Valentine Ideas for Kids: 13 Printable Valentines

Valentine Ideas for Kids: 13 Printable ValentinesThere’s nothing nicer than receiving a homemade card, especially during the season of love. After all, making your own homemade Valentine’s cards is such a simple way to show your friends and family just how much you care about them. But when you’ve got a lot of valentines on your to-do list, making each one by hand can seem a little daunting. So what are you supposed to do?

Luckily, AllFreeKidsCrafts has a solution! Printable valentines are a quick and easy way to make sure everyone you know feels the love this Valentine’s Day. Plus, printing your own Valentine’s Day crafts for kids is a super thrifty way to bring an original card for everyone in your class to enjoy.

Ready to get printing? Enjoy our roundup of free printable valentines!

Easy Valentine Ideas for Kids

Adorable Button Valentine CardAfter you hand out these homemade Valentine’s cards to your friends, you’ll never go back to the store-bought boxes of valentines. These Valentine’s Day crafts for kids are super straightforward. All you’ll have to do is print, add a tiny bit of flair to make it your own, and sign your name! Want to know the best thing about these free printables? No one else will be handing out the same ones at school.

Homemade Toys and Games

Fortune Teller ValentinesPrintable Valentine Memory Game

You’ll impress everyone you know with these cool printable valentines for kids. Sure, it’s great to receive a homemade Valentine’s Day card, but it’s even better to receive something you can play with! From play dough to paper games, these free printables are guaranteed to wow your friends.

Tasty Valentine Ideas

Printable Candy Necklace CardsIt’s easy to hand out candy for Valentine’s Day, but why stop there? Personalize your candy valentines with these free printables!

BONUS! If thinking about delicious Valentine’s day crafts for kids has sparked your sweet tooth, you’ll love our collection of 15 Easy Valentine Recipes!

SUPER BONUS! Need more sweet treats in your life? You HAVE to check out these awesome No-Bake Chocolate Cake Pops.Kids will love sharing these with their friends! Enter today to win a cake pop kit of your own!

Unique Valentine Ideas

Printable Seed Packet ValentinesScratch Off Valentine Cards

Don’t miss the last of our favorite free printables! These Valentine’s Day crafts for kids are the coolest we’ve ever seen. Your friends and family will love these original valentine ideas!

What valentines are your kids bringing to class this year?

Link Love: Crafty Ways to Say Thanks

Now that the holidays are over and the new year has arrived, it’s time to express gratitude. Thank you notes and gifts show how much you care and appreciate the important people in your life. There isn’t one wrong or right way to say thanks, so don’t get stuck in a rut! As long as your message comes from the heart, it doesn’t matter what materials or techniques you use.

One of the most popular ways to say thank you is by creating cards. The simple design of the Fancy Flower Thank You Card makes it a quick and simple project. The flower embellishment adds an unexpected three-dimensional element to an otherwise plain layout. The theme of flowers can also be found in the Thanks a Bunch Card. The yellow and blue papers nicely offset the black embellishments while the sentiment is both sweet and sincere. If you’re not interested in crafting with paper but want to leave a lasting impression, create a Mini Thank You Gift Tin. For this project, recycle an Altoids tin and cover it with yarn, paper and other embellishments.

Start 2014 on a positive note and show your appreciation for the gifts you received during the holiday season. Whether you are saying thank you for a physical present or just want to drop a note to someone you love, take this opportunity to get a little creative and show just how much you care. Let this spirit of gratitude permeate your entire year – you won’t regret it!


  1. Cute and Quick Homemade Thank You Cards from Decorator’s Notebook
  2. Hand Embroidered Thank You Cards from Creating Laura
  3. Floral Thank You Note Sets from Apple Crate
  4. Thank You Favor Tags from Hey Love Designs
  5. Watercolor Wax Resist Thank You Cards from Tikkido
  6. Easy DIY Thank You Cards with Metallic Sharpies from It’s Always Autumn
  7. Thank You Album from Happy Hour Projects
  8. Personalized Thank You Cards from Fireflies and Jellybeans
  9. Printable Quilled Thank You Card and Envelope from Paper Zen


What is your favorite way to say thanks?

Print it Out! 17 Printable Paper Crafts

Do you have a printer? Do you have two minutes? You can print anything! These printable paper crafts are fantastic craft ideas if you want to make something in a snap. Seriously, the variety is insane. When was the last time you printed out a Printable Paper Doll or put together a flower bouquet entirely from a computer template? I’m telling you, anything can be printed. Do you need new recipe cards or thread bobbins? How about some Christmas ornaments for the upcoming holiday? Our latest collection of 17 Free Printable Paper Dolls and Other Printable Paper Crafts will give you an idea of the amazing variety of printable paper crafts on

17 Free Printable Paper Dolls and Other Printable Paper Crafts

 17 Free Printable Paper Dolls and
Other Printable Paper Crafts

 Free Printable Paper Dolls

Printable Paper Doll

These free printable paper dolls are great new toys for kids. They are so fun to play with, and they won’t cost you a penny. Kids can have fun putting the dolls together and dressing them in different outfits. Whether they want a decorative Winnie the Pooh doll for their bedroom or a new toy to play with, there is a paper doll that any child will love in this collection.

  1. Printable Paper Doll
  2. Adorable Printable Puppies
  3. Printable Winnie the Pooh Paper Doll
  4. Printable Cute Baby Seal
  5. Printable Woodland Creature Bookmarks

Other Printable Paper Crafts

Precious Printable Thread Bobbins

I’m not kidding you when I say the variety is endless. From home decor to organization to Christmas ornaments and more, there is an amazing variety with these other printable paper crafts. Age the paper with distress inks to create faux Pottery Barn Apothecary Jars (a reader favorite!) or give gifts in wrapping that doesn’t break the bank with any of our amazing printable gift wrap ideas. Need recipe cards, winter decor, pocket page journaling cards, or garland? Truly, you will believe you can print anything once you are finished viewing this collection.

  1. Paper Mums Wedding Bouquet
  2. Pottery Barn Apothecary Jars
  3. Easy Mod Podge Ornaments
  4. Dazzling Snowflake Window Clings
  5. Precious Printable Thread Bobbins
  6. Sheet Music Magnolia Ornament
  7. World’s Best Gift Bag Printables
  8. Free Recipe Card Printables
  9. Santa’s Favorite Sweets Garland
  10. Little Wine Bottle Greeting Tags
  11. Festive Fall Project Life Cards
  12. Printable Chalkboard Mason Jar Art


Gorgeous Paper Crafts: 18 Card Making Ideas, Scrapbook Layouts, and DIY Paper Flowers


 For more great ideas, be sure to download our printable collection of craft tutorials titled Gorgeous Paper Crafts: 18 Card Making Ideas, Scrapbook Layouts, and DIY Paper Flowers. Download this collection here.





How often do you use your printer for paper craft projects?



Simple Kids’ Crafts: 20 Printable Coloring Pages

Winged Butterfly Beauty Online Coloring

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and what’s that last color again? Oh yeah, violet! When I was little I was a tomboy, so I hated the color pink. I would always reach for red or blue crayons when my friends would go for the pink or purple ones. It took me until I was older to realize that maybe I judged too quickly, and now I’m happy to report that pink and purple make it into my drawings. Coloring pages are so much fun for kids, no matter what color they choose. The best thing about thing about this simple kids’ craft is that you only need two materials: markers/crayons and a piece of paper. Don’t forget to bring your creativity to the table because you’re gonna need it to fill in a beautiful butterfly or an entire circus with a lion. Printable coloring pages are a blast for kids of all ages. Whether you’re a tiny tot or a teenager, you’ll love expressing yourself this way.

AllFreeKidsCrafts has gathered up 20 Printable Coloring Pages that will make your day. So settle down with a Tickle Me Pink crayon in one hand and Macaroni and Cheese in other, and get to work on creating a masterpiece.


Animal Coloring Pages

Printable Paper Circus with AnimalsRawr! Don’t be scared away from these animal coloring pages. This Printable Paper Circus with Animals is full of animals that won’t bite. Simple kids’ crafts like coloring pages are perfect for boys and girls who want to befriend Winnie the Pooh or a butterfly, but just can’t seem to find a way. By coloring these printable coloring pages, you can make your favorite animals look any way you want. When you’re done, the lion from these coloring pages will be ready to jump off of the paper and into your own home.

Click here for more Animal Coloring Pages


Cute Coloring Pages

Circus Rider ToyThere’s nothing better than grabbing a handful of crayons and going to town on a coloring page, except if what you’re coloring is oh-so-adorable, like all of these simple kids’ crafts. Try these cute coloring pages if you’re looking for something fun to do on a rainy summer day or snowy winter night. Printable coloring pages are perfect for boys and girls of any age. There’s no right or wrong way to color in these cute characters. All you have to do is use your noggin to come up with beautiful color combinations, and mom and dad will want to hang your creations all over the house. You might find this adorable Circus Rider Toy waiting for you on the craft table when you wake up tomorrow morning, so get to work! After you color him, you can put him on a wheel and have him ride all over your house.

Click here for more Cute Coloring Pages


Online Coloring Pages

Trip to the Moon Online Coloring PageHow can you color without using markers and crayons? By using the computer, of course. These online coloring pages are perfect if you want a mess-free craft. You won’t get any stains on your hands or clothes. All you need to do is ‘paint’ with your computer mouse, and then print out your beautiful work of art. These printable coloring pages have as many colors to choose from as your biggest box of crayons, and none of them can break. Try the Trip to the Moon Online Coloring Page and you will be amazed at all you can do. Color in an astronaut, the moon, and rocket ship all on your own. Simple kids’ crafts are the best when they involve clean, creative fun.

Click here for more Online Coloring Pages



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Do you prefer printable crafts or crafts made with materials?



Free Printable Crafts for Kids

While kids are darling, they can’t always color inside the lines, draw the perfect circle, or fold the paper correctly. And on top of that, you can’t always color the exact shade of brown they’re looking for, draw the perfect elephant that matches their imagination, or fold an origami star just right. To ease the crafting process, some bloggers grace you with templates and printables. These either provide the right color, the perfect outline, or the correct places to fold (or if you’re lucky, all three). Craft time goes a lot more smoothly when these generous bloggers make it easy on you. Printables start the kids off on the right foot and simply require them to connect the dots. And if it’s still not perfect, who cares? Perfect isn’t going to start any conversations, now is it?

Summer Printable Crafts for Kids

Beat the heat by crafting the symbols of summer. Whether you’re bringing the happiness of sunshine inside your walls or the freshness of fruit to excite your tummy, printable crafts for kids are the perfect place to start. I love the fresh feel of the 3D Fruit Frenzy. Enjoy summer with these other printable crafts for kids:

Fall Printable Crafts for Kids

The leaves are falling, school is starting up again, and summer tans are fading. To keep your kiddo happy, surprise him with notes in his lunchbox. Don’t worry if you can’t think of anything to say after the first few, they’re all thought out for you thanks to Printable Lunch Box Notes. Make the rest of autumn easy on yourself too with these other printable crafts for kids:


Winter Printable Crafts for Kids

As the temperatures drop, more time is spent indoors. Beat the boredom with these printable crafts for kids made just for the winter months. When it’s too cold to build a snowman outside, design some inside with the handy Draw a Snowman Printable. Celebrate the many holidays of winter with these other printable crafts for kids:

Spring Printable Crafts for Kids

Spring is the lovely season where vibrant colors start returning and pink reenters the cheeks of children. Welcome the joy of spring with the convenient and adorable Happy Spring Printable Posters. For the days when it’s not quite warm enough or when April showers are promising May flowers, keep this list of printable crafts for kids close.

View all 50 free printable crafts for kids here.

Which is your favorite season to craft in?



Guest Post: Printable Seed Packets

This guest post was written by Maria Merlino.

Hello Scrapbook Friends! May I introduce myself?  My name is Maria Merlino and I’ve been asked to do a guest blog entry on one of my projects, the printable seed packets. I want to take you through the step-by-steps and give you my tips and tricks to make this an enjoyable project.

In addition to the practical seed saving work they do, these little envelopes are perfect for your Nature Walk scrapbook page, as they can hold any little collection of seeds, petals or leaves (I don’t recommend bugs —squished or otherwise!) that you may gather. The images print two to a page, so they are a good size after folding. I’ve given you an eclectic variety of images from which to select.  To get started with the garden seed envelopes, you will need copy paper, an ink jet printer, scissors, and a glue stick. I also use an old, recycled catalogue for my disposable gluing surface. When the page gets too glue-y, turn to a fresh page.

To grab and size the image, right click directly onto the image. A small popup will give you choices. Click Copy. This will save the image to your clipboard. A note on the Clipboard— this is an invisible device that puts an image into your computer for later use.   Open a blank document (I use Microsoft Office Word, but whatever you use for a blank document is fine). Now go to the Paste icon and click it. The image should be on the document. Fiddle with the size until it is a full page. Now you are ready to print.

For the seed packets, I set my printer preferences to plain paper and the Draft mode. If you print with Best or Photo or even the Text mode, too much ink is used and wasted! The images will print quickly and be somewhat faded but are still very viewable. I find that the less ink printing yields a more stable piece of paper and is less apt to tear or smear the printer ink . You can embellish with permanent markers later. Of course you can make one inky copy and have it printed with a laser at the copy shop. But that’s no fun! Homemade is best! I also used pastel paper for the black and white images for a different look.

After you’ve printed, use the scissors to carefully cut out the packet. Remember to keep the score lines intact. Fold where indicated, starting from the bottom, then to the left side and then a big fold-over from the left.  Open up a page in your recycled catalogue, put your envelope face down, and carefully glue, remembering to keep the glue lines on the fold and not in the center of the paper. You will glue it shut if you do this. First add a tiny spot of glue to the inside corner of the envelope to help keep the bottom fold in place. Then run a line of glue along the side and bottom folds. Take the left half and fold it so that the back is now facing you. Make any little adjustments to square up the piece and use a flattener, like an old credit card, bone folder or lid to the glue stick, to set the creases. Don’t do anything to the top flap. Hooray! You have just completed one seed packet.

Disregard the previous advice if you plan on using the Nature Walk packets to put into a scrapbook; use the correct archival papers and inks appropriate for your album.

As part of the free downloads I created, there is a seed packet image with a Mother Banner. I like to use these to fill with flower seed for Mother’s Day or my mom’s birthday. If your mom is in a Heavenly Embrace, these are nice keepsakes for your siblings.

I have a photo tutorial that includes the free downloads here.

Here are the bonus Nature Walk Envelopes.

I hope everyone enjoyed reading and learning from my first blog post because I had a blast writing it for you! Please visit me on my Yahoo page for more free goodies.

Link Love: Royal Wedding Extravaganza!

I hope you’re not sick of the royal wedding yet! I personally can’t get enough royal wedding gossip–speculations about Kate’s dress, guest list faux pas, what kind of crazy headpieces will show up…and of course, royal wedding themed crafts! Here are some ideas for royal wedding viewing parties or general anglophiles.

  1. Union Jack Tablecloth from The Charm of Home.
  2. Party Printables from Design Edition.
  3. Knit Corgi Pattern from Simply Knitting.
  4. Royal Wedding Cross Stitch from Bugs and Fishes.
  5. Union Jack Necklace from Hungry Hippie.
  6. A Royal Wedding Party with more printables from Hostess with the Mostess.
  7. Cupcake Picks and printables from The Tomkat Studio.
  8. Royal Engagement Ring Bubbly from Big Red Kitchen.
  9. Disposable Royal Wedding printables from Suzi Kemp.