20 Baby Blanket Patterns

You never know when it will happen: that time in your life when it seems like all of your friends are having babies. And while it may seem like that’s crazy and time is just flying, you can’t even focus on how scary it all is because you have to get your gifts ready for their baby showers. If you want to give your friends unique, personalized gifts, why not make them homemade baby blankets? You can easily make a different blanket for each friend, and it’s a gift that they will not only love, but also get a lot of use out of! There are all sorts of ways you can make a baby blanket, but we especially love crochet baby blankets and baby quilt patterns.

20 Baby Blanket Patterns

Crochet Baby Blankets

For an easy crochet baby blanket, check out these simple crochet blanket patterns. Easy enough to work up in a night if you needed to, these blankets are warm enough for any baby. They’re also super cute and cuddly, so they stand out from any other baby blanket you could buy in a store.

Circus Elephant Crochet Lovey

1.  Circus Elephant Crochet Lovey
2.  Monochromatic Crochet Baby Blanket
3.  Dewdrops Baby Blanket
4.  Quick Corner to Corner Crochet baby Blanket
5.  Peppy Pink Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern
6.  Bundle in Blue Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern
7.  Precious Pearls Lace Baby Blanket
8.  Darling Daisy Crochet Baby Blanket
9.  Sea Shell Stitch Crochet Baby Blanket
10. Snow Baby Blanket
11. Irish Wave Crochet Baby Blanket

Quilted Baby Blankets

Baby quilts are also one of our favorite things to give at a baby shower. Thanks to the way these quilts are pieced, you can really create any shape you want, which is ideal for a baby blanket (we especially love the baby quilts with butterflies and elephants). If you’re looking for a gift your friend and their baby will treasure forever, baby quilts are definitely the way to go.

Butterflies Baby Quilt

12.  Butterflies Baby Quilt
13.  Supersonic Triangle Baby Quilt
14.  Elephant Parade Baby Quilt Pattern
15.  Abundance Quilt Pattern
16.  Butterflies a Flutter Baby Quilt Pattern
17.  Princess Kate Diamond Quilt Pattern
18.  A Hundred Hugs Baby Quilt
19.  Super Fast and Easy Baby Blanket
20.  Animal Pens Baby Quilt

What’s your favorite craft to make for babies?

The Cutest Baby Crafts You’ve Ever Seen (Seriously!)

Want to make a big impression at the next baby shower you attend? Here’s an ideas – give the absolute best gift. Sure, the new mommy is supposed to be the star of the show, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your own moment in the spotlight. Among a sea of store-bought items, your handmade gift is sure to stand out, and we think that’s awesome!

What items meant the most to you when you were a tot? For me, it was my crocheted baby blanket. My mom received the blanket as a gift and it grew up right along  with me. Handmade items are so much more likely to become keepsakes and leave a lasting impression on the recipient. Be that memorable person and make something meaningful for your next baby shower or celebration. Fair warning about sometime hormonal moms to be – they may not be able to contain their excitement, enthusiasm and appreciation.


Crochet For Babies

Today, we’re shining the spotlight on crochet baby patterns. There are so many ways to make a delightful baby gift – all you need is a hook and some yarn. If you’re short on time, make a hat or toy. If you’re willing to put in a little extra time and effort, create an afghan or baby sweater. No matter, what the results are sure to wow everyone! The finished crochet piece will keep kids warm, toasty and comfy. New mommies – do you know what that means? Less crying and more (adorable) giggling from your bundle of joy. What could be bad about that?

crocheted-baby-dressAdorable Crocheted Baby Dress

Scalloped Bubblegum Baby Dress

Impossibly Cute Baby Skull Hat

Baby Pullover Sweater

Precious Crocheted Baby Booties


More Super Cute Baby Crafts

If you can’t crochet, you’re in luck – there are plenty of other ways to create adorable baby gifts. Knit, sew or craft something that a baby can wear or a new mom can display. Any hip youngster needs cool looking threads, so step up to the plate and make sure they don’t disappoint! Your homemade designs will make everyone say “Awwwww”,  so prepare accordingly. Baby crafts are fun to make because they can be over-the-top, so experiment with bright colors and wild designs. When it comes to DIY projects for kids the more eye-catching your design is, the better!

Simply Adorable Sock Yarn Baby Booties

Precious Hooded Cardigan

Too Cute Baby Tank and Leggings

Sweet Dreams Hat

Burst Blossom Headband

Modern Lovey Baby Afghan



What is the Last DIY Gift You Created?



The Latest and Greatest Sewing for Baby Collection

Sewing for Baby: 11 Small Sewing Projects for Your Little One Free eBookThere are a million reasons to sew for baby, but we’ll just mention a few.

1) Babies, and everything associated with them, are adorable. Ergo, small sewing projects for a cute crawler are an easy way to celebrate the tiny, but nonetheless delightful projects that make us “ohh” and “ahh“.

2) If you’re expecting an arrival soon, you’re most likely keenly aware of additional expenses. Cute sewing projects like baby clothes and accessories can cut costs without sacrificing little luxuries for your child.

3) Even if you’re not having a child, chances are friends and family members around you have additional children to look forward to. Free baby sewing projects are extremely useful for those interested in DIY gifts. They’re budget-friendly and completely customized for the beneficiary’s tastes.

Little Dorothy Baby Dress PatternAre you sold? Because we’ve got a new collection of free baby sewing tutorials that we’d absolutely love for you to explore. Sewing for Baby: 11 Small Sewing Projects for Your Little One includes free baby clothes sewing patterns as well as accessories. Download this new eBook for free and keep it for as long as you’d like on your desktop or tablet.

Peek-a-Boo Preview of Free Baby Sewing Projects

So, what will you find when you download Sewing for Baby: 11 Small Sewing Projects for Your Little One? We’ve pulled three great DIY baby sewing projects that we’re hoping will inspire you to create from this new piece of sewing literature.

Little Dorothy Baby Dress Pattern (find it on page 19) – Create a classic for a little girl close to you with this free baby girl dress tutorial. Choose to style this Stylish Baby Change Mat Clutchproject after the famous film or use a different print of fabric to apply to this design. An excellent DIY alternative to spending big bucks at the store, this makes a great gift to parents who don’t feel comfortable splurging.

Stylish Baby Change Mat Clutch (find it on page 42) – No new parent can go without a trusty changing mat. Give the gift of mobility to families that just welcomed a newborn by sewing this clutch. Folding easily into a discreet and stylish purse, any recipient of this project will love its ingenuity.

Baby Mary Jane Shoes (find it on page 51) – Small sewing projects like these teeny tiny shoes allow you to get that adorable addition to a baby’s wardrobe. Don’t pay too much for something a baby can grow out of in months; instead, try easy sewing projects for babies like this fashionable footwear.

Intrigued? Excited? Ready to create some sweet and simple sewing projects that will be just as fun to mBaby Mary Jane Shoesake as holding a newborn? Browse at your leisure through Sewing for Baby: 11 Small Sewing Projects for Your Little One. You’re just one click away from beautiful baby projects.




Stella EdgeIs it hard to see those little baby projects? They’re pretty tiny. We have a solution.

The Stella Edge of course! Until Monday, May 12th you can enter to win the Stella Edge from Stella Lighting! This is a quality lamp that will let your eyes rest a bit. Enter here!

Cinema Saturdays: How to Make a Baby Sun Hat

Now that summer is in full swing, you are probably spending as much time as you can outside with your little ones. Days at the pool or beach are fun, but spending all day in the sun can be harmful for your toddler. Protect your little bundle of joy from the harmful rays of the sun with this adorable baby sun hat. Not only will it keep your child safe from the sun but it also looks so cute (and it’s reversible)!

You’ll smile when you see your little boy or girl looking up at you from this delightful baby sun hat. Just watch this video tutorial as Maureen Wilson from Made by Marzipan  will show you step-by-step how to sew a toddler sun hat.

How to Make a Baby Sun Hat

What baby sewing project are you making this summer?

AllFreeSewing Hosts Sewing for Baby Series! Free Baby Sewing Patterns

Are you attending a baby shower soon? Or maybe you’re an expecting mother or new mother yourself? It seems like everywhere we turn, we’re seeing baby stuff! It only seems appropriate that we embrace the baby season with our own series. We’re calling it the Sewing for Baby Series! We’re featuring all kinds of sewing projects for babies in our Sewing It Up newsletters.

Starting this Tuesday and for the next few Tuesdays, we’re dedicating an entire issue to our Sewing for Baby series. You’ll find all kinds of fun ideas from baby clothing to accessories expecting moms will need once their little bundle of joy shows up! All you have to do is sign up to receive our Sewing It Up newsletters. Then you can play along with us! Make any of the projects we include in our series and send the photo to us via email or right on our Facebook page. We’ll feature your name and photo in the next Sewing for Baby issue. It’s your name and work in headlights!

To kick off our baby series, here’s a little sneak peek into the next few weeks. Remember to sign up to receive our Sewing It Up newsletters so you don’t miss any of our fun ideas!


Tuesday, May 22: Sewing Baby Clothes


Baby Romper Tutorial: Cute and comfy. The perfect little number for your little boy.

Baby Towel Bathrobe:  Fight the after-bath chill with this too-cute bathrobe.

J Crew Dress from T-Shirt: Get the look for less–much, much less–by making your baby this designer knock off!


Tuesday, May 29: Baby Accessories


Yo Yo Crib Mobile: A special idea that truly makes a great gift for any new mommy. Yo Yos are quick to make too!

Hand Embroidered Baby Bib: Follow the easy steps to learn how to make a baby’s bib that’s both special and personalized.

Snuggle Blanket and Burp Cloth: Give your baby a taggie style snuggle blanket and burp cloth to play with and to keep him or her warm.


Tuesday, June 5: For New and Expecting Moms, Baby Must-Haves


Diaper Pouch and Changing Pad:  Make a diaper pouch that’s the right size for your needs rather than searching high and low for one at the store. This pouch can hold diapers, wipes, even the changing pad all in one tidy bundle.

Baby Gift Zipper Pouch: The Baby Gift Zipper Pouch is great for toting around diapers and other small baby necessities.

Muslin Baby Wrap: The soft muslin is great for swaddling a baby. Grab this super cute idea and run with it!


Remember, our Sewing for Baby series kicks off this Tuesday. Check out Tuesday’s issue of Sewing It Up!


Have you ever made or received a special baby gift? Share with us!




Frog Crafts for Leap Day Are Hoppin’

February 29th is considered Leap Day because the day doesn’t occur every year. It likes to leap every four years. If we didn’t have this one extra day every now and then, the seasonal calendar would eventually be thrown off. This means one extra day of crafting! So hop to it!

We’re pairing up Leap Day with frog crafts. And nothing is cuter than some froggy baby patterns! There are also a lot of patterns for stuffed toys that will get you leaping for joy. And I found plenty of other fun frog activities with our fine amphibian friends.

Baby Patterns for Little Tadpoles

What’s green and has buggy eyes? A baby in froggy accessories! Knit this adorable Froggy Hat and Socks or a Baby Cocoon with a hat and booties. These would be awesome frog crafts to make for any leap year baby. And I just have to share this free baby Frog Suit tutorial from Wacky Baby Knits that I found on Etsy.

Froggy Stuffed Toys

Make some cool frogs with these patterns for stuffed toys. (Get it? Cool frogs, cold-blooded.) Some Little Frogs are pocket-sized and will fit right in the palm of your hand. Others are a bit bigger like crocheted Freddy the Frog or Ribbit Knit Frog. Then there are the charming ones like this Frog Prince from Lil Blue Boo.

Creative Frog Activities

Make plenty of other frog crafts with different types of materials. Use any one of these froggy cross stitch kits to do some fun stitching. You can get the kids crafting, make some paper plate frogs with this tutorial from Mommyapolis. Or have them make an Eco Froggy Bank. It’s a green craft in more than one way. Kids will love feeding this frog their change and letting it save for them.

What are you making on this extra crafting day?

National Sewing Month: Faux Chenille Blanket by Dana of MADE

Dear Readers,

It’s National Sewing Month! To celebrate, AllFreeSewing.com is hosting a special blog series throughout the entire month. Check back daily for posts featuring our favorite projects, new sewing videos and tutorials, guest blogs from talented designers and more. We’re also giving away a HUGE sewing prize at the end of the month. You won’t believe how EASY it is to WIN!

Leave a comment on any of the blog posts with the headline “National Sewing Month”. Your comment will count as an entry into the giveaway. You are free to comment as often as once per blog post (for a total of 30 chances to win!). At the end of the month, we’ll pool all of the comments together and pick one lucky winner to win the mystery grand prize. And trust us; you want to win this one!

Whether you’re already a sewing enthusiast or new to the craft, our hope is that this September will encourage you to create wonderful sewn projects.

Happy National Sewing Month!

Here’s today’s post:

Hello there!

I’m Dana from the sewing site: MADE–a place where I share DIY ideas, sewing tutorials and patterns, design inspiration, recipes, photography, and just a bunch of this and that.
I’m a mother of 2 kids living in Austin, TX with my husband and sewing is a big part of our lives. It’s infused through the clothing we wear, our home decor, items I find at the thrift store, even our toys.

In a nutshell, I love creating.

It’s what keeps me sane and alive–providing an outlet from my day-to-day duties as a mom. Plus there’s something magical about transforming a 2-dimensional textile into something new, useful, and 3D. Sewing breathes life into fabric. And blogging gives me an outlet to share what I love with others.
My grandma taught me to sew when I was ten years old. We started out sewing straight lines on a brown paper bag….no thread, just holes. I was immediately intrigued. By 13 my mom taught me to use store-bought patterns and I spent many summers sewing simple pants, dresses for church, and every type of scrunchie and big bow I could think of–afterall it was the 80s.

Fast-forward 15 years through high school, college, and a film career and I found myself back at the sewing machine. My creative spirit had been dormant for a while but I suddenly had an urge to make things for this little human….especially since sewing for kids takes half the time and half the fabric as it does for adults. My daughter is now 5 and my son has joined the sewing circle so the projects are a plenty. The flavors at our house are…

an entire Kid Pants series:

And many more. Just head to the Tutorials page for a complete grid of tutorial ideas and patterns.

Today I’m sharing a project that goes back when my daughter was born. Every baby needs that special “blankie” for holding and snuggling. I’m not a traditional quilter but this blanket combines a bit of quilting and traditional sewing.
It’s a faux chenille blanket.
4 to 5 different layers of cotton fabric are sewn together, cut into diagonal sections, bound with bias tape, and then comes the secret ingredient….
Throw the blanket in the washing machine and watch those lines ruffle up into little chenille strips. The layers of cotton begin to fray slightly and make the blanket oh-so-soft.
In this tutorial I’ll show you the detailed steps, taking you from fabric–to blanket. And I’ll even share my mistakes!–cause believe me, I’ve cut plenty of holes in these blankets. Nothing a simple patch job won’t fix.
Head over to MADE for the complete tutorial. Your babe will love you for it.
Happy Sewing!
– Dana

30 Days of Sewing: Terry Cloth Baby Bib with Sleeves

In honor of National Sewing Month, FaveCraftsBlog will feature one free sewing pattern every day this September. To follow along, visit the blog daily or sign up for the RSS feed.

Here is today’s free sewing pattern: Terry Cloth Baby Bib with Sleeves

Designer: Kelly Laws for Baby Lock

Difficulty: Moderate


Protect baby from messes with this soft terry cloth bib featuring waterproof lining. With all the cute cotton fabrics to choose from, this is a baby bib that everyone will love.

Diaper Bag Genius

This is the greatest invention ever. Are you a mom? Do you ever get stuck in a public area having to change your child’s diaper but don’t know where to do it? We have found the perfect craft. The baby diaper bag can now be changed into a changing pad. This is the greatest thing ever. Now you don’t have to worry about putting your baby on a dirty changing table in some random bathroom at the mall. You can carry all your baby necessities including diapers and then just be ready to change diapers. It’s National Sewing month, so what’s a better craft than this one? It makes for a great baby shower gift too!


Do you have any great sewing ideas for a baby shower gift?

A Life-Like Doll

When I was a little girl I used to love playing with baby dolls. I would bring them with me everywhere I went even if I left the house for only five minutes. The older I got the less I played with them, but then one day I saw the neatest doll ever. It didn’t even look like a baby doll, but it looked so real as if it were a real baby. I really wanted it, but it was too expensive. When I searched our site I saw this project recently, and I got really excited. A reborn doll is just what I’ve been looking for. Now I can make my own and have the pleasure of not only saying it’s mine, but that I made it myself. It’d be so neat to put a doll together and see how it is made.


There are also some easy steps I can follow to make a wig for my doll. Every baby doll looks so cute with their locks of hair, and now you get to design it especially for you. In stores you have to buy what you see, so why not create your own and love every piece of it.

If you like dolls but are looking for something a little different you should check out our knit buddies!