Saturday Special: Get those Christmas Wrapping Materials Organized!

Yes, it’s June, so you probably don’t want to see a blog post from AllFreeChristmasCrafts right now. But I’ll bet that your Christmas wrap is in shambles right now, shoved left and right in every crevice of your basement. Gift tags are mixed with bows are mixed with ribbon. You couldn’t find those Little Chalkboard Gift Tags if you tried.

Never fear, unorganized Christmas wrapper! AllFreeChristmasCrafts is here with a great DIY storage project to make your Christmas wrap endeavors a little less hectic. You’ll want to make this great DIY organization project now, so when Christmas rolls around, you’ll be prepared to wrap presents creatively and efficiently.

The Easy Christmas Jar Organizer

Cleaning up any kind of mess can be made so much simpler if you have an Easy Christmas Jar Organizer . . . or twenty. Use this jar craft to help create a cute but practical way to store your craft materials, gift tags, or whatever other Christmas wrap you’ve got in stock throughout the year. These Christmas jars can be decorated with your favorite festive scrapbook paper, so they’ll fit right in with the rest of your Christmas home decor. A way to organize that is also decorative? You bet we’ve got it here.

Materials for Jar Craft

Upcycle any plastic jars you’d like for storing your different Christmas wrap supplies. Use a small jar for gift tags, a larger one for bows, and an even larger one for wrapping paper! Okay, it might be a challenge to find a big enough one for rolls of Christmas wrap, but you get the idea. Pick out adorable scrapbook paper for this jar craft. The patterns and colors are totally up to you! You’ll need a ruler to measure your paper. Be sure to have plenty of Mod Podge on hand, and a foam brush to apply it. Last, get some chalkboard paint to cover the jar’s lid.

Instructions for Jar Craft

Once you have your materials on hand, you can put this fun Christmas craft together. You’ll paint the lid with several coats of chalkboard paint, and later you’ll label the lid with chalk. This craft is so versatile because you can easily change your mind about what you want to store in the jar; just erase the chalk and write a new label!  You’ll need to Mod Podge your scrapbook paper to the jar after you measure and cut it out. Add glitter Mod Podge for an even more festive holiday look. Once your homemade jar is dry, you can add embellishments like ribbon to finish it off. You will absolutely love how cute and efficient this little jar will make your Christmas gift wrapping.

Get more detailed instructions to the Easy Christmas Jar Organizer!


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What is your favorite way to organize your Christmas wrap?



Link Love: Cool Things to Make with Paper

This week’s theme is paper crafts, in honor of our paper crafting themed week for National Craft Month! Here are some great crafts that you can make with paper. If you don’t like to make cards or scrapbook layouts, there are tons of other things you can make with paper instead! Don’t let its two-dimensional property keep your creativity at bay–you can make all sorts of three-dimensional things out of paper, such as wreaths, faux flowers, and party decorations. If you’re on a budget, paper and a little craftiness are all you need to decorate your home, your wedding, or your party.

  1. Butcher Paper Spring Wreath from Alisa Burke
  2. Curly Paper Birds from Disney Family Fun
  3. Paper Plate Bunnies from A Little Delightful
  4. Tissue Paper Bunting from Project Wedding
  5. Paper Star Lanterns from Passengers on a Little Spaceship
  6. Fringed Crepe Paper Card from Paper Crafts Connection
  7. Wax Paper Pom Pom Flowers from Nice Package
  8. Woven Paper Ball Garland from How About Orange
  9. Giant Paper Rose from Green Wedding Shoes

Make Ornaments All Year Long With AllFreeChristmasCrafts’ Latest eBook

I know what you’re thinking – it’s February, why are we talking about Christmas right now? On one hand, I get it. Why look ahead (or look back) when there are so many holidays and activities between now and December 25th. On the other hand, I think this logic is a little flawed. There’s a reason it’s called the most wonderful time of the year. No matter where you are and what you believe in, the Christmas season is positively magical. Why not keep that spirit going all year long?

Luckily, we’ve got you covered with the latest eBook from AllFreeChristmasCrafts. In “How to Make Ornaments: 10 Christmas Ornaments to Make” eBook, you’ll find all kinds of craft ideas to give the holiday spirit going all year long. Each of these projects can be created at home with easy-to-find materials. You can even round up the kids for many of these projects and spend some time together. Christmas ornaments often turn into keepsakes and are often passed down through the generations. Why buy a store-bough piece when you can create something meaningful at home?

Here are just a few of the projects you’ll find in this free eBook:


Snow Ball Ornament

Snow is the true sign that winter has arrived. No matter how old you are, you have to admit that when the first snow of the year arrives, it’s a magical feeling. Capture this spirit with help from this uncomplicated ornament craft. All you need is felt, pins and a Styrofoam ball. Attach a ribbon and hang up your creation – it’s that easy. Best of all, you don’t have to be precise or follow a long list of instructions. Just express your creativity and make something that reflects your personality.


3D Star Ornament

Yes, the name of this project is intimidating. Paper folding can often be frustrating and complicated. But guess what? There’s very little folding necessary! Instead, cut out stars and adhere them together, all you have to do is bend the paper to create the shape. It doesn’t get much easier. Choose paper that sticks out on your tree so everyone can spot your creation.


Birdie Ornaments

This is one of the most popular patterns on the site and it’s easy to see why. This project is whimsical and adorable. Also, you don’t need a sewing machine to complete this project. Grab some felt, a needle and some thread and you’ll be ready to go.  Give this ornament as a gift – it looks great all year and is versatile enough to be hung from a doorknob or hook during the year.


These are just three of the crafts you’ll find in “How to Make Ornaments: 10 Christmas Ornaments to Make” eBook. Download a copy today, it’s free!

What Are You Working On Now?

Physics, particularly the advances in quantum physics seen in the later part of the 20th century, tell us that time is an illusion: particles can interact forward or backwards in time, or even interfere with themselves.  However, taking all this too seriously will inevitably lead to missing appointments, trains, and meals.  It’s good to keep your mind on the present, especially when dealing with crafts that involve sharp objects.

We went on Facebook to ask our readers what was keeping them busy in the here-and-now, and today we share some of our favorite responses.

There’s plenty of holiday spirit going around on Facebook right now, as evidenced by crafters like Pamela, below:

And some are thinking even further ahead than that, like Fabrizio Martelluci, who clearly doesn’t share my family’s longtime tradition of rushing to send out cards on December 24.

Krigami, for those who don’t know, is the art of folding and cutting paper.  You probably know it from paper dolls like these:

Kami Randall Mullens, below, has more domestic things on her mind, and she was kind enough to share a photo!

Reprinted for your convenience, here’s Kami’s excellent skirt!

Of course, some people are interested in clothing of a different kind:

Looks a little like a monster from Super Mario Brothers, I think: be careful about letting that baby near pipes, Venus flytraps, or fireballs.


What do you think of our readers’ crafts?   What are YOU working on right now?



Meet and Make: Susan Weckesser

Today’s Meet and Make designer is Susan Weckesser. Susan is a scrapbooker, painter, writer, and general crafter who runs Susiebee Studios, where she just recently released her scrapbooking paper line.

Ready to meet Susan?

10 Fun Facts About Susan Weckesser

  1. I have sky dived just to say I could even though I am terrified of heights!
  2. My father sent me to take flying lessons when I was 15 which was awesome because at that time I was dating the youngest pilot in Canada…..he was 16.
  3. I loved tarantulas until my brother lost his for three months in our house. Now I am terrified of all spiders!
  4. I almost became a veterinarian until one day I was suppose to be doing surgery; needless to say my path turned back onto the road of writing and art.
  5. I have been a guest on Jean Pare’s cooking “Company’s Coming” a couple times and my favorite food is cheese and jam sandwiches. Ok, I like a nice Creme Brulee too!
  6. I am addicted to photographs….ask my family.
  7. I play ten instruments: oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, violin, saxophone, tenor saxophone, trumpet, guitar, drums, and piano.
  8. My mom calls me Toadie, from the “Wind in the Willows,” and my Hubby calls me Hobbes from “Calvin and Hobbes.” Other people call me Susie or Susan.
  9. I acted as an extra in quite a few movies once upon a time, had roles in musicals, and was even a runner up in Miss Teen Edmonton. Ok…that was many lifetimes ago!
  10. I love the challenge of taking anything around me and making it into art. My kiddos now love to bring home things like neat sticks, flowers,  feathers, or old windows for me to alter.

Here’s Susan’s Project

Fun Stuffed Star


  • 12 inches of fabric (Any fabric is fine; however the fabric that I used was cotton.)
  • Stuffing
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Ribbon
  • Beads
  • Embellishments (rhinestones, buttons, lace, etc.)
  • Glue
  • Straight pins
  • Safety pins
  • Template


  1. You need to copy, trace and cut out two of the star pattern.
  2. You then knot and pin your ribbons to the corners.
  3. Sew the good sides of the fabric together using a machine and leaving a 11/2” opening to flip in right side out.
  4. After you have done that stuff it up, hand sew the opening and the fun part remains!

FaveCrafts 365 Chipboard, Cardboard, and a Little Watercolor Paper!

And I guess I should add foam board and mat board in the mix! What the heck is the difference between this one and that one? Just watch the video! You might want to learn a little more about chipboard as it’s part of a very exciting new technique around town! I might have to just do a FaveCrafts 365 dedicated to this new, exciting technique I noticed while shopping at my local craft store the other day! But for now, check out the video!

Projects using Chipboard, Cardboard, and Watercolor Paper:

Tiny Cupcake Memo Clipboard

Holly Jolly Card

Background Staining Technique for Watercolor Paper

Meet and Make: Julianna Hudgins

Julianna Hudgins

This week’s Meet and Make designer is Julianna Hudgins. Julianna is a household name in the crafting world because of her numerous TV appearances on QVC, Aleene’s Creative Living, HGTV’s Carol Duvall Show, PBS Scrapbook Memories, and more. You can find more about her crafting adventures at Let’s meet Julianna!

10 Fun Facts about Julianna Hudgins:

  1. I hate getting wet! When I was little my Portuguese Grandma would say “You just like un gato”
  2. I am half Portuguese, Chickasaw & Choctaw Indian
  3. I have been crafting my entire life
  4. I LOVE Mexican food & Margarita’s
  5. I truly enjoy mass transit, trains & airplanes
  6. I am in love with Singapore
  7. I am constantly rearranging my home décor
  8. I was raised on a Ranch outside of Oxnard CA
  9. I collect Beads & Fabric
  10. I enjoy sweeping the floors

Here’s Julianna’s project:


  • White cardstock
  • Luminarte Radiant Rain Copper Shimmering Mist
  • Luminarte Radiant Rain Ginger Flower Shimmering Mist
  • Luminarte Radiant Rain Egyptian Gold Shimmering Mist
  • Crystal cabochon, silver jump ring 6mm
  • Ribbon & cording
  • Spellbinders Nestabilities Lacey Ovals Die set S4-314
  • Spellbinders Grand Calibur Die Cutting Machine
  • Gem Tac White Glue


  1. Make sure that you protect your area prior to using Luminarte Spray Paints.
  2. I used an old pizza box as a spray booth and kept wet wipes on hand to clean up. Apply Luminarte Radiant Rain to paper in following order: Ginger Flower, Copper and Egyptian Gold. Let dry.
  3. Using Spellbinders Grand Calibur, cut the small, medium and large ovals from paper cutting two of each size.
  4. Glue the two layers of each side together back-to-back with Gen-Tac glue, aligning cut edges. This will give each piece more dimension and give each piece a painted front and back. Let dry.
  5. Glue small, medium and large layers together to create pendant.
  6. Glue cabochon to center of small oval. Let dry.
  7. Carefully open jump ring and loop through top hole of pendant. Close jump ring. String ribbon and cording through jump ring.

Spellbinders Grand Calibur Die Cut Machine Giveaway – Enter Now!

I have to admit that, before this giveaway, I had no idea how cool or innovative the Spellbinders Grand Calibur Die Cut Machine is. In fact, I didn’t know what it was at all. But as soon as I mentioned that Cool2Craft and FaveCrafts were teaming up to give this product away, my colleagues went crazy! And now I see why.

This is like the Rolls Royce of die cut machines. The Grand Calibur is portable and lightweight, but it will always gets the job done. If you’re constantly moving and on the go, this is an invaluable tool.

The best past is you don’t even have to have prior experience with a die cut machine! Try this out and you’ll see why everyone loves the Grand Calibur (and why they aren’t afraid to say it!)

This giveaway is a great opportunity to gain new skills and create intricate projects. But hurry – a winner will be chosen on March 31!

Check out a video review of the Grand Calibur from Terri O – learn why this is such a cool giveaway!

Enter this giveaway now!

Good luck!

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FaveCrafts 365 Happy National Craft Month!

In celebration of March being National Craft Month, we have a Glossy Paper Giveaway in this FaveCrafts 365 v-log post! Just watch the video through the rolling credits to find out how to win. All giveaways are open 2 weeks after original posting and then the giveaway closes, however, this video gives some good tips about glossy paper so check it out!

Contest ends March 27, 2011. Good luck!

FaveCrafts 365 Retail Therapy, The Craft Way!

During my friend Nancee’s recent visit we hit everything creatively retail within 100 miles of my studio! We shopped until we dropped only to get up and craft! Nothing sparks the creative juices like a visit to an art gallery or craft store or upscale home decor shop. And yes, we hit every thrift shop between Vero Beach and Daytona Beach! We were on a mission! A mission from the Craft gods. Check it out!

We were successful by the way so look for an upcoming craft project involving… well, you’ll just have to wait and see!