2 Shark Coloring Pages for Shark Week

Shark Week is still here, and we are still celebrating. We here at FaveCrafts love just about any animal out there. Sharks are no exception. There’s something so scary yet amazing about a shark. In addition to this crazy fun round-up we posted a few days ago, we wanted to provide some even more exciting shark craft ideas!Shark Coloring Pages

Look out below for some totally free to download free coloring book pages featuring your favorite toothy friends from the deep. The two pages below are completely free to download and keep forever and ever.

Floral Shark Coloring Page

Floral Shark Coloring Page

Flowers and sharks might seem like a strange combination, but this simple and elegant coloring book page really makes it work.
Download the Floral Shark Coloring Page.

Nautical Shark Coloring Page

Nautical Shark Coloring Page


Crafters who love nautical crafts and beach craft ideas will adore this free printable. Featuring one big shark and smaller nautical accents, you could easily frame this cutie as DIY wall art at your beach house or in your bathroom.
Download the Nautical Shark Coloring Page.

Find even more coloring pages to love over at FaveCrafts.com. We animal coloring pages, marvelous mandalas, and more!

What other animal do you think deserves its own “week”?

DIY Ombre Ruffled Crepe Paper Photo Backdrop

This is one crafty project that you never thought you needed… and that you won’t be able to live without. This DIY Ombre Ruffled Crepe Paper Photo Backdrop brings a burst of bright color and fun into any room. Get ready to strike a pose!

DIY Ombre Ruffled Crepe Paper Photo Backdrop

Yes, this photo backdrop makes for the best pictures (anyone want to take a selfie?). But it also is just a great decorative piece! Customize this project with your favorite colors, and you can hang it on the wall at any type of party. It would make an adorable backdrop for a wedding shower or a baby shower. It also just makes a really fun piece of home decor. So, the real question is, why haven’t you made this project yet?

Love it yet? Find Instructions at Lovely Indeed!

Let us know—what are your favorite ways to craft with paper?

15 Paper Crafts Your Kids Have to Try

15 Paper Crafts Your Kids Have to Try Whoever thought paper could be so much fun? What’s so amazing about paper crafts is that you can go outside of the box, and make whatever your heart desires! My kids love making paper crafts, and right now, they’re into making paper flowers and paper animal crafts. I’m always eager for them to gain new interests like these because they get to express their creativity through something that they love to do. They went nuts over the Floating Butterflies when I showed them the craft idea. Right now, we have butterflies floating in almost every doorway in our home. My little girl loves running through them as she pretends to catch them.

Your kids will love all of these paper crafts because they’re super easy and loads of fun. I’ve even made a few of these crafts myself. The awesome thing about these crafts is that some of them involve other materials, such as paint and coloring tools. You can capture your kids’ attention for hours with these wonderful crafts.

Gorgeous DIY Paper Flowers

Crepe Paper FlowersOur home has a gorgeous array of different DIY flowers, which I absolutely love, because there is just something about a homemade flower that adds a little character. My kids love making paper flowers, and everyone who steps through our front door most definitely notices. I’m always proud to say that my little ones made me those gorgeous little works of art. So naturally, I’m always looking for fun new flower crafts that they can get a hold of with their little hands. Their new favorite flower craft is the Tissue Paper Water Lilies. They’re so life-like and beautiful that everyone comments on them, which makes my kids burst with happiness.

Silly Animal Paper Crafts

Colorful Scales Rainbow FishEvery kid loves crafting when animal crafts are involved. Your kids will have a blast making animals like the Paper Plate Penguin and the Handprint Owls because there are different materials that they get to play around with. They’ll love having the opportunity to get their hands covered in paint to make their little owls.

More Paper Crafts

Unexpected Paper DollsThere’s nothing like enjoying a beautiful summer’s night outside with the romantic lighting from the Lovely Little LED Lanterns. These DIY lanterns are gorgeous little additions to my outdoor patio. My kids love that something they created is used for everyone to enjoy.


33 Kids' Paper Craft Projects


Discover more fun crafts in this collection of 33 Kids’ Paper Craft Projects. Your kids will excited at all of these new crafts you show them!



What kind of paper crafts do your little ones like to do?

Time to Celebrate! Make Homemade Birthday Cards

13 Homemade Birthday Cards

Birthdays are the only holidays that takes place year round. If you’re like me, you have people to shop for at least once a month. May is a particularly busy month for birthdays in my life, but did you know that the least people are born in May? NobleWorks has compiled a collection of fabulous birthday facts. Here are some highlights for you:

  • The most common day of the week for baby births is Tuesday. Sunday is the least common.
  • In America, the most common birth date is October 5.
  • The world’s largest birthday cake was created in 1989. It weighed 128,238 pounds, 8 oz. and used 16,209 pounds of icing.
  • Close to 2 billion birthday cards are sent each year in the U.S. alone, accounting for nearly 58 percent of all cards sent.

That last one should make any card maker‘s eyes widen. Not only is two billion a HUGE number, but that’s an easy majority of all cards sent. If you have yet to make a birthday card, now is the time to start. More likely than not though, you’re an avid card maker and you’ve surely made quite a few homemade birthday cards in your time. Well now you can get some new ideas! Get inspired with our collection of 13 Homemade Birthday Cards. Whether you need invitation ideas for your next birthday party or you need to create a new handmade greeting for a loved one, these ideas will certainly inspire you as you make your next birthday greeting.

Invitation Ideas

Surprise Rainbow Invitation One of the most important parts of throwing birthday parties is sending out invitations. After all, if you don’t invite people, no one will come! Invite loved ones to a party in a creative way with the Surprise Rainbow Invitations. These are a personal favorite. They fold into an envelope snugly and then they unfold in a surprise rainbow! SO clever and cute.

Surprise Rainbow Invitations
Ninja Scroll Invitations
iPhone Party Invitation

Card Making Tutorials

Embossed Birthday Card Sure, you could buy a cute birthday card at the store, but why not make something that’s one of a kind? Test your card making skills by making the Embossed Birthday Card. This gorgeous card is dimensional and desirable. Add a floral embellishment to the center and beautiful ribbon bow to give it a fresh and fun look. This card is surprisingly simple to make, and it looks so beautiful when finished!

Embossed Birthday Card
Flowers and Lace Box Card
3D Butterfly Birthday Card



For more beautiful birthday cards, be sure to check out our collection of 13 Homemade Birthday Cards! Find invitation ideas and card making tutorials here, and get inspired to make new and exciting birthday cards for your loved ones every year!


Give us an estimate! How many birthday cards do you make each year?



Paper Crafts to Warm Your Heart

Honestly, the weeks of winter that follow New Year’s Day seem like a waste. Cold winds, snow drifts, icy roads, and no presents to show for it? No, thanks! In my perfect world, we’d fast forward to spring, but unless someone invents a time machine, we’re stuck with this crummy weather for at least a few more weeks. Luckily, there’s a way to stay toasty in these frigid temperatures–in a figurative sense, anyway. These Paper Crafts to Warm Your Heart will keep your mind occupied and your fingers unfrozen. Try out some homemade card ideas and share the warm fuzzies with family and friends. Deck out your home with easy DIY paper decorations, or learn how to quill paper embellishments that you can use on jewelry and cards. So, grab your blanket and get ready to banish those winter blues with these DIY paper crafts.


Adorable Origami Heart CardHomemade Card Ideas

Now that most people communicate via text message and email, it’s more thrilling than ever to find a piece of mail in your mailbox. Surprise your loved ones with these homemade card ideas, and who knows? They might be inspired to return the favor. These DIY card ideas also make beautiful homemade valentine cards.

Adorable Origami Heart Card
Fancy Folds Card
Washi Tape Heart Card
3D Hearts Card



DIY Paper DecorationsHeart Flower

These DIY paper crafts will put a smile on your face as soon as you walk in your door. These projects make marvelous Valentine’s Day crafts, but don’t let that stop you from putting them out all year long! Between an inexpensive paper garland DIY and a simple tutorial on how to make a cupcake topper, you’ll soon see that hearts are appropriate for all seasons.

Valentine Hearts Tabletop Tree
Heart Flower
Easy Hearts Garland



Quilled Hearts JewelryPaper Quilling Tutorials

Learn how to quill paper hearts and flowers that are intricate, adorable, and totally versatile. You can use these embellishments for a variety of projects, from cards and home decor to wearable paper crafts. With a little bit of creativity, you can look fabulous without spending a lot of time or money.

Quilled Hearts Jewelry
Lovely Quilled Heart Flower Card



Ideas for Valentine's Day: 12 Free Printable Valentine's Day Cards and Other Valentine's Day Crafts Free eBook
For more heart paper crafts, check out our free eBook, Ideas for Valentine’s Day: 12 Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards and Other Valentine’s Day Crafts.







What’s your favorite way to beat the winter blues?






12 Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovebirds anymore. February 14th may have started out as a day for hopeless romantics, but times have changed. Single, dating, or married, everyone can celebrate this feel-good holiday. It’s the perfect opportunity to tell family members and friends how much they mean to you. The most traditional way to go about this is with a card.

Keeping that in mind, the editors at AllFreePaperCrafts put together a collection of super sweet valentine card ideas that work for any budget or schedule. Ideas for Valentine’s Day: 12 Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards and Other Valentine’s Day Crafts is chock-full of brilliant projects that are festive and fun.

Ideas for Valentine's Day: 12 Free Printable Valentine's Day Cards and Other Valentine's Day Crafts Free eBook

If you’re super swamped, try some adorable printable Valentine’s Day cards. If you have your heart set on making something by hand, we have quick and easy homemade valentines for beginners. And, if you really want to get into the spirit, check out this eBook’s bonus Valentine’s Day crafts for inexpensive projects you can use to decorate your home.

Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards

Handful of Love CardLuckily, “homemade” doesn’t have to mean “hard work.” In this eBook, you’ll find 5 valentine card ideas that are low-cost and lovely, yet require only a little effort. The cards in this collection use a variety of different materials, such as thread, adhesives, washi tape, and paint. You might have some of these supplies lying around the house already, and even if you don’t, they’re available at your local craft store.

At AllFreePaperCrafts, we have card making projects for every experience level, including some kid-friendly homemade valentine cards like this Handful of Love Card. This valentine card idea may be a bit messy, but it’s guaranteed to melt some hearts this February.


Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

Owl and Smarties ValentinesValentine’s Day parties are a great way to keep our minds off the cold, dark winter. If your child’s teacher has planned a classroom party to celebrate this heartwarming holiday, check out our eBook for some completely original printable valentine cards.

Sure, it’s easy to pick up a box of valentines at your local store, but chances are your child will end up handing out the same cards as one or more of her classmates. Make her treats extra special by pairing one of these printable valentine cards with a piece of candy, as we did with these Owl and Smarties Valentines.


Other Valentine’s Day Crafts

Valentine Hearts Tabletop TreeValentine’s Day isn’t known for its decorations, but once you whip up some of these beautiful Valentine’s Day crafts, it will be. Impress house guests and drop-ins alike with gorgeous paper crafts like this Valentine Hearts Tabletop Tree. We have free printable materials for crafts as well. Check out this Origami Hearts Printable for the perfect paper to use in your Valentine’s Day decorations.

This post has only mentioned a few of the fabulous paper crafts that await you. Download your free copy of Ideas for Valentine’s Day: 12 Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards and Other Valentine’s Day Crafts today!




What’s the best Valentine’s Day gift you’ve ever gotten?



Memory Making 101: Scrapbook Page Ideas and Giveaway

When my sister graduated from high school, my aunt gave her a scrapbook. It didn’t look like much at first glance. The cover was plain green and it only had a few photos on it. Inside, though, that book was bursting with handpicked photos, captions, and adorable embellishments. My aunt spent four years learning how to make a scrapbook, collecting decorative pages, stickers, and stamps along the way. Fifteen years ago, scrapbooking didn’t have as much of an online presence as it does today, so my aunt designed the cover, page layouts, and embellishments herself. If online resources like FaveCrafts and AllFreePaperCrafts had been available then, she might not have spent hours struggling to put it all together.

ScTropical Memories Scrapbook Coverrapbook Cover Ideas

Even if you don’t copy one of these templates exactly, these scrapbook cover ideas can make putting together a memory book so much easier. If you’re just learning how to make a scrapbook, take advantage of free printable designs and patterns for covers and layouts. You can make your scrapbook look like it was made by a professional without actually paying one.

We have great cover ideas at FaveCrafts, and one of my personal favorites is this Tropical Memories Scrapbook Cover. I can’t help it; when it’s snowing outside, all I want to think about is the beach. This cover is especially fun because it incorporates several different media, including paint and glass, to achieve its summery look. AllFreePaperCrafts has some wonderful scrap book cover ideas, too, whether you want your scrapbook to be classy and chic or cute and whimsical.


DIY Scrapbook EmbellishmentsBlooming Scrapbook Flowers

My sister’s scrapbook was absolutely amazing and perfectly suited to her hobbies and interests. Because she spent a lot of her time at music department rehearsals, concerts, and other events, my aunt dotted the pages with notes, instruments, and marching band shakos.

Scrapbooking has become even more popular, so you can find embellishments to fit almost any theme. If you can’t find what you need in a store, there are tons of ways to make DIY scrapbook embellishments for only a few dollars. Take these Blooming Scrapbook Flowers, for instance. All you need is paper and a thumbtack to make one of these beautiful blooms.


Budding Stars Scrapbook LayoutScrapbook Layout Ideas

I’d occasionally flip through the pages of my sister’s scrapbook, wondering what the layouts for my book would look like. “Here’s where she’ll put the newspaper clipping from the play I’ll star in,” I’d think. “This would be the perfect layout for my Junior Prom photo with my super cute boyfriend!”

I finally made it through high school–without auditioning for a single play OR attending Junior Prom–and at my graduation party I could hardly wait to open my aunt’s present. I opened her gift box to find a hoodie from my college-to-be. It was a sweet gift; it just wasn’t the gift.

My aunt was so worn out from putting together layouts for the first scrapbook to even consider making one for me. Luckily, I can make my own cute pages with the help of scrapbook layout ideas like this Budding Stars Scrapbook Layout. Pink is my favorite color, so if I had starred in a play, this is definitely the page I would’ve chosen for that newspaper clipping.


Timbergrove Scrapbook Set

BONUS! We’re giving away one Timbergrove Scrapbook Set, a fabulous kit filled with coordinated paper and stickers. It also has some helpful tips on how to make memorable scrapbook pages and greeting cards. Check out our giveaway page to enter. You have until February 11 to enter to win this fabulous scrapbook set, so try your luck today!




Have you ever been absolutely positive that you were going to get a certain gift? What did you get instead?





AllFreeHolidayCrafts.com Giveaway: A Year of Paper Piecing 12 Sensational Season Designs

A Year of Paper Piecing 12 Sensational Season DesignsWith A Year of Paper Piecing 12 Sensational Season Designs, you can create a patchwork for every special occasion. This is the perfect book to serve as a guide to basic paper piecing. Each project in this quilt crafts book can be downsized or embellished to your personal liking. Whether you’re an expert or a beginner, A Year of Paper Piecing 12 Sensational Season Designs has an easy-to-follow project for you. Make each block for its appropriate holiday or season, hang them in your home, and rotate them throughout the year.

Thanks to the simple and straightforward step-by-step images and instructions included in this book, A Year of Paper Piecing 12 Sensational Season Designs makes paper piecing for every season and occasion a cinch. The adventurous will love resizing the blocks, as all of the adorable designs are suited for being reduced or enlarged. Beads, ribbon, and added embroidery add a special touch to your paper-pieced patchwork. A Year of Paper Piecing 12 Sensational Season Designs includes patchworks for holidays like Valentine’s Day and Thanksgiving and seasons like winter and spring. Complete these seasonal designs and your home will be paper-piece patchwork perfect.

AllFreeHolidayCrafts.com is giving away one copy of A Year of Paper Piecing 12 Sensational Season Designs to one lucky winner. You could win!

Learn more and enter to win here.

Contest ends July 16, 2013. You can enter once daily, return often to improve your chances of winning!


Make Your Own Party Decor with New eBook from Fiskars!

Fiskars Fuse new_mini_leftFiskars has teamed up with FaveCrafts to bring you an eBook filled to the brim with quick and easy projects that can all be made with the Fiskars Fuse Creativity System!  From beautiful handmade cards to party decor that looks professionally made, the 25 easy and fun projects that you’ll find in the Fuse Creativity System Project Guide: Fun Party Themes, Ideas for Handmade Cards, and More Paper Crafts from Fiskars eBook will motivate and inspire you to create all your own party supplies, decorations, and invitations!


Handmade Card Designs


In a day and age when email and ecards have taken over the way we communicate to one another, it’s sometimes easy to forget how nice it is to receive a card in the mail, and not just any card…a handmade one! If you’re looking for ideas for handmade cards and a fun and clever way to send someone you love a little greeting or two, look no further than the handmade card designs in the Fuse Creativity System Project Guide. Great for any and every occasion, the cards in this eBook are easy and fun to make with the help of your Fuse system. Create beautiful letterpressed designs, create custom cutouts, and create cards that come to life when they’re opened, like this Butterfly Card. Made using the Butterfly Design Set, this 3D style card is suitable for almost any occasion.

Fiskars Fuse new_mini_right

DIY Party Decorations

owl party boxes

Weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays are easy to celebrate and decorate for with the help of the Fuse Creativity System Project Guide. Filled with great ideas on how to throw the perfect themed party, and complete with instructions on how to make everything from the invitation to the decorations, this free eBook is a great go-to guide for the hostess with the mostess!

Kids of all ages will simply adore this Owl Themed Party Décor. Great for birthdays and graduation parties, fun party themes like this make entertaining easy and fun. Use your Fiskars Fuse to create these DIY paper decorations, cards, and more…and watch your party quickly come to life! Whoooo’s the best party planner around? You are now, thanks to your Fiskars Fuse Creativity System and the free printable paper crafts in this eBook!

Fiskars Fuse new_mini_right

Home Decor


The Fuse is also a great tool for cutting other items, such as craft foam and wood veneer. This Chalkboard Calendar is a great project for busy families. With parents and kids going in a million different direction, this large erasable calendar is a great way to keep track of everyone’s schedule. You could also use this calendar to help organize a work team, a study group, or keep track of your college courses and work schedules.

Fiskars Fuse new_mini_right

So whether you’re looking for clever ideas for handmade cards, simple scrapbook layouts, DIY paper decorations, how to make paper decorations for your home, or just some clever and creative ways to give a little glitz and glam to your gift wrap, the projects you’ll find in the Fuse Creativity System Project Guide: Fun Party Themes, Idea for Handmade Cards, and More Paper Crafts from Fiskars eBook are great for all your crafting needs. Let the Fiskars Fuse to do the work for you and help you create a variety of paper crafts and decorations that will look professional and fun!






Show Stopping Mother’s Day Cards

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and I’m sure some of you are at a loss as to how to show mom your appreciation. Believe it or not, most of the time what mom really loves is the sentiment of the whole gift. Homemade Mother’s Day cards offer the perfect opportunity to express what you can’t always say. Sure the gift is nice, but the card is the real gem of Mother’s Day. Give your mom a show stopping card this year by making one yourself.  These creative Mother’s Day card ideas will give your message to mom some style.

Must-See Mother’s Day Card Ideas

"Inked" Mother's Day CardWe’ll start off fairly simple for you. This “Inked” Mother’s Day Card retains the classic structure of a greeting card in its shape. What differs in this DIY card is the tattoo-inspired sewn front piece. This card is great because it can be funny and sentimental. The tattooed front can recall mom’s wilder, often unspoken youth, “Does it look like your tattoo, mom?” you can jokingly (or seriously) ask. She’ll get a good laugh out of seeing “mom” classically stitched on the front of this card. When she opens it up, she’ll tear up at your sweet words of appreciation. In one way or another, we all have “Mom” tattooed on our hearts, so why not express it?


Green Embellished Mother's Day CardYou can flip the fold of that conventional card and make this Green Embellished Mother’s Day Card. Like any other card, this Mother’s Day card opens up to reveal your meaningful message. Unlike any other card though, the cover is supremely special. The most interesting aspect of this DIY card is the front. From this tutorial you can learn how to gussy up regular cardstock with fabric and pom-poms. It’s loud, gaudy and fabulous; it’s the perfect way to express your abounding feelings for mummsie.


3D Greeting CardsThese 3D Greeting Cards not only look amazing, they’re also super fun to make. Forget giving this project to the kids, make this yourself – to give to mom, of course. Your mom will love these pop-up cards from Creme de la Craft. Get goofy in your design. You can make pop-ups of inside jokes between you and mom or special memories. This is one card that comes to life!


Momma Bird Loves Baby Bird CardI’m in love with this Momma Bird Loves Baby Card. It’s a simple yet perfect depiction of a mother-child relationship. Despite being well over my toddler years, I’m constantly assured by my mom that I’m still, in fact, a baby. I think she’ll love this sturdy paper craft, as will most mothers. By following the links to this greeting card tutorial, you can access the printables to make these adorable momma and baby birds.


All revved up for Mother’s Day now? Get more crafty ideas for the woman of the hour from this FREE eBook, Mother’s Day Crafts: 9 Gift Ideas and Crafts for Mother’s Day. You’ll learn how to make gifts and decorations for the special day. Honor thy mother by downloading this eBook today!

What are you making mom for Mother’s Day?