15 Quick Sewing Projects Under 15 Minutes

Quick Sewing Projects

Let’s face it, sewists- you do not have all the time in the world. While we would love to sew for hours on end, life can get in the way. Luckily, you can use quick sewing projects to get your crafting fix in. These quick and easy sewing projects are an excellent way to take a break. Fast projects let you focus for a short amount of time on something besides your worries. These little projects are great stress-busters. If you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed, take a fifteen minute break. Just like a 15 minute power nap, quick sewing projects can help you find a moment of zen and center yourself during a chaotic week. All of the projects in 15 Quick Sewing Projects Under 15 Minutes help you find a sewing moment to yourself.

When I am stressed out, I find that taking just a moment of time for myself can help tremendously. Reading a favorite book, crafting a small project, or even sipping coffee all by my lonesome can help me gain some perspective. The best part about a quick sewing project is that you are being productive, too! So, if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, consider trying one of these fab projects. Enjoy!

Quick Sewing Projects in 5 Minutes

If you have 5 minutes, these insanely fast and insanely cute crafts are the perfect time-waster.

5 Minute Gift Card Holder from Burlap Scraps
5 Minute Halter Top
5 Minute Holiday DIY Headband
5 Minute Pillows
5 Minute Skirt

Quick Sewing Projects in 10 Minutes

If you have just a few more minutes, consider these 10 minute wonders. I’m in love with the 10 Minute Apron Pattern. It is just so cute. Don’t believe me? Look up!

10 Minute Apron Pattern
10 Minute Little Pillow
11 Minute Galaxy Skirt
Braided T-Shirt Headbands

Quick Sewing Projects in 15 Minutes

Fifteen minute projects are hands-down my favorite projects. It is enough time for you to take a serious break from the day. These projects giveyou a craft zen moment without eating up too much of your day. Plus, they’re really handy.

15 Minute Fabric Lunch Wrap
15 Minute Mouse Pad Wrist Rest
15 Minute Pet Bed Tutorial
15 Minute Tissue Box Cover
15 Minute Tuxedo Skirt
Bonjour DIY Bath Mitt

If you love these projects you will love our 32 Quick and Easy Sewing Projects.

When you have 15 minutes to sew, what sort of projects do you reach for?

8 Patterned Pillow Tutorials We Want You to See

You’ve got to admit, pillow tutorials to sewists are mugs to a regular Joe. No matter how many of them you have, you can’t help yourself from collecting one every time it catches your eye. We understand, and we’re here to enable you even more. The editors at AllFreeSewing happen to adore an easy pillow tutorial (and mugs, in fact), and today we’re featuring 8 Patterned Pillow Tutorials We Want You to See.

You won’t find these DIY pillow designs on AllFreeSewing just yet; they’re newly discovered and we’re absolutely in love with them. Best of all, all eight of these handmade pillow tutorials are totally on trend with the latest fad of prints and patterns. Super stylish patterned pillows allow you to keep the major pieces in your house, like couches and chairs, timeless and neutral. Instead of picking a print for your love seat that you’ll hate ten years from now, stick with a solid color and infuse life into your home with DIY pillows. Small but strong accents like those created by these pillows’ prints can keep a room’s décor from feeling overwhelmed and busy while still appearing fresh.

Take a look at the latest in pillow fashion and get inspired to pile on the prints!


  1. DIY Pillow Sham Tutorial from Cora Anne Designs DIY Pillow Sham Tutorial
  2. Simple Pillow Sham from DIY DesignSimple Pillow Sham
  3. Easy DIY Envelope Pillow Covers from Lia Griffith Handcraft Your LifeEasy DIY Envelope Pillow Covers
  4. Throw and Pillow Tutorial using HGTV Fabric from JoAnn’s from DIY by DesignThrow and Pillow Tutorial using HGTV Fabric from JoAnn's
  5. Pillow Talk from Voyages of the Creative VarietyPillow Talk
  6. Flora Pillow from Trey & LucyFlora Pillow
  7. Cut out Cushion from Craft Me Happy Cut out Cushion
  8. DIY Pillow Covers from Domestic IngenuityDIY Pillow Covers

What do you think? Do you love these DIY pillow patterns? Are they causing you to jump from your computer, grab your pillows, and refashion them with loud and lovely prints? Maybe you lack the enthusiasm that the editors at AllFreeSewing do for such home dec designs as pillows and pillowcases, but we hope you at least feel inspired to go forth and create from this roundup of pillow ideas. If anything, they’re easier to store than mugs 

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Win a copy of Kate Smith’s newest collection of crafting tutorials, Makery.

Love making accessories for your home and friends? Then you will absolutely LOVE this adorable book. Full of fun, fancy, cute, creative, and absolutely do-able projects, Kate Smith’s Makery is a crafter’s dream. Enter to win a copy today! Contest ends on June 23rd, 2014 at 11:59:59 P.M. Eastern time.


Do you DIY any of your home dec?


5 Sewing Projects You Didn’t Know You Needed

Get excited, because today we’re looking at sewing projects you didn’t know you needed. You’ll find that this collection of tutorials is not only ingenious, but easy. Take your extra fabric scraps and use them on these easy sewing projects that are sure to come in handy in your day-to-day life. Ready to find out what these sewing projects are? Let’s get started.

1. Brr! Draft Blocker

Brr! Draft Blocker

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a hundred year old house or a brand new one, you know you feel that draft. At first it doesn’t bother you, but then you realize that the polar vortexes don’t know what “warn out welcome” means and that your Raynaud’s syndrome is near a state of alarm. What do you do? Freeze like the little match girl, or address the issue? Obviously, you tap into your fabric stash and create this awesome draft blocker from Patchwork Posse. Let’s avoid frostbite if we can.

2. DIY Car Sun Shade

DIY Car Sun Shade

On the other end of the temperature spectrum we’ve got a suggestion for one of those, “feels like I’m in a skillet” days. You know when you drive your car (every day) in July? You leave it in the parking lot, run into the Jewel to grab a carton of milk, and come back to an actual oven. Has the devil himself taken residence in your LeSabre? No, it’s just the sun. This DIY sun shade from Craft Snob is perfect to keep your seat cushions cool and your carton of milk from skimming on the way home.

3. Microwave Bowl Holder

Microwave Bowl Holder

Imagine that July sun that we just discussed, and imagine it indoors, on a bowl, burning your once baby-soft hands. That’s the feeling you repeatedly have when you take that bowl of leftovers out of the microwave. You know it’s hot, you know you’ve been burned before, but you’re so hungry and the food is literally at your fingertips. The primitive drive to hunt for your meal will never go away, but that burn can with this DIY microwave bowl cozy from Nannynotes2u.

4. Bowl Cover

Bowl Cover

For those of you thinking, “You just did that one!” you’re absolutely wrong. A bowl cover, while still accessorizing one of man’s finest creations, performs a completely different function than a bowl holder. The holder protects the person, the cover protects the food. Why is this something you need? How much money to you dish out on plastic wrap? What do you do with the plastic wrap when you’re done? Throw it away. If a equals b and b equals c… that’s right, you’re throwing away money. Take advantage of this easy sewing project from Collecting the Moments and save some money and your favorite casserole.

5. Reusable Swiffer Duster Cloths

Reusable Swiffer Duster Cloths

Alright, everyone loves Swiffers. They gently reminded the human race that dusting was still necessary, despite our stumble into the twenty-first century. However, if you have a home and live on Earth, then you need to (or should) dust a lot. If you’re the type that loves to clean sweep their house every week, then this DIY sewing project will save you a bundle. If you’re more of the “never has cleaned in their life” type, then this will save you from buying a box of Swiffers and only using one sheet. Take your stash and put it to work on this reusable necessity from Sew Much Ado.

Did we get it right? What are some items that you absolutely need?


Scrap Quilt Patterns for the Lazy Quilter

Real talk: as much as we all love quilting, we don’t always love the hassle. So much time is spent cutting, piecing, marking, designing … all the little chores that are part and parcel of making a beautiful quilt. To be honest, sometimes quilting can be cause for therapy as much as it can act as therapy! Luckily, the editors here at FaveQuilts spend most of our time hunting down fast, easy quilt patterns and quilt patterns for beginners so that even the most inexpert among us can make beautiful quilts without too much effort.

So, for those long days when you just need to do something that’s creative but a little mindless, we’ve put together this list of easy scrap patterns that you can make without having to purchase new fabric or even leave the house at all.


Scrappy Quilt Block Patterns

Color Wheel BlockQuilt blocks are a great way to use up your scraps. Whether you turn just one into a coaster, or a few into a placemat, you can whip up some truly beautiful work with minimal time and effort. Blocks like the Color Wheel Block are ideal for using up those too-small scraps that you haven’t been able to use but can’t bring yourself to throw away.

1. Color Wheel Block
2. Twinkle Twinkle Scrappy Star
3. Scrapbuster Rail Fence Block
4. Staggered Strips Scrap Quilt Block
5. Scrappy Rainbow Star Block

Scrap Quilt Patterns

Film at Five Scrap Quilt PatternHave more scraps than you have need for new placemats? We know the feeling. Sometimes that stash pile can get so big that there’s nothing for it but a full-size quilt. Try one of these beautiful scrap quilts, like the Film at Five Scrap Quilt Pattern, which are guaranteed to use up a ton of fabric without causing too much of a headache!

1. Film at Five Scrap Quilt Pattern
2. Scrappy Ocean Waves
3. One Color Scrappy Baby Quilt
4. 11 Patch Scrap Quilt

Easy Quilt Patterns

Bubbly QuiltAnd here they are: the easiest of the easy! All these patterns, from Charlie the Elephant to the Clever Bargello Block, are impossibly easy. Sit back, relax, and let the process of quilting these projects give you the quilt therapy you’ve been looking for.

1. Charlie the Elephant
2. Clever Bargello Block
3. Scraptastic Quilted Tote
4. Bubbly Quilt

Want more awesome scrap patterns? Head over to our Top 10 Free Scrap Quilt Patterns page — now with 10 new favorites!

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20 Quick and Easy Homemade Gifts


Every once and a while, a birthday, baby shower, wedding, or holiday can sneak up on us. Even those with the sharpest memory can forget a date here or there. If you just realized you are in a pickle when it comes to gift giving, take a deep breath. I have compiled this list of 20 Quick and Easy Homemade Gifts to help you out. No matter who you need to make a gift for, we have plenty of homemade gifts for you to choose from.

I personally love making, giving, and receiving homemade gifts. They are just so thoughtful. It is so heartwarming to know someone put a lot of time and effort into a gift. That being said; making DIY gifts does not have to be time consuming. All of the projects below are quick, easy, and cheap.

Purses for Your Pals

Penny Lane’s Purse
Super Simple DIY Purse
Around Town Tiny Tote
DIY Rug Clutch
Large Tote with Rounded Opening

Bonus! If you love these purses, you will love these 27 Patterns to Sew Purses.

Office Flair for Your Colleague

Journal Cover Tutorial
Never Lost Bookmark
Fabric Book Cover
Make Your Own Binder Cover
Leather Laptop Case

Bonus! Help your workmates stay organized with these 4 Wall Organizers.

Baby Must-Haves for New Moms

Little Man Diaper Clutch
Stylish Baby Change Mat Clutch
The Lady’s Nappy Wallet
Baby Gift Zipper Pouch
Diaper Bag Pattern

Plus: Love these? Then check out our 34 Free Baby Sewing Patterns You’ll Adore!

Toys for Birthday Tots

Super Shark Satchel
Baby’s First Book
Lowly Worm Felt Apple Toy
Easy Travel Toy Car Caddy
Plaid Whale Plushie

Looking for even more sewing patterns for kids? Check out this How to Make Games for Kids: Stuffed Animal Patterns, DIY Toys and Other Goodies They’ll Love list.

Sewing Pretty Little AccessoriesPlus! Enter to win our Sewing Pretty Little Accessories Giveaway!
Crafters and sewists, do you have a massive amount of scrap fabric and materials collecting in your craft room? If you do, this unique book offers a medley of many charming ideas for using up those scraps. Sewing Pretty Little Accessories by Cherie Lee is one of those books that will become a project bible. You will return to it time and time again to find a funky project to create. Whether your scraps are big or small, you will find a precious little project to get started on. Read the full review.


What is your favorite homemade gift to give?

Sewing a Scrap Dress with Constance Talbot

Scrap DressAmazingly, this AllFreeSewing editor found herself with a free evening. No work, no chores, no obligations. Obviously, I b-lined it to my sewing machine. Before settling down, though, I glanced upon my copy of the famous Constance Talbot’s, The Complete Book of Sewing. Released in 1943 you would think this collection would now be outdated and obsolete. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Leafing through this age-ridden book I found myself on page 219, “Restyling–Remodeling–Remaking”.

Refashioning?” I asked myself. What with Pinterest commandeering most young craft lovers’ attention, I’ve found myself believing that “refashioning” is a new phenomenon. Who but the 20-somethings could tell you how to make your 1980’s shorteralls into a waist-high, booty-bunching, lace-trimmed pair of Daisy Dukes? Of course, only the greatest generation could rival today’s Scrap Dresstech-savvy, penny-pinching recession babies. Talbot, a member of this hard-working age, thoughtfully reassured me, “Most home sewers think that remodeling always means completely remaking, but frequently some very simple adjustments will give months of wear to a dress which otherwise would have to be discarded.” (Talbot 219). With that in mind, I jumped valiantly towards my box of scraps and went to work.

Mustering Constance’s good, old, American work ethic and resourcefulness, I prepared myself for a journey of oddly shaped fabric pieces, broken buttons, and extreme seam ripping.

The Task: Transforming an old, too-tight shirt and some unused quilt scraps into a dress (obviously for someone tinier and more fun-loving than myself).

Scrap Dress

Step 1: Cutting, Adjusting, and Sewing the Skirt

Scrap DressBe assured that Constance, my Sewing Buddy, and I had no pattern while approaching this project because we were pressed for time (only an evening, remember?). My Sewing Buddy and I started with the extra quilt fabric, shaping it to match a more rectangular shape for the skirt of the dress.

Having limited ourselves to just the supplies in our scrap box, we had to make do and mend the pieces available. That resulted in a somewhat patch-worked (but still functional) skirt.

Scrap DressScrap DressScrap DressScrap Dress

Scrap DressAfter “filling in” the bottom half to create a rectangle we needed to apply further scraps to create a shape fitting for a skirt.Scrap Dress

This didn’t come without a price. One of the disadvantages of working with scraps of a striped pattern is that it can often be noticeably off-set when you sew pieces together. The Seam Ripper soon joined our party.


Scrap Dress

Step Two: Sewing in the Waistband

Lucky for me, my Sewing Buddy, Constance, and the Seam Ripper, we have an embarrassingly large amount of scraps and old clothing in our house. During this process I found a skirt that, if I wore outside today, would most likely get me arrested. While this skirt was too short, the elastic waist was just right for my Sewing Buddy for whom this dress was going to. We went to work tearing out both the waistline and buttons of this old piece.

Scrap DressScrap DressScrap DressScrap Dress

Scrap DressScrap DressCarefully, we sewed both the waistband and the button strips into the scrapped skirt. The waistband was pre-fit, so we were able to easily ruffle the bottom skirt to fit. Using these already constructed pieces from an old skirt saved us both time and material. You’re welcome, Constance.

Choosing an invisible button-line for the front of the skirt, we removed our button strips and sewed them within the skirt.

Voila! Invisible buttons safely secured.

Scrap DressScrap DressScrap Dress

Sewing It All TogetherScrap Dress

Having an already sewn peplum top to serve as the bodice, the rest of the dress construction should have taken us no time at all. In fact, we were already enjoying a congratulatory dance over our quick work when…

I stepped on one of the shirt’s buttons…Scrap Dress

and snapped it in half.

Scrap DressCall it luck, but I like to think good old Constance was on our side. Inside the old top we found an unbroken spare button. An unexpected hand sewing break occurred at this Scrap Dresspoint in our journey, lengthening the overall process slightly but allowing us to recoup after the merry bout of dancing.

Alas, we were near the end. Adhering the top bodice to the skirt took no time at all. We decided to take advantage of waistline in the top and align it with our skirt’s waistline so that the peplum showed in the final dress.Scrap Dress

And we were through! One stunningly cute dress for a grand total of $0.00. Turned out to be a pretty great deal and an excellent way to spend an evening.

Scrap Dress


Tell us! What’s your greatest refashion story?







Lovable, Easy Crafts: Miniature Heart Bunting

Miniature Heart Bunting

This post brought to you by Lady Lucas



Cute little buntings are everywhere these days, and I have been wanting to make one that is both simple and small enough to add to my everyday decor. This little heart bunting fits the bill and is a great project for little ones as well!


  • Assorted colors of card stock or thick construction paper
  • Small heart punch
  • Embroidery floss in purple or pink
  • 2 bamboo skewers
  • Artificial moss rounds or clay for mounting
  • Clear craft glue or glue dots
  • Thin black and pink marker


1. Using a small heart punch, punch six or seven heart shapes out of colored card stock.


2. Arrange your heart shapes in a line and place a string of embroidery floss on top that extends a few inches over either side. Squeeze a dot of glue in the center of each heart and let dry thoroughly. {If you happen to have glue dots on hand, you can use that as an alternative.}


3. Using a thin-tipped black marker, add little faces to the front of your bunting. A pink marker can be used to add rosy cheeks.


4. Tie your string of hearts around two bamboo skewers tightly to create a bunting. Add your bunting into the soil to decorate your favorite plant or add to a freshly baked cake for a great birthday decoration!


5. To use your bunting during play time or for display at home, stick the pointy end of both skewers into balls of clay or weighted artificial moss rounds to stabilize your creation. Add a few adorable miniature toys below your string of hearts or set up a miniature tea party for hours of fun!


Check out Lady Lucas’ Etsy shop here!

What’s your favorite use for a bunting?

5 Jewelry Projects to Make in 5 Minutes!

Got five minutes to spare? Then you’ve got a new piece of jewelry! These quickie jewelry projects are all super easy to make and can be whipped up in a matter of minutes. So while you’re waiting for hubby to fix his hair and tie his shoes (Who says women always take longer to get ready?), put the finishing touch on your date-night look with one of these lightning fast jewelry DIYs!

Go for the gold in five minutes with this sleek, chic 5-Minute Gold Chain Necklace. One chunky piece of chain + two thin pieces of chain = a bold yet understated necklace you can wear to add some metallic edge to any ensemble.

Go girly in five minutes with these pretty pink 5-Minute Cluster Earrings. These are possibly the easiest DIY earrings ever. Make fun and flirty cluster dangles simply by adding multiple strands of beads to the same ear wire.

Go green in five minutes with this cute, quirky 5-Minute Vase Necklace. This dollar store DIY recycles an old toy into a tiny planter pendant for a unique necklace that is sure to be a conversation piece.

Go retro in five minutes with this light, airy 5-Minute Fluffy Necklace. Simply tie loose knots in an old thrift store scarf to create a soft and feminine necklace that will have every vintage vixen green with envy.

Go chic in five minutes with these elegant, understated 5-Minute Fish Hook Earrings. Bring some drama to your dangles with this simple and sophisticated design and never worry about losing earring backs again.

With jewelry projects this quick and easy, anyone can squeeze some DIY time into her busy schedule. Got a few more than five minutes to spare? Find all kinds of other fast and fabulous free jewelry patterns at AllFreeJewelryMaking.com!

Have you ever made a last-minute jewelry project? Tell us about it!


Just Updated! Find 25 Quick Crochet Patterns in This Free eBook

In the mood to crochet but not sure where to start? Lucky for you, there’s a free eBook that’s here to save the day!

We recently updated one of our most popular eBooks, 25 Quick and Thrifty Free Crochet Patterns, and it’s filled with some of our all-time favorite tutorials. Oh, and it’s free to download! Pretty sweet, right? There are patterns for everything from florals to baby hats – you won’t know where to start! Find a tutorial to fit any occasion- there are ideas for baby shower gifts, home decor, wearable projects and so much more.

Here are some of the projects you’ll find in our 25 Quick and Thrifty Free Crochet Patterns eBook:


Beverage Can Cozy – This is one of the easy crochet patterns listed in 25 Quick and Thrifty Free Crochet Patterns. This is a great gift idea for the sports fan in your life. In fact, you can make one before your next tailgate! The yarn colors suggested in this pattern are red, white and blue but you can easily adjust your project to represent your favorite sports team. A crocheted cozy will keep your drink chilled and your hands warm!




Easy Floppy Hat – Keep your head warm with this adorable and stylish crochet hat pattern. Choose bright blue yarn for this project so you never get lost in a crowd. This is a great gift idea for anyone celebrating a fall or winter birthday. It’s easy to wear, too – just throw it on when your ears get a little cold. Since there aren’t any buttons or ties, this is a great crochet pattern for a beginner. Test your skills and see what you can accomplish – the results may surprise you.




Robot Baby Cocoon and Hat – Crochet cocoons are a huge trend right now – new mommies are can’t stop snatching them up! Make one for your next baby shower but make sure it stands out by adding fun robot details. While the cocoon is adorable and easy to make, the hat is truly the icing on the cake.It’s a simple design with cute unexpected add-ons. Both of these pieces can be created by beginners and it can be used as your baby’s first Halloween costume!



For more free crochet patterns including Fuzzy Baby Booties and Flower Dish Cloths, download a copy of 25 Quick and Thirty Free Crochet Patterns. Did we mention it’s free?!

Video Tutorial: How to Sew a Pillowcase Dress

Pillowcases aren’t just for beds anymore! You can use these everyday linens to make pillowcase dresses for your little girl. It’s an easy sewing project that is super simple and cheap. Transform a pillowcase into an adorable dress that your daughter or granddaughter will love playing in. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about it getting ruining, if that happens you just make another one! Get creative and use different patterned pillowcases or decorate them with ribbons. Learn how to sew a pillowcase dress with this free video tutorial from our friend Maureen Wilson from Made by Marzipan.

How to Sew a Pillowcase Dress 

Be sure to check out these other pillowcase dress sewing patterns:

Have you ever made a pillowcase dress?