How to Watercolor Roses

Learning how to watercolor is one of the most requested crafting techniques when it comes to the FaveCrafts audience. This charming and trendy painting technique is a stunning way to add subtle color to your DIY projects and home. The tutorial below shows you how to paint watercolor roses for a paper craft project, but you could easily use the steps to create wall art, handmade cards and more.

How to Paint Watercolor Roses

Today’s project is brought to you by the upcoming collection of international projects, Around the World with 80 Artistss. This collection of projects is designed to highlight the diversity and ingenuity of crafters and artists across the word. Look out below for our interview with the author and project champion, Mahe Zehra Husain of the Creative Art Academy.

Click here to read out interview with the author of this collection.

How to Paint Watercolor Roses

I want to share a fun, quick Watercolor Technique with you on how to create cute, playful Roses in no time – even without any or very little watercolor skills. I love this Technique not only because it’s quick & easy, but also because those Roses are so versatile in using them – you can use it to create quick, fun Cards with your Watercolor Roses, but also use them to embellish your Scrapbook Layouts or to add some fun Accents to your Mixed Media Projects or Art journal Pages etc.

• Watercolors of your choice
• Round tip brush
• Heavyweight Watercolor Paper
• Scissors
• Glue / 3D Adhesive Pads
• Cardstock for the Card / a Paper Gift bag  (or something else you’d like to add your flowers to)
• Stamps to add sentiments


  1. Decide a color for your Rose Blossom (I go with a shade of red here). Create a nice, watery mix of your color, load your round tip brush with it and you’re good to start.
    How to Paint Watercolor Roses
  2. We’re working our way outwards starting in the center of the blossom. Start with two little half-circle shapes.
    How to Paint Watercolor Roses 2
  3. Then add two larger half-circle shapes around the center. That’s the way we’re going to build up our rose / the rose petals. Make sure to take advantage of the brush tip and vary the pressure of the brush to create variation in the thickness of the lines as you go – this creates a natural petal-look.
    How to Paint Watercolor Roses 3
  4. The white space in between the individual brushstrokes / petals is very important, so make sure to keep this white space. Keep on adding those lines / brushstrokes working your way outwards.
    How to Paint Watercolor Roses 4
    How to Paint Watercolor Roses 4b
  5. Also, play with the amount of color pigment & water as you go to create variation in the color intensity. If you want to go a little fancy you can even use a second or third color and slightly add it to the still wet first color – let the colors blend into each other for a really cool look.
    How to Paint Watercolor Roses 5
    How to Paint Watercolor Roses 5b
  6. Once you’re happy with the result, add some green leaves. I would suggest mixing some green from your watercolor palette with some yellow for a very natural looking shade of green with a little variation in the color.
    How to Paint the Leaves
  7. Keep those leaves very simple as well – just start right underneath the blossom with a very basic leaf-shape.
    How to Paint the Leaves 2
  8. Add a little stem if you like and a second leaf – that’s all it takes.
  9. Create several roses – play with different sizes, vary the brushstrokes, play with different colors. Also, paint some simple single green leaves. Then cut them out – leaving a small white border around the design.
    Cutting Out Accents 2
    Cutting Out Accents
  10. Stamp a sentiment with your favorite stamps (or create your own using Alphabet Stamps). Cut this out as well.
  11. Now you’re ready to apply your watercolor images to your project. I adhere them to a plain white card here and to a cute little paper gift bag. Be creative – you can embellish so many things and project with these flowers – your scrapbook pages, your Art Journal pages, some hand lettered projects, a cute little canvas or a picture frame!
    Multiple roses
  12. To add dimension and interest to your project use 3D foam pads / 3D gluedots. Layer the different blossoms and leaves to create cute little bouquets.
    Layer Roses
  13. You can give it a little more of an artistic look by adding some small paint splatters. Choose a black color or a dark brown for some contrast or just a color that is matching your blossoms. Load your brush with a watery mix of your watercolor and slightly tap the brush with your finger to add some small paint splatters to your project. (this takes a little bit of practice – so you might want to get used to it on a piece of scrap-paper first before using this technique on your finished project).
    Splatter Paint
    Splatter Paint 2
  14. And you’re done!
    Final Project


About the Artist
My name is Andrea Gomoll, I’m a fulltime Mixed Media Artist from Berlin, Germany.
Being creative with Paints, Inks, Pens, Markers etc. is essential for me – it helps me through the rough days and makes good days even better. That’s why I love Art journaling & Mixed Media Art so much – there are no rules and you can fully enjoy the process and see where it takes you. On my Website / Blog you can follow my creative journey, but you can also purchase prints of my artwork and stamps with my designs. I’m also teaching (online) classes for Mixed Media Art, Art Journaling, Whimsical Painting, Watercolor Sketchbooks etc. I just love to inspire and share my passion for Art with others – with YOU!

What is your favorite accent to add to handmade cards?

8 Ingenious Painting Ideas for the Thrifty Crafter

Do you love to save money by creating your own DIY home decor? Check out these ingenious painting ideas and you’ll want to make one of these thrifty projects for your own home. When you make your own home decor rather than buying something already put together and made for you at a store, you’re already saving your wallet some pain. When you’re transforming some thrifted items that you found at a bargain — that’s even better! There’s something so fun and satisfying about seeing an item nobody else wanted turn into the same trendy item everyone is shelling out the big bucks for. It definitely pays off in the end when you’re able to see a piece’s potential to be great!

8 Ingenious Painting Ideas for the Thrifty Crafter

We can’t get enough affordable DIY home decor ideas because we’re always looking for a chance to change up or freshen up our spaces without spending a fortune. Painting projects aren’t just for kids: these modern and trendy craft ideas will compliment any home’s decor and will prove to be fun older ages. Plus, since some of these require a hunt for some thrifted goods, you get to go on a bargain hunt! It’s so much fun to discover a new treasure and to make it your own. No one will believe you that you didn’t buy it in a store. We can’t believe that these projects weren’t purchased at big box stores! So, scroll through this list and you might be surprised and find your next craft project idea. You might even discover that you have these materials around the house already and all you need is the paint. Feel free to have fun with bright colors too. A pop of color in a home is like a ray of sunshine and can be so refreshing!

8 Ingenious Painting Ideas for the Thrifty Crafter

Trendy Repurposed Porch Light Planter

Untitled design (21)

Wooden DIY Coasters

Untitled design (20)

Chalky Paint Mirror Finish

Untitled design (19)

Personalized No Sew Pillow

Untitled design (16)

Beautiful DIY Chalkboard Cutting Board

Untitled design (22)

DIY Rustic Concrete Garden Planter

Untitled design (18)

$20 Sofa Paint Makeover

Untitled design (23)

Thrifty Painted Wood Bowls

Untitled design (17)


Comment below and let us know, what are your favorite painting projects?

Foster Creativity With These Adorable Handmade Gift Ideas for Kids To Make

This post is brought to you by Sara Dawkins of

Integrating arts and crafts into children’s lives will not only help to keep them entertained and exploring their creativity, but also show appreciation for important figures like mom and dad. Help them create thoughtful, handmade gifts that show important people that they are never far from a kids’ thoughts, and helps kids to commemorate a special day in a big way. These projects are great starting points for a nanny or babysitters who is determined to help his or her small charges create handmade gifts!


Handprint Art

Whether you dunk kids’ hands in plaster to preserve the size and shape of their tiny appendages or slather them with paint to decorate another project, handprint art is a classic choice for craft projects. Projects like “Hand” Made Ornaments can turn into family heirlooms that you will want to display year after year. As kids get older and bigger, it will be nice  to have a visual reference showing her just how small they once were. A Hand Painted Apron is another personalized gift they can use over and over again.


You just can’t go wrong with a classic, especially when it’s designed and executed by the apple of Mom’s eye. Encourage kids to create their own greeting cards with construction paper, crayons, washable markers and any embellishments you can find. Not only will they have a special place in the recipients heart due to their high level of personalization. A simple format allows even preschoolers to create a piece of art that’s recognizable as a greeting card.


Bookworm moms that are always on the go rarely have time to finish a good novel, so why not help their children to create a sweet reminder of their appreciation that will also mark her place? The options are endless when it comes to materials, too. Felt, paper, plastic canvas and even construction paper are just a small sampling of the things you can use to create personalized bookmarks. Use photos. embellishments, markers and other creative tools for projects like a Mother’s Day Photo Bookmark. Since this projects is both practical and easy to create,it doesn’t have to be saved for Mother’s Day. Instead, give one on a birthday or other special event.

Picture Frames

Professional moms with their own office or cubicle will love displaying snapshots of their brood in frames created by their kids! Look for unfinished wooden frames that your charges can paint and decorate, or find patterns online to create upcycled photo frames out of a variety of household items.

Tote Bags

The mom on the go never seems to have enough hands to manage all of the things she has to carry, so why not help kids make a tote bag to lighten the load? Grab a blank canvas bags for the kids to decorate to their hearts content. Pre-made bags are easy to locate at any craft or hobby store and so is fabric paint. Colorful Stenciled Totes stand out from a sea of store-bought bags and can be completely personalized. In addition to paint, add ribbon and charms to the bag for a little extra fun.

Checkbook Covers

Old-fashioned checkbooks haven’t gone the way of the dinosaur just yet. Snag a few plastic covers with gaudy cardstock inserts and pull the inserts out to use for a pattern. Trace and cut a piece of your own cardstock to the appropriate size, then let the kids go nuts!

Paper or Foam Flower Bouquets

Flowers are a traditional gift, but they wilt and fade away so quickly! Kids can come up with spectacular flowers that are just more fabulous than those found in nature, and can also work on honing their paper-cutting skills as they go. Save the foam for older kids with more control and experience with scissors, just to be on the safe side. An age-appropriate project for this group is Embossed Craft Foam Flowers. Create one flower or an entire bouquet – either way, the project will make a huge statement.

4 New Chalk Paint Projects! Cool2Craft TV

Chalkboard 1-14-13 Cool2Craft TV

This week, the Cool2Craft design team is sharing new chalkboard ideas! Join EcoHeidi Borchers, Tiffany Windsor, Candace Jedrowicz, and Savannah Starr for this week’s online episode.

EcoHeidi is crafting a Polka Dot Chalkboard Frame, Candace is creating a Chalkboard Message Board, Tiffany is making a Personalized Chalkboard Sign and Savannah is sharing Chalk Paint High Heels.

It’s easy to watch the Cool2Craft TV Channel right from your computer. Watch craft demos and join in the live chat at showtime at Monday January 14, 2013 – 9 am Pacific/10 am Mountain/11 am Central/noon Eastern.

You can also check out all these cool project tutorials and videos at!


Link Love: Decorated Mugs

I have a secret that I must confess: I’m not a great crafter. I certainly try, but I’ve never been very artistic. In fact, most of my handmade projects could be categorized as “cute” or “a great first try”. During the holiday season, I often come up with handmade gift ideas for my friends and family members but never quite get around to them. I have the time but not the confidence. However, when I started noticing decorated mugs popping up across the web, I was so excited. These projects are so simple! All you need is a plain ceramic mug and some sort of decorating tool like a Sharpie or paint. From there, you can add polka dots, initials, phrases and so much more.

If you’re looking for a quick gift for a host or hostess, you can’t go wrong with a decorated mug. A quick personal touches like monograms or silhouettes can make a gift so much more meaningful and fun. This is also a great gift idea for a teacher (you know they need their coffee in the morning) or friend.

Decorated mugs are great for the holiday season due to the proliferation of seasonal warm drinks.  A DIY Painted Mug Set is sure to stand out on your table and only requires a few different glazes. Also, consider using chalkboard paint for your mug decorations. This is a trendy medium is perfect for a party – you can write each guests name on their mug! Make your own Crafty Chalkboard Mugs and you’ll never have a coffee mix-up again.

If you’re in need of a quick and easy project, a decorated mug is a way the way to go. This minimalist gift is will leave you with a little boost of crafty confidence during the most wonderful time of the year!

  1. DIY Anthropologie Painted Mug from Delighted Momma
  2. DIY Stenciled Gothic Raven Mug from The Stitcherati
  3. Monogram Mugs from Design Mom
  4. Gold Monogram Mugs from Le Zoe Musings
  5. The Big Bang Theory Mugs from The Cheekiest Monkey of All
  6. DIY Chalkboard Mug & Plate from Oh! You Pretty Things
  7. Daddy’s Coffee Mug from Hubby Made Me
  8. Tape Painted Coffee Mugs from Crafting & Cooking
  9. Mr. & Mrs. Coffee Mugs from Craft, Sew, Love, Grow

Link Love: Galaxy Print DIY Projects

It’s time to take a trip to a galaxy far, far away. Don’t worry, you don’t have to hop in a space ship or even leave the house. This week, we’re taking a look at a huge trend in crafting – capturing the beauty of the outer reaches of the galaxy!

Lately, it seems that a ton of DIY projects and craft tutorials have featured deep purples and dark blues with contrasting white or yellow dots to depict planets and stars. You don’t have to be a “science nerd” or a “space geek” to rock this print, either. In fact, this trend is taking over and everyone from kids to celebrities can’t get enough.

You’re most likely to find craft projects for wearables such as purses, shoes, pants and t-shirts when it comes to galaxy prints. For many of these projects, you can upcycle an old plain item and create a brand new piece simply by using acrylic or fabric paint. The dark colors and splashes of light can be found in a variety of jewelry projects as well. If you like the look of these crafts but want to work with beads, consider creating a Moon and Stars Anklet. This way, you can take part in a trend while still using materials you have.

If you’re not interested in creating your own galaxy print accessories and clothes, consider creating your own candle holders or crayons. Think outside the box and use elements of this popular print in unexpected ways. It’s a great way to add an unexpected twist to an average DIY project. You can even make a Celestial Pen and Stand and add it to your desk. Hey, it beats an expensive trip to space camp.


  1. Galaxy Print Shoes from Time for Tea
  2. Space Crayons from Mini-Eco
  3. Galaxy Dress from Stars for Streetlights
  4. Galaxy Purse from Syl and Sam
  5. Galaxy Candle Holders from Sheepy Me
  6. Galaxy Cuff from Pretty Quirky Pants
  7. Galaxy Shorts from The Cheekiest Monkey of All
  8. Cosmic T-shirts from Thread and Butter
  9. Galaxy Nail Art Inspired Ring Makeover from Very Enchanting

This Week on Cool2Craft TV – Let’s Paint!

Let's Paint - Cool2Craft TV

This week, the Cool2Craft design team is sharing a fun collection of painted projects! Watch your favorite crafters create super cool projects and join in the live on-line chat. Join EcoHeidi Borchers, Tiffany Windsor, Candace Jedrowicz, Linda Peterson, and Savannah Starr for this week’s online episode.

EcoHeidi is creating a Black & White Mirror and Tile Art Plaque, Tiffany is painting an Ombre Layered Canvas, Savannah is stenciling a Painted Anchor Tote, Candace is crafting a Salted Glue Painting and Linda is sharing Faux Enamel Jewelry.

It’s easy to watch the Cool2Craft TV Channel right from your computer. Monday July 9, 2012 at 9 am Pacific/ 10 am Mountain/ 11 am Central/ noon Eastern. Watch craft demos and join in the live chat at showtime at See you Monday!


Watch live streaming video from cool2craft at

Coloring Outside the Lines: 7 Kids Crafts that Unleash Creativity

Summer is the perfect time for a child’s imagination to roam free and uninhibited, and kids crafts can help them express themselves. Ever since I witnessed a fellow teacher scolding a child for coloring outside the lines of a coloring page, I have been fiercely opposed to any limitations adults impose upon children’s creative expression. I’ve always felt that creativity with boundaries is hardly creativity at all because it does not allow for innovation and original creation.

I have always disliked the words “just” and “only” because they create boundaries where none should be. When someone says that a child’s creation is “only” a drawing or “just” a piece of paper, it removes the power of the work. In truth, that drawing may be a window into another world or the beginnings of some original invention that could solve a global issue.

I love the uncanny ability kids have that allows “just a box” or “only a sheet” to become a spaceship or a zoo full of dragons, and I believe that this creative exploration is the most crucial thing an adult can provide for a child.

I want to point out a few bloggers whose work on AllFreeKidsCrafts transcends the ordinary and the expected and opens up the potential for true innovation. All of these projects and activities remove creative limitations from children, including those nasty four-letter words “just” and “only” from the world.

Doodle Shoes

Doodle Shoes are a great way to incorporate a kid’s artwork into his or her wardrobe. Kids can make their own style by drawing and coloring patterns on a pair of white sneakers instead of the usual coloring book in this project by Kellie from Eclectic Chica.

Colored Pencil Beaded Jewelry

Kate from Mini-Eco transformed colored pencils into beads, which kids can use to create jewelry, patterns, and other interesting works of art. See her Colored Pencil Beaded Jewelry on AllFreeKidsCrafts, and click through for the tutorial.

Enchanted Acorn Toadstools

Maureen and Shanti from Twig and Toadstool make the most of the supplies in their back yards. I love their little fairy habitats, and these Enchanted Acorn Toadstools demonstrate the way they teach kids to see the magic in everyday items.

Log Totem Pole

I love reading Se7en because each of the kids in this incredibly creative family contributes to the craft project on the site. I’m especially a fan of this stackable, painted Log Totem Pole because each kid decorated a log, which they can then rearrange and put together in different shapes heights.

Boxy Cardboard Firetrucks

A box, as we all know, is never just a box, even once it has been painted like a firetruck… or a train, or a spaceship, or a cave. Providing kids with paint and a box like Brooke from Let Kids Create did is a great way to unleash an active imagination.

Painted Cape Canvas

Amy from Mamascout is excellent at providing her kids with open-ended creative lessons that allow their imaginations to run wild. This stunning Painted Cape Canvas is a beautiful creation her daughter made when Amy offered her a blank cape to use as a canvas.

Marble Run Painting Project

Teacher Tom‘s Marble Run Painting Project allowed preschoolers to pour paint over a marble run and watch the colors blend as an amazing active installation piece.

All of the bloggers whose work is featured on AllFreeKidsCrafts are phenomenal at inventing amazing ways for kids to color outside the lines and create something completely original. Explore more of the projects on the site for some great ideas that will promote inquisitive and innovative though for some incredibly creative creations.

Tell me about a time when a kid’s creativity surprised you!


8 Cool Paint Techniques from EcoGreenCrafts + a Giveaway!

Hi everyone! We’re continuing our Earth Week celebrations with some cool paint technique vidoes from one of our favorite earth-friendly craft companies!

Eco Green Crafts has a great selection of earth friendly paints and inks, great for the paper crafter! So, they created a series of videos using their different paints, inks, and adhesives to show you how to create some really cool paint effects in your projects! They’re all so easy I can’t believe I’ve never tried any of them before. All the paint technique videos are very short so give them a watch through! I know you’ll leave this page with some great ideas! You can use any paints or inks for these techniques, but Eco Green Crafts has been kind enough to give our readers a special discount code! If you enter EarthDay2012 at checkout you’ll get 20% off of your order! What a deal huh?

Crackle Paint Technique

Peeled Paint

The Plastic Wrap Technique

Paint Drizzle Technique

Paint Mottle Technique

Ink Mottle Technique

Crushed Satin Technique

Puddling Technique

So there you have it! Eight fun painting techniques to try on your next project! And if you want to use Eco Green Crafts paints to try the techniques with, enter our giveaway below!


Just answer the question below in the comments section to be entered to win a $25 gift card to Eco Green Crafts!

Contest Rules:

  • Contest open to US and Canada residents 18+
  • One comment/entry per person.
  • Contest closes April 25, 2012 at 11:59p CST.
  • Please answer the question below in order to be entered.
  • Winners will be posted on this blog and notified by email


Where do you find earth-friendly craft products?

Project of the Day: Chalkboard Party Cart

Welcome to the second day of Home Decor week in the National Craft Month celebration on the FaveCrafts Blog. We’ve had three wonderful weeks of projects and giveaways already, and we’ve still got a few more things in our bag of tricks!

As a bonus to the fabulous craft tutorials we’ve been featuring, we’ve also been offering prizes each and every day of National Craft Month. If you haven’t been chosen as one of our lucky winners just yet, don’t worry. We still  have plenty of giveaways left so stay tuned to the blog for your chance to win!

Today is Day 26 of National Craft Month, and we’ve got a thrifty home decor project to share with you. Today’s Project of the Day is a party cart refurbished with chalkboard paint from Krylon. Learn how to make this clever project below!

Chalkboard Party Cart

Start this project with an old party cart or end table. You might have one lying around the house that would otherwise go to a thrift store, or you could find one at a flea market or garage sale and decide to give it new life! Either way, this project is a great way to recycle tired, old furniture. Once you’re done sanding and refinishing the table with chalkboard paint, you’ll have a shabby chic party cart to decorate your home or provide an extra serving surface when you’re entertaining.

Chalkboard Party Cart


  • Party cart or side table
  • (1) can Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Primer
  • (1) can Krylon Indoor/Outdoor White spray paint
  • (1) can Krylon Dover White spray paint
  • (1) can Krylon Chalkboard spray paint
  • Purdy 6 in 1 Painters Tool
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Wood Putty
  • DecoArt Americana Acrylic in Dove Gray
  • DecoArt Glazing Medium
  • Screwdriver
  • Sand Paper
  • Paper plate or something for mixing paint
  • Paint brush
  • Drop cloth or newspaper to protect work area
  1. Clean cart. I used the Purdy 6 in 1 Painters Tool to scrape off the stickers and gunk.
  2. Repair cart: The cart was more abused that I realized – one leg was held together by screws. I removed the screws, and glued the leg together with Gorilla Glue. Let dry.
  3. Once the glue was dry, I realized there were still some cracks, so I added some wood putty to fill those in. Let dry. Sand.
  4. I sprayed a coat of Krylon Primer and then more blemishes in this beauty of a cart appeared…more Gorilla Glue…more wood putty…more sanding…ta-da!
  5. I sprayed a second coat and let dry. NOTE: I had decided that my top was going to be chalkboard so I took no care to paint the top nicely with the Krylon. I did prime it with the Krylon Primer.
  6. I LOVE Kylon’s Dover White (I have used it on many projects), so I continued to paint the cart with it and the color was spot on and application super-duper easy.
  7. After drying I knew what had to be done…distress it. The cart was begging for it – it was the only way to save the cart and camouflage the damage. So on this gorgeous base of paint, I sanded the legs and a few other areas to show the wear – I especially hit the places where the damage was already done.
  8. Then I glazed the entire cart with a mixture of DecoArt’s Dove Gray American Acrylic and Glazing Medium. I just mixed the two together and used a rag to wipe on and wipe off. It gave a subtle glazed, while letting the original color shine through.
  9. Once the glaze was dry, I sprayed the entire cart with the Deft Clear Wood Finish Sealer from Rockler. I sprayed now – before painting my top with the chalkboard paint because I did not want the chalkboard to be “sealed” – it was just easier.
  10. Once the sealer is dry, paint the top with chalkboard paint – 2 coats according to bottle directions. Let dry. Prime and get writing!


In honor of National Craft Month, we’ve been giving away a prize every single day! Winning is super easy, too! All you have to do is check the blog daily and find the Project of the Day post. Scroll to the bottom for the daily question, and leave your answer in the comments section. After today, there are only 6 more chances to win!

Today’s prize is a 6-pack of Krylon Chalkboard Spray Paint

Krylon Chalkboard Paint

  • Contest open to US and Canada residents 18+
  • One comment/entry per person.
  • Contest closes March 26, 2012 at 11:59p CST.
  • Please answer the question below in order to be entered.
  • Winners will be posted on this blog and notified by email.

Answer this question below in the Comments Section of this post for a chance to be today’s winner:

What’s your favorite way to refinish old furniture?