Bam! Plan a Superhero Bachelorette Party

Your best friend has found that “Bam!” “Pow!” “Wow!” romance and she’s getting married. With great power, comes great responsibility; you’d better throw her a zinger of a bachelorette party.

She’s into superheroes –those muscular people who wear spandex and fight evil–so you already have the perfect theme. Here are some unique bachelorette party ideas gathered by your friends at AllFreeHolidayCrafts for a truly stupendous superhero-themed party! We’ll be your party planning heroes.

Superhero Decorations

Comic Book Word Bubble PrintablesFirst, start making your superhero-themed DIY party decorations as early as possible. Go with a retro superhero comic book theme for punchy DIY party decorations. Paper party decorations will save you lots of time. When possible, try to decorate with logos and colors from superwomen like Wonder Woman and Batgirl. After all, this party is all about the girls.

  • Comic Word Bubble Printables: It’s easy to make paper word bubbles with fun fighting words. Then, just tape them over everything from condiment containers to cups.
  • Superhero Comic Book Banner: This banner stands up against boredom with each unique pennant made from the pages of Batman, Superman, or Spider-Man.
  • Comic-Wrapped Balls: Just substitute pages from a Wonder Woman comic book, and these would make great decorations to hang from the ceiling.
  • Superhero Fan-ciful Garland: Get some fabric printed with superhero logos and make this garland faster than Superman can fly across the world.



Superhero Recipes

Spider-Man CakeNext, it’s time to make some delicious desserts and cocktails. With just a swish of your cape, you can be a Super-Cook when you make these fun caped-crusader recipes for the bachelorette.  Mmm, victory is sweet!

  • Spider-Man Cake: Are your spidey senses tingling at the sight of this easy cake? We feel the same way.
  • Wonder Woman Cake: The bachelorette caught the love of her life in her golden lasso. Make her this Wonder Woman Cake from Bronnie Bakes before the engaged couple flies off in her invisible jet.
  • Caped Crusader Cupcakes: Holy cupcakes, Batman! Pay homage to all the major heroes with these little cakes of justice.
  • Avengers Cake Pops: You’ll be a cake pop hero when your bachelorette broads see these works of art.
  • Hero Punch:  It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a super-cocktail! It’s a bachelorette, after all. Try this tasty red champagne punch.
    See more superhero-themed cocktail recipes at Comics Alliance.


Superhero Party Activities

Captain America MaskPlan your party activities to get the girls into your superhero theme. Here are some fun bachelorette ideas to keep everyone entertained. Soon, it will be time to fly into action with these superhero party games and activities.

  • X-Women Masks: Pass out craft felt masks, ribbon, and markers and let your League of Extraordinary Ladies decorate their own superhero disguise! See a more detailed mask, the Captain America Mask on FaveCrafts.
  • Superhero Telephone Box: Fly in the face of the camera and save memories of the superhero bachelorette party by taking some amazing photos. Making a Superhero Telephone Box, like this one by DIY on the Cheap, is a popular superhero party idea.
  • Superhero for a Day Pictures: This photo idea for kids that could definitely be updated for adults. Just add some hilarious, props to this flying-over-the-city scene and this idea is bachelorette-ready!
  • Bleached Bachelorette Tank Top: The party girls will have fun making these cool bleached tees. Stick to the theme by making the bride a “Super-Bride” tank, and the rest of the ladies’ tanks can say, “Super-Sidekick.”


Using all your superpowers of craftiness, creativity, and cooking, you will triumph over all others to give your BFF the best bachelorette ever!


Which superhero would you marry?



Ooh la la! Planning a Parisian Bridal Shower

Bonjour, mon ami! If you know a bride who thinks Paris is the definition of romance, then we have ideas for a Parisian Bridal Shower that will make her feel like she’s being swept away on a vespa ride through the city of love.

This bridal shower plan isn’t as dramatic as the one in the movie “Bridesmaids” — there will be no giant cookies. However, there are plenty of pastels, sweets, and romantic lighting. Shower the bride will the glamor of Paris and she’ll be feeling l’amour!

Let’s go on a getaway to the most romantic city on earth. Let be your tour guide as we help you plan the perfect Parisian bridal shower!


It’s called the language of love…

Here’s a printable list of French phrases the lucky couple can use on their honeymoon! Just right click to save and print.

…And now, for the Parisian planning!



DIY Party Decorations

Pretty Paper LanternsFirst, you must make your decorations, which should be feminine, delicate, and decadent. Decorate with florals like these Pretty Paper Lanterns and French Twist Fabric Flowers. Use Pretty Paper Pomanders as centerpieces. Finally, make DIY Party Bags for Macarons; you’ll need those for Step 2.

French Twist Fabric Flowers
Pretty Paper Pomanders
Pretty Paper Lanterns
DIY Party Bags for Macarons





Easy Party Recipes

Strawberry Macaron Flower Pops Bon appetit! Serve Midnight in Paris French Martinis alongside your main course, Blueberry Smoked Turkey Baguettes. For dessert, offer Floral Shower Cupcakes and Strawberry Macaron Flower Pops in the DIY Party Bags for Macarons from Step 1.

Strawberry Macaron Flower Pops
Floral Shower Cupcakes
Blueberry Smoked Turkey Baguette
Midnight in Paris French Martini


DIY Party Favors

Mix Your Own FragranceFrance is known for its high-end perfumes, so give the bridal shower guests some DIY Pretty Perfume Bottles filled with fragrance you mixed yourself. Learn How to Make Exfoliating Soap as well, and place it all in French Wedding Favor Bags as a luxuriant gift.

French Wedding Favor Bags
DIY Pretty Perfume Bottles
Mix Your Own Fragrance
How to Make Exfoliating Soap



DIY Party Activities

How to Arrange Rose CenterpiecesBegin your Parisian bridal shower with an activity that doubles as wedding prep! Your guests can learn How to Arrange Rose Centerpieces, and you can choose the best arrangement to make again for your wedding reception. Play some fun games with this Wedding Mad Libs Printable and Shower Smash Book Game. For more bridal shower games, check out this list from Life on the Homestead.

How to Arrange Rose Centerpieces
Wedding Mad Libs Printable
Shower Smash Book Game
Printable Bridal Shower Games



What makes Paris so romantic?

How to Plan a Baby Shower With a Nautical Theme

There’s a baby on board! Casting off into the mysterious sea of motherhood should be recognized with a whale of a baby shower. Prepare your friend or family member for a safe voyage with a nautical-themed baby shower.

Nautical fun like anchors and whales has been popular for the last few summers, so your party is sure to make waves among family and friends. Dive into the adorable menu and decorating possibilities with as we help you plan a sea-worthy baby shower, step by step!

Climb aboard the baby boat…

Use these ideas throughout your nautical baby shower theme.

  • Blue and white
  • Rope
  • Whales
  • Water
  • Anchors

1. Baby Shower Menu

First, you need a menu fit for a sailor and a new mommy. No worries, pregnant ladies are allowed to eat fish, as long as they don’t eat too much in one sitting. Make some delicious Coconut Shrimp as your entree, with Blueberry and Bree Crostini as a side dish. Top it off with these adorable Simple Seashell Cookies for a perfect nautical-themed baby shower menu.

Coconut Shrimp Simple Seashell Cookies
Coconut Shrimp
Blueberry and Brie Crostini






2. Baby Shower Decorations

Once you’ve decided on your menu, it’s time to decorate! This theme includes so many cute details like whales, stripes, and anchors. Use Mermaid Shell Topped Bottles as a centerpiece. The possibilities for these Nautical Baby Shower Printables are as big as the ocean. Stick them on toothpicks in your coconut shrimp, and use them throughout your buffet. Next, make some Nautical Painted Napkins for your guests. Hang some No Fuss Nautical Buoys from the ceiling, and you’ll have a super sea-worthy party room.

No-Fuss-Nautical-BuoysMermaid Shell Topped Bottles
No Fuss Nautical Buoys
Nautical Painted Napkins
Nautical Baby Shower Printables








3. Baby Shower Games

Baby shower games ahoy, matey! These games are extremely easy and quick to make. All you need is your printer to make Personalized Bingo Cards and Baby on Board Price is Right. Your guests will love the cute nautical designs. End the day with a Dollar Store Sailboat Race, which begins with party guests designing their own little sailboats. Everyone will love these games, and the mom-to-be will adore having some fun with friends before her maiden voyage into motherhood with the new baby.

Dollar Store Sailboat RacePersonalized Bingo Cards
Baby on Board Price Is Right
Dollar Store Sailboat Race






Bonus: Baby Shower Favors Ahoy!

Make these cute crafts as baby shower favors.

What other nautical baby shower games would you play?

So, You’re Throwing a Memorial Day Cookout…

Throwing a Memorial Day cookout this year? Lucky you; hosting a Memorial Day BBQ is a time-honored American tradition. Decorate for your perfectly patriotic party with our Memorial Day crafts and DIY party decorations. We have ideas for a Memorial Day table spread, with cups, containers, and Happy Hot Dog Trays. Plus, we have a stellar Memorial Day menu to boot. Your party will look and taste awesome with all of these Memorial Day Ideas. Fire up the grill and celebrate the American way: with great friends, flags, family, and food!

  Lanterns of Liberty      Patriotic Pinwheel Cake Pops


DIY Party Decorations

Party in the USA with these inspired Memorial Day decorations. DIY party decorations are must-haves when hosting one of the biggest outdoor holidays of the year. So, make your backyard picnic spread patriotic with stars and stripes. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to create the perfect party decorations with a little help from these fun tutorials.

Happy Hot Dog Trays    No-Sew Memorial Day Table Runner

  1. Happy Hot Dog Trays
  2. Starry Napkin Holders
  3. Patriotic Wine Glass Name Tags
  4. Patriotic Star Coasters Tutorial
  5. Memorial Day Party Flags and Recipe
  6. Spirited Silverware Holder
  7. No-Sew Memorial Day Table Runner
  8. Patriotic Favor
  9. Lanterns of Liberty
  10. DIY Memorial Day Garland



Memorial Day Menu

Add some red, white, and blue to your Memorial Day BBQ with these patriotic, Memorial Day recipes. These fun side dishes and darling desserts will form an excellent Memorial Day menu, because they’re delicious and decorative. Your guests will admire your creativity in crafting such fabulous foods. Pop some burgers and hotdogs on the grill and your menu is complete.

Memorial Day Decorated Dip Recipe      American Marshmallow Milkshakes

  1. Crab Summer Salad
  2. Midwestern Vinegar Cucumber Salad
  3. Perfect Summer Salsa
  4. Greek Salad with Lemon Dressing
  5. Mouth-Watering Watermelon Salsa
  6. Memorial Day Decorated Dip Recipe
  7. No-Baked Potato Salad
  8. Patriotic Pinwheel Cake Pops
  9. American Flag Cake
  10. American Marshmallow Milkshakes


How do you spend Memorial Day?




Craft Your Own Zoo: 21 Animal Crafts

Ever since I woke up at 3 am to watch the royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton live on TV, I’ve been following their family more closely than a patriotic American probably should. It’s hard to resist this picture-perfect royal family, especially since Will and Kate have welcomed a bouncing baby boy into the world. This jet-setting trio is currently on a tour of Australia, and they took little George to a zoo on Easter Sunday. This highly-publicized getaway got me thinking about all of the animal crafts on the Web. Whether they are knitted, crocheted, sewn, or sculpted, these cute zoo animals make perfect gifts for baby showers. Little George may be used to expensive toys, but I bet that even he would love to cuddle with one of these creatures.


Elephant Crafts

Elephant Lovie Blanket

 Elephant Lovie Blanket (pictured)

Gracie the Tiny Elephant – A pocket-size pal to take on the road

Knit Floral Elephant – These knit elephants have a girly flair

Elephant Crochet Hat – Cute baby shower gift


Elephant Angel Ornament

Christmas Bonus!

Elephant Angel Ornament

An Elephant Never Forgets Card



 Zebra Crafts

Cuddly Zebra Blanket

Cuddly Zebra Blanket (pictured)

Zebra Wall Canvas – Go wild with your home decor!

Zachery Zebra – Great traveling companion for little ones

Zebra Finger Puppet – Simple craft to use in the classroom


Zebra Print Rings

For Party Animals:

Zebra Print Rings – Perfect party favors!

Zebra Stamped Streamers



 Giraffe Crafts

 Giraffe Pillow

Giraffe Pillow – A great addition to a jungle themed nursery

Felix the Fun Giraffe – Craft a giraffe out of clay

Giraffe Baby Hat and Costume – So precious!

Beanie Sock Giraffe – A fun way to get rid of old socks and scraps


Awesome Origami Giraffes

For Party Animals:

Awesome Origami Giraffes – Kid-friendly activity!



  Lion Crafts

Adorable Lion Baby Booties


Adorable Lion Baby Booties (pictured)

Leonara the Little Lion – Makes a super cute ornament, too!

Lion Finger Puppet Another classroom-ready craft


Silver Streak Lion Ornament

Christmas Bonus!

Silver Streak Lion Ornament – A quirky take on the King of the Jungle





What is your favorite critter to craft?






“Frozen” Fever: DIY Costumes, Homemade Party Decorations, and More

The results are in: Frozen is a winner! In addition to snagging the Oscars for Best Original Song and Best Animated Film, Disney’s latest release has officially become the highest-grossing animated movie of all time. If you’ve seen this heartwarming film, you can probably guess why. It’s gorgeously animated, laugh-out-loud funny, and features some of the greatest original music I’ve heard in years.

Kids aren’t the only ones who adore the movie, either. Grown-ups are getting into the action with birthday parties and even weddings inspired by the film. The good news for those of us on a budget is that crafters the world over have been hit with Frozen fever. From DIY costumes, homemade decorations, kid-friendly snacks, and DIY party favors, crafters have rallied to give you all the tools you need to create your own Frozen-inspired party.

Playing Dress-Up: DIY Costumes

The Elsa DressOne of the most breathtaking scenes in Frozen is when Elsa trades her royal garb for a radiant dress made of ice and snowflakes. You can recreate this look with a simple sewing pattern. A circle skirt and basic bodice come together to create a sweet dress that’s fit for a princess. Add more rhinestones to the bodice, and The Elsa Dress will really sparkle.

Pair this stunning dress with a free printable pattern for Elsa’s crown. If you have a little prince who wants a costume of his own, there are lots of options for him, too. This DIY Kristoff costume is absolutely darling. if he’d rather pretend to be Kristoff’s furry friend Sven, you can use this free printable template for antlers instead. And I can’t leave out everyone’s favorite snowman! Check out this tutorial for DIY Olaf shirts that the whole family can wear.


 Set the Scene: Homemade Party Decorations

Lacy Snowflake PatternEven in the middle of spring there are ways to turn your home into a winter wonderland. These DIY decorations for your Frozen party will make your home look super cool–pun intended. The Lacy Snowflake Pattern pictured at right is an intermediate crochet pattern that looks great with a glittery finish. One of our favorite crochet projects for winter is the Snowflake Cookie. A batch of these cookies is all sweet and no sugar.

For those of us who like to use a needle and thread, there’s a pretty Icicle Lights Quilting Pattern that you can whip up in a matter of hours. Hang it on your wall to create a winter scene without the frigid temperatures.

There are plenty of ideas for outdoor decorations, too. These magical Fire and Ice Lanterns will last through a chilly evening. If you’re looking for a cute project, take a peek at this tutorial on how to create Heart Ice Art. It goes along perfectly with the frozen heart theme from the movie.


Frigid Fun: Party Games & Activities

Amazing Ice PaintingAs Grandpabbie the troll explains, there is great beauty in ice magic. Show your kids how to make some magic of their own with this Amazing Ice Painting, pictured at left. For a fun (and funny!) activity, try this delightful “Pin the Nose on Olaf” tutorial. There are also tons of activities that will bring back memories of your elementary school days, like these instructions for pretty paper snowflakes. You can recycle paper scraps into festive snowflake embellishments, like these Snow Flurry Scrapbusters.


Scrumptious Snacks and Enchanting FavorsSnowball Cookies

Don’t be afraid to revisit some of  your favorite Christmas cookie recipes to fill out your party snack table. These Snowball Cookies are dusted with powdered sugar, calling to mind the snowy landscape from the film. Best of all, they pack a punch of flavor. Combine savory and sweet with Sven’s Snack Mix which includes pretzels, M&Ms, and more. You can also stick to the blue and white color scheme of the movie with these White Chocolate Popcorn Snowballs.

Give your guests a piece of the festivities to take home with them. They can build their own snowmen out of marshmallows and pretzels by following this tutorial. It comes with a free printable tag. For an even funnier touch, try this craft that was inspired by Olaf’s famous “I’ve been impaled” line in the film. This free printable can be paired with a lollipop or a pretty pencil.


Do you wanna build a snowman?



Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss! 19 Dr. Seuss Crafts to Celebrate

Dr. Seuss has a birthday coming up, and here at AllFreeKidsCrafts we just can’t contain our excitement! After all, reading Dr. Seuss was one of the best parts of my childhood, so I just had to put together a list of my favorite Dr. Seuss crafts. And perhaps it’s just the book nerd in me, but I think there are no better kids’ craft ideas on Earth than ones that relate to children’s books. On what glorious day can we celebrate this magnificent children’s author, you ask? Mark your calendars for March 2nd and begin the party planning right now!

Ready to start your own Seussical celebration? Spruce up your rhyming skills, grab your favorite book, and get ready to enjoy all the Dr. Seuss craft ideas we love. May tons of crazy, colorful, and crafty inspiration come your way for Dr. Seuss’s birthday!

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

Kids’ Crafts Inspired by “The Lorax”

Lorax Truffula ForestEveryone loves the Lorax. He’s wise, he’s comically short, and he’s the perfect source of inspiration for your Dr. Seuss art project ideas. Make these Lorax craft ideas, and soon you’ll be able to speak for the trees, too.

  1. Lorax Easter Egg
  2. Handprint Lorax Art
  3. Lorax Truffula Forest

Kids’ Crafts Inspired by “The Cat in the Hat”

Easy Peasy Cat in the Hat Hat“It is fun to have fun, but you have to know how,” the Cat in the Hat once said. Luckily, with the help of these Dr. Seuss crafts, you’ll be an expert at having fun before you know it, just like the Cat in the Hat himself! Take on your favorite feline’s likeness with these Dr. Seuss crafts for kids:

  1. Cat in the Hat Mask
  2. Easy Peasy Cat in the Hat Hat
  3. The Hat of the Cat
  4. Cat in the Hat Sack Puppet
  5. Melted Bead Cat in the Hat Charm

Other Dr. Seuss Activities and Crafts

Dr. Seuss Pencil Cup and Truffula TreesNo matter if you’ve read one Dr. Seuss book or all of them, chances are you’ve been totally enchanted by these charming children’s books. It’s time to show the good doctor how much you love his work by making these Dr. Seuss crafts! From free printables to entertaining Dr. Seuss activities, you’ll find tons of ways to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday.

  1. Printable Dr. Seuss Coloring Pages
  2. Dancing Dr. Seuss Oobleck Recipe
  3. Hop on Pop Hopscotch from Coffee Cups and Crayons
  4. Printable Dr. Seuss Matching Game
  5. Dr. Seuss City
  6. Dr. Seuss Pencil Cup and Truffula Trees
  7. Handprint Sam I Am
  8. Printable Dr. Seuss Bookmarks
  9. There’s a Wocket in My Pocket Scavenger Hunt from This Reading Mama

BONUS! Dr. Seuss Desserts

Thing 1 and 2 Cake PopsEveryone knows a birthday party isn’t complete without some sort of sweet treat! Parties and sweets go hand in hand, just like Thing 1 and Thing 2. Make these homemade desserts for your own Seussical celebration:


What is your favorite Dr. Seuss book?


Jewelry Crafts for the New Year: 18 DIY Projects

The arrival of a new year is a momentous occasion, and making some DIY jewelry is the perfect way to commemorate the celebration. The right piece of jewelry can be the perfect finishing touch on a New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day outfit. Even if your party ensemble is already set, there is nothing better than starting off the new year with a new piece of homemade jewelry.


Jewelry Crafts for the New Year


We at AllFreeJewelryMaking know that this time of year can be pretty hectic; so, we have compiled a list for you of some of our favorite jewelry pieces for New Year’s Eve and the New Year. Whether you are looking for some bling for a holiday party, or are looking to take up a new challenge for the new year, we’ve got you covered with some awesome New Year projects.


New Year’s Eve Jewelry

Metallic Floss-Wrapped Cuff

Whether you are looking for glamorous DIY earrings, a festive necklace, a fantastic bracelet, or a dazzling ring, we have what you are searching for in this collection of jewelry projects for New Year’s Eve. Here is a sample of some of our coolest New Year’s Eve jewelry pieces:

  1. Metallic Floss-Wrapped Cuff
  2. Black Beauty Beaded Peyote Cuff
  3. Not Your Mother’s Pearl Necklace
  4. Blingy Bobble Ring
  5. Quick Holiday Party Earrings
  6. Edgy Shirt Collar Necklace

For even more New Year’s Eve jewelry crafts, check out 20 Jewelry Crafts for New Year’s Eve.


Festive DIY Jewelry Projects

Gilded Ball Drop Earrings

New Year’s Eve is a blast, but there is no reason to only have one night to show off your fancy homemade jewelry pieces. If you are looking for festive projects to wear on New Year’s Day and throughout the new year for special occasions and parties, we have some special treats for you.

  1. Sparkle and Stardust Bracelet
  2. Champagne Flute Earrings
  3. Pearls and Bows Necklace
  4. Gilded Ball Drop Earrings
  5. Winter Blues Bracelet
  6. Vintage Pearl and Ribbon Necklace




Beginner Projects to Start Making in the New Year

Chic Stashbuster Bead Bracelet

The start of the new year is a great time to take on new goals and challenges. These beginner projects are perfect for jewelry making novices and still fun for expert jewelry maker. 2014 is your year to be a jewelry creator. Get started with these stylish, yet simple projects.

  1. Chic Stashbuster Bead Bracelet
  2. Fancy Macrame Bracelet
  3. Gemstone Spectrum Necklace
  4. Classy Crystal Cuff
  5. Beautiful Beaded Endless Necklace
  6. 5-Minute Hoop Earrings 3 Ways


For more jewelry projects through the new year, be sure to check in at for the latest DIY jewelry projects and trends!

21 Kid-Friendly New Year’s Eve Ideas

If you ask me, New Year’s Eve doesn’t get enough appreciation as a holiday. There’s so much to love! I mean, at what other point in the year are you allowed to wear silly party hats, make a lot of noise, and craft with as much glitter as you can find? Having New Year celebrations are incredibly important if you want to make memories with your family, and that’s where AllFreeKidsCrafts comes in.

It can be a challenge to make sure everyone is included on New Year’s Eve, especially when your younger family members have to go to bed way before midnight. With these New Year’s Eve activities and crafts, you’ll have a blast from the second you wake up until your eyelids finally droop closed at the end of the night.

DIY Party Decorations

Fringe Garland Party DecorConfetti Garland
Whether you’re hosting tons of your friends and family for New Year’s Eve or you’re having a quiet night in with the kids, the countdown to midnight just isn’t complete without a little pizazz. You can craft a lot og these party decor ideas during the day for your get-together at night!

Party Accessories!

Glitzy Party HatsPrintable NYE Party Hats

No party is complete without awesome accessories! You might not see party hats all the time, but trust us; they’re a must for NYE, especially with kids involved! Create these party hats for your guests, and they’ll all praise you for having the best New Year’s Eve party ideas of all time.

New Year’s Crafts

New Year's Eve Paper Plate CraftMini Disco Balls
Razzle, dazzle, sparkle and shine! These kids’ craft ideas have all the glitz and glamor of Times Square on New Year’s Eve, so you’re sure be inspired. You can easily make these New Year’s Eve crafts for kids before the holiday to decorate the house and get kids excited for the big countdown!

New Years Eve Kids’ Activities

Mini PinatasExclusive New Year's Ball Drop

These New Year’s Eve ideas are great for a party, but you can also use them to have fun with little ones during the day. After all, the best New Year’s Eve is the one that involves everyone!

BONUS! New Year’s Eve Food

Need some grub for your party? These ideas for New Year’s Eve food are both delicious and meaningful. With two sweet treats and two savory dishes, you’ve got a spread that kids (and adults!) will totally love. Don’t miss these party food ideas:


How old were you the first time you stayed awake until the midnight countdown?

Link Love: Crafts for a Party

It’s party time! With Christmas and New Year’s Eve just around the corner, it’s time to start preparing and decorating for guests. To get into a festive mood, consider creating your own party crafts. You can make everything from place card holders to garlands without breaking the bank. Dip into your stash of buttons, fabric and paper – you won’t need expensive supplies for these crafty projects.

There’s always an excuse to throw a party and celebrate a milestone , so consider saving these tutorials for later. For instance, a New Year’s garland can be repurposed for a birthday party! A Paper Flower Centerpiece is ideal for everything from the holidays to a wedding. Use silk flowers and thrifted vases to create your own version of this gorgeous tablescape. Frosted Luminaries are another fun option for a party – you can recycle old glass jars and cover them with paint to make each one look unique. Now that you’ve mastered the look of your party, it’s time to focus on your guests. Add some fun to the occasion by crafting your own Party Hats! Encourage guests to wear them throughout the night or set up a makeshift photo-booth in a corner.

Give yourself a reason to celebrate and an excuse to get crafty before the holidays are over. Now is the time to celebrate friends, gather together and have a little fun. These DIY ideas will help you stress less and make it a night you won’t soon forget.

  1. Old Trophy Place Cards from Jennifer Rizzo
  2. Cardboard Paper Tube Napkin Rings from At the Girls Room
  3. Painted Plastic Champagne Cups from Something Turquoise
  4. Felt Gift Bags with Buttons from Leigh Lauren Studios
  5. Gorgeous Napkin Rings from Ef Zin Creations
  6. Easy Place Cards from Hey Lovely Designs
  7. Drawer Pull Table Number Holder from Fancy Pants Weddings
  8. Party Place Card Ideas from Alyssa and Carla
  9. Simple Gold Triangle Garland from Almost Makes Perfect