Creative Craft Supply Storage with Printers’ Trays

Several years ago one of my sisters gave me a wonderful birthday present – five different printer’s trays. Score! I was thrilled and couldn’t wait to start filling the trays with all sorts of craft materials. The trays are segmented in different ways, with a great variety in the number and size of individual craft supply storage slots.

Creative Craft Supply Storage with Printers’ Trays

Marjie Kemper Printer's Tray Storage Unit

The trays are perfect for the storage I had in mind, but they quickly became heavy. It was a nuisance to lift and move all of the stacked trays to get to the ones I wanted. Plus I was always afraid they might get knocked over and I’d have to do all that sorting again.

The solution was to build a box to frame them, and to put each individual tray onto rollers so they slide out like drawers.  I am not very handy with carpentry, so I hired a handyman and he did an awesome job. He also built two drawers that were the same width and depth, and just a bit higher/deeper, to use for other purposes.

Marjie Kemper Printer's Tray Drawer 7

What Gets Stored in Each Drawer

Four of the trays are different, and I have two that are the same.  I love the variety of drawer designs as they can accommodate so many different sizes of items. Most of the items I store here are metal bits and bobs, and scrapbooking embellishments.

Marjie Kemper Printer's Tray Drawer 6

This entire tray is filled with Tim Holtz’s Idea-ology. I love having it all in one place.

Marjie Kemper Printer's Tray Drawer 5

The tray with the largest openings is perfect for storing manila and other tags.

Marjie Kemper Printer's Tray Drawer 4

More bits and bobs.

  Marjie Kemper Printer's Tray Drawer 3

I reserved the space at the top of the cabinet for two rolling drawers. One is used to store pieces in progress. These are small pieces I’ve made while working on other things, that I hope to use in another project down the road.

Marjie Kemper Printer's Tray Drawer 2
The top drawer currently holds all my deli trays and lids. These are the perfect size for laying out small projects that are in various stages of drying. I usually have quite a few laying on the counter at various times.

Marjie Kemper Printer's Tray Drawer 1
I am so glad I added those two plain drawers to my printer tray storage, as they can easily be changed up for whatever my needs may be as time passes. I’ve been crafting a long time and as my interests have changed over the years, I’ve come to appreciate craft supply storage that can change with the times.


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What are some creative ways you store your craft supplies?

How to Watercolor Roses

Learning how to watercolor is one of the most requested crafting techniques when it comes to the FaveCrafts audience. This charming and trendy painting technique is a stunning way to add subtle color to your DIY projects and home. The tutorial below shows you how to paint watercolor roses for a paper craft project, but you could easily use the steps to create wall art, handmade cards and more.

How to Paint Watercolor Roses

Today’s project is brought to you by the upcoming collection of international projects, Around the World with 80 Artistss. This collection of projects is designed to highlight the diversity and ingenuity of crafters and artists across the word. Look out below for our interview with the author and project champion, Mahe Zehra Husain of the Creative Art Academy.

Click here to read out interview with the author of this collection.

How to Paint Watercolor Roses

I want to share a fun, quick Watercolor Technique with you on how to create cute, playful Roses in no time – even without any or very little watercolor skills. I love this Technique not only because it’s quick & easy, but also because those Roses are so versatile in using them – you can use it to create quick, fun Cards with your Watercolor Roses, but also use them to embellish your Scrapbook Layouts or to add some fun Accents to your Mixed Media Projects or Art journal Pages etc.

• Watercolors of your choice
• Round tip brush
• Heavyweight Watercolor Paper
• Scissors
• Glue / 3D Adhesive Pads
• Cardstock for the Card / a Paper Gift bag  (or something else you’d like to add your flowers to)
• Stamps to add sentiments


  1. Decide a color for your Rose Blossom (I go with a shade of red here). Create a nice, watery mix of your color, load your round tip brush with it and you’re good to start.
    How to Paint Watercolor Roses
  2. We’re working our way outwards starting in the center of the blossom. Start with two little half-circle shapes.
    How to Paint Watercolor Roses 2
  3. Then add two larger half-circle shapes around the center. That’s the way we’re going to build up our rose / the rose petals. Make sure to take advantage of the brush tip and vary the pressure of the brush to create variation in the thickness of the lines as you go – this creates a natural petal-look.
    How to Paint Watercolor Roses 3
  4. The white space in between the individual brushstrokes / petals is very important, so make sure to keep this white space. Keep on adding those lines / brushstrokes working your way outwards.
    How to Paint Watercolor Roses 4
    How to Paint Watercolor Roses 4b
  5. Also, play with the amount of color pigment & water as you go to create variation in the color intensity. If you want to go a little fancy you can even use a second or third color and slightly add it to the still wet first color – let the colors blend into each other for a really cool look.
    How to Paint Watercolor Roses 5
    How to Paint Watercolor Roses 5b
  6. Once you’re happy with the result, add some green leaves. I would suggest mixing some green from your watercolor palette with some yellow for a very natural looking shade of green with a little variation in the color.
    How to Paint the Leaves
  7. Keep those leaves very simple as well – just start right underneath the blossom with a very basic leaf-shape.
    How to Paint the Leaves 2
  8. Add a little stem if you like and a second leaf – that’s all it takes.
  9. Create several roses – play with different sizes, vary the brushstrokes, play with different colors. Also, paint some simple single green leaves. Then cut them out – leaving a small white border around the design.
    Cutting Out Accents 2
    Cutting Out Accents
  10. Stamp a sentiment with your favorite stamps (or create your own using Alphabet Stamps). Cut this out as well.
  11. Now you’re ready to apply your watercolor images to your project. I adhere them to a plain white card here and to a cute little paper gift bag. Be creative – you can embellish so many things and project with these flowers – your scrapbook pages, your Art Journal pages, some hand lettered projects, a cute little canvas or a picture frame!
    Multiple roses
  12. To add dimension and interest to your project use 3D foam pads / 3D gluedots. Layer the different blossoms and leaves to create cute little bouquets.
    Layer Roses
  13. You can give it a little more of an artistic look by adding some small paint splatters. Choose a black color or a dark brown for some contrast or just a color that is matching your blossoms. Load your brush with a watery mix of your watercolor and slightly tap the brush with your finger to add some small paint splatters to your project. (this takes a little bit of practice – so you might want to get used to it on a piece of scrap-paper first before using this technique on your finished project).
    Splatter Paint
    Splatter Paint 2
  14. And you’re done!
    Final Project


About the Artist
My name is Andrea Gomoll, I’m a fulltime Mixed Media Artist from Berlin, Germany.
Being creative with Paints, Inks, Pens, Markers etc. is essential for me – it helps me through the rough days and makes good days even better. That’s why I love Art journaling & Mixed Media Art so much – there are no rules and you can fully enjoy the process and see where it takes you. On my Website / Blog you can follow my creative journey, but you can also purchase prints of my artwork and stamps with my designs. I’m also teaching (online) classes for Mixed Media Art, Art Journaling, Whimsical Painting, Watercolor Sketchbooks etc. I just love to inspire and share my passion for Art with others – with YOU!

What is your favorite accent to add to handmade cards?

9 Succulent Crafts You Can’t Kill

I know that succulents are supposed to be the easiest plant to keep alive. I have read over and over again that these low-water, low-maintenance, admittedly very cute plants are impossible to kill. This is supposed to be the case, but you know what? I have yet to meet a succulent I did not kill. My thumbs about as black as they come or maybe my apartment is a dead zone.  Whatever the reality is, the succulent struggle is real. This is why I have put together this charming selection of succulent craft ideas that don’t actually involve real succulents. This collection of pretty printable flower and plant crafts, paper craft ideas, and more succulent craft ideas is dedicated to my fellow black thumb sufferers. You absolutely cannot kill these cuties, because they are not alive.

9 Succulent Crafts You Can't Kill

9 No-Fuss, No-Water (Okay, Fake!) Succulent Crafts


Printable Flower Patterns


Find more lovely ways to add floral crafts to your home without worrying about keeping them alive and green with our collection of 81+ Printable Flower Patterns. This stunning collection of flower craft ideas includes paper crafts, crochet patterns, free sewing patterns, crazy easy DIY crafts, and more.

Faux and Fake Flower Crafts: Brilliant solution or a little bit tacky?

2 Shark Coloring Pages for Shark Week

Shark Week is still here, and we are still celebrating. We here at FaveCrafts love just about any animal out there. Sharks are no exception. There’s something so scary yet amazing about a shark. In addition to this crazy fun round-up we posted a few days ago, we wanted to provide some even more exciting shark craft ideas!Shark Coloring Pages

Look out below for some totally free to download free coloring book pages featuring your favorite toothy friends from the deep. The two pages below are completely free to download and keep forever and ever.

Floral Shark Coloring Page

Floral Shark Coloring Page

Flowers and sharks might seem like a strange combination, but this simple and elegant coloring book page really makes it work.
Download the Floral Shark Coloring Page.

Nautical Shark Coloring Page

Nautical Shark Coloring Page


Crafters who love nautical crafts and beach craft ideas will adore this free printable. Featuring one big shark and smaller nautical accents, you could easily frame this cutie as DIY wall art at your beach house or in your bathroom.
Download the Nautical Shark Coloring Page.

Find even more coloring pages to love over at We animal coloring pages, marvelous mandalas, and more!

What other animal do you think deserves its own “week”?

FaveCrafts News: New Best Blogger Craft 2016 free eBook

Best Blogger Crafts 2016 free eBook

Weeks ago we announced the winners to our Best Blogger Contest 2016! These fabulous projects not only won the honor of being the Best Craft of 2016, but cash prizes too! Those lucky and talented bloggers, however, are not the only ones to submit crafts to this thrilling contest. We received over 60 entries to this contest. Want to see them? Lucky for you, we have compiled them into one gorgeous, printable free eBook. With step-by-step instructions and vibrant photos for each project, these ideas will keep you crafting for months to come.

All of the bloggers featured in this eBook are expert crafters that you can trust to show you how to make professional-level crafts that will change the way you craft.

All of the crafts and tutorials featured in this eBook were made from materials from some of our favorite crafting companies. Check out projects that feature top of the line projects from Beadalon, Create and Craft, Design Master, Testors, Plaid Enterprises, Fairfield World, FloraCraft, Leisure Arts, Premier Yarns, Sakura, Simplicity Creative Group, Sizzix, and Therm O  Web.

Check out some of the gorgeous free craft projects featured in our brand new eBook:

Brilliant Nightstand Makeover  Decoupaged Flower Pot Crafts  Tinted Crochet Pillow
This free eBook includes:

  • Home Décor Crafts
  • Homemade Wall Art
  • Paper Crafting Ideas
  • Handmade Cards
  • Sewing Patterns and Ideas
  • Quilting Patterns
  • and plenty more craft project ideas!

Head on over to FaveCrafts to download this brand new eBook and get crafting!

Plus, check out our blog post over on about 5 Things that Happened at the #BlogNetworkingEvent2016.

More free eBooks to love:

What is your favorite project you have made this year?

DIY Ombre Ruffled Crepe Paper Photo Backdrop

This is one crafty project that you never thought you needed… and that you won’t be able to live without. This DIY Ombre Ruffled Crepe Paper Photo Backdrop brings a burst of bright color and fun into any room. Get ready to strike a pose!

DIY Ombre Ruffled Crepe Paper Photo Backdrop

Yes, this photo backdrop makes for the best pictures (anyone want to take a selfie?). But it also is just a great decorative piece! Customize this project with your favorite colors, and you can hang it on the wall at any type of party. It would make an adorable backdrop for a wedding shower or a baby shower. It also just makes a really fun piece of home decor. So, the real question is, why haven’t you made this project yet?

Love it yet? Find Instructions at Lovely Indeed!

Let us know—what are your favorite ways to craft with paper?

10 Free Coloring Pages for Adults

Remember the good old days, when pulling out a coloring book and using markers, crayons, or colored pencils to bring life to your favorite pictures was the best way to spend an afternoon? Well, get ready, because the good old days are back! Recently, adult coloring books have been making a huge comeback. Major crafting and art supply companies have been marketing coloring books and coloring utensils to adults. Because who said only the kids get to color?  😉

Free Coloring Pages for Adults

Now is the time to relive the glory days and get back into coloring. Not only is it a fun activity, but recent studies have shown that adult coloring books are actually good for you. Taking time out of your day to spend coloring is actually a form of art therapy. It can be a great way to relax, refocus, and reflect on the day, while enjoying a calming and therapeutic activity. So not only will you be dedicating time to improve your coloring skills, you’ll also be taking time to improve your mental health. You can read more about some of the therapeutic benefits to coloring over at FaveCrafts!

Now that you’re aware of both the creative and health benefits of coloring books, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get started and the sooner the better. We’ve rounded up our favorite free coloring pages for adults, and we know you’re going to love them. From animals and houses to intricate designs, we’ve got something for everyone. So gather up your markers, your crayons, your colored pencils, and color your heart out!


Free Coloring Pages For Adults Mandala Free Coloring Pages

Big Eyed Owl Adult Coloring Page

Houses Coloring Page

Intricate Coloring Pages

Friendly Owls Free Coloring Page

Mandala Free Coloring Pages (shown)

Printable Dr. Seuss Coloring Pages

Geometric Heart Coloring Page

Leo the Lion Adult Coloring Page

Big Bang Adult Coloring Page

Perfect Profile Adult Coloring Page


BONUS! 7 Adult Coloring Pages Free eBook

Sources: Why adult coloring books are good for you from


Comment below and let us know, what’s your favorite coloring utensil?

The M O S T Sophisticated Paper Flower Crafts

I used to just brush off paper flower crafts like they were just something to use scraps for, but these fun paper crafts have become a new way of saving money and putting a personalized touch to any home or decor. You mostly see paper flower bouquets for weddings and center pieces on Pinterest, but they can be for more than just weddings! These delicate paper flowers will look great in your home as some colorful accents with any pattern or color of your choosing.

The M O S T Sophisticated Paper Flower Crafts

Paper Flower Crafts

I know it’s a little difficult to craft with paper without it looking like a five year old’s room (trust me, that’s how my room currently looks), so that’s why I picked out the most adult-looking flowers—and by that I mean they look like actual flowers. I think the comparison is a little uncanny sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, I love fresh flowers as much as the next person, but buying them bi-monthly gets so expensive, and I don’t exactly have an expansive garden where I can just pick and propagate bushes and clusters of perennials. These are a way to do some cheap decorating, but still get a sophisticated look. Thrifty crafting to decorate and cut corners is awesome,  but we don’t want our living rooms to look like the craft room threw-up.

Although I love using vintage book crafts, the English major in me still cringes when I think of tearing out book pages and cutting it up. For these easy crafts, you can use every paper flower color of the spectrum or recycle old books to make unique patterned flowers. Unlike real flowers, you aren’t limited to the laws of nature. If you want black or blue roses, you can simply just pick out the paper. What you decide to do with them, you’re sure to love these super realistic paper flowers. Just for comparison purposes, a picture of the *real deal* is on the left, while the craft is on the right.


Quilled Spider Chrysanthemum Flowers



So having the petals quilled gives the craft a little more texture, even if it doesn’t look exactly like the real thing. It’s a little reminiscent of the Art Deco era, so these would make great Gatsby party decorations.



Soft Pink Paper Peonies



These look just as delicate as the actual peonies. Clusters of these to make a bouquet would be beautiful.




Deep Purple Paper Dahlias



These meticulous flowers look great in the metallic paper, and they look just like the flower.



Dazzling Orange Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily


Speckled with black, the bright orange paper is a sleek flower paper craft.



Incredibly Realistic Paper Hydrangeas



Hydrangeas are my absolute favorite, so this paper flower craft look incredible compared to the real thing. Can you see the difference?




Romance Rose

Romantic Rose


Despite the colors, these single-roses include the leaves and the blossoming petals.




Mulberry Paper Roses

Mulberry RosesWell, I guess Mulberry Roses aren’t real—or at least I couldn’t find any pictures of real ones, but they’re still just as cute!



Perfect Paper Succulents



These are a simple way to get the rustic succulent decor going. Even though succulents are a very low maintenance plant, these paper crafts have absolutely no maintenance whatsoever.



Which paper flowers surprised you the most on the similarities?


Link Love: DIY Thank You Cards

When it comes to writing thank you notes, I am, admittedly, not the best at it. Right now i’m in the midst of writing thank you notes for my wedding gifts and according to the wedding gods somewhere, my notes are technically already “late.” Oh well, they are getting done…slowly, but surely. I thought I was doing so good when I finished 54 of them only to realize that I have about 50 more left to do.

However, the one thing that is enjoyable about this whole process is the fact that I’m writing on homemade thank you cards. My mother-in-law made me a set of envelopes, cards, and even a personalized return address stamp! Take note my friends – this was an EXCELLENT gift idea!

As soon as I ran out of her lovely custom cards, I set out to make my own versions of them since I loved them so much. You can do the same too! There is something so special about the DIY thank you. To me, it appears to be a matter of showing the receiver that you truly appreciated their gift to you – so much so that you hand-made a card to give back to them. This translates to the fact that you spent time on them. That alone makes the thank you note more meaningful and special.

I’ve already received so many compliments on my thank you notes. Imagine that – thanking me for a thank you note! While I do hope that what I said was meaningful inside the card, I have a feeling people were impressed with my creative thank you notes. They know how crafty and creative I can be, so this really is no surprise to me. 🙂

I set out to find some card ideas for you all to try and maybe even give a set of cards as a gift! These homemade card ideas range from rustic to modern and everything inbetween. Learn how to make cards with photos, scrap paper, and even a map! I’m in love with these DIY thank you cards and I hope you enjoy these handmade cards ideas too!


  1. Thankful 4 You from Kwernerdesign Blog
  2. DIY BRIDESMAID THANK YOU CARDS from Amy Moss for Once Wed
  3. Antique Map Thank You Card from Made Peachy
  5. Thank you card DIY Tutorial from Maria Palito
  6. Ombre Fringe Thank You from Song of My Heart Stampers
  7. GILDED THANK YOU CARDS from Camille Styles
  8. RUSTIC DIY THANK YOU CARDS from Northstory
  9. Wedding Photo Thank You from Fellow Fellow

Which thank you card do you want to make?

Trend Alert: Elephant Craft Projects for All Ages

There’s a trend that has been popping up all over the place and it’s about time we write about it! Elephants! I’ve seen them on scarves, wall art, t-shirts, dining ware and more. We are all aware of the fox trend, the owls, and the increasingly popular hedgehog. But elephants took me by surprise – in a good way. It’s time for these gentle giants take the spotlight in design. That’s why I’ve rounded up just about every elephant themed craft project we have. You’re welcome!


Crochet Elephants

These elephants are perfect for kids and adults alike. We love that these free crochet patterns all take a slightly different approach to the elephant which makes each one unique!

Stephanie’s Elephant Square

Circus Elephant Crochet Lovey

Crochet Elephant Bookends

Darling Elephant Crochet Lovey

An Elephant No Matter How Small

Baby Elephant Crochet Hat

Gracie the Tiny Elephant

Elephants for Kids

Did you know that a baby elephant is called a calf? These free DIY projects feature the elephant in so many cute ways.

Precious Patchwork Elephants

Rainbow Loom Elephant Charm

Rainbow Sponge Painted Elephant

Cute Cardboard Elephant

Button Elephant

Sewing Patterns for Elephants

We’re totally loving these free sewing tutorials that hit the elephant trend head on. Learn how to sew a pillow featuring elephants and your living room will be so trendy!

Hand-Sewn Elephant Family

Cuddly Blanket Elephant

Elephant Purse

Elephant Applique Cushion

Safari Applique Pillows

Charlie the Elephant

Paper  Elephants

These free paper crafts are perfect for those who love elephants and want to try their hand at making a little elephant.

Printable Elephant Bookmarks That Never Forget

Adorable Ephemera Elephant Card

Baby Wishes Photo Album

Origami Elephant

Knitted Elephants

These are some of the cutest elephants I have ever seen! The best part is that all of these elephants are free knitting patterns.

Flo the Elephant

Knit Floral Elephant

Elephant Lovie Blanket

Knitted Toy Elephant

What do you think of the elephant trend?