Get Out and Play! DIY Outdoor Activities for Your Family

Summer is the time for kids’ imaginations to run wild in the backyard. Finally, they can go outside and play, to the relief of parents everywhere! Fresh air, exercise, and mess-less fun make the great outdoors the best place to play. At, we’re celebrating summer with DIY outdoor activities to get your whole family out and moving. If we’d had these outdoor games and activities growing up, our parents would’ve needed to drag us inside for dinner!

Years ago, kids were often left to entertain themselves in the backyard. Now that families are more active, we need more DIY outdoor activities that can appeal to all ages. Roll up your sleeves and get to work on these great summer ideas. They’re fun to make and play!

Get Out and Play! DIY Outdoor Activities for Your Family


DIY Backyard Board Game

Imagine spending an afternoon with the family playing a DIY Backyard Board Game. If you’re a musical family, design the board to include challenges like singing and tapping out a beat. If you’re a sporty family, roll the dice to race around the yard or do jumping-jacks. The possibilities are endless for this exciting summer idea! This game is guaranteed to result in laugh-out-loud moments and great summer memories. Everyone wins when your family is having a blast! What kind of challenges would your family enjoy?

DIY Backyard Board Game

DIY Kids PVC Periscope

Something about fresh summer air really stirs up kids’ imaginations. When you’re spending family time in the yard, give the kids a little inspiration for their make-believe adventures. This DIY Kids PVC Periscope, created by Amanda Hill for Living on Love and Cents, could lead to a submarine fantasy! Kids can peer around corners and spy over bushes. This kids craft for summer would take any hide-and-seek game to the next level.

DIY Kids PVC Periscope

DIY Outdoor Dominoes

Tricky, tricky! Playing DIY Outdoor Dominoes will get your kids outside and improve their math skills at the same time. These giant dominoes might make math seem fun! Whether you play dominoes the old-fashioned way or just stack and count them, the whole family will be exercising their bodies and brains. That’s just smart parenting, and your kids’ teachers would be so proud.

DIY Outdoor Dominoes

DIY Rainbow Paver Hopscotch

Here’s an updated classic that doubles as garden improvement. DIY Rainbow Paver Hopscotch will have your family hoppin’ and boppin’ their way through the yard. Your kids will love this colorful counting game. As an added bonus, the rainbow pavers will make a great summer decoration for your yard, and will serve as a nice, sturdy path. Wouldn’t this look cute in your yard?

DIY Rainbow Paver Hopscotch

What’s your favorite outdoor summer activity?



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11 Homemade Bird Feeders for Your Back Yard

11 Homemade Bird FeedersHearing singing birds in the trees is the number one sign that spring has officially arrived. Once the snow melts and the trees begin to wake from their winter slumber, birds begin to flock back to their favorite spots…but have they made your back yard one of their most frequented destinations?

Make the most of springtime by gathering everyone in the family and combining your efforts to turn your outdoor living space into a bird’s dream vacation spot. With these homemade bird feeders, you’re sure to attract all kinds of colorful birds. Making bird feeders is a truly family-oriented activity, since everyone can find a way to help out. Plus, little ones will love watching the birds come to visit! Whether you’re looking for a simple bird feeder to make or you’re ready to pull out all the stops, those of us at AllFreeKidsCrafts have gathered a DIY bird feeder to suit your needs.

The birds in your back yard are sure to love their homemade treats, so don’t be surprised if you have to replenish your stock! Make these DIY bird feeders again and again to make sure your feathered friends come back all through the summer.

What Should You Put in a Bird Feeder?

According to the Humane Society, you can use sunflower seeds, peanuts, peanut butter, fruit, and cracked corn in your DIY bird feeders in addition to the standard bird seed you can find at home improvement stores. You can even offer nesting materials like yarn or scrap fabric to your feathered friends. Be sure to avoid using bread in your homemade bird feeders, since it has virtually no nutritional value for birds.


Easy to Make Homemade Bird Feeders

Basic Birdseed WreathHomemade bird feeders don’t have to be fancy to add a little charm to your back yard. These DIY bird feeders are incredibly kid-friendly, and little ones will have a blast while they make a special treat for the visiting birds. You won’t need much to make these stunners; simply choose a design, grab the kids, and get crafting!

Basic Birdseed Wreath
Fly Bird Treat Garland
Simple Seed Bird Feeder
Birdie “Burgers”

Recycled Homemade Bird Feeders

Rustic Rope and Can Bird FeederMaking a DIY bird feeder for your feathered friends doesn’t have to be costly. In fact, the birds will probably appreciate your efforts to re-use and recycle! No matter which recycled material you have to spare, you can learn how to make a bird feeder the thrifty way.

Bottle Cap Flying Friend Feeders
Decorative Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder
Rustic Rope and Can Bird Feeder
Simple Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder

Other Stunning Homemade Bird Feeders

Tea Time Bird FeederWhile seeing beautiful birds fly in and out of your back yard is probably more than enough to put a smile on your face, making a homemade bird feeder you can show off to all your envious neighbors might make you positively giddy. Learn how to make a bird feeder that’s brag-worthy with any one of these tutorials:

Tea Time Bird Feeder
Robin Decoupaged Bird Feeder
Charming Clay Saucer Bird Feeder


Finding activities to do with the kids is always a blast, especially when you get to spend some quality time outside. Discover more fun outdoor activities by checking out our recently updated list of 32 Outdoor Crafts and Activities to Do with Kids!

 Do you ever spot feathered friends in your backyard?

10 Must-Make Summer Crafts for the Home and Garden

10 Summer Craft Ideas and Garden Crafts for Summer

The summer days can be long and hot if you have nothing to do but with our free eBook you’ll be a busy crafting bee. These 10 Summer Craft Ideas and Garden Crafts for Summer are the perfect way to soak up the spirit of summer and give a little life to your humble abode. In this printable eBook you’ll find projects for sprucing up your garden, crafts for your beach necessities, and lighting crafts for when the summer sun sets and the soothing summer nights begin. Don’t let the season pass you by – enjoy it to the fullest with these 10 Must-Make Summer Crafts for the Home and Garden. This collection of summer craft ideas has everything from beach bags and garden planters to summer string lights and lanterns. You’ll be prepared for any daily event that the summer has to offer when you have this list of summer craft ideas to choose from. Prepare yourself for some serious gardening and beach bumming with our favorite, fun crafts for summer.

Garden Crafts

10 Summer Craft Ideas and Garden Crafts for Summer

Your flowers and vegetables shouldn’t be the only beautiful element to your garden. With the garden crafts from this free eBook you can give your home some stunning outdoor decor. Make a bird house for a quaint and welcoming backyard atmosphere or a garden sign for a whimsical touch. Garden crafts are a wonderful way to spend time outdoors. The hot summer sun will help the paint dry faster and provide you with a constant source of light. Allow nature to assist you in your summer crafts while you fly through these 10 Summer Craft Ideas and Garden Crafts for Summer

Beach Crafts

10 Summer Craft Ideas and Garden Crafts for Summer

The summer can be cluttered with a lot of stuff – towels, swim suits, flip flops, sunscreen bottles, water bottles – you get the gist! A trip to and from the beach can be a bit of an ordeal. Use these beach crafts from 10 Summer Craft Ideas and Garden Crafts for Summer to help you stay equally organized and stylish. These DIY bags not only keep things contained, they can also be transformed into shopping bags for your post-beach trip to the market or the mall. It doesn’t get much more useful than that. Hate touching soggy, sandy towels? The towel basket gives you a hands-off way of transporting them to and from the beach. These beach crafts put the fun in functional!

Outdoor Lighting Crafts

10 Summer Craft Ideas and Garden Crafts for Summer

There’s nothing in this world more magical than a warm summer night. This season you can add to the magic with the lighting craft projects included in our free summer eBook. Recycled crafts like these Water Bottle Summer Lights are not only stunning and decorative, they’re good to the earth. You won’t believe how easy it is to make your own outdoor lighting solutions. Make paper lanterns for your Fourth of July BBQ or add a romantic touch to your backyard dinner party with recycled wine bottle lights. Whatever the occasion may be, you’ve got a craft that will make it shine.

Which summer craft will you do first?

Link Love: Camping Crafts for Kids

Summer Camp Week

How are you enjoying the Summer Camp Week giveaways and crafts? I know I am! To continue the weekly theme, Link Love this week is full of some of the best kids camping crafts from across the web. I love being outside, and I think interacting with nature is a great way to satisfy a child’s curiosity and connect with them on a more basic level. Plus, it’s so much fun!

Click here to enter today’s Summer Camp Week Giveaway!

Just the thought of the great outdoors makes me want to explore, to experience and create nature crafts and camp crafts for myself and for the kids. I’m not sure why, but there’s something beautifully romantic about wandering the wilderness and living off of the land. Creating crafts from natural, eco-friendly materials seems to satisfy something very primal in people.

If you agree, go camping in the woods, try a hike or nature walk, go canoeing, or just go play in the forest for awhile and gather the basic materials for these fun camp crafts. These crafts for kids and adults are also phenomenal pieces to make at summer camp, where kids especially can experience nature in a way that they normally cannot at home.

I think these Birdie Burgers are a great way to bring nature right to your back door, and Wild Woodland Watercolors make the perfect rustic home accents.

If you’re looking for more easy outdoor activities and nature crafts for kids and adults, this great roundup from across the web is just the thing. Garden Inspired Wall Art is a lovely way to celebrate the outdoors and make something amazing for your home decor. Pitch your tent, take a hike, and gather some materials that inspire you from nature and get to work!

Camping Crafts Link Love

  1. Bows and Arrows from Imagine Childhood
  2. Tripod Camping Stool from Design Sponge
  3. Leafy Lantern from Here We Are Together
  4. Bird’s Nest Necklaces from Eclectic Chica
  5. Nature Walk Leaf Mobile from Small Wonders
  6. Camp Journals from Your Home Based Mom
  7. Glass Jar Lanterns from Gingerbread Snowflakes
  8. Meaningful Message Stones from Garden Mama
  9. Summer Camp Chairs from Simple Simon and Co.
  10. Nature Pressings from My Plum Pudding

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Ask Maria “Protecting Metal for Outside Use”


I am making a metal spoon wind chime. Should the spoons have a protective coating on them especially here in Florida outside.

Bev in FL via Facebook

With no protection the metal will age which is a lovely look for outside, however if you do not want the spoons to rust then you should use a finish or sealer. The easiest way to do it is to use a spray sealer like Krylon Crystal Coat. Work in a well ventilated area, put down some newspaper or other covering for your work area. Lay down the spoons and spray in several light coats (rather than one thick coat).

When using a spray finish try to avoid spraying on a day with high humidity, which isn’t always easy in Florida! Hold the can at least 6” away from the object you are spraying to get the most even coat. You can always use brush on sealers. Just remember to let the sealing medium dry completely between coats for best results.

Maria Nerius is our Resident Craft Expert here at and she loves to answer your questions, just drop her an e-mail at or post to her Facebook Wall: Maria Given Nerius.

How to paint a gazing ball or transform a bowling ball: garden crafts

I ran across this Whimsical Recycled Garden Art a while ago and was instantly enamored! It made me wonder what other kind of garden crafts you could make to transform a yard if you didn’t have the greenest of thumbs (like me). I remembered seeing a great garden craft project a few years ago — a painted gazing ball.

Gazing balls, also called lawn balls or garden globes or even mirror globes, are the reflective balls that are often perched on stands in backyards or gardens. Since they have a reflective surface, they reflect the grounds around them, but by painting them, you truly make the gazing ball the center of attention.

As with any painted glass project, you want to clean the ball with rubbing alcohol to prep the surface for painting. Then, just paint your design on the gazing ball using acrylic or enamel paints suited for glass surfaces. Whether you paint it with whimsical flowers as in the Colorful Flower Bowl or more traditional as in this trifle bowl painted in Donna Dewberry’s One Stroke technique, whether you choose a fresh repeating motif like the cherries in the Cherry Painted Glass Jar or something more geometric like the Funky Pitcher and Glasses, you’ll enjoy creating your own yard art.

And if glass gazing balls aren’t your thing, I’ve read of some people taking old bowling balls and decorating them. Some people use silicone (typically used for caulking) to attach small flat glass marbles. tumbled sea glass, or pennies to the bowling ball. Much less fragile than a glass gazing ball, to be sure. Wouldn’t it be beautiful if you did a mosaic of little glass tiles? I can just imagine it. We recently posted an ivy mosaic pot on FaveCrafts, so mosaics have been on my mind lately and this seems like another great garden craft idea.

So get crafting for your garden. Even if you have a black thumb, you can craft a beautiful garden.