade gifts for you to choose from.

I personally love making, giving, and receiving homemade gifts. They are just so thoughtful. It is so heartwarming to know someone put a lot of time and effort into a gift. That being said; making DIY gifts does not have to be time consuming. All of the projects below are quick, easy, and cheap.

Purses for Your Pals

Penny Lane’s Purse
Super Simple DIY Purse
Around Town Tiny Tote
DIY Rug Clutch
Large Tote with Rounded Opening

Bonus! If you love these purses, you will love these 27 Patterns to Sew Purses.

Office Flair for Your Colleague

Journal Cover Tutorial
Never Lost Bookmark
Fabric Book Cover
Make Your Own Binder Cover
Leather Laptop Case

Bonus! Help your workmates stay organized with these 4 Wall Organizers.

Baby Must-Haves for New Moms

Little Man Diaper Clutch
Stylish Baby Change Mat Clutch
The Lady’s Nappy Wallet
Baby Gift Zipper Pouch
Diaper Bag Pattern

Plus: Love these? Then check out our 34 Free Baby Sewing Patterns You’ll Adore!

Toys for Birthday Tots

Super Shark Satchel
Baby’s First Book
Lowly Worm Felt Apple Toy
Easy Travel Toy Car Caddy
Plaid Whale Plushie

Looking for even more sewing patterns for kids? Check out this How to Make Games for Kids: Stuffed Animal Patterns, DIY Toys and Other Goodies They’ll Love list.

Sewing Pretty Little AccessoriesPlus! Enter to win our Sewing Pretty Little Accessories Giveaway!
Crafters and sewists, do you have a massive amount of scrap fabric and materials collecting in your craft room? If you do, this unique book offers a medley of many charming ideas for using up those scraps. Sewing Pretty Little Accessories by Cherie Lee is one of those books that will become a project bible. You will return to it time and time again to find a funky project to create. Whether your scraps are big or small, you will find a precious little project to get started on. Read the full review.


What is your favorite homemade gift to give?

Oscars 2014: How to Sew a Red Carpet Dress

AllFreeSewing.comThe Oscars are a time each year to honor Hollywood’s biggest names for their work, but they’re also the best time to see some of the best (and worst) in fashion walk down the red carpet. The awards themselves are very important, but the fashion choices almost always overshadow the winners. People will share their reactions to the awards, but the conversations will ALWAYS veer towards, “Yeah, and did you see the dress she was wearing?!”

For me, it’s a night where I get to get all dressed up in my Target-chic glitzy outfit and go to my friend’s apartment for her annual Oscar party. Everyone gets red carpet ready, and we have our own little photoshoot before gathering around the TV in time for the actual red carpet. For us, the awards themselves are important, but they do take a backseat to what everyone is wearing and how everyone looks.

Oscar style is always glamorous and indulgent; some celebs choose to go with a long and sleek silhouette while others take advantage of the event to rock something more outrageous and a bit less “safe.” If you’re looking to create your own Oscar-worthy ensemble for your own Oscar party, AllFreeSewing is the place for you! We’ve sought out our more glitzy projects to share with you for some inspiration.


Mix and Match

If you aren’t ready to take your look to full-blown Oscar-level and want to look a little more subdued, you can still look stylish and fancy. The best part about these outfit pieces is that you can mix and match them with anything. You can wear the black peplum top with the white lace skirt, and you have a timeless look that works for both an Oscar party and a work outfit. Incorporate these pieces with what you already own for even more styling options!

Sequined Mini Skirt15 Minute Lacy Blazer

Elizabeth Taylor’s Favorite Lace Skirt

Gold Trim Cardi Detail

Enchanting Tulle Skirt 

Ravising Peplum Refashion

Sequined Mini Skirt 


Glam Accessories

Don’t forget the accessories! As you’re getting yourself all dolled up, don’t forget a clutch to hold a mirror and your emergency lipstick and the appropriate scarf or wrap to keep you warm this chilly winter. The right accessories can add the proper Oscar glitz to just about any accessory, so don’t be shy!


DIY Envelope ClutchOn the Go Designer Purse

DIY Fancy Lace Clutch

Lined Sequin Clutch

DIY Envelope Clutch


Scarves and Stoles

Faux Fur Collar

Infinity Bow Wrap 

Faux Fur Collar 

How to Sew a Faux Fur Stole




Red Carpet Ready!

Are you ready to go all out with a fabulously fancy dress? These dresses are all fit for a fantastic party. Depending on the mood of the night, choose a sleek and simple long gown, or you can go shorter and tighter to have a dress with a little more party in it.

Tiered Gown

DIY Little Black Dress 

Tiered Gown 

Golden Goddess Gown 

Bachelorette Party Dress

New Year’s Resolution Party Dress 

Draped Maxi Dress 

Putting on the Glitz LBD

Femme Fatale Cocktail Dress 



Check out these gorgeous dresses and amazing glitter pumps I came across while looking up Oscar inspiration? They all come from Suzannah from Adventures in Dressmaking!

 DIY Christian Louboutin Glitter Pumps Red Skater DressSilk Party Dress

DIY Christian Louboutin Glitter Pumps // Red Skater Dress // Silk Party Dress

Are you more excited for the awards or the fashion of the Oscars?


Your Dream Sewing Room Come True: Free eBook on How to Organize

At AllFreeSewing, we’re big fans of talking about not only our favorite sewing patterns, but our sewing dreams. More often than not when we chat with readers about what their sewing wish is, they bring up a room for their giant fabric stash, sewing machine, and notions. We heard you, and we responded.

While every sewist in our quaint AllFreeSewing community may not be able to have a designated room in the house, there’s still a space where they keep their fabric, buttons, pins, and more. That’s why we created this brand new and free eBook, 11 Sewing Room Ideas: How to Organize Your Room. You can download your very own copy of this eBook for free. It makes the perfect reference as you tackle your toughest clutter spots in your sewing area. Let’s take a peek at what you’ll find in the new favorite, shall we?

DIY Organizers

11 Sewing Room Ideas: How to Organize Your Room
Whether they’re on your wall or table, organizers are a must-make for any sewist. Even if you’re just getting into the craft, you’ll find an overwhelming amount of fabric scraps from your first project. In this day and age it’s silly to toss precious pieces of fine silk, rayon, or cotton, so why not create a space to store them?

We had a blast pulling projects for this eBook that varied from typical decor crafts. In particular the Lovely Scissor Holder caught our attention as being wonderfully whimsical and completely necessary to saving those fabric scissors from being mixed up with the household ones.

Sewing Room Inspiration

11 Sewing Room Ideas: How to Organize Your RoomWe’ve got another surprise in this eBook. Not only will you find excellent projects from which to redesign your space, you’ll also get a glimpse at how other designers utilized theirs. We fell in love with Christina from 2 Little Hooligan’s makeshift sewing station. Find gorgeous close-up images of this tastefully distressed port and follow suit. For those of us who don’t yet have the dream space for our treasured supplies, this inspiration is a goldmine.

11 Sewing Room Ideas: How to Organize Your RoomSewing-Organizer-eBookDownload Your Free eBook Now!

It only takes a second to get your own copy of 11 Sewing Room Ideas: How to Organize Your Room. There’s no reason to keep dreaming of your organized space; roll up your sleeves and join us as we prepare for the year with this helpful guide.


What does your sewing space look like?


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How to Embroider: Learning About Embroidery Stitches

AllFreeSewingThe art of embroidery is an intricate and delicate one. Using a needle and a string of yarn or thread to slowly hand-stitch a design can be daunting to grasp. Some designs can be fairly simple, so a beginner can easily fumble around and slowly practice. Once you’re comfortable in the more basic areas of embroidery, you can move on and try more advance patterns, which can be more intricate and time-intensive. The more elaborate the design, the more careful you have to be. AllFreeSewing is a great resource for all types of embroidery projects, so you can sharpen your hand-stitching skills no matter your current level.

You can embroider pretty much anything out there that’s fabric! You can personalize pillowcases, washcloths, and even clothes with a single needle and thread. Whether you hand-stitch directly into the fabric or you create an applique to attach later, embroidery is a great way to learn the finer points of sewing. Check out some of our favorite embroidery projects and make a few today!


Needle Organization

Once you get the hang of embroidery, you’ll probably want to own a few needles of different sizes, and then store them in a way so you don’t lose them. These needle cases are just that!Storybook Needle Case

Matryoshka Needle Case Tutorial

Embroidered Needle Book

Storybook Needle Case


Around the House

Many people take very simple items around the house, like dish towels or pillowcases, and add some embroidery to them. That way, you have a unique and decorated fabric piece that you crafted to your specifications.

Patriotic Summer Ruffles Set Dishtowel

Patriotic Summer Ruffles Set Dishtowel

Embroidered Recipe Card Holder

Ribbon Embroidery Pillow Cases

Embroidered Apple Tree Pillow

Bird Lover Embroidered Coaster

Grandmother’s China Embroidered Pillow

Embroidered Box Curtains

Embroidered Envelope Pillow



Clothing and Accessories

Just like with items around the house, you can take any accessory or piece of clothing and add your own stitched embellishments to it. Take a bag or purse and use your needlepoint skills to add a fun design, or add some flair to a fuzzy pair of tights. The possibilities are endless!

Dotty Embroidered ToteDotty Embroidered Tote

Don’t Shoot the Messenger Bag

Embroidered Dog Tee

Bunting Inspired Winter Gloves

Embroidered Fabric Wristlet

DIY Embellished Tights Tutorial

Hand Embroidered Baby Bib



Hoop Stitching/Wall Art

You can easily create a hangable work of art using embroidery, so let these great projects show you how! All you need is a piece of fabric to stitch your design into and a way to hang it; you can frame these projects with a typical photo frame or with a circular hoop.

Embroidery Hoop ArtLabor of Love Freezer Paper Embroidery

Baby Name Embroidery Pattern

Delicate Flowers Embroidery Pattern

Labor of Love Freezer Paper Embroidery




Bonus giveaway!

Learn to Embroider with the Best of Leisure Arts

Let Leisure Arts help you learn to embroider with their Learn to Embroider with the Best of Leisure Arts! Full of full color photographs and easy-to-access templates, this book will show you how to hand-embroider fantastical designs onto your everyday items. Enter to win a free book that’s full of embroidery patterns and inspiration. The contest runs from 1/20/14 – 2/3/14. Enter today!




What are you going to embroider?


The Most Important Sewing Tool

The Most Important Sewing ToolsEveryone has their own go-to tool for sewing, that tool that they can’t sit down without. No one wants to get all ready to go into the sewing zone and then realize that they don’t have their trusty seam ripper or their handy scissors. For some people, that ultimate go-to item might be something else, something that isn’t even sewing related. Maybe it’s your favorite beverage, some good music to listen to, or a good show to watch.

We asked our Facebook fans, “What tool do you ALWAYS make sure you have before beginning a sewing project?”



Common Threads

Scissors:  40
Seam Ripper: 31
Scissors AND Seam Ripper: 9
Sewing Machine/Needles/Thread: 11
Pins: 5
Bobbins: 4
Glasses: 4
Caffeine: 4
Music: 4
Rotary Cutter: 3

Sewing Tools

Celia W. – measuring tape – measure twice cut once
Jenn R. – Enough fabric LOL
Mara P. – tailors chalk (and scissors, they’re necessary too)
Brenda H. – All of them. It’s the one area that is completely organized in my house.
Bernadine N. – new rotary blade and a diet coke
Holli R. – Other than a seam ripper…music to listen to is a must!
Chris H. –  Coffee, and my sewing box
Lauri C. – seam ripper, iron, ironing board, good scissors
Ursula Z. – seam ripper, needles, thread, scissors
Anne R. – Small scissors, classical music and big glass of water.
Kathy P. – My bright lamp. Need to see what I’m doing. Second is my cup of coffee.
Nell K. – a razor blade (Single edge)
Nareida B. – Scissors and measuring tape
Susan D. – Seam ripper and drink and TV!!
Joyce W. My rotary cutter and mat, my sewing machine, my rulers, my embroidery scissors and my seam ripper. I actually have all of my things available to access when I start a project but when I am sewing I always have my embroidery scissors there to cut threads, etc.
Connie B. – Long Tweezers
Andrea T. – pins, scissors & seam ripper
Diana L. – Scissors and a radio
Julie K. – Transparent rulers
Shannon T. – Rotary cutter and cutting board with paper and pencil close by for making my own pattern
Barbara H. – Pins, scissors, pattern. Seems they all hold the same value.
Sharon P. – Scissors, ott light , seam ripper and Pepsi!!!
Cynthia M. – Thimble!
Andrea F. – My snips and pin magnet
Paula S. – glue Stick and colored chalk (and a seam ripper)
Charlotte C. seam ripper and glasses
Bj H. tape measure

 And All the Rest

Wendy M. My glasses!!! and sad to say that a magnifying lamp is becoming quite useful 🙂
Jayne C. a glass of tea and the remote to tv! lol
Camille B. – Chocolate. No kidding. And throw in some coffee for good measure.
Claire S. – Sanity
Mary F. – Good light and good cutting supplies….
Jackie L. – Time:)
Shirley M. – My coffee cup and glasses!
Kathy W. – an idea
Judy V. – a glass of wine
Phyllis D. – My tablet hooked up to my tv to see my tutorials on YouTube or pinterest
Kimberly K. – My ice tea!!! 🙂
Cindy W. – Is wine a tool?!

Those are all some great must-haves! I have to agree with all of those: music and something to drink are both something I need around me as I craft… and I’ll make an executive decision here and say that, yes, wine IS a tool. 😉


What else do you need before you start sewing?