The Glow of Summer: Fun Lantern Crafts

And at last, we see the light! With these beautiful glowing crafts, you can learn how to make a lantern, tiki torches, votives, and more. Every summer needs an extra special glow. Whether you’re throwing an outdoor party or barbecue, or planning on going camping, be sure to plan for some magical summer lighting. The enchantment of paper lanterns, glowing jars, and critters for kids can be all yours this summer.


How to Make a Lantern


Nothing says summertime romance like a beautiful paper lantern. Even though these don’t float into the air like Rapunzel’s did, they are still lovely and will give any summer gathering a magical feel. Some are round, some are square, some are tall, and some are short. Whatever your lighting needs may be, there is a lantern waiting to be made with your hands.

Polka Dot Tissue Lantern

Chinese Paper Lanterns

Tomato Cage Lanterns

Personalized Paper Lantern

Glowing Glass Bottles


Shiny glass is just the right touch for a glowing flame. These crafts will help you combine two beautiful elements: fire and glass. Tiki torches are the most festive outdoor lighting for the summer, and you can use them again and again. Votives are clever crafts that book your decorating skills to the test. Don’t fret if you live in the city, because you can also create special star lights and lanterns that will turn your walls (or the roof of your tent) into a starry sky on a cloudy night.

Bold Bottle Tiki Torches

Seaside Votives

Sparkling Star Gold Lights

Fancy Pretty Decoupaged Jar Lanterns

DIY Night Lights for the Kids


Don’t hog all the lighthearted whimsy to yourself. These DIY night lights are perfect for the kids to help you with. They can make colored Mason jars, fun glowing critters, and create there own starry sky lanterns. These crafts are perfect for the family camping trip or an outdoor sleepover. No matter what you do this summer, make sure the younger ones get a taste of summertime enchantment for themselves.

Glowing Mason Jars

Unexpected Plastic Egg Fireflies

Blob Votives

Jellyfish Light Ocean Crafts

Starlight Tin Can Lanterns

BONUS:  Find more DIY summer decorations and a few tasty recipes!  Our free eBook 12 Fabulous Picnic Craft Ideas + Restaurant Copycat Recipes has everything you need to plan the perfect outdoor picnic. Let your craftiness shine!


DOUBLE BONUS:  If you want to turn “junk” into more fun projects, have some a little extra crafty summer fun with 32 Recycle Crafts for Kids.


Which glowing summer craft is your favorite and why?


10 Picnic Craft Ideas To Help You Celebrate Summer

The weather is warm and the days are longer, which can only mean one thing … it’s finally summer! There’s nothing worse than spending time indoors when you could be soaking up the sun (just make sure you wear sunscreen). Head out for a picnic this summer and soak up all of the best aspects of summer. You can go for lunch, in the late afternoon or even enjoy the sunset during dinner time. No matter when you head out, you’ll surely create lasting memories, especially when you add a DIY element into your outing. Picnic craft ideas can turn a plain old summer evening into an unforgettable event. Best of all, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on any of these fun summer crafts – save that for your family’s summer vacation!

10 Picnic Craft Ideas

Before you head out, take some time to create your own picnic blanket, utensil holders and more. Also, don’t forget that the Fourth of July is just one month away, so be sure to incorporate some red, white and blue into your picnic crafts. Make a beer bottle holder for dad, reusable cloth bags for kids (keep them for school lunches!) and a crochet tote that you can wear all year long. You can even create a theme for your picnic – choose a few portable ladybug crafts to bring on your audience – they can serve as a complement to those Spotted Ladybug Picnic Cups!


Beer Bottle HolderFun Summer Crafts

Beer Bottle Holder

Rolling Place Mats

Reusable Cloth Snack Bags

Crochet Tote Bag



Spotted Ladybug Picnic CraftsPicnic Crafts For Kids

Spotted Ladybug Picnic Cups

Initial Name Plate

Picnic Helpers




4th of July Picnic Placemats

4th of July Picnic Craft Ideas
(Start Planning Now!)

4th of July Picnic Placemat

Patriotic Tie Dye Picnic Set

Gingham Salt and Pepper Shakers




12 Fabulous Picnic Craft Ideas + Restaurant Copycat Recipes

Before you head out for a picnic, download a copy of “12 Fabulous Picnic Craft Ideas + Restaurant Copycat Recipes“.

We joined up with our friends at AllFreeCopycatRecipes to bring you our favorite picnic craft ideas and recipes – you’ll want to save this one forever!




What’s your favorite way to celebrate summer?


Get Ready for Stunning Summer-Inspired Quilt Patterns

The grill is hot, the kids are home on vacation, and you’re in the mood for some summer inspiration for your next seasonal quilt project. Whether your favorite summer pastime is relaxing at the beach or working in your garden, the editors at FaveQuilts are pleased to present this selection of our favorite quilts with summer themes.

Sun Quilt Patterns

sunflower-table-topperCheery Sunshine PillowSunburst picnicblanket




What would summertime be without having fun in the sun? From joyful quilted table toppers to gloriously yellow and orange quilted blankets, you’ll be glad you checked out these three sunny quilted projects that are as bright and cheery as the balmy weather outside. If you want joyful and happy-colored quilted patterns, check out these sunny day quilted projects:

Sunshine Sunflower Table Topper

Cheery Sunshine Pillow

Sunburst Picnic Blanket


Beach Quilt Patterns

Drawstring Beach BagBeachy-Baby-Strip-Quilt-thGinormous Beach Bag




Entertain the kids by making these easy and vibrant beach-themed quilted projects. Whether you want to make a seasonal quilt pattern with cool ocean blues and little scrap quilt fish or you need a cute beach bag to store your sunblock in, beach quilt patterns are sure to be a major trend this season. If your favorite summertime hot spot is the beach, try these cute beachy patterns:

Charming Drawstring Beach Bag

Beachy Baby Strip Quilt

Ginormous Quilted Beach Bag


Quilted Picnic Baskets

Garden DistrictFarm-Fresh-Picnic-Quilt-thSummer Lovin' Picnic Quilt




Spend a few summer afternoons enjoying deliciously grilled burgers and hotdogs on your homemade summer-inspired picnic quilt. Friends and neighbors will be especially impressed by your handiwork and ingenuity when they see your patriotic picnic quilts or garden-inspired quilted blankets. While you’re hanging out with the kids on an afternoon picnic, you’ll enjoy the comfort and beauty of your own summer-themed picnic blanket. Some of these refreshing quilted blankets can even function as nifty wall quilts during the colder months. Do these quilt patterns sound appetizing? If so, check out these garden-inspired quilt patterns:

Garden District Picnic Blanket

Farm Fresh Picnic Quilt

Summer Lovin’ Picnic Quilt


Fourth of July Quilt Patterns





Light up your Independence Day with these 4th of July quilts. From red, white, and blue wall hangings to table runners depicting America’s famous stars and stripes, each of these Fourth of July quilt patterns are sure to make this year’s firework show extra special! Show off your patriotism with these fun Fourth of July quilt projects:

Patriotic Pinwheel Quilt Runner

Patriotic Stars Quilt

American Flag Wall Hanging


Summer-themed quilts can be a fantastic project to take some personal time to enjoy your favorite hobby and a great way to commemorate this year’s summer for years to come. The great thing about these diverse seasonal quilt patterns is that they allow you to express your love of all things warm and summery through your preferred quilting techniques.

What kind of summer quilt pattern are you going to make this year?

Make Your Next Picnic a DIY Affair With Crafts & Copycat Recipes

Summer is (almost) officially here! Who wants to be stuck inside all day when the sun is shining and the weather is warm? After a season of cold temperatures and crisp white snow, it’s a great feeling to finally head outside and breathe in the fresh air. In fact, you can really take advantage of the wonderful aspects of the season by heading outside and having a picnic! You can go alone, with a friend or with the kids – no matter what, there are so many ways to make your time outside super memorable.

Whether you know it or not, there are so many ways to create crafts for a picnic. Before you head out, you want to grab a few basics – a blanket, food and a bag to hold everything. Luckily, our latest free eBook, 12 Fabulous Picnic Craft Ideas + Restaurant Copycat Recipes, featured all of these things plus so much more. If you love to crochet, sew or craft with kids, then you’re sure to find a few fabulous projects. Also, we’ve included a couple of our favorite recipes from AllFreeCopycatRecipes – no need to pay for your favorite meals when you can make them at home! With this free eBook, a few craft supplies and your favorite ingredients, you can turn your next picnic into an afternoon of fun in the sun.


Craft Projects Included in the eBook:

Reusable Cloth Snack Bags – Picnics are so much fun but let’s face it – you can generate a lot of waste during your time in the sun. From plastic bags to paper plates and cups, there are so many items that can only be used once. Plus, it’s easy for those flimsy items to become litter. Save money on bags and create your own Reusable Cloth Snack Bags. Use bright, sunny fabric and Velcro for this project – it’s an easy sewing craft you can complete in an afternoon. Best of all, you can throw these bags into a child’s lunch or take them to a party – they’re so versatile!

Rolling Place Mats – If you’re new to the world of crochet, this is the perfect pattern for you. You can make a bunch of these practical Rolling Place Mats and throw them in your tote. This crochet pattern makes dining outdoors simple and easy. They also help keep your picnic blanket clean and tidy. You only need three skeins of each color to create this quick and simple crochet pattern, so there’s no need to drop big bucks at your local craft supply store.


Soup Can Bowling – Get kids involved in the fun by creating a game that they can take on the picnic. Dig into your recycle bin and reuse aluminum soup can to create your own blowing game. Paint helps turn the simple, unexciting cans into colorful and adorable pins. This activity is sure to keep the kids busy for hours. Let the kids express their creativity by allowing them to decorate their own soup can.



Bonus! Delicious Copycat Recipes to Make at Home:

Cowboy Corn Dogs: Is there anything worse than an empty stomach at a picnic? Don’t let this happen to you! Create these delicious corn dogs and pack them up in a handmade bag or container. This is a great snack option and tastes great with a side of ketchup. Plus, you don’t have to beg the kids to take a bit – this is a dish the whole family can enjoy.



Get inspired and get outside – that’s what summer is all about! Just be sure to bring a camera so you don’t miss a moment of your DIY picnic adventure! Download a copy of 12 Fabulous Picnic Craft Ideas + Restaurant Copycat Recipes today – it’s free!





13 Picnic Crafts and Recipes for Summer

One of my favorite summer activities is going on picnics with my friends and family. There are lots of outdoor concerts in the summer and we always go early and have a picnic dinner. Warm breezes, wonderful music, and great food. What more could you ask for on a summer evening?

The best thing about picnics are that you can have them anywhere. You can go to a local park, the beach or even your own backyard. There’s something about escaping the indoors and eating in a new place. I’m always looking for creative picnic crafts and recipes that I can use to make a picnic special. Check out these must-have picnic accessories and delicious foods I found to make an amazing picnic.

First off, you need to have a great blanket to have your picnic on. The Corner Blocks Picnic Blanket is a summer weight quilt that has patchwork charm without all the work. If sewing is more your style then the Waterproof Park Blanket is the perfect picnic sewing project. This Complete Picnic Blanket Tote is super convenient because folds up into a handy tote.
Pack your picnic in style with this American Picnic Basket. Just take an plain wicker basket and turn it into a piece of Americana artwork, it’s a great basket for 4th of July festivities! This Picnic Basket Liner has vintage charm and is easy to remove so you can wash it.

Just because it’s a picnic doesn’t mean your plastic utensils have to be boring. Dress up your cutlery with this Wire Wrapped and Beaded Picnic Utensils craft project. Make sure you keep all your utensils and plates in one place with the All-In-One Picnic Tote that makes organizing your basket a breeze. You spent all that time making the food so be sure to protect those sandwiches with these cute Reusable Sandwich Bags. They are so much better for you and the enviroment than plastic baggies.


It’s not a picnic without food! These picnic recipes are sure to delight your culinary senses. They are also light and refreshing foods that are perfect for warmer summer temperatures. Go ahead and indulge in these delicious picnic recipes. Bon Appétit!Old Fashioned Macaroni Salad Recipe

Blackberry Lemonade
Fruit Skewers
Cool and Refreshing Cucumber Sandwiches 
Old Fashioned Macaroni Salad
All American Apple Pie


Where is your favorite place to have picnics?

Link Love: Let’s Have a Picnic

When the weather starts heating up there’s nowhere I’d rather be than outdoors! I love dining al fresco in the summertime–it makes me feel like a chic European without a care in the world. And of course, as a crafter, I have to do more picnic preparation than just packing a basket with sandwiches and juice boxes. These picnic crafts are the perfect way to put your crafty stamp on a summer picnic. Picnics need not be simple affairs– there’s no shame in crafting unique cutlery holders, DIY picnic baskets, and handmade picnic blankets. Make your summer special by taking your family on a handmade picnic.

  1. Origami Picnic Basket from Martha Stewart
  2. Colorblocked Cutlery from Studio DIY
  3. DIY Picnic Baskets from Oh Happy Day
  4. Gingham Picnic Cookies from Munchkin Munchies
  5. Let’s Picnic Invitations from Eat Drink Chic
  6. Laminated Picnic Table from Sew Can Do
  7. Game Time Picnic Quilt from Sew Mama Sew
  8. Napkin Flatware Rolls from Make it Do
  9. Industrial Light Cage Picnic Holder from Junk Camp

This Week on Cool2Craft TV – Summer Picnic

Join host Tiffany Windsor and her special guests for this week’s episode of Cool2Craft TV. This new episode features a ladybug themed picnic. EcoHeidi sets the design theme with a cute ladybug created from upcycled plastic spoons, forks and plastic caps, Candace Jedrowicz wraps plastic utensils with wire and beads and Tiffany glitters up the party cups. Monday August 22, 2011 at 9 am Pacific/ 10 am Mountain/ 11 am Central/ noon Eastern. Watch craft demos and join in the live chat at showtime at

8-22-11 Cool2Craft TV - Summer Picnic

It’s easy to watch Cool2Craft TV right from your computer. This episode airs Monday August 22, 2011 9am Pacific/10am Mountain/11 am Central/noon Eastern. Go to and find the Livestream player and chat box. See you Monday!

Watch live streaming video from cool2craft at

Turn Old Tin Cans into Picnic Helpers

With the warm weather, everyone wants to be eating al fresco. You can turn any BBQ or picnic into a comfortable event with these handy little Picnic Helpers from Rachel Griffith of P.S. I Quilt. All you need are some empty aluminum cans and fabric scraps to create cute little containers for napkins, forks and picnic trash. You know how I love craft projects that recycle. These are also perfect for the upcoming 4th of July holiday. You can even use fabric in red, white and blue to create patriotic little picnic helpers. Thanks for the clever idea Rachel!

Check out the Picnic Helpers Project here!