Crafts, Ahoy: DIY Nautical Decor and More

Oh, the beautiful sea. It’s no wonder why the ocean is an inspiration for many writers, musicians, artists, and poets. One of nature’s most beautiful gifts is that big blue mass of water and all the treasures it contains. With this DIY nautical art, you can practically close your eyes and feel that breeze rolling off the ocean.


If you are planning a beachy trip, make “shore” you collect shells for this DIY nautical décor (as long as it’s legal at your beach). You can also dress in the loveliest crochet accessories that would make a sailor blush (because of your beauty). Even in the cooler months, the ocean can provide feelings of relaxation and adventure. Bring some of that nautical inspiration into your home with these beach crafts, and you will feel as happy as a clam. Best of all, many of these crafts utilize recycled material, so you will be saving the ocean as you create.


DIY Nautical Wall Art

Coastal Wall Art

Nautical inspiration is in style, so jump on board and let your creativity test the waters. These beautiful wall art ideas will make you feel right at home by the sea. Whether you like seashells or sea glass, you will love this DIY nautical wall art.

Nautical Wall Art

Seashell Mosaic Wreath

Embellished Antique Mirror


DIY Nautical Décor

Under the Sea Hanging Votive Holder

Everything from candles to recycled bottles can be found in this charming collection of DIY nautical décor. In the morning by the sea, or wherever you are, you can enjoy the sensations of beach like through these décor ideas.

Under the Sea Hanging Votive Holder

Old Textured Beach Bottles

By the Sea Potpourri Jar

Beach and Seashell Glass Candle Rings

Infinity Rug

Decorative Seashell Spheres

Sparkly Sea Shell Ornament


Seaside Crochet Patterns

Starfish Dishcloth

Live your life as the islanders do and take some time out of your day to just chill. These free crochet patterns are inspired by the big blue and will help you feel cozy as you’re dreaming of the sea breeze. Enjoy these crochet patterns that will wrap you under an afghan and take you under the sea.

Starfish Dishcloth

Beachside Afghan

Sea Grass Table Runner

Tequila Sunrise Afghan

Pretty Pink Crochet Afghan and Pillow Set


DIY Nautical Accessories and Apparel

Beachy Boot Cuff

As John Denver once sang, “To live on the land, we must learn from the sea.” These DIY nautical accessories will help you keep that oceanic wisdom with you wherever you go.  Create a necklace to help you remember past trips to the shore or create a shirt to wear on your next vacation. With these crochet and jewelry patterns and your imagination, you will emulate the spirit of the sea to everyone you meet. Greet every day with a smile and the song of the ocean in your heart with these DIY nautical accessories and apparel.

Beachy Boot Cuff

Memories of the Sea Beach Necklace

Desert Sunset Paradise T Shirt

Shibori Chic Tie Dye Tee

Nautical Sleeveless Shirt

Cool Summer Hoodie

Beach Mat and Tote Bag

Beachy Wrap


Beachy Wall Art


If you love this DIY nautical décor and accessories, check out these Top 20 Craft Ideas for Seashells and 19 Beach Crafts for the Home.


Which is your favorite beach to visit?


All Aboard: 8 Nautical DIY Jewelry Projects

Climb aboard the summer nautical trend by making DIY nautical jewelry. From the high seas to high fashion, nautical jewelry is making a splash. Embrace this beach-worthy trend with some fun knotted projects. Whether you are preparing for sailing season, or just looking to mix up your jewelry style, nautical jewelry is a easy and accessible trend to try. Most knotted jewelry patterns require very little tools and are easily customizable to fit your jewelry making needs.

We know that you like to be on trend, yet be your own fashion force. That is why we at AllFreeJewelryMaking have compiled this collection of a variety of nautical DIY projects. Infuse bright neon colors into your designs, or embrace the bold, timeless look of navy and white. The possibilities for making nautical inspired jewelry are endless. From sail-boat worthy pieces to beach-wedding designs to nautical patterns you wear all year round, there is something for everyone in this collection of nautical jewelry patterns.


Nautical Braided Bracelet

Nautical Braided Bracelet

Get ready to sail the ocean blue with this Nautical Braided Bracelet. Made from leather cords and a solid braid, this DIY bracelet is tough enough to withstand any typhoon that comes your way. The cheerful colors evoke the cry of seagulls and the crash of waves. As an added bonus this red, white, and blue designs evokes a sense of patriotic pride too. It’s the perfect bracelet to wear on Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, but it is also subtle enough to wear all summer long! [break] [break] [break]

Bright Nautical Knot Necklace

Bright Nautical Knot Necklace

Nautical does not have to be all about navy and white. Create a bold nautical-inspired look with this Bright Nautical Knot Necklace. Be on trend, but still craft your own unique nautical look with this bright neon pink knot DIY necklace. If neon is not your style, you can still test out other colors for your nautical jewelry making. This Black and Gold Nautical Bracelet is perfect to wear all year round, and serves as a good reminder that you can set sail for jewelry making inspiration during any season. [break] [break] [break]

Nautical-Inspired Necklace

Nautical-Inspired Necklace

It’s sailing season, and you need to look great. Chances are, you never thought you would don a rope as a necklace, but the cord blends well into this recycled, Nautical Inspired-Necklace. This necklace is so stunning it could even be your something blue for a beach wedding! If you are looking for more ways to incorporate nautical designs into your wedding attire, check out Beautiful Beach Jewelry: 22 Beach Wedding Jewelry Ideas. [break] [break] [break]

Nautical Knot Necklace

Nautical Knot Necklace

There are so many nautical designs, it can be hard to choose what to make. You can focus on the chain of the necklace and make a Finger Knitted Nautical Necklace, or learn How to Make a Nautical Rope Necklace. You can make a bold pop of color statement piece like with the Nautical Poppies Necklace and Bracelet Set. Sometimes though, you just want to go with a simple traditional design like this Nautical Knot Necklace. Classic and cool in navy and white, this knotted necklace is sure to be a favorite in your summer DIY jewelry collection. [break] [break] [break]

What is your favorite nautical jewelry design?

Ahoy, Sailor! Simple Quilt Patterns for the High Seas

Nothing says “summer” like a day on the high seas. Forget beach vacations: we’re talking cruise ships, motorboats, even a fishing dinghy. Quilters are always looking for simple quilt patterns that suit their interests, and for all the sailors out there, your time has come. Today, FaveQuilts is honoring everyone who would rather get sea legs than tan legs, who’d rather set sail than go to a great sale, and who measures speed in knots.

So whether you’re looking for baby quilt patterns, free bed quilt patterns, contemporary quilt block patterns, or just easy quilt designs for your home, these adorable nautical quilts will take you out to sea and back.

Baby Quilt Patterns

Beachy Baby Strip Quilt

1. Out to Sea Baby Quilt
2. Kissy Fish Baby Quilt
3. Beachy Baby Strip Quilt
4. Salt Water Taffy Boy & Girl Quilts

Nautical Quilt Block Patterns

Smooth Sailing Quilt Block

1. Swimming Sea Turtle Block
2. Gone Fishin’ Paper Piecing Block
3. Smooth Sailing Quilt Block

DIY Home Decor Quilt Patterns

A Heart of Sea Glass Mini Quilt

1. Heart of Sea Glass
2. Nautical Applique Pillows
3. Underwater Stripes Quilted Bag
4. Cool Color Checkered Quilt
5. Seaside Chevron Picnic Quilt

And don’t miss…

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Read the full review here.

Tropical Getaway: Nautical Wedding Inspiration

Sun’s out, fun’s out, and if you’re throwing a warm-weather fete, it better scream summer. Gorgeous greens, bright blues, soft sea foam, and pure white make for a romantic affair that guarantees a good time. Even if your venue isn’t located on the beach, the details below will ensure guests feel sand between their toes, a breeze in the air, and the sun on their face. Once you’ve decided upon a nautical theme, your creative possibilities multiply. The parallel between “tying the knot” and the nautical theme allows for fun and unique details. For example, you can create a logo with your fiance and your initials from rope for a branded celebration. Continue the theme throughout the event with a nautical-inspired unity ceremony, rope boutonnieres, seashell table numbers, a boat seating chart, sand-dipped candles, and more. The options are seriously endless thanks to the breadth of the theme. With ropes, seashells, life preservers, sea glass, water, waves, sand, sea creatures, and gorgeous hues at your disposal, you’re guaranteed to throw an amazing wedding.

Nautical Unity Ceremony Sailor Knot Necklace

double-knot-mwd108461_vert Florida-Nautical-Wedding_0033

il_570xN.298907145 vintage-nautical-wedding-inspiration-1-500x375
Dani Leigh Photography Lime-and-Navy-6
nautical_wedding_theme_inspiration_nautical_theme_decor_cheap_ placesetting
vintage-nautical-wedding-inspiration-6-500x333 vintage-nautical-wedding-inspiration-7-500x333

With all these brilliant nautical wedding ideas under your belt, your tropical getaway is just steps away from coming to life. Every detail shown above is totally DIY-able, so if you’re looking to save a few bucks or add an extra-personal touch to your big day, consider crafting. For a complete list of DIY ideas, check out our collection of 30+ nautical wedding projects.

Take your guests on a trip that they’ll never forget with a romantic, fun, and beachy wedding theme.

What was your favorite vacation ever?

Let’s Take a “Craft-cation”, We’re Thinking Some Place Tropical

Although we love winter weather over here at AllFreeChristmasCrafts, after all Christmas does take place in the middle of winter, we’re starting to get a little tired of it. Don’t get me wrong, I love that serene white landscape, but after a few months of the blistering cold, piles upon piles of snow, and limited amounts of day light, I’m ready for some sun and bright colors.

The novelty of a winter wonderland having officially worn off (I like it better in films, like Frozen), I’ve begun dreaming of a vacation. I’m thinking someplace tropical, where the sun is shining, I can make sand sculptures instead of snow sculptures, and enjoy a never ending sight of blue ocean and sky. Since I can’t take an actual vacation (cue the violins) and we can’t rush Mother Nature (we have no way to reach her) I figured the next best thing is a “craft-cation”.

It might still be a blank slate of white outside, but that doesn’t mean we can’t create a little paradise inside! From DIY home decor to homemade ornaments you can hang around the house, these crafts will help you drift far away into a nautically-inspired nirvana. Not to mention it’ll be a nice head start for spring and summer crafts (nautical crafts will be all the rage in the next coming seasons).

So, if you have the winter blues and are looking for a cure, follow these steps:

  1. Break out your crafting supplies
  2. Begin thinking that you’re someplace tropical and warm
  3. Repeat after me: We can make it, we can make it, we can make it.

Make one of these tropically-inspired crafts:


Out to Sea Pillow

Coastal Wall Art
Simple Nautical Inspired Wreath
Anchor’s Aweigh Necklace






Maritime Buoy Garland
Beachy Driftwood Trees
Sand Dipped DIY Candles
Coastal Rope Vases






Bit of a Beach Ornament
Nautical Painted Napkins
Sun and Sand Afghan
Glamorous Glitter Seashell Ornaments




How do you get over the winter blues?


Set Sail in Style with 11 Nautical Necklace Patterns

Ahoy, DIYers! Get on board with the hottest accessory trend of the summer: nautical jewelry! This season, we’re taking our style inspiration from the sailors. Rope, red and blue color schemes, and nautical knots have been flooding the fashion scene, and we want to dip into this cool new trend the DIY way. These nautical necklace patterns we’ve pulled together will have you looking like the most stylish sea-faring fashionista this side of the Pacific.

Celtic Knot Rope and Chain Necklace

Nothing gives off that nautical vibe better than finger knitting. This Chunky Finger Knit Necklace pattern will have the most skilled sailors in awe of your knotting expertise. Pair this piece with a striped tee for the full oceanic effect.


Go aquatic the Anthro way with this Set Ashore Necklace. This DIY necklace project incorporates rope, beads, and fabric for a marine-esque mixed media effect. Don’t dry up your bank account buying the store-bought version; save some coin with this nautical-inspired necklace pattern.


Natalie from Creme de la Craft has put her own twist on the nautical necklace trend with this knotted knock-out. Dress up your nautical look for night by adding some glamorous gold chain to the mix. This DIY Nautical Rope Necklace is so easy to replicate, it’s sure to be smooth sailing even for beginners.

Don’t get your knickers in a knot; this Nautical Knot Necklace pattern is easier than it looks. Would you ever guess this chic pendant project is made from shoelaces? It’s true! Make a splash at all your summer soirees with this totally twisted piece.


Jen from Tatertots and Jello has nailed that nautical vibe with this Anthro-inspired piece. Try this tutorial for a more organic oceanic effect. The curls and coils of this Anthro-Inspired Nautical Necklace, as well as the rhinestone embellishments, add a bit of femininity to this sea-faring fashion statement.

Need even more nautical necklace patterns? Set sail for to find more sea-worthy style inspiration, like these DIY necklaces:

What do you say, are you on board with the nautical necklace trend?