Ragtime Blues: 15 Rag Quilt Patterns

What is a rag quilt and how do you make one?

Luckily this blog post will answer any and all of your questions.

A rag quilt uses the quilt-as-you-go technique to create a square quilt with exposed seams.

Rag quilting is much easier than traditional quilting because you fasten the backing, batting, and top fabric to each quilt block before sewing them all together.

DIY quilt projects are really popular for the summer, especially free baby quilt projects. With rag quilts, babies love the texture of the exposed seams, and parents love how they can throw the quilt in the wash without any hesitation.

Here are some hot rag quilt ideas for summer that we absolutely adore. This post features many fellow-bloggers, but the last five patterns come from FaveQuilts . If you want more rag quilt patterns, check out this article, Snuggly Free Rag Quilt Patterns.


Link Love: Easy Rag Quilt Ideas

Beach Beauty Rag QuiltLooking for easy quilt pattern ideas for your summer quilt needs? Whether you need a quilt for the beach, a picnic, or a summer sports game, you will love the patterns from these creative bloggers. Thanks for inspiring us, ladies!

1) Beach Beauty Rag Quilt by Heidi

2) Fancy French Rag Quilt by Shabby Soul

3) Dreaming in Denim Rag Quilt by Crystelle

4) Perfect Pastels Rag Quilt by SewDelish

5) Quilter’s Choice: Rag Quilts in Bright Colors by Beckie


Link Love: Baby Rag Quilts

Little Monster Baby Rag QuiltBaby rag quilts are too cute to handle. We love these precious projects from other bloggers!

6) Little Monster Baby Rag Quilt by Patricia

7) Duck, Duck, Goose Baby Rag Quilt by Aubrey

8) Three Shades of Blue Baby Rag Quilt by Amber

9) Itty Bitty Blue Baby Rag Quilt by Joan

10) Fabulous Fleece Baby Rag Quilt by Shannon


No More Summer Blues: Free Rag Quilt Tutorials

Fuss Free Rag QuiltEach of these tutorials will teach you the quilt-as-you-go technique. The step-by-step instructions will  make your life so much easier. We picked patterns with blue fabrics because blue is definitely on trend this summer!

11) Fuss Free Rag Quilt

12) Easiest Thrifty Rag Quilt

13) Ragtime Quilt

14) Rustic Rag Quilt

15) Adaptable Rag Quilt

CONTEST: A Quilter’s Mixology

A Quilter's Mixology ContestYou absolutely need a copy of  A Quilter’s Mixology: Shaking Up Curved Piecing by Angela Pinge. Luckily if you enter this contest today, you have a chance to win a FREE copy of the book! Don’t pass up this chance because A Quilter’s Mixology is flying off the shelves in the craft world, so be sure to submit your name to the contest by July 21 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time!




What’s the Best Part of Rag Quilting? Comment Below!

Magician’s Corner: Nine Patch Quilt Patterns

There’s nothing like a nine-patch. These quilt patterns are incredibly easy, beautiful, and — best of all — perfect for quick quilting and scrap usage! These types of easy quilt tutorials are always a reader favorite on FaveQuilts, whether it’s full nine patch quilt patterns or nine patch quilt block patterns. So we’ve stocked up, just in time for you to use up the last of those winter fabric scraps and clear out your stash for spring!

Nine Patch Quilt Patterns

Groves of GardensThe best thing about a nine patch quilt is that every single one is unique. The Colleena Baby Quilt and the Groves of Gardens Nine Patch are based off the same technique, but have totally different aesthetics. Choose your favorite!

1. Comfort and Charm Irish Chain Quilt
2. Colleena Baby Quilt
3. White Space Nine Patch Quilt
4. Groves of Gardens Nine Patch

Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt Patterns

Springtime Disappearing Nine Patch Baby QuiltDisappearing nine patch quilt patterns are some of my favorites. These patterns have such a fun, energetic look to them — perfect for baby quilts or living room throws! Make the adorable Springtime Disappearing Nine Patch Baby Quilt for your next baby shower or for your own little ones.

1. Springtime Disappearing Nine Patch Baby Quilt
2. Magician’s Disappearing Nine Patch
3. I Spy Disappearing Nine Patch
4. Magic Baby Birdie Quilt

Nine Patch Quilt Block Patterns

Peek-a-Boo BlockWant a little more freedom than a full quilt tutorial can give you? Try one of these nine patch quilt block patterns, which will teach you how to make a single block that you can put to use however you choose — table runners, kitchen decor, a bed-size quilt … you name it!

1. Curved Nine Patch Quilt Block
2. Black and White Hourglass Block
3. Crazy Nine Patch
4.  Peek a Boo Block

BONUS! Nine Patch Quilt Video Tutorial


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Quilting Trend Alert: Our Top 5 Tweets of October 2013

FaveQuilts Top Tweets

When planning ahead, the editors at FaveQuilts want to make sure we’re doing the best we can to connect readers with the content that they’re looking for, and we get a lot of help from our Twitter page! To find out more about the top trends with our quilters, we took a look at the top 5 tweets from last month. Here are the results:


#5: Christmas Quilt Patterns

Christmas Quilt Patterns




Quilters always have to be two steps ahead when it comes to patterns,  which is why our brand new Christmas quilts eBook, The Best Free Quilt Patterns for Christmas: 10 Quilt Blocks, Christmas Ornaments to Make, and More, came at the perfect time. It includes tree skirts, handmade Christmas ornament ideas, quilt block patterns, and full-sized projects that quilters can start on now and have ready by the time they’re preparing to deck the halls.

#4: Quick and Easy Quilt Patterns

Quick and Easy Quilt Patterns




No surprise here; quilters are busy people, therefore; they’re always looking for a helpful quilt pattern that they can finish without worry. Our friends at CraftFoxes were already tackling this issue with the Gift in a Week Quilt pattern. It’s big, beautiful, but doesn’t take up your time. It’s a beautiful gift that can be used and displayed all throughout the year, so if you’re strapped for time this holiday season, make sure you’ve got this pattern saved somewhere.

#3: Hexagon Quilt Patterns

Hexagon Quilt Patterns




Our readers have used both Hexagon quilt patterns and English paper piecing patterns to create intricate and decorative designs with a certain retro flair, and they know how time consuming the cutting process can be. Luckily, Andy from A Bright Corner created a pattern using a creative trick that saves you time, but still gives you that same hexie look. Her ingenuity has made the Fakie Hexies Quilt one of the most popular projects of the month.

#2: Rice Bags

Rice Bags




The hot new trend of the season has popped up in every facet from crochet to knitting, and our readers were more than ready for it. Learning how to make a rice bag really comes in handy; not only can you make your own handmade body warmer and cooler with the Heavenly Hot and Cold Rice Bag tutorial from Make It and Love It, but you can also use this idea for stocking stuffers or as small party favors during the holidays. Your friends and family will thank you as soon as they use it.

#1: How to Make a Patchwork Quilt

How to Make a Patchwork Quilt




With that autumn chill rolling in, quilters knew now was the time to start making those cozy patchwork quilts. Team FaveQuilts thought it would be helpful to create our very own Patchwork Quilt Guide that linked to all of our favorite projects and patterns.


Not only are our readers getting ready for the next season, but they’re working on their quilting skills with all kinds of resources. Be sure to follow us on Twitter for all of these and more!


What was your favorite quilting topic or trend last month?

Easy Quilt Patterns Inspired by the Countryside: The Patchwork Quilt Guide

Our Favorite Patchwork Quilt Patterns

When falls comes around, the editors at FaveQuilts just can’t help but dream of curling up in some cozy patchwork quilt patterns. They’re perfect for this time of year, not only because of how warm and comforting they are, but also because of how easy and versatile the patterns are. Get started with one of these today, and you’ll be able to share a special new patchwork pattern with your family before October ends. Here are some of the most popular ways quilters are making patchwork quilts this season:

Patchwork Baby Quilt Patterns

What could be more special for a baby born in the fall than a beautiful patchwork quilt made especially for them? The patchwork design’s flexibility will really come in handy here; you can easily use your own color scheme within any of these patterns and still get lovely results. Patchwork quilts also provide plenty of options for variations, so you can get creative with the way you quilt your squares. Any soon-to-be parents will be so grateful to receive this kind of personalized gift, and the blend of comfort and casual design will guarantee that this quilt will be in use for years to come.

Bed Quilt Covers

Fall weather can be very unpredictable, but you don’t have to worry about catching a chill if you use your patchwork quilting skills to make a brand new cover for your bed. Home decor can be very expensive, but you can expect to save a lot of money with these brilliant patterns that encourage the use of scrappy quilt leftovers. This is the perfect opportunity to play with your favorite geometric shapes and give your room a whole new look.

Small Patchwork Quilt Projects

Short on time? No problem, because patchwork quilting covers more than just full-sized patterns. If you simply need a way to give your home a bit of a rustic touch or make something special for someone else, there are plenty of cute ways to use your patchwork.

More Popular Patchwork Patterns

You don’t even need a specific reason to enjoy the classic country charm of a patchwork quilt. Many of the most popular free quilt patterns involving patchwork can be made for any occasion. You’ll learn some from variations, see how you can complement colors, and personalize your pattern for someone special.


At Home with Country Quilts



There’s still plenty of time to start a patchwork quilt pattern, and if you’re in need of ideas, you should enter to win a copy of At Home with Country Quilts: 13 Patchwork Patterns. Submit your entry by October 29th!





 What’s your favorite use for patchwork?



Applique with Becky from Patchwork Posse: National Sewing Month 2013

It’s Day Twenty-Five of National Sewing Month! Too see the daily blog posts, projects of the day, and more National Sewing Month details, click here.

National Sewing Month 2013

Today we’re thrilled to welcome Becky from Patchwork Posse! Read on to see what she has to say about appliques!

I thought it would be fun to chat a little bit about applique. Not necessarily the process of sewing it, but where to get your fabric from to use on it.

Applique is a great quick and easy way to add a little something special and extra to a quilt, shirt, pants, bags…or whatever you can sew it to!

Typically we approach applique with this fabric for the stem, this for the flower…. or this for the head, this for the body….but today we are going to do something a little bit different.

We are going to chop up orphan quilt blocks to use for applique!

This is a great method for using those random quilt blocks that have no home, or maybe those that aren’t pieced the best.

Goodbye following the matching game, We are going to grab some blocks, cut them up and be totally OK with how they turn out.

how to use applique to hide problems in your quilt blocks / patchworkposse.com

When it comes to the quilt block, there are a couple of choices. You can pre-quilt it (or use one that is already pre-quilted like a cutter quilt), or you can go with what you have.

If you’d like to pre-quilt it:

1) Pin the quilt block wrong sides on top of batting

2) Quilt by machine, a meandor stitch, or stitch in the ditch.

Your block is ready to go!

Take a look at what you are going to be cutting out. Dig around and find a quilt block that will “work” with the subject. For example, I cut a pumpkin out of a fall-ish kind of block. I cut a ghost out of light and airy kind of quilt block.

using orphan quilt blocks for applique templates

Audition the template on the quilt block. Move it around to find the right combination of colors and design. Watch the seams that you don’t land one right on the edge – that will make sewing it to your final project a bit more difficult.


Another option would be to place applique in a strategic place on your quilt or project. Cover up those bad seams, points, or whatever else you don’t want others to see.

After you have cut everything out and placed it where you want it you can sew the edges down using a zig-zag or satin stitch for a raw edge applique.

This past year I have focused on orphaned quilt blocks and how to get them finished in a project. It has been a lot of fun finding a new purpose for something. You can find more tutorials and projects I have done here on my site: Sewing Projects for Quilt Blocks. You can also receive a free snail and butterfly applique template when you sign up for my newsletter!




What is the first quilting project you remember making?



Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice: 8 Quilt Patterns for Girls

When I was a little girl, I always enjoyed wrestling my older brothers in the mud much more than wearing the pretty (albeit itchy)  dresses my mother so desperately tried to make me keep clean. That was well over a decade ago. Since then, I’ve given up tackling my brothers in exchange for dressing in my own distinctly feminine style.

Yet, there is still a little part of me that regrets always rejecting the girly outfits and cute bedroom blankets that look adorable in a little girl’s room. Thankfully, FaveQuilts allows me to indulge in my love of all things pink and pretty through their fabulous round-up of some of the most popular quilt patterns for girls. Quilters of all skill levels can choose a darling kid’s quilt pattern by checking out this lovely list of 8 quilt projects to make for girls.

See more free quilt patterns for girls


Quilted Blankets for Girls

Borders Baby Rag Quilt — Make this super sweet and quick rag quilt for a newborn girl. As a bonus, the pink and brown flannel will be ultra-soft on a baby’s skin.

Borders Baby Rag Quilt
Sweet Girlie Charm Quilt — Use pastel-colored charm squares and a matching border design to create this cute blocky pattern for a little girl’s bedroom.

Sweet Girlie Charm Quilt
Dolly Dresses Personalized Baby Quilt —  For a little girl that loves to play with dolls, make this quilt with fabric panels that look like her favorite toys. You can even applique a personalized name onto the middle of this playful girl’s quilt pattern.

Dolly Dresses Personalized Baby Quilt


Quilted Clothes for Girls

Charming Patchwork Baby Dress — This baby dress showcases your most feminine scrap fabric while keeping an infant girl feeling comfortable. This guide includes directions for making a dress to fit sizes 6-9 months, 12 months, and 2T.

Charming Patchwork Baby Dress
Little Girl’s Patchwork Skirt — Every toddler girl will look simply beautiful while she frolics in this patchwork skirt. Follow this detailed tutorial to sew a simple skirt in bright summertime quilt patterns.

Little Girls Patchwork Skirt
Strip-Pieced Pleated Skirt — If you want to design a patchwork skirt with more classic color scheme, you will love this jelly roll pattern for a strip-pieced pleated skirt. Little girls will look precious in this refreshing yellow and green quilted flower pattern.

Strip-Pieced Pleated Skirt

Applique Patterns for Girls

Girly Turkey Applique — Sew this funky applique pattern onto a shirt or placemat to put some girl-power into your next Thanksgiving craft!

Girly Turkey Applique
Applique Hearts Quilted Wall Display — For even more adorable applique fun, sew this heart pattern onto a wall quilt banner to show a little girl how much you care. This wallhanging quilt also makes a great Valentine’s Day gift.

Applique Hearts Quilted Wall Display

Whether you want to make quilted clothes for a budding fashionista or a cute pink blanket for an infant girl, these feminine kid’s quilt patterns are sure to put a smile on her face. If you enjoyed this post about quilt patterns for little girls, check out our previous post about free quilt patterns for boys.

 Flowers, Butterflies, or Hearts: What kind of patterns do you like to use for girl’s quilts?



Go Wild For Amazing Animal Quilt Patterns

Watch out for lions, and tigers, and bears….as the newest quilting trend! In honor of our best furry and feathered friends, the editors of FaveQuilts bring you this list of our most loved animal quilt patterns for kids. Whether you want to make a sweet bunny rabbit design for quilted baby clothes or create a gorgeous quilt block pattern of gentle giraffes, these diverse animal quilt projects  are sure to make delightful quilt patterns for children of all ages.

Go Wild for these 6 Amazing Animal Quilt Patterns



Howling Wolf Block  — Intermediate quilters will love this stunning quilt block pattern of a howling wolf. Not only does this quilt block design let your practice paper piecing tiny details, it also uses richly-colored scrappy fabric to create the sharp teeth and furry coat of this beautifully quilted wolf.




Teddy Bear Applique Onesie — If you want to quilt something with a more cuddly image, you’ll love appliqueing an adorable teddy bear onto this quilt onesie.  Follow this easy tutorial to learn how to applique quilt a personalized onesie for your little animal lover.




Pig in a Blanket — Quilted animals patterns don’t get much cuter than this Pig in a Blanket Quilt! Beginner quilters should especially check out this free kid’s quilt design to bring a little pink and yellow barnyard fun to your next quilted animal pattern project.





Giraffe Quilt Block — Paper pieced quilting has never been so wild with this delicately-made Giraffe Quilt Block. Create the spindly limbs and stretching neck from pretty spotted fabric to create this African animal quilt block pattern. You’ll be amazed at how a scrap quilt project can make such a majestic-looking quilted animal design.


Patchwork Bunny Buddies — It’s up to you to make this adorable Patchwork Bunny Buddies project for a quilted Easter project or give a bunny as a cute quilted baby toy. Put your soft pink and blue patchwork fabrics to good use by lining these soft quilted toys. Younger kids will especially love the plushy quality of these sweet quilted rabbits.




Swimming Sea Turtle Block — You’ll feel like you’re swimming in the coral reef with this gorgeously colorful pattern for an animal quilt block. While you use your most brightly colored greens to depict the shell of this Swimming Sea Turtle Quilt Block, save your deepest blues to create the background ocean scenery.  Quilting pros who are up for a challenge will love paper piecing this animal block pattern as a way to kick off the summer.



No matter the season or occasion, animal quilt patterns are always a great quilt to make for your little ones. It is up to you if you want to quilt pictures of fluffy kittens onto quilted pillows, or make a ferocious lion blanket, because these fabulous ideas are sure to remind you that quilting can get a little wild.


Which Animal Quilt Patterns are your favorite to create?


Spring Fever: Early Bird Quilt Designs for Spring

Early Bird Quilt Designs for Spring

I know what you’re thinking: spring? FaveQuilts, it’s January. We’re still huddled in our snuggies drinking hot chocolate. We know, we know. But flowers are going to start blooming before you know it. It’s never too early to bring a fresh breath of spring into your sewing room. We’ve gone through all our tutorials and picked out some of our favorite designs to get you ahead of the season. Let these beautiful floral and springtime patterns keep you smelling the roses while everyone else slogs through feet of snow!

Dining Room Decor

Pretty Pink Posy Table Topper

Springtime comes to the table before it shows up anywhere else. This Pretty Pink Posy Topper is so elegant and simple, but can completely change the feel of a room. Freshen up those flowers in their vase and bring a little bit of sunlight to mealtimes with these beautiful table toppers and kitchen accessories.

1. Spring Morning Mug Rug
2. Spring Table Topper
3. April Showers Mug Rug
4. Flower and Butterfly Mug Rug
5. Spring Chicks Table Runner
6. Spring Placemats
7. Blossom and Bloom Table Topper
8. Walking on Sunshine

Butterflies a Flutter Baby Quilt Pattern

Baby Quilts 

Spring babies are on the way! Welcome children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews with a beautiful baby quilt. Every new addition to the family ought to have their own little special blanket like this Butterflies a Flutter Baby Quilt Pattern that will keep them warm and cozy through long nights in the crib.

1. Applique Butterfly Garden
2. Shabby Spring Baby Rag Quilt
3. Easy Watercolor Quilt
4. Quilted Butterfly Bunting
5. Kite Applique Block

Flutterby Butterfly GardenThrows and Lap Quilts

Find the warmth of a beautiful spring day underneath these gorgeous throw blankets and lap quilts. Blankets like this Flutterby Butterfly Garden Quilt are such gorgeous blankets that will transform any couch, bedroom, or La-Z-Boy with their bright, cheerful colors.

1. Groves of Gardens Nine Patch Quilt
2. Springtime Diamond Lattice and Diamond Extra Quilts
3. Fields of Tulips Quilt
4. Funky Wonderland Quilt
5. Love Blossoms Again Quilt Block
6. Flutter and Flowers Springtime Quilt
7. Rainy Days Block Quilt
8. Garden Spikes

What are you most looking forward to about spring?

How To: Start a Basic Quilt Part 3

We’re getting to the home stretch of our basic quilt making tutorial. If you’ve followed along for parts 1 and 2, you should have long strips of patchwork squares that are ready to be sewn into a large spread. If you are making a 15 x 17 quilt – you’ll have 15 columns going across and 17 rows down. All the squares should be sewn into strips already. Here’s what you’ll need to complete your quilt:

  • Sewing Machine
  • Pins
  • Thread (a color that matches the fabric for your backing)
  • Extra Loft Batting (for full or queen bed)
  • Scissors
  • Yarn in complimentary color
  • Thick (rug) needle

So if you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to pick a fabric for the back of your quilt. I’ve used a fabric that’s already somewhere in the quilt – the solid color works nicely – or I’ve even picked an entirely new pattern or color that ties the whole thing together. Whatever you choose, buy a lot. Since fabric typically comes a lot wider than it is long, you’ll have to cut the piece in half and sew the two pieces together so that it covers the entire width and length of the quilt.


  1. Begin sewing your strips of fabric together. With the pattern sides facing each other, place a pin at each intersection so that your strips stay inline with each other.
  2. When finished, iron the entire quilt-top so it lies flat on the batting.
  3. Sew the backing. Cut fabric in half the wide way- and sew together so that it is long enough and wide enough for the entire quilt.
  4. Lay the backing down, right side down – and get ready to lay your quilt
  5. Unroll your package of extra loft batting. Make sure there is a thin border of fabric that sticks out from underneath the batting.
  6. Lay your patchwork piece on top of the batting. It will be smaller than the back and the batting.
  7. Trim the batting so that it sticks out from under the patchwork top, about an inch and a half.
  8. Fold Back fabric over the batting edge to form a border.
  9. Pin border fabric in place, rolling under to avoid raw edge.
  10. Sew around the entire border of the quilt!

In order to keep the quilt top attached to the bottom, you’ll need to tie off all the intersections of the quilt. Thread the yarn through the large needle, and begin tying off small knots at every corner and every square of your quilt top. This creates a cute look, and keeps the batting secure to the blanket.

If you’ve followed this 3-part basic quilt tutorial, you should have a beautiful quilt! Please send pictures of final products.

For my next quilting project, I’ll be making one for my future sister-in-law. I will update these posts with photos at that time. Thanks for your patience!

How To: Start a Basic Quilt Part 2

Last week we got started on a basic patchwork quilt. If you followed along, you should have stacks of 6-inch squares that are ready to be laid out.

The nice thing about a basic patchwork quilt is that you can lay it out in any way you like. A basic patchwork creates diagonals with each design of fabric. I recommend laying down each square as it will look on the quilt, so you can get a clear visual of how your pattern will look.

Start going across – alternating each fabric. If you have four fabrics and 15 rows, you can figure out how much of each square you’ll need. For the 2nd row, alternate each fabric again, but make sure the colors are staggered from the previous row to create the diagonal look.

Do this until you’ve completed your quilt layout. If your quilt is 15 x 17 squares, you should have at least 255 squares, and 64 of each color. Feel free to get creative and make interesting patterns – or select colors at random for a non-patterned look.

Now it’s time to sew your rows together.


  • Sewing Machine
  • Pins
  • Thread (choose a color that blends well with the color fabric you have)
  • Masking Tape
  • Hot Iron


  1. Starting at the bottom of your laid out quilt, stack your squares in each column. Start with the last one in your hand – and stack one whole row behind it. When you’ve finished, pin the #1 to the first stack, #2 to the second and so on. So you remember which order your columns go in.
  2. With one stack in hand, begin pinning the squares together like the column you laid out. 2-3 pins per square is fine. Pin them pattern sides facing in.
  3. With a piece of masking tape about an inch long – tape over the small measuring hole on your sewing machine. This way, when you begin sewing your squares, you can align the fabric along the line of tape.
  4. Sew the squares of each column, leaving them labeled 1-15 (or however many rows you have)
  5. When you’ve sewn all your columns, you’ll want to iron each strip so that your seams lay flat. If you iron #1 down, then iron #2 up – and alternate the direction the seams face. This makes the finished product lie flat and even.

Stay tuned for next week’s Part 3 edition of How to Start a Basic Quilt! We’re almost finished =)

For more quilting crafts, click here.