Charming Chameleon Coloring Book Page

Charming Chameleon Coloring Page DownloadAdult coloring pages do not have to be extra fancy or all about intricate, teeny tiny mandala designs that belong on gallery walls. While adult coloring sheets might be a bit more complicated, they can still be fun! This is why we adore this Charming Chameleon coloring page! Featuring a funky little lizard, this downloadable PDF is the perfect half-hour project for any crafter or any crafting level. Whether you want to shade in this little guy in bright and bold colors or stay subdued with light greens and blues, this chameleon will convert his colors to your mood! Print this coloring page download immediately and save the PDF for later.

While this coloring book page was designed especially for adults to shade in, it is an excellent page for older elementary school kids and teens, as well. Teachers looking to teach their kids all about reptiles can download this free coloring book sheet as a take-home assignment or quiet time activity.

Click here to download the Charming Chameleon Coloring Page.*

*Need help printing out this coloring book page or any other of the downloadable coloring sheets we have? Check out our full tutorial on How to Print Coloring Book Pages!

5 Fun Facts about Chameleons

  1. Chameleons are reptiles and part of the iguana family – they’re just smaller!
  2. The smallest chameleon grows to only half an inch long and is the smallest vertebrate alive!
  3. It is a misconception that chameleons change their color to fit their surroundings. They change their colors in response to their moods and emotions!
  4. They have special toes that help them cling onto tree branches and other surroundings.
  5. Unlike many other lizards and reptiles, chameleons do not lay eggs. They give live births!

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Easy DIY Paper Mache Cake Box

These cakes look good enough to eat! Obviously, we won’t be eating them, but don’t pretend like you’re not getting hungry just looking at this picture. This project for an Easy DIY Paper Mache Cake Box teaches you how to create the most delectable and gorgeous looking cakes you’ve ever seen! And all with some paper and paint!

Easy DIY Paper Mache Cake Box

You can make these cakes in almost any size or color you want. You’re the creative genius here! It’s really all up to you. These cakes make wonderful gifts, and they could even be used as centerpieces for parties! Can you imagine a baby shower or wedding shower with these adorable little cuties placed in the center of each table? I know, it’s almost too cute to handle. So gather up the supplies, and maybe a few friends, and create your own little cake today!

Love it yet? Find Instructions at Damask Love!

Let us know—what’s your favorite way to craft with paper?

Lucky in Love St. Patrick’s Day Card and Pedestal

Today we have a guest post from Stefanie Girard from Sweater Surgery! She’ll be sharing with us an easy way to decorate for St. Patrick’s day. For more great tutorials, be sure to check out her blog!

Stefanie Girard, St. Patrick's Day

Good thing we have lots of holidays to celebrate as it gives all of us card makers and crafters lots of reasons to get our paper, recycled cardboard, and die cutter out. After crafting with my heart dies for Valentine’s Day, I knew I could then use them to make clovers and shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day and that is just what I did for this card.


In addition to die cutting 3 hearts to make the clover for the card, I die cut the words “lucky”, “in,” and “love” using all different fonts and dies with my Sizzix die cutter. To make the stem of the clover I just trimmed by hand a scrap of the green glitter paper I used for all the other elements.


In addition to my Lucky in Love St. Patrick’s day card, I wanted to make a little pedestal for my vintage wedding cake bride and groom. The glitter cardstock was a bit too flimsy so I went to my pantry-one of my best sources of recycled cardboard. A Chex cereal box was perfect! I was careful where I die cut the cardboard as to maximize the green areas of the box. I did add a small square of the coordinating green plaid paper on the top of the die cut pedestal for an added element.

I hope you have fun with this “green” craft and are lucky enough to celebrate St. Patrick’s day with someone you love!

How are you celebrating St. Patrick’s day?

12 Valentines Day Printables!

Can you believe it? Valentine’s Day is this weekend! It always seems to sneak up on us. One minute it’s Christmas and then suddenly, we’re running behind for Valentine’s Day. Are you in a last minute rush when it comes to the holiday too?
DIY-Valentines-CheesePhoto from Laura Kelly Designs and Every Day Party

Valentines for your kids to take to school, something sweet for your significant other, an “I’m thinking of you” for your best friend.

Photo from Lia GriffithSweetValentineGiftTags

It can feel overwhelming and like time is running out. Don’t worry. We’re here to help. We’ve rounded up some adorable free printable Valentines for you.

Free-Valentine-Printables-3Photo from Love the Day

Some are perfect as is and others are great for matching up with a simple little treat. You’re sure to find something for everyone here.

Shark fans will love these “You are jaw-some!” themed Valentines from Love the Day.

1. “You are Jaw-some!” Valentines 

Pick up some donuts to share with your friends. They’ll be perfect with these “Do-nut forget” Valentines from The 36th Avenue.

2. Donut Inspired Valentines Day Printable 

Just as they are or with a box of crayons attached, these fun color by number Valentines from A Mom’s Take will keep kids busy!

3. Color Number Inspired Printable 

These funny cards from Landee See Landee Do for your significant other celebrate the reality of life together with such sentiments as “You’re the one I want to be next to when you’re on your computer and I’m on mine”.

4. Funny Valentines Day Cards

Simple and sweet Valentines from A Little Craft in Your Day make it easy to get ready for the big day without even having to leave your house!

5. Easy, Quick, and Simple Valentines 

We love these adorable little mice with cheese Valentines from Laura Kelly at Every Day Party – “It’s mice to know you Valentine.”

6. Kid Approved Valentines 

The kids can give their friends a Valentine and game in one with these Tic Tac Toe Valentines from Simm Works Family.

7. Tic Tac Toe Valentines 

Love typography and chalkboards? You’re going to love these charming Valentines from We Lived Happily Ever After.

8. Chalkboard inspired Valentines 

Kids love I Spy games and they’re going to love these I Spy themed Valentines from Live Laugh Rowe.

9. I Spy Themed Printable 

Or how about a word scramble? They’ll have so much fun with these Valentines from Moritz Fine Blog Designs, they won’t realize they’re educational too!

10. Educational Valentines Day Printable 

Get nostalgic with these vintage Valentines from House of Hawthornes

11. Vintage Inspired Valentines 

Sweet, feminine designs on these Valentine tags from Lia Griffith make them perfect for giving to your best friends.

12. Sweet Valentines Day Gift Tags

Now, wasn’t that easy? Showing your love at Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be a chore and now it doesn’t have to be. Pull out the printer, load up the ink, and start printing. You’ll be all set for Valentine’s Day in no time!

What’s your favorite part of Valentine’s Day? Share in the comments below.


Modern Stripes Handmade Card for Christmas

Modern Stripes Handmade Card for Christmas

Who says Christmas cards have to be red and green? Give your holiday greetings a modern spin with paper strip Christmas handmade cards. These striped triangle trees look stylish and are quick to make, plus they’re a great way to use up your pretty scrapbook paper scraps. Have fun mixing and matching all kinds of different colors and patterns – craft your stash, baby!

Modern Stripes Handmade Card for Christmas


  • Selection of coordinating scrapbook papers
  • Cardstock
  • Glue stick
  • Paper trimmer
  • Adhesive foam pads
  • Non-stick scissors
  • Square adhesive rhinestones
  • Chisel-tip marker

Modern Stripes Handmade Card for Christmas

Cut 7″ long strips in random widths of each paper. Glue each strip on a 4.5 x 7″ panel of cardstock and allow time for the adhesive to dry.

Trim the panel into four sections at 1.75 x 4.25″ each. Then cut each section at a diagonal into triangles as shown – two angled left and two angled right.

Modern Stripes Handmade Card for Christmas

Arrange the left and right triangles into pairs to make trees. You can match the strips exactly on both sides or pair them so each side is different (as shown in the finished card at the top of the post). Ink the edges with a colored chisel-tip marker for a more finished look.

Modern Stripes Handmade Card for Christmas

Adhere the trees to the front of a blank card (4.25 x 5.5″ folded) with adhesive foam pads for a little dimension. Add a square rhinestone accent for the tree trunk.

Modern Stripes Handmade Card for Christmas


Comment below and let us know, what’s your favorite DIY gift idea?

Iris Paper Folded Christmas Tree Handmade Card

I love Iris Paper Folding! It is fun and relaxing, plus it’s a great way to use up leftover scrapbooking paper. This Christmas tree pattern is easy if you have not tried Iris Paper Folding before. You can create a couple of styles with all of the same pattern/color of paper in one area or alternate them to create another look for your handmade card. If you’re looking for fun paper crafts for the holidays, then a beautiful handmade card is a great option!

Iris Paper Folded Christmas Tree Handmade Card


Iris Paper Folded Christmas Tree Handmade Card


Iris Paper Folded Christmas Tree Handmade Card


  • Cutting mat
  • Craft knife
  • Tape
  • Double sided tape
  • Ruler
  • Cardstock for face of card
  • Iris pattern printed out on lightweight cardstock
  • Blank card
  • 3 Coordinating scrapbook papers
  • Bone Folder


Print the iris pattern on lightweight cardstock or copy paper and cut it out as shown with scissors or craft knife. A ruler helps with the straight edges.

Iris Paper Folded Christmas Tree Handmade Card

Tape the cut out pattern onto the back of the colored piece of cardstock. Using the craft knife, cut the center out of the cardstock as shown.

Iris Paper Folded Christmas Tree Handmade Card

Iris Paper Folded Christmas Tree Handmade Card

Tape the pattern to the cutting mat.

Iris Paper Folded Christmas Tree Handmade Card

Tape the cut colored cardstock , face down, to the mat with the pattern in the center of the cutout as shown.

Iris Paper Folded Christmas Tree Handmade Card

Cut 2 or 3 strips of each pattern of scrapbooking paper into 1 1/2 inch strips and fold in half lengthwise. Use a bone folder to get a sharp crease.

Iris Paper Folded Christmas Tree Handmade Card

Begin at the #1 position and cover that portion of the pattern with paper.

Tape along the outside of the pattern where the paper will overlap to adhere the folded paper to the back side of the colored cardstock.

Iris Paper Folded Christmas Tree Handmade Card

NOTE: The folded side of the scrapbook paper always faces the center of the pattern.

NOTE: You can cut or tear the strips of paper to the correct length. Whichever works best for you.

Cover the #2 position with the next color of scrapbook paper.

Continue until all of the numbers are covered by taping the strips of paper to one another and to the outside edge of the pattern. 

Fill in the center with scrapbook paper or a bit of the cardstock.

Iris Paper Folded Christmas Tree Handmade Card

Tape around the edge of the cardstock and center it in the middle of a blank card face. Press well to adhere.

Iris Paper Folded Christmas Tree Handmade Card


What’s your favorite Christmas tree decoration?

Paper Crafting: Altered Art DIY Journal Cover

We love personalized journals. There’s something so appealing in making the outside of your journal as special as the inside. This is an easy paper craft tutorial that shows you some fun paper crafting techniques to help you customize any journal. Why not turn the “Plain Jane” journal into a completely unique craft project that showcases your creativity? This is also a great craft idea for kids because it shows you how to alter the basic journal without spending big bucks. It’s the perfect back to school craft!

Paper Crafting: Altered Art DIY Journal Cover

Once you have written, sketched, embellished, and painted all the pages in your beloved art journal, it’s now time to alter the cover to make it your own. Give your journal a beautifully textured and layered cover using sheets of fabric, interfacing, paper, and metal — it’s quick and easy to put together. Your coffee table will thank you for it!

Paper Crafting: Altered Art DIY Journal Cover



  • Fusible stiff interfacing
  • Cotton fabric
  • Felt
  • Handmade paper (it’s softer and more malleable)
  • Heavy craft foil
  • Embossing folder and machine
  • Alcohol inks and applicator
  • Tacky glue
  • Sanding block
  • Chisel-tip marker
  • Iron
  • Journal

Paper Crafting: Altered Art DIY Journal Cover

1.   Emboss the craft foil and trim it to the desired size. Rub a base coat of a light-colored alcohol ink over the top, then blend additional colors on top, using a pouncing motion with the applicator.

2.  Gently sand the inked foil to expose some of the silver on the raised areas. This technique distresses the surface but it also enhances the embossed pattern. Ink the edges with a marker and set aside.

Paper Crafting: Altered Art DIY Journal Cover

3.  Iron the fabric to the fusible side of the stiff interfacing and trim to a size that’s slightly smaller than your journal cover.

4.  Trim the felt and handmade paper to desired sizes and play with the arrangement of the layers until you like the result. Glue each layer down in sequence, then glue the embossed foil panel on top.

5.  Add whatever sentiments or additional embellishments you like.

Paper Crafting: Altered Art DIY Journal Cover


Link Love: Beautiful Wedding Crafts

This loud and proud single lady has something to admit … I love wedding crafts. I have zero plans to get married, but I often find myself on AllFreeDIYWeddings, checking out the latest and greatest flower arrangement designs, table displays and invitations. Weddings are an occasion when you can be yourself and show off your own personal aesthetic. Love pink? Add pink to your color scheme. Crazy for leopard print? Throw some special fabric on your dinner tables. If you can dream it, you can make it happen. Since wedding season is just around the corner, I can’t help fawning over creative DIY wedding ideas. Who knew there were so many ways to personalize your special day?

Wedding crafts are all about personalization, whether it’s through color schemes, embellishments or monograms. Instead of buying a generic guest book, use scrapbook paper and other creative materials to design your own Wedding Guest Book. The messages and special touches will make you smile every time you take it out. You might not believe it, but pinwheels are making a huge comeback. Polka Dot Paradise Pinwheels are super simple to make and can line an aisle or dance floor. You can also give them as favors at the end of the night – be sure to incorporate your wedding colors into the design! If you’re a bride-to-be consider giving your bridesmaids a Bridesmaid Tote Bag filled with personalized goodies. They’ll save the bag and remember your special day for years to come.

So what if you aren’t getting married in the near future? You can still daydream about your ultimate DIY wedding and make plans for your hypothetical big day. And don’t forget – you can always use the craft ideas for a party or special celebration!



  1. Vintage Wedding Dress Necklace from Little Red Window
  2. Mini Rose Pomander from Blitsy Crafts
  3. Wedding Guest Book from Living Your Creative
  4. Plantable Paper Heart Favors from My Own Labels
  5. Filter Poms from Muslin and Merlot
  6. Doily String Lights from Cogs and Cupcakes
  7. Kusudama Paper Flower from Eclations, Papercraft, Etc.
  8. Glitter Dipped Feather Garland from Green Wedding Shoes
  9. Wedding Table Number Display from Happiness is Creating


What’s your wedding style – an over-the-top occasion or an understated event? Why?

St. Paddy’s Day Printables to Envy

There’s nothing easier than a good, printable craft, and today you’re lucky enough to have found four! Over at, we know that with the unpredictable weather, sometimes it’s best to take it easy when it comes to crafting. That’s why we’ve decided to share these free printables with you. Stay at home and print out these fan favorites so you can decorate for St. Patrick’s Day without leaving the house, and avoid that winter weather!

Chalkboard Irish Blessing

Chalkboard Irish Blessing The Chalkboard Irish Blessing is our personal favorite St. Paddy’s Day printable. The modern pattern makes it a great fit for any room of the house and the saying truly celebrates Irish heritage. Transform a blank sheet of paper into your favorite holiday decor piece for March when you add this printable to an old frame you have lying around the house. Handmade decorations are made simple with this easy-to-follow tutorial and the included free printable! This easy craft will have you decorating for St. Patrick’s Day without having to step outside.

Pot O’ Gold Cupcake Picks

Pot O' Gold Cupcake Picks

If you’re looking for a party printable for the holiday, these Pot O’ Gold Cupcake Picks are a great place to start. If you plan to have some guests over to celebrate the holiday, these printables will help you transform an average dessert into a festive and fun holiday tray. What’s more, with a free printable all you’ll have to spend cash on is paper and ink — two materials you’re sure to have stashed at home. Pay no attention to the winter weather, you can make this printable craft without bracing the next snow storm.

Lucky Day Printable

Lucky Day Free Printable Looking to further enhance your holiday party plans? Why not add a fun favor to the mix? With some quick help from your printer, you’ll be ready to transform the Lucky Day Printable into handmade party favors in hardly any time at all. These cute printables also make great classroom handouts for children that have a school holiday party to attend. Pick up a few packs of chocolate coins and clear plastic baggies from the dollar store and your St. Patrick’s Day craft is complete!

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Printable

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Free Printable

The Somewhere Over the Rainbow Printable is a darling, decorative craft which offers the perfect amount of holiday style to your holiday table. Easy St. Patrick’s Day crafts like this one are perfect for the last-minute crafter. Since everyone’s favorite Irish holiday has a tendency to sneak up on us, this simple, free printable makes crafting for the day a cinch! Grab a bit of ribbon, an old frame, and start decorating today.

Which printable is your favorite?

Sew the Perfect Gift

LOVE HOLIDAY CRAFTS? Win a copy of Sew the Perfect Gift: 25 Handmade Projects from Top Designers from Martingale & Company! The deadline to enter is March 4, 2014 at 11:59:59 p.m. Eastern Time. Featuring an assortment of handmade gift ideas from top craft designers,Sew the Perfect Gift makes for a wonderful source of inspiration for crafters just like you.



Mixed Media Ideas for the Scared and Skeptical

“Mixed media” is one of the most intimidating phrases in a crafter’s vocabulary, but, on behalf of AllFreePaperCrafts, I’m here to tell you that it shouldn’t be. Mixed media crafts can be super simple, and you’re guaranteed to get some incredible results. Shaking your head already? Stick with me as I bust some common myths about this ultra-cool art form that’s taking the crafting world by storm.


Myth 1: There is no such thing as an easy mixed media project.

Mod Podge Photo Transfer Block

Most likely, you have some experience with mixed media already. If, for example, you painted heart on the front of a card and stamped it with a holiday greeting, you’ve done mixed media. Sharpen your skills with easy mixed media project ideas like this Mod Podge Photo Transfer Block.

The finished product may look like it was made by a professional, and that’s part of the beauty of mixed media. Once you master the technique, you’ll be able to crank out photo blocks for every occasion, and I guarantee that this delightful gift will be accepted with a smile.



Myth 2: Mixed media crafts are too expensive.Tissue Paper Dragonfly

Crafters tend to shy away from mixed media projects because they look as if they cost a fortune to make. Luckily, not every mixed media craft comes with a laundry list of fancy supplies. Some of the tutorials on AllFreePaperCrafts only call for a handful of materials.

Check out this Tissue Paper Dragonfly, a beautiful piece of mixed media art for beginners. You can hang it in your window and enjoy the pretty patterns it makes on sunny days. As its name implies, the main material you need for this project is tissue paper, and you probably have some from Christmas. Layer the paper, decorate it with markers, and you’ve got the makings of a gorgeous pair of dragonfly wings. Best of all, it didn’t cost you a dime!


Myth 3: Mixed media projects are too fancy for down-to-earth crafters like us.

Beautiful Mixed Media BookmarksMixed media has a reputation of being a little, well, stuck-up. Shake that stereotype by trying some mixed media projects that are intended for daily use, like these Beautiful Mixed Media Bookmarks. Not only are these DIY paper crafts endlessly useful and totally adorable, they also give you an excuse to play with ribbon, fabric scraps, glitter paint, and more.

With all of these simple, inexpensive mixed media ideas at your disposal, there’s no need to avoid this popular art form any longer.



Are you ready to give mixed media a try? Which of these projects would you like to make?