The Knit Dishcloth Pattern Collection Every Knitter Needs

knit-dishcoloth-pattern-collectionHave you ever knit a dishcloth? They are one of the quickest and easiest things to knit and they make perfect gifts. Today I bring to you not one, not two, but nine knit dishcloth patterns all in different stitches! Learn how to knit a dishcloth in nine different stitches and you’ll be able to see which stitch is your favorite. I personally love them all! It all depends on your skill level, but you can work through each dishcloth knitting pattern and decide for yourself. Like I said, these are quick knitting projects that are perfect for beginners!

Knit Garter Stitch Dishcloth

Some people say that this pattern is the only pattern they use for dishcloths! Garter Stitch knitting is easy and this pattern is perfect for those who want to learn how to knit the garter stitch.

Easy Dishcloth Knitting Pattern via FaveCrafts

Easy Dishcloth Knitting Pattern via FaveCrafts


Slip Stitch Knitting Pattern

This dishcloth is super fast and easy knitting pattern. The slip stitch is a neat way to create texture.


Super Simple Slip Stitch Dishcloth via AllFreeKnitting


Stockinette Stitch Dishcloth

Stockinette stitch knitting is a neat and tidy stitch that will help you practice you knits and purls.

 Super Stockinette Dishcloth

Super Stockinette Dishcloth via AllFreeKnitting

Lattice Stitch Dishcloth

This knit dishcloth pattern is a great way to step up your knitting skills.

Lattice Stitch Dishcloth

Lattice Stitch Dishcloth via AllFreeKnitting


Knit Seed Stitch Dishcloth

Knit seed stitch is the best way to create the ultimate texture for a dishcloth. Great for scrubbing!

Seed Stitch Dishcloth Pattern

Seed Stitch Dishcloth Pattern via AllFreeKnitting

Double Seed Stitch Dishcloth

After you learn the how to seed stitch, double the fun with this knit dishcloth pattern.

Double Seed Stitch Dishcloth

Double Seed Stitch Dishcloth via AllFreeKnitting

Basketweave Knit Dishcltoh

This knit technique lets you switch from knit to purl to create the basketweave effect.

Nifty Knitted Dishcloth

Nifty Knitted Dishcloth via FaveCrafts

Moss Stitch Knit Dishcloth

The moss stitch is another wonderfully textured stitch.

Moss Stitch Dishcloth

Moss Stitch Dishcloth via AllFreeKnitting

Waffle Stitch Knit Dishcloth

Create this fun texture with an easy-to-memorize pattern.

Nana's Favorite Dishcloth Pattern

Nana’s Favorite Dishcloth Pattern via AllFreeKnitting

Which knitted dishcloth pattern do you want to try?


These free dishcloth knitting patterns are varied and unique – you won’t find two patterns that look anywhere near the same. Dishcloths are a great option for beginning knitters or anyone who wants to make something in one night. Often, these projects only require one skein of yarn, so you can make a dishcloth anywhere.

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Hello, Gorgeous! DIY Jewelry Ideas to Make ASAP

I love a good jewelry project. Most of the time, I find myself staring at my collection of beads and chains and charms and have no idea what to make! Luckily, I’ve found some projects that I think I can do, and you can too.

DIY Jewelry Ideas are not hard to come by, but it can be hard to find exactly what you’re looking for. Hopefully these free jewelry tutorials will help you!


DIY Earrings

My style ranges from vintage to modern and I picked some of my favorite tutorials that fit into both of these styles. So, if you’re like me, you’ll like these options when it come to making your own earrings.

  1. Springtime Gypsy Earrings
  2. Starry Night Homemade Earrings
  3. Stunning Stylish Dangly Earrings
  4. Sassy Hot Pink Earrings
  5. Wooden DIY Earrings

Cool Bracelets to Make

Sometimes I stumble upon jewelry tutorials and realize just how creative and ingenious people really are. Seriously, these bracelets are too cool not to try.

  1. Simply Charming Easy Bracelets to Make
  2. Sheet Metal Bracelet DIY Craft Project
  3. Party time DIY Bracelet
  4. Luxurious Wooden Bangles
  5. Trendy Stackable Easy to Make Bracelets

The DIY Necklace

Perhaps the queen of all jewelry making tutorials is the DIY necklace. These pieces truly shine and chances are people will take notice of your DIY necklace first. Make a statement and make your own necklace today.

  1. Coffee Fix DIY Necklace
  2. Pretty Bead Necklaces
  3. Ombre Seed Bead Necklace
  4. How To Make a DIY Pendant
  5. Perched Harmonies Necklace


Do you like making earrings, bracelets, or necklaces the most?

With this collection of free beading patterns, you can craft your own jewelry to match any outfit or make an impressive gift for any occasion. You will find free beading patterns for necklace, bracelets, holiday jewelry and more. Skill levels range from beginner to advanced beaders.

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Link Love: How To Make a DIY Globe

Sometimes you come across a craft idea that literally makes you exclaim, “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!” and this was one those times. As soon as I saw that crafters were creatively upcycling old, vintage, or even damaged globes – I was hooked. The DIY Globe may not be a brand new craft idea, but there are certainly fantastic ways to create your own. I look up a bunch of ideas and just had to hare my favorites!

The best part about the tutorials below is that they are all free. I kept getting frustrated when I’d find a DIY globe that was just a photo and not a tutorial. So I saved you the hassle and found only globes with free tutorials. I love the wide variety of styles that I found and how each globe seems to have its own personality. It’s as if each globe is a blank canvas and you get to make it your own. I won’t get too philosophical on you, but it’s very much like life. The world is what you make of it, right?

Upcycling these globes really puts a nice spin on “Earth” Day (April 22!). I love that we are putting our creativity to good use and keeping old globes out of dumpsters and landfills. Plus, you get to showcase your love for the earth and traveling by putting one of these on display in your living room. DIY home decor is all about finding those few unique objects that will really make your space complete. I fully believe that one of these DIY globes will complete your room and make it really special.


  1. 30 Minute Project: Paint on a Globe! from Chris Loves Julia
  2. DIY Black & Gold Globe from Love & Renovations
  3. Spring Globe Upcycle from My Sister’s Suitcase
  4. Sheet Music Globe from Cutesy Crafts
  5. Thrifty Thursdays: Globe from Hydrangea Hippo
  6. Painted Globe from Jenna Sue Design
  7. DIY Painted Globe from Upcycled Treasures
  8. Death Star Globe from In My Wheele House
  9. Coastal Inspired Globe from The V Spot


Which DIY Globe is your favorite?

 Looking for more DIY home decor ideas?

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Pretty Birds Blog Hop + Book Giveaway

pretty-birds-book-coverA little birdy told me that there’s a new sewing book out that you don’t want to miss! Pretty Birds: 18 Simple Projects to Sew and Love is a brand new book by Virginia Lindsay from Running Press. We’re in love.

This book includes pattern templates for all 18 birds and amazing illustrations by Jess Herbert. Each bird was beautifully photographed by Ivan Jones and with each page I turn in this book I am itching to sew each and every bird! They are all so whimsical and, just as the described in the book’s title, simple. Sewing patterns don’t have to be complicated to be beautiful and this book is proof.

One neat thing about this book is that each pattern comes with “other ideas to try.” We love this because crafters love options when it comes to creating something. Keep each pattern as is or switch it up a little bit to turn a bird into pencil holder, a gift topper, or a kitten toy (to name a few). Plus, these little birds are great stash-busters and great for using up fabric scraps.

I decided to try my hand at sewing one of these pretty birds. Can you guess which one I am going to try? Come back to the blog tomorrow and you’ll get to see which pattern I tried PLUS get the pattern from the book for free!

pretty-birds-fabricJoin the fun and follow this blog hop!

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3/8 Pretty Things Blog

3/10 Sweet KM

3/11 Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy Crafts

3/12 Buzzmills

3/13 Girl Like the Sea

3/15 Cut Out + Keep

Want to win a copy of this lovely book? All you have to do is answer this question!

What is your favorite bird and why?

Thank you all for participating in our giveaway! Congratulations to Laura S. who answered, “My favorite bird is the Eastern Bluebird. They are so pretty, especially the males, and they are great just fun to watch. The first set of babies to hatch in the summer will usually hang around with the parents and help them raise a second batch of babies later in the summer!” Get excited to sew your very own little bluebird with your new book!


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  • Winners will be selected at random from the comments on this blog post.
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  • Contest open to anyone 18+ in US and/or Canada.

8 Craft Room Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

As a very creative person, I have trouble keeping my life organized. I tend to lose focus or bounce from one project to the next and what’s left? A giant mess of scraps and half done projects. Story of my life. However, I’m hoping to change my ways slowly but surely by learning how to organize crafts effectively so that I can actually get things done. Half done projects drive me crazy and so does disorganization. I just need to sit down and spend time organizing everything once and for all.

I browsed around for the best organization tips out there and found so many great ideas! Organizing crafts doesn’t have to be a pain in the butt. In fact, organizing a craft room can be crafty in and of itself. Music to my ears! Put those creative and crafty minds to work my friends, we’ve got some organizing to do!

Save your money for buying new craft supplies and use what you have around the house to create the best craft room ever. If you’re look for craft room ideas on a budget, you’re in luck. Seriously, don’t spend a lot of money on your craft room! Plan out what you want to do and figure out the cheapest way to make it happen. You’ll be much happier in the end.

Now, depending on your craft room situation, you may need to start with some small projects and work your way up to larger organization projects. No matter where you’re at, a craft room makeover is in your future and it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. One step at a time and you’ll have the best DIY craft storage you could ever dream of. These craft room ideas are about to blow your mind.

1. Start with some basic drawers that could use a little face-lift and follow this clever tutorial.

Storage Drawers Makeover Easy Craft Project

Storage Drawers Makeover Easy Craft Project via FaveCrafts

2. I don’t know about you, but I have a giant messy bag of ribbon and this DIY storage is the solution to my ribbon woes.

Ribbon Basket Storage - DIY

Ribbon Basket Storage – DIY from Minimoz


3. Using yarn to hold your yarn – it’s the craftiest storage solution we can think of!

Mega Bulky Crochet Storage Baskets

Mega Bulky Crochet Storage Baskets via AllFreeCrochet


4. Your initial + a little wood + a little creativity – this amazing thread holder!

Thread Rack Art

Thread Rack Art from Melly Sews


5. You won’t believe how easy this craft table is to make! When I saw this I immediately said “OMG I need to make this!”

DIY Craft Desk from Mommy Mentionables


6. We craft with mason jars all the time – why not use them to keep your crafting supplies organized? Our love for the mason jar is very strong these days.


Craft Room in a Jar via FaveCrafts


7. Ready for that big jump into total craft room organization? This pegboard tutorial will do the trick.


Framed Large Pegboard Tutorial

Framed Large Pegboard Tutorial from HoneyBearLane


8. For another small project, organize your baker’s twine with this free tutorial – and these frames are available at Michael’s super cheap! You can even paint them or stain them to match your craft room’s style.

How to Organize Your Baker's Twine

How to Organize Your Baker’s Twine via


Love these craft room ideas? We’ve got more where those came from!

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7 Lucky Horseshoe Crafts

You don’t have to have a western themed home to embrace the horseshoe. Horseshoes are now almost a staple in modern and rustic decor. There are some really talented Etsy sellers that have mastered the art of crafting with horseshoes and I envy them most days! I only have horseshoes from my horseback riding days and finding them at the barn. I also have some vintage horseshoes from my grandfather when he worked on a farm in Wisconsin as a boy. I treasure those horseshoes and I don’t think i could alter them in any way. However, I do plan to look for some horseshoes at antique shops this summer – and you can too!

There is a debate as to which way horseshoes are to be hung in a home. Some say that hanging them with the open side upwards keeps all the good luck in the home. If the horseshoe is turned upside down, the luck will fall out, which will bring bad luck to the home. Others seem to say that turning the horseshoe upside down lets all of the luck pour out into the home. For me, an upside down horseshoe makes me cringe!

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up and my love of horseshoes and anything related to horses, I’ve gathered up 7 Lucky Horseshoe Crafts we can all try. Similar to the horseshoe debate, there is also the “lucky” debate between four leaf clovers and three leaf clovers. Growing up, I always knew that finding a four leaf clover was next to impossible – but after hours in a field at day camp, I finally found one. But if you’re Irish (and I am a little bit Irish), you know that the three leaf clover is the traditional symbol, the shamrock. People tend to get hot-headed over this difference for some reason. I promise you, no matter which way you hang your horseshoe or which clover you like best, there’s lots of good luck to spread around before St. Patrick’s Day!


  1. Horseshoe Plate Holder from Elizabeth Jones Designs
  2. A Wee St. Pat’s Pallet Sign from Fynes Designs
  3. Horseshoe Candle Holder from Simply Country Life
  4. Lucky Horseshoe Pallet Sign from Fynes Designs
  5. Good Luck Horseshoes from Texas Craft House
  6. Lucky Golden Horseshoe Sign from French Knots
  7. Horse Shoe Photo Frame from Cut Out + Keep


 Horseshoes up or down? Three leaves or four?







7 Free Crochet Afghan Patterns in Pastel Colors That Will Surprise You

free-crochet-afghan-patterns-pastel-colorsI don’t know about you, but when I think of pastel colors, I think of baby blankets. But I’ve been realizing that pastel colors are not just for babies these days as I see pastels working their way into home decor, clothing, and more. We are all embracing pastel color palettes here at FaveCrafts and we rounded up the best pastel crochet afghan patterns that we could find to start us off. You might be pleasantly surprised at what we found – I know I was! Pastel colors all grown up…who would have thought?

I can’t think of a better way to brighten up a home than to crochet a blanket in a new style. New to the crochet world? Learn how to crochet with these free crochet tutorials and you won’t be disappointed. Crochet can change lives, I swear! Get a fresh outlook on life by crocheting one of these afghans.

1. Don’t let pastel colors limit you – embrace them by incorporating a few darker colors too like the bright red in this free crochet afghan pattern.


Clamshell Crochet Afghan via


2. Similarly, we love the different shades of blue that this afghan uses (especially the mint and the pale blue!)

Crochet V Stitch Ripple Afghan

Crochet V Stitch Ripple Afghan via


3. Learn how to crochet a blanket with several pastel colors with this dreamy pattern.

Daydream Summer Blanket

Daydream Summer Blanket via


4. Sometimes the type of stitch really makes the pastel yarn shine


Arrow Stitch Afghan via


5. Sometimes all you really need is giant daisies on a patchwork afghan to brighten your day.


Darling Daisy Afghan via


6. Don’t underestimate the power of a solid color afghan in a pastel mint blue – it can be quite stunning.

Eyelet Ripple Crocheted Afghan

Eyelet Ripple Crocheted Afghan via

7. The pastel colors used to border this afghan are simply lovely. Again, we love the mixing of pastels and bright colors!

Cluster Burst Afghan

Cluster Burst Afghan via

 Which pastel colored afghan do you like the best?



With the 9 Pastel Colored Patterns for Crochet Baby Blankets free eBook, you’ll find a variety of different crochet stitches and patterns in pastel colors. From ripple crochet patterns to granny
square crochet baby blankets, these patterns are sweet, soft, and perfectly pastel.




If you’re new to the world of crochet, you might be a little intimidated when it comes to crochet blanket patterns. It might seem like a daunting task but free crochet patterns for beginners do exist! There are plenty of projects for newbie crocheters that incorporate all of your favorite motifs and colors. Find a pattern that fits your style and you can’t go wrong.



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Link Love: DIY Thank You Cards

When it comes to writing thank you notes, I am, admittedly, not the best at it. Right now i’m in the midst of writing thank you notes for my wedding gifts and according to the wedding gods somewhere, my notes are technically already “late.” Oh well, they are getting done…slowly, but surely. I thought I was doing so good when I finished 54 of them only to realize that I have about 50 more left to do.

However, the one thing that is enjoyable about this whole process is the fact that I’m writing on homemade thank you cards. My mother-in-law made me a set of envelopes, cards, and even a personalized return address stamp! Take note my friends – this was an EXCELLENT gift idea!

As soon as I ran out of her lovely custom cards, I set out to make my own versions of them since I loved them so much. You can do the same too! There is something so special about the DIY thank you. To me, it appears to be a matter of showing the receiver that you truly appreciated their gift to you – so much so that you hand-made a card to give back to them. This translates to the fact that you spent time on them. That alone makes the thank you note more meaningful and special.

I’ve already received so many compliments on my thank you notes. Imagine that – thanking me for a thank you note! While I do hope that what I said was meaningful inside the card, I have a feeling people were impressed with my creative thank you notes. They know how crafty and creative I can be, so this really is no surprise to me. 🙂

I set out to find some card ideas for you all to try and maybe even give a set of cards as a gift! These homemade card ideas range from rustic to modern and everything inbetween. Learn how to make cards with photos, scrap paper, and even a map! I’m in love with these DIY thank you cards and I hope you enjoy these handmade cards ideas too!


  1. Thankful 4 You from Kwernerdesign Blog
  2. DIY BRIDESMAID THANK YOU CARDS from Amy Moss for Once Wed
  3. Antique Map Thank You Card from Made Peachy
  5. Thank you card DIY Tutorial from Maria Palito
  6. Ombre Fringe Thank You from Song of My Heart Stampers
  7. GILDED THANK YOU CARDS from Camille Styles
  8. RUSTIC DIY THANK YOU CARDS from Northstory
  9. Wedding Photo Thank You from Fellow Fellow

Which thank you card do you want to make?

Let it Glow: 9 Glow-in-the Dark Ideas You Won’t Believe Are Real

Glow in the dark crafts are not just for Halloween. There are so many possibilities for your projects to glow – and we’ve rounded up our favorites.

These glow in the dark ideas will allow you to have the best glowstick party ever. Plus, glow in the dark crafts for kids are always fun and sometimes educational. I love to see the look on a child’s face after playing with glow in the dark play dough and watching them enjoy the little things in life. Glow crafts can be so mesmerizing and now I just want to know all of the things that glow in blacklight so I can throw a party myself! Because I’m totally hip and cool, right?

Glow in the dark ideas don’t have to be for parties. You can make your own glow in the dark flowers (WHAT) and even a table?! The possibilities are endless for us crafters – both young and old.

First, our Facebook fans fell in love with this glow in the dark table. Seems too good to be true, but this table has full instructions for how to make your own. For free.

With the help of a blacklight, you man make your own glow-in-the dark play dough which looks like so much fun!


Yes, these glow in the dark flowers are real. And yes, you can make them yourself.


Make your trendy terrarium a glowing dinosaur exhibit.


Glow in the Dark Terrarium Craft via


No paint or glow sticks involved, these balloons are still the most glow-tastic balloons we’ve ever seen.


Snow globes aren’t just for snow anymore my friends. Glowing snowmen are the best! Let it glow.


DIY Glow-in-the-Dark Snow Globes via


Want a totally awesome bike and feel like a superhero? This bike makeover is for you.


Night Bike! via Instructables


These bouncy balls are the epitome of fun.


Glow-in-the-Dark Bouncy Ball via


You can’t go wrong with mason jars. These would make the best centerpieces at your next party.


Glowing Mason Jars via



 Which glow in the dark idea do you want to try first?

16 DIY Dog Bed Projects + DIY Cat Houses That Are The Cat’s Meow

I’m a dog person through and through but I hold a special place in my heart for the kitties I know. I can pretty much guarantee that if I made a diy cat house for my mother-in-law’s cats, they would love me forever. Maybe. You know how cats are.

So I set out to find out how to make a pet bed and found some amazing and clever ideas to share with you. Inevitably I came across diy dog bed projects too which is perfect because I have a little Pomeranian Chihuahua mix and he is the cutest dog ever! In my opinion at least.

These diy pet projects will hopefully make your pet feel special and add a unique touch to your home. Learn how to make a diy pet bed today and you’ll be obsessed with making things for your pets from now on!

1. Bring out the green in your cat’s eyes with this ingenious cat bed.


Cat Bed Junk Project via KI Nassauer Style


2. Of course, sewing a spiffy dog bed will automatically make your pooch look super handsome.


Stylish Strapped Pet Bed via AllFreeSewing


3. Just be sure that your cat is totally involved in the DIY process.


Crochet Cat Bed via Eilen Tein


4. You can even sew a Cute Cat Cube for your cat! (say that three times fast).


DIY Kitty Cube via Crafty Night Owls


5. Who knew that an old t-shirt could be so cozy?


DIY Cat Tent Bed via Practically Functional


6. Crocheting a cat bed will result in your cat posing like the model he truly is.


Crochet Cat Bed via FaveCrafts


7. See? Totally model material.


Fuzzy DIY Pet Bed via AllFreeSewing


8. Even if you have a stubborn cat, eventually he will warm up to the idea of his new digs.


The DIY Cat Bed via Me, Myself, & DIY


9. Dogs, too.


Dog Bed with Removable Blanket via Instructables


10. You can even be awesome and turn an old computer into a cat bed. WHAT.


Turning An Old iMac Into A Cat Bed via Inspire Wild Ideas


Even more DIY pet bed ideas!

11. Frugal and Homemade Winter House for Stray Cats from Krista Schnee

12. How to Sew a Fish Cat House from Instructables

13. Tube TV Turned Dog House from Restoration Redoux

14. How To Make a Suitcase Cat Bed from Sally Ann

15. DIY Quick and Easy Modern Cat House from Instructables

16. How to Use Cardboard Make Cat’s House from Cool Creativity

Are you a cat person or a dog person?