Working With Faux Furs + 1 Big Announcement

It was a pretty typical day in the office until – GASP – a package arrived to the editors of AllFreeSewing. If you’re a FaveQuilts fan you’re surely familiar with Shannon Fabrics. Like a swarm of bees who spotted fennel amongst a barren wasteland, we were all over the package from Shannon Fabrics. What could it be? A cuddle kit? Something Suessian? Oh no, something much better…

Faux Fur Kits.

You can imagine how excited sewing editors get when they receive products to try, and I was ecstatic at the opportunity to test run the Sadie Fur Throw & Pillow Cuddle Kits. Before my fellow colleagues could snatch these gems away from me I hurried home and started work on what is now an object of envy in my family. Read on to see how I worked with these gorgeous kits, then look down below for one big announcement!

Sadie Fur Throw Cuddle Kit

Let me tell you, I was most excited to get my hands on this bear of a kit the moment I set eyes on it. The first few minutes with this decadently soft textile was like a dream.




Taking out the pre-cut sheets of fabric for the faux fur throw was like watching a monster emerge from its lair.



fur-6   fur-9

Since I’m no self-proclaimed faux fur expert, I was very relieved to find helpful tips and tricks from Shannon Fabrics wrapped up with the materials to put the throw together.

I was curious over what the backing would look like to this piece, and was thrilled to find a complementary solid brown to the wild, animal print front piece.

fur-11    fur-15

Here the two pieces are side-by-side.


After prepping the faux fur with a light wash, it was time to get started. Shannon Fabrics suggests sweeping a yard stick over your fur pieces once they’re aligned so that the direction of the fabric matches.


Seam allowance for this type of fabric is about 1/2 an inch.




For rounded corners, simply use a 9″ plate.




The rest of this assembly was easy as pie. The only challenge I had sewing this throw was holding it up with my little sewing table.



Do NOT forget to take out all of the pins before sewing your throw closed.




Et voila! A gorgeous, seductively snugly throw.




Sadie Fur Pillow Cuddle Kit

Obviously after creating the larger throw, putting the pillow together took no time at all.

Again, the moment I took the kit pieces out of the wrapping was dream-like.



This process is exactly like the larger throw. You’ll want to pin 1/2″ seam allowance after you’ve faced your right sides together.




I opted for harder, square corners for the pillow, just to switch it up. That really only affected me while sewing. If you’re new to sewing, square corners mean rotating your fabric 45 degrees, make a couple of stitches, then finishing the turn to a full 90 degrees to begin on the next side.




Remember again that those pins need to be removed! I certainly didn’t sew one in because the faux fur was so luxuriously concealing.


Pull your pillow case right side out, and hand sew the opening shut.

fur-44  fur-45

I thought it was hard keeping my co-workers away from the kit before it was finished. I didn’t count on them trying to take it afterwards! The Sadie Faux Fur Throw & Pillow are huge hits at the office, and we’re thrilled to offer you the opportunity to win these kits!

Want to win the Sadie Fur Throw & Pillow Cuddle Kits?

You can! Enter the Fabulous Faux Fur Pillow and Throw Kits Giveaway here every day until March 31st and you could have your own incredibly soft, faux fur set! Read the review for the Sadie Fur Throw Cuddle Kit right here; then, read the review for the Sadie Fur Pillow Cuddle Kit right here! Good luck!

Have you ever made anything out of faux fur before?

How to Color + Free Giveaway!

Good Thoughts CardColoring was one of the greatest activities in all of childhood. Back then, the biggest emphasis was learning how to color inside the lines. It didn’t matter how much pressure was exerted on the marker, colored pencil, or crayon. Mixing colors didn’t seem to be much of a problem, and if the unfortunate error of mixing the wrong colors occurred, it was easy enough to start over. The extent of sharpening the coloring techniques meant coloring the whole picture and making it pretty.

Now that we’re a little older and we’re adamant paper crafters, it’s time to sharpen our coloring skills! Stamps are a beautiful way to embellish paper crafts, but a plain outline can only go so far to really make a handmade card or scrapbook layout pop. Instead of leaving an empty outline on the page, color in your stamps! Learn how to color like an expert with classes from Annie’s Crafts.

I was fortunate enough to take one of Annie’s online classes, and I learned so much about different coloring mediums! A marker or a colored pencil could make the difference in really achieving the look you are going for with any of your rubber stamping projects. Instructor Keri Lee Sereika teaches a two hour session titled Creative Coloring Techniques. Within this class, Sereika covers a variety of mediums, including colored pencils, alcohol markers, airbrush systems, watercolors, watercolor pencils, chalks, and pigmented powders.


Beach Scene Frame

How to Color with Colored Pencils

This segment was so much fun to watch. Most of us have toyed with colored pencils before, but I learned so many innovative techniques for using them! Sereika talks about shading, blending, identifying light sources, and more. Colored pencils are an incredibly versatile material to work with, and they have great effects!

How to Color with Alcohol Markers

Coloring with alcohol markers is a skill that has fascinated me recently, and I was very excited to learn more about this medium! The vivid colors and effects that can come from these markers are truly astounding. The markers are great for blending, too.

You are Beautiful CardHow to Watercolor

Sereika talks about the uses of both watercolors and watercolor pencils, and she offers an array of tips and techniques for using each medium. For example, you can use your acrylic block as a palette for your watercolors. I’m always so amazed when I find new ways to use the same materials.

How to Use Chalk

To gain a soft and smooth effect, chalks and pigmented powers are an excellent option. They are very forgiving, and you can create gorgeous effects by layering various colors.


Creative Coloring Techniques

Learn how to color with any of these awesome mediums when you win this class in our free giveaway! is giving away one Creative Coloring Techniques online class from Annie’s Crafts! Enter HERE to win. Contest ends 12/8/2013.





AllFreeHolidayCrafts Giveaway: Totally Exposed Chipboard Albums

Totally Exposed Chipboard Album and DividersWith this Totally Exposed Chipboard Album and Dividers, the creativity is completely in your hands. If you’ve been looking for a photo album that is completely one of a kind and personal to your life, this Totally Exposed Chipboard Album and Dividers is the answer to your prayers. It’s a blank slate from cover to cover and you decide not only what pictures go inside of it, but also what the book itself looks like.

The Totally Exposed Chipboard Album is an 8×8 photo album made of carboard. It’s a completely blank canvas which you get to decorate and embellish as you wish. Purchase glitter, paint, stickers and more and make the covers of your album totally unique. Get the kids involved and reflect on family vacations and special occasions while you spend the day crafting. Whether you make a holiday album, a wedding album, or a family vacation album, your Totally Exposed Chipboard Album is bound to be special.

Also included with the album are 8×8 album dividers. Each of these cardboard sheets is another canvas for your creativity. With these album dividers, you can give your photo album categories. Divide the album by past family vacations, holidays, or birthdays. The album dividers make organizing your photo album a cinch. This Totally Exposed Chipboard Album and Dividers makes reminiscing really fun. Set it on your coffee table and allow guests to not only admire your family photos, but your artistic skills as well! is giving away one Totally Exposed Chipboard Album and Dividers to one lucky winner. You could win!

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 Giveaway: Paper Pups: 35 Dogs to Copy, Cut & Fold

Paper Pups: 35 Dogs to Copy, Cut & FoldCalling all dog lovers! If you can’t get enough of your cute canine, Paper Pups: 35 Dogs to Copy, Cut & Fold will help satisfy your need for more pups in your life. All of the paper crafts in this book are made by scoring, cutting and folding. That’s right – there’s no gooey, messy glue required. The doggy designs in Paper Pups: 35 Dogs to Copy, Cut & Fold perfectly portray the unique personality of each dog breed.

With these paper crafts, you’ll be amazed at how you can recreate the folds of a Shar-Pei or the demanding presence of a Great Dane. Along with each tutorial is a short description of each dog breed, so you can learn a little bit about the creatures you’re creating. You’ll be amazed as each piece of paper gradually comes to life.

Do complicated crafts leave you walking away with your tail between your legs?  Paper Pups: 35 Dogs to Copy, Cut & Fold is divided into four different skill levels and provides step by step instructions for each project, guaranteeing your crafting success. With this craft book, you’ll learn how to use origami skills to create pups that have the same charm and attitude as real dogs. Origami crafts shouldn’t be characterized by frustration and wasted paper. These 35 projects are so easy and so cute! You won’t believe how just a few pieces of paper can really come to life. Move over furry friends – Paper Pups: 35 Dogs to Copy, Cut & Fold is man’s new best friend! is giving away one copy of  Paper Pups: 35 Dogs to Copy, Cut & Fold to one lucky winner. You could win!

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Contest ends August 13, 2013. You can enter once daily, return often to improve your chances of winning! Giveaway: Down by the Shore Collection Pack

A Year of Paper Piecing 12 Sensational Season DesignsThe Down by the Shore Collection Pack is a bright, modern and colorful set of scrapbook paper that is perfect for commemorating all of your summer fun. The colorful and bold motifs included in the Down by the Shore Collection Pack are perfect for documenting family vacations, beach days, and water park fun. Included in this collection you will received 12 sheets of double-sided scrapbook papers, 1 full-sized sticker sheet, 1 tape sticker sheet, a label stickers sheet, 1 banner die cuts sheet, and red ad navy corrugate paper.  With such a large selection of materials to work with, the Down by the Shore Collection Pack will help you document the entire summer from June through August!

There is no better way to personalize your favorite family photos than by creating a seasonal scrapbook for them. From BBQ’s to beach days, this collection is perfect for summer scrapbooking. There are over 20 different patterned pages and endless combinations to choose from; it does not get much more personalized than that. Keep your memories from this summer intact with the Down by the Shore Collection Pack. is giving away one Down by the Shore Collection Pack to one lucky winner. You could win!

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Contest ends July 23, 2013. You can enter once daily, return often to improve your chances of winning! Giveaway: Chipboard Albums


Do you have boxes and boxes of old family photos awaiting their spot in an album? Finally you have a place to put them with these Chipboard Albums. They’re colorful, crafty, and super sentimental – you’ll be glad you got ’em. Don’t let your friends beat you to this fantastic giveaway. Enter this contest now and you could have these great looking photo albums on your very own coffee table.

With these Chipboard Albums from Echo Park Paper Company you will be able to add some personalized flair to your favorite family photos. These two chipboard albums will allow you to take a unique approach to your photo album crafting. Each page of these Chipboard Albums includes an interactive pull out tab. These tabs allow you to further decorate your mini albums with scrapbook paper, journaling cards, or additional photographs. Let your creativity run wild. Another great thing about the pull-out tab feature is that you can put your albums on display with the tabs in or out, making this album even more versatile.

This breakout collection of Chipboard Albums includes two different models. You can either get the Chipboard Album in the rectangular style or the circular style. Both the rectangular album and the circular album offer three double-sided, pull-out chipboard pages. The Rectangular model comes in different bold shades of blue and green, whereas the circular model features a variety of bright and feminine hues. Both styles are as adorable as the photos inside of them. While they may differ in color, both of these Chipboard Albums designed by Karen Burniston are perfect for photo album crafters.

Don’t leave your memories in a dusty old box. Put them on display and reminisce on the years past. These Chipboard Albums make for a great conversation piece, a bit of nostalgia, and a whole lot of family lovin’. Enter today! is giving away two Chipboard Albums to two lucky winners. You could win!

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AllFreeHolidayCrafts Giveaway: Freedom Collection Pack

Freedom Collection PackThe Freedom Collection Pack is a fun and festive patriotic paper collection, perfect for documenting the summer months. This scrapbook paper line, from Bazzill Basics Paper, includes 22 scrapbook paper sheets, 2 patriotic sticker sets, 24 sheets of mini-prints, 16 journaling cards, and 24 sheets of coordinating cardstock! The sticker sheets include one pack of word art and a second sheet that includes a range of different patriotic designs. The Freedom collection is so extensive you will have more than enough variety to create the perfect scrapbook that will document your summer, and of course all of your Fourth of July fun!

The style of these patterns varies from bold colors and designs to light and fun patriotic patterns. The colors that are featured in this collection are different shades of America’s favorite colors: red, white, and blue. Each of the different paper packs all match perfectly, and the two sheets of stickers will make each page pop even more. The journaling cards that are included in the collection will also help add a more personal sentiment to each scrapbook page. The Freedom Collection Pack is perfect for any All-American crafter that loves to document family memories in a fun and creative way. The assortment of bold colors, and cheerful designs will allow you to create a bright, patriotic scrapbook that is the perfect way to document your Fourth of July festivities, and your entire summer. It is the ideal collection for patriotic paper crafters. is giving away one Freedom Collection Pack to one lucky winner. You could win!

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AllFreeHolidayCrafts Giveaway: Lucy’s Crabshack Collection Pack

Lucy's Crab Shack CollectionThe Lucy’s Crab Shack Collection Pack is a fun and summery selection of scrapbooking paper and supplies, perfect for paper crafters that are looking to document all of the fun that the summer season has to offer. This scrapbooking line, from Bazzill Basics Paper, includes two large sheets summer stickers that come in a pink, blue, and green color scheme. This collection also includes a selection of mini sheets, bright cardstock, and double-sided patterned paper that will give you a variety of colors and designs to work with. You can also add a personal note to your favorite scrapbook pages with one of the included journaling cards!

The Lucy’s Crab Shack Collection Pack includes 22 sheets of decorative paper, featuring bright patterns and colors signature of summer beach days. These 22 sheets include 2 sheets of all six different designs. As a bonus this collection pack comes with 24 additional mini prints that coordinate with the full-size sheets. The style of these patterns varies from bold statement pieces to fun and airy summer sheets. The colors all match perfectly, and each individual sheet can be accented with one of the matching stickers or journaling cards that are included in the collection.

This scrapbooking kit also contains 24 sheets of colored cardstock and 16 different journaling cards. Use these corresponding sheets to border or emphasis your photographs, and other scrapbooked mementos. The card stock sheets come in bold and bright colors, but also include a few neutral shades. One of the best parts of this package, are the journaling cards that come along with it. These cards feature fun pop-art and pattens that will add even more character to your scrapbook sheets. Plus, you can add your own personal memories next to each image or memento that you feature in the scrapbook. This varied assortment of bold designs, materials, and summer colors will help you create a bright, seasonal scrapbook that is the perfect way to document the most enjoyable season of the year. is giving away one Lucy’s Crab Shack Collection Pack to one lucky winner. You could win!

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FaveQuilts Giveaway: Ty Pennington Impressions Fat Quarter Bundle

Ty Pennington’s Fall 2012 Impressions Collection for Westminster Fibers is a modern, richly colored collection full of interesting and eclectic prints. The collection includes 12 different prints in two different color palettes for a total of 24 gorgeous fabrics. In shades of lime green, aqua, yellow, orange, pink, and maroon, this line features a full spectrum of hues. No matter which of these fabrics you fall in love with, you’ll find some way to use them in a quilt, clothing item, accessory, or decoration.

The Fall 2012 Impressions collection is separated into two distinct colorways. The blue-green fabrics that remind you of blue skies and deep water all fall into the Eventide color palette, while the warm reds, golds, and pinks are all part of the Sunset palette. This balance of warm and cool colors makes the Impressions line a complete collection that will appeal to many different styles. Within each color palette, the Impressions line offers 12 different prints. Most of the prints are intricate patterns inspired by nature or traditional cultural patterns. This amalgam of different designs and styles gives Impressions it eclecticism and allows it to appeal to crafters with diverse tastes and styles. is giving away a fat quarter bundle of Ty Pennington’s Fall 2012 Impressions collection to three lucky winners. You could be one of them!

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Ty Pennington Fall 2012 Impressions

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How to Decorate Glass Bottles With Fiskars Border Punches

 This tutorial is brought to you by Jade Harrington aka Jaderbomb.

Be sure to check out her review for another Fiskars product, the ProCision Rotary Bypass Trimmer.


Howdy Jaderbugs! I am so excited to share this tutorial with you today. I will be showing you some of Fiskars’ amazing boarder punches which I already know will make you go “Ohhhh and Ahhh” over.

Let’s get started. The things you will need are:

1. Glass Bottles
2. Tape
3. Scrapbook paper
4. Fiskar’s Border Punches

I will be using the Lacy Doubles Interchangeable Border Punch Cartridge for this tutorial.

“Fiskars- Use this Interchangeable Border Punch Cartridge with our Interchangeable Border Punch Starter Set base (sold separately) to add a variety of decorative borders to paper craft projects. Simply snap the cartridge into the starter set base, punch your craft material and switch cartridges to add a new design to another edge or your next big project. The interchangeable cartridges stack conveniently to save space in your craft room and make taking them to crops easier than ever. Must be used with our Interchangeable Border Punch Starter Set base.”

When you are ready to start using your punch you will notice there is a picture of the design on the front of the cartridge. Look at my arrows because this is where you want to start your paper. It’s pretty easy once you do it one or two times. Make sure when press down that you do it one good time to ensure the blades go completely through the paper.

Look how gorgeous. I decided to do both sides to make it look really fancy. By the way, I just used different size strips of paper that I had for this project.

This is how it will look when you complete both sides. I love the accuracy of this product.

I simply wrapped my strips of laced paper around my bottles and secured them in the back with a piece of tape.


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I know once you do one you will have a HUGE collection of interchangeable punches in your craft space. Be creative because you can do so much with these punches. Bye!