Recycled Crafts: Minion Craft Full Tutorial

SPOILER ALERT! This is an adorable preschool craft in lieu of the new Minions movie, and I wanted to give you a full tutorial of a quick craft for kids. Toilet paper roll crafts are such a big craft because they are always around and there’s so much to do with them. This is a full tutorial for a cute little minion toy that your child can easily take with them anywhere they go. This one calls for the traditional yellow minions, but you can also change it up a bit and make the evil purple minions.

I feel like as I get older, the more I appreciate the stuff I took advantage of as a kid, or rather what I didn’t take advantage of. I was one of those kids who wanted to grow up way too fast and was way too serious. So as a 22-year old college student, psychologists would say that I have been trying to make up for my childhood by my Disney obsession, but, like wine, those just get better with age. Being a summer pre-k teacher, you quickly find out what your group of kids enjoy and still challenge their motor skills. Recycling is very important to me to begin with, as is green cleaning, so I loved to implement that in the classroom. The best part about this brilliant little kids’ craft is that a free printable pattern is provided, so even the littlest minion fans can join in the fun. They can practice their tracing and cutting skills to bring the minions to life.

Recycled Minion Craft Full Tutorial

Made for AllFreeKidsCrafts by Amanda Formaro

Minion Craft




1. Cut a sheet of yellow construction paper in half lengthwise. You can get two minions from each half. Apply glue stick to the yellow paper and wrap it around the cardboard tube. Trim the excess (about half a sheet) and repeat this process for the next two minions.

Step 1





2. Cut a sheet of blue construction paper in half lengthwise. Take one of the halves and cut it in half in the opposite direction. Now, from one of those halves, cut it in half again, lengthwise. The strips you need measure 2×6-inches.

Step 2





3. Use the pattern to cut the coveralls out of your blue strip.

Step 33.5





4. Glue the coveralls to the yellow tube, lining it up along the bottom of the tube.

Step 4





5. If you like, you can add the details such as the buttons on the coveralls using a black marker, and the front pocket with the letter “G” onto the front. For smaller kids, you may want to skip this part.

6. Cut a thin strip of black paper, about 1/4″ wide for the giggles. Glue the strip around the head area of the tube, about 3/4″ from the top of the tube.

7. Cut the goggle pieces from the black and white paper. For a minion with one eye, use the larger circles, for two eyes, use the small set of circles.

8. Glue the white circle to the black circle and draw a pupil in the eye using a brown marker. You can add a dot of black to the brown. Glue the eye to the head of the minion overlapping the goggle strap. If you like, you can make the eyes  appear to be squinting by adding yellow marker to the white as shown by the minion on the left.

9. Use gray or  brown markers to add mouths.

10. If you would like to add hair, cut from black paper and glue to the inside of the tube at the front.

Check out this crocheted Evil Minion Baby Hat! It’s so cute that it’s a crime.

Evil Minion Baby Hat

Who is cuter: the evil minions or the yellow ones?


FaveQuilts’ Top Five Quilt Films and Documentaries

We’ve talked before about our favorite novels about quilting, and all the ways that quilting affects our lives, from charity quilting to quilt guilds. The best part of quilting is the community built into it; people who understand that “fat quarter” isn’t an insult and exactly how much work the gift of a quilt requires, especially if they’re hand-stitched! Quilting requires a lot of really difficult quilt math, creative energy, and boundless patience. These films and documentaries run the gamut from heartwarming movies to informative history lessons—just like the hobby of quilting itself. So settle in and enjoy! All of these films are available on Amazon.



Stitched the Film


1. Stitched, the Film From Amazon: “Stitched” is a fun-filled documentary following three quilters racing to complete their entries for the International Quilt Festival, the largest and most competitive quilt show in the nation. The compelling doc uncovers an overlooked medium that has progressed from traditional folk to modern art.






2.How to Make an American Quilt From Amazon: Berkeley graduate student Finn (Winona Ryder) is spending the summer at the home of her sparring grandmother and great aunt (Oscar winners Ellen Burstyn and Anne Bancroft), where she intends to finish her latest thesis and think over a marriage proposal. As she wrestles with her decision, the women in her grandmother’s quilting bee confide to her the stories of the loves that shaped their own lives. Also starring Maya Angelou, Kate Nelligan, Jean Simmons, Lois Smith and Alfre Woodard, How to Make an American Quilt is a deeply moving and funny film that celebrates following your heart.



Why Quilts Matter: History, Art and Politics


3. Why Quilts Matter: History, Art & Politics From Amazon: The nine-part documentary series will change the way you think about quilts. It’s an exploration of quilts with capital Q that takes you on an amazing journey. Episode by episode, this series introduces new ideas and uncovers the unsuspected size and depth of quilt culture. Delve into the inner workings of the art world, explore behind the scenes in the marketplace, and journey into the complicated, kaleidoscopic world of quilts: explore two centuries of history; watch as women gain power from their handiwork; consider the nature of art itself; and more.



Common Threads: Stories from the Quilt




4. Common Threads: Stories from the Quilt From AmazonStories From The QuiltAs of 2004, a variety of drugs have been developed to resist, if not cure, AIDS–yet Common Threads: Stories from the Quilt remains as emotionally powerful as it was during the height of the crisis, when people were dying by the thousands every year. With a combination of photo-montages, interviews with friends and family members, home movies, and news footage, this 1989 documentary captures the grief of those who have survived victims of AIDS. A moving combination of art and politics.



The Quilts of Gee's Bend5. Quilts of Gee’s Bend

From Vimeo: The Quilts of Gee’s Bend documentary accompanies the major exhibitions of Gee’s Bend quilts. Set in the quiltmaker’s homes and yard, and told through the women’s voices, this music-filled, 28-minute documentary takes viewers inside the art and fascinating living history of a uniquely American community and art form. Available to watch free online here.






Sizzix Fabi Starter Kit

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Cut modern and traditional shapes in a hurry with the new Sizzix Fabi Starter Kit. If you’ve never used a die cutter before, then this is the machine for you! Simply attach the handle and you are ready to cut. The cutting machine is very intuitive to use, and can easily cut through multiple layers of fabric.

Enter to win today!

Do you have a favorite film about quilts?

15 Oscar-Inspired Free Craft Ideas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year (and no, I don’t mean Christmas)! It is award show season, and it all culminates with the Oscars. I know I cannot be the only one anticipating this Sunday’s airing of the 86th Academy Awards. The star-studded red-carpets, the glamorous presenters, the fabulous dresses, the exquisite jewelry pieces, what is there not to love about this magical, sparkly award show?

Have you kept up with this year’s list of nominees? I still have a few of the Best Picture nominees to see before the big show. Need a reminder of what films are on that list of nominees? Don’t fret, we have rounded-up a list of award-worthy craft ideas to go along with each Best Picture nominee. These crafts are worthy of critical acclaim on their own, but they are also a fabulous way to commemorate the best films of last year. We have several jewelry projects for you, alongside some other outstanding crafts to help you prepare for the big day. The show is soon, so get started today crafting these lovely movie-inspired projects.

Winning Crafts Ideas for the Oscars

First, we have American Hustle, a film with an all-star cast set in the 1970s. The flashy wardrobe is a big part of the ambiance of this film. Get the 1970s look with this Circle and Square Jewelry Set. If fashion isn’t your thing, you can still pay homage to this contender by crafting Mod Circles Wall Art.

Mod Circles Wall Art

Next on the list is Captain Phillips, a film that follows the true story of the 2009 Maersk Alabama hijacking and rescue mission. Feel that patriotic pride from this rescue mission and craft these Salute Earrings. However, you may also just be intrigued by the in-depth look into life on a merchant mariner. In that case, this Nautical Braided Bracelet is right up your alley.

Nautical Braided Bracelet

Dallas Buyers Club and Matthew McConaughey fans, you can show your support for the Lone Star state with this Manly Man Throw from our friends at Fave Crafts.

Manly Man Throw

Gravity is the next film on the list. Do you enjoy the thrill and excitement of space exploration? You are sure to love these Extraterrestrial Hoop Earrings!

Extraterrestial Hoop Earrings

Next up is Her, an unconventional love story between a man and his artificial intelligence computer operating system known as Samantha. Fans of Her are going to want to protect their technology, so they will enjoy these fabulous cell phone holders from our friends at AllFreeSewing.

Lady's iPhone Case

Nebraska is a black and white film featuring a father-son road trip. For old school cinephiles who love black and white films, you will like these recycled retro film strip earrings. If you are simply a fan of the color combination, don’t fret; we still have a project for you, a stunning Black and White Beaded Bangle.

Easy Film Strip Earrings

Philomena is the touching story of a woman trying to find her son who was taken away from her fifty years before. Her one memento of her son is a photograph. Keep your loved ones close to you, with this commemorative Glass Photo Pendant.

Gorgeous Glass Photo Pendant

Next on the list is 12 Years a Slave, the dark and powerful true story of Solomon Northrup, a free black man conned, captured, and enslaved for twelve years. Solomon’s story is known today because he wrote it down. Make your own story known with this Coptic Stitch Bookbinding Tutorial or this tutorial for how to make your own hardcover journal from AllFreePaperCrafts.

Your Very Own Hardcover Journal

Last, but not least, we have Wolf on Wall Street. Fans of the 80s will love these stylish Triple Triangle Leather Earrings. You don’t need a lot of money, these budget-friendly earrings will still inspire envy.

Triple Triangle Leather Earrings

Plus, we have a special bonus project for Frozen and animated film fans:
The Elsa Dress
There are plenty more winning craft ideas where those came from. Check out AllFreeJewelryMaking, FaveCrafts, AllFreeSewing, AllFreePaperCrafts, and all of our sister sites for more buzz-worthy jewelry projects, sewing patterns, holiday crafts, and more!

Which film do you think should win Best Picture this year?

LEGO Ideas: 8 Crafty Ways to Get Pumped for The LEGO Movie

diy-lego-crafts-ideasAre your kids going crazy for the new LEGO movie? It’s easy to see why the latest computer-animated comedy has received so much attention. LEGOs have been popular toys for decades, and the franchise continues to churn out new LEGOs to inspire us year after year. Now that there’s a new movie about our all-time favorite toy, those of us at AllFreeKidsCrafts are just too excited to share some crafty LEGO ideas!

I won’t spoil anything for you about the movie, but I will say this: The LEGO Movie is hilariously charming, and it’s fun for both children and adults (an absolute necessity in animated films). Plus, with big name actors (Will Ferrel as the LEGO villain and Morgan Freeman as the wise old LEGO wizard? We love it.) and LEGO-ified superheroes combined with a touching message, there’s just so much to love. And if you already love LEGOs, you simply can’t miss this movie!

Ready to fuel your love for LEGOs? It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen the movie twice already or are counting down the days until you get to go, you’re going to go crazy for these awesome LEGO ideas.

#1: Prep Your Space

IKEA Hack Lego TableWhere do you usually play with LEGOs? If your LEGOs are spread out all over the house, it might be time to turn to these organizing ideas. After all, once you see the movie you’re going to be too excited to play with your LEGOs to bother cleaning them up! Update your LEGO table with these thrifty ideas:

#2: Color and Paint: LEGO Art Project Ideas

Lego Stamp ArtYou love building your own creations out of LEGOs, but if you’ve been building for hours you might need a break. If that’s the case, why not turn to some new art project ideas?



#3: Dress the Part

DIY Lego Costume

Show the world just how much you love LEGOs with this unique DIY Lego Costume!

…alright, so we might be taking one this a little too literally, but you can’t deny that wearing your own creative homemade costume is a blast. Plus, you’ll be the only person in the movie theater dressed like a LEGO block! Grab a group of friends, and make a DIY Lego Costume in every color for even more fun.

#4:Accessorize with DIY Jewelry

LEGO Friendship BraceletIf dressing like a LEGO block isn’t quite your style, you can still show your love for LEGOs with these DIY jewelry projects. Use these easy LEGO ideas as gifts for your friends and family, or make them for yourself to wear to go see the LEGO movie.

#5: Snack on Homemade Desserts

Easy LEGO CookiesThe best LEGO ideas are also the tastiest. Easy homemade desserts like these are perfect for party food, especially since even little ones can help out. These delicious treats are an absolute must-make if you’re planning to throw a LEGO party in honor of the new movie.

#6: Try Unexpected LEGO Ideas

LEGO BlockDid you know you can build LEGO creations out of yarn? It’s totally possible. If you don’t believe us, see for yourself! This crocheted LEGO block is easier to make than you might think, and the possibilities are endless! Once you’ve made a few of these cozy LEGO blocks, you can turn them into anything you want. Stitch them together to make a pillow, a blanket, or even an awesome LEGO drawstring bag!


#7: Deck Out Your House

LEGO Display FrameIs your LEGO obsession too big for one room? We understand. That’s why we gathered these DIY home decor projects for you!



 #8: Watch the Trailer!

Have you seen the LEGO Movie yet?

Legos have so many possibilities! Check out our fun ideas on Pinterest.
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How to Celebrate the “Catching Fire” Release

It’s been over a year since Katniss Everdeen has graced the big screen, and we’ve been counting down the days until the “Catching Fire” premiere ever since. Finally the wait is almost over, but we need all the help we can get to carry us through the final countdown. Over at, we’ve found a few ways to make the final stretch less painful. Keep yourself busy during these next 4 days with our favorite “Hunger Games” crafts and prep for the premiere!

“Hunger Games” Book Charms

While you wait for “Catching Fire” why not brush up on your Panem history? With your own “Hunger Games” Book Charms you can power through your favorite chapters and familiarize yourself with your favorite scenes and characters before you witness them on the big screen. These adorable book marks make great gifts for your fellow-readers, and they’re simple enough for kids to join in on the fun.



“Hunger Games” Love Sign

If you’re still aching for the premiere, try hosting a “Hunger Games” viewing-party, we’ve got the perfect piece of party decor for you. “Hunger Games” Love Sign will have your guests falling in love with the story all over again. What better way to decorate your front door than with a sign commemorating everyone’s favorite character as the countdown to the “Catching Fire” release comes to a close? Decorating your door may not seem like enough for the loyalist of fans, so pop a few Glistening Mockingjay Emblems on your windows for an added splash of support.

“Hunger Games” Cookies

These cookies are the perfect activity to work on the day before “Catching Fire” premieres. Finish a few batches and bag these cookies up, because you’re bringing a snack along! With wax paper as your aid, these piped mocking jays are a cinch! Your guests and friends will love these trendy mockingjay treats.

Good luck creating these “The Hunger Games” crafts, and may the odds be ever in your favor!


Who’s your favorite character from “Catching Fire?”



Catching Fire: 17 DIY Jewelry Crafts to Brighten Up Your Winter Season

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is one of the most anticipated movies of this year. We are certainly Hunger Games fans and are excited to see Katniss Everdeen back in action and taking on the oppressive Capitol. Katniss is a role model for her strength and perseverance. The second installment of her story can be an inspiration too, even for your jewelry collection.

We all know about Katniss’s mockingjay pin, but there are other ways to emulate this heroine’s spirit with your DIY jewelry. The winter season is approaching; it’s getting darker earlier, and there is a tendency to dull down the color palette of your wardrobe and accessories. Be a part of a color rebellion this season and add brightness to your style with red, orange, and yellow homemade jewelry pieces. AllFreeJewelryMaking has compiled a list of 14 DIY jewelry crafts to add a spark of creativity to your outfit and set your fashion world on fire this winter season. Even if you aren’t a Hunger Games fanatic, you’ll still love these DIY jewelry designs that will warm up your winter wardrobe.

Multi-Strand Seed Bead NecklaceStunning and Sacrifice-Worthy: DIY Necklaces

Spread your fiery spirit and attract attention wherever you go with this gorgeous Multi-Strand Seed Bead Necklace. This homemade necklace mimics the vibrant colors of a blazing fire, making it one of our most eye-catching multi-strand beaded necklace patterns. Below are other homemade necklaces you can try to make a bold statement.


Shredded Hoop EarringsBlazing and Beautiful: Homemade Earrings

The simplest way to add a fiery spirit to your homemade jewelry collection is with a pair of DIY earrings. If you need to start with a beginner project, these Shredded Hoop Earrings are so easy to make, you’ll be wondering what took you so long to get started. On the run and need a pair of earrings super-fast? Try these 3-Minute Red Bead Earrings to put a quick finishing touch on your outfit. Maybe you just want to stand out from the crowd; you are sure to draw attention with these festive, crystal Cascade Earrings. Scorch away any fashion competition with these DIY earrings.



Rich Red Satin Bead BraceletCapitol Crush-Worthy: DIY Bracelets

It doesn’t matter what district you are from, luxurious looking jewelry doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Create a regal piece without the royal price tag with this Rich Red Satin Bead Bracelet. This simple piece is sure to be a standout and won’t break your budget. Try these other homemade bracelets below and add a luminous but budget-friendly piece to your jewelry collection.

Blazing Ring


For an extra fiery project, try this Blazing Ring. This super quick, crafting project lets you make a ring out of curvy plastic pieces that give the illusion of flames flying freely from your fingertips. This bold homemade ring is sure to make a bright fashion statement.

You can also show your loyalty to Katniss with a Glistening Mockingjay Emblem or with these Hunger Games Book Charms. Make your allegiance known by turning these items into homemade necklaces or DIY keychains.


With projects that range from super-fast to green crafting to budget-friendly, we hope you have found some inspiration amongst these red, orange, and yellow DIY jewelry projects! But if you still haven’t quite found the right piece to add to your Catching Fire Inspired collection, please visit AllFreeJewelryMaking for more ideas!

For more inspiration, check out The Hunger Games: Catching Fire trailer:

What is your favorite movie-inspired jewelry piece?

Let’s Go to the Movies: Movie Crafts for Kids

Lights, camera, action. Line up along the red carpet and watch as all of your favorite movie characters strut their stuff in craft form. We all fall in love with characters from movies, whether in a platonic or romantic way. Kids do the same, and would give anything to meet Lightning McQueen or The Lorax. While I can’t introduce your kiddo to Buzz Lightyear, I can offer you some pretty awesome movie-inspired crafts for kids. Children will absolutely love this opportunity to get close with their favorite characters. These crafts are perfect for themed parties or a movie and crafting day. No matter when you decide to make these silver-screen crafts, the kids are sure to love them. Admit one to the craft list of the year!

Classic Movie Crafts for Kids

Milk Jug Storm Trooper HelmetAs a parent, you can’t help but try to get your kiddo to love the movies you loved as a child, and if you’re lucky enough, they’ll fall in love too. Even if the movies aren’t filled with CGI, they can still be labeled a favorite. After you have initiated your mini-me into the Star Wars fan club, craft a Milk Jug Storm Trooper Helmet together. You might as well make one for each of you so that you don’t have a light saber fight over who gets to wear it. (And yes, at this point, Star Wars does fall under the classic movie category!)

Other Classic Movie Crafts for Kids

New Movie Crafts for Kids

The Lightening McQueen Race Track Movies these days are absolutely spectacular with the constantly advancing technology, it’s no wonder kids get so drawn in. Cars is a well-deserved front runner of kid admiration, so of course it had to make our list of movie crafts for kids. The Lightening McQueen Race Track will delight kids of all ages and genders. Just to be in Lightening McQueen’s presence is an honor!

Other New Movie Crafts for Kids

At Home Drive-In Movie Crafts

Popcorn CupcakesMimic a drive-in movie in the backyard on a hot summer night or indoors with hot cocoa in the winter. Complete with popcorn, tickets, and crafts, this night will be one the children will never forget. Start by making Creative Cardboard Box Cars to up the authenticity of the activity. Fill up an entire day with crafting and movie watching to make your job easier.

Other At Home Drive-In Movie Crafts:

What is your favorite movie?

Despicable Me 2: Easy Crafts for Kids of All Ages

Despicable Me Twinkie Minion Cupcakes Despicable Me 2 is such a great kids’ movie that I could watch it over and over, and I’m not even a kid anymore. My sisters and I used to pretend to be minions and constantly reenact scenes from the movie, much to my parents dislike. Randomly shouting ‘bananas!’, as the minions do, was a favorite of ours. Whether you are a first-time viewer or a veteran, you’ll love making crafts based on Despicable Me 2. They provide hours of entertainment, and if you love Gru, Margo, Edith, and Agnes as much as I do, then you will have a blast with these easy crafts for kids. Turn a cardboard box into an astronaut helmet, Twinkies into minion cupcakes, or even a fairy tutu into a ballerina costume. Below you will find 19 amazing crafts for kids of all ages. Whether you’re a teenager like Margo or in Preschool like Agnes, this collection of really easy crafts for kids is sure to have the perfect project for you.


Movie Crafts for Kids

Despicable Me Minion BowlingMinions are oh-so-adorable little creatures that make everyone squeal with delight. Any easy craft for kids that looks like a minion is sure to be a hit, whether you are having a movie day or a Despicable Me birthday party. Try playing the Despicable Me Minion Bowling game, which is so much fun and won’t burst your budget. This movie craft for kids is great because you can use materials you already have around the house to create a new game. All you need is an empty two-liter bottle to turn a boring day into a minion day!

Other Movie Crafts for Kids:


Margo: Crafts for Teenagers

Bead Wrapped Leather BraceletIf your favorite character is Margo, the oldest sibling of Gru’s adoptive daughters, then you will love these crafts for teenagers. Margo has a mind of her own, so it’s only fitting that these movie crafts, like the Bead Wrapped Leather Bracelets, will let you express yourself in any way you want. When you’re in a crafty mood, make sure you have a craft for kids that is cool to entertain yourself. These easy crafts for kids are great as movie-themed activities to do after you watch Despicable Me 2.

Other Crafts for Teenagers:



Edith: Elementary School Crafts

No Sew Easy Fairy TutuIf you like Edith and her rebellious and spunky nature, then you will love these fun and easy crafts for kids. These projects, like the No Sew Easy Fairy Tutu, are perfect for an elementary school kid who wants to make a statement. Movie crafts are great to do by yourself or with a friend, so settle down, watch Despicable Me 2, and have a blast dancing around in a ballet tutu that you created.

Other Elementary School Crafts:



Agnes: Preschool Crafts for Kids

Unique Unicorn HornThere is no doubt that Agnes is the cutest kid in the movie. Her fondness for unicorns and Gru is simply adorable, and you can’t help but love her. That’s why the Unique Unicorn Horn craft is perfect as a preschool craft for kids. It’s easy to make, and if Agnes could spend a day with a darling unicorn horn, she definitely would. These movie crafts are perfect for a tiny tot’s hands and are sure to keep them entertained for hours.

Other Preschool Crafts for Kids:



 What is your favorite part of Despicable Me 2?



Link Love: How to Throw an Oscars Party

The Oscars are going down this Sunday night! Who’s excited to see who wins? I love watching the Academy Awards every year, and even though I’ll probably be watching them alone this year, I always dream of hosting an Oscars party complete with themed food, decorations, and voting. I found some cool ideas for Oscars-themed crafty food, Oscar party ideas and decorations, and printables to use at your Oscars viewing party. If you’re not hosting a party this year, bookmark this page to use for next year’s shindig. You can try these party ideas for any Oscars night, no matter who’s nominated. One thing’s for sure: if you host an Oscars viewing party using these crafty ideas, you’ll be nominated for best party host!

  1. Oscars Party Theme and Printables from Hostess with the Mostess
  2. Fantasy Oscars Draft Game from Formal Fringe
  3. Oscars Statue Cookies from Bakerella
  4. Oscars Cupcakes from Namesake Design
  5. Red Carpet Dress Kids Craft from Babble
  6. Popcorn Cupcakes from Give Peas a Chance
  7. Oscar Party Tablescape from Food Network
  8. Ken Doll Oscar Statues from Everyday Celebrating
  9. Printable Ballot from Studio DIY

9 Award-Worthy Handmade Craft Ideas

Award show season is in full swing, and everyone knows the crowning jewel on that trophy tiara is…the Academy Awards! I get inexplicably excited for the Oscars each year. Is it just me? I can’t wait to see which films come out on top, not to mention which starlets are owning the red carpet. This year, we’re getting in full-on award show spirit. We’ve collected 9 handmade craft ideas to honor this year’s Best Picture Nominees! Who will take it all home? Will it be The Artist? Midnight in Paris? The Help? Whichever one it is, we have a corresponding craft project to commemorate it!

9 Oscar-Inspired Free Craft Tutorials

First up for nomination: Midnight in Paris! This whimsical romantic comedy explores the magical night life of Paris after-hours. Get caught up in the magic with this Paris Shawl! It would be the perfect light wrap for your own midnight romps around town.

Show your support for Moneyball with an Embellished Baseball Cap! Money won’t be an issue for you with this budget-friendly craft project. Bedazzle your cap in your team colors or in your own favorite shades for a sporty chic look.

Up next for nomination is The Tree of Life. Made from a real Cedar branch, these artsy Tree Branch Post Earrings are the perfect way to pay homage to this incredibly artistic film.

Commemorate Spielberg’s award-nominated film War Horse with this Appliqued Pony Silhouette Hoodie. You’ll be ready to cozy up on the couch and watch the Academy Awards all night with this adorable sweatshirt.

Take on the vintage 1920s-era style of The Artist with this Royal Blue Flapper Hair Clip. You’ll look like you belong in a modern day silent film with this super cute flapper-inspired hair accessory.

With its intricate cog and gear details, this Quick Steampunk Pendant is the perfect craft to honor the film Hugo, the main character of which lives inside the clock of a 1930s Paris train station!

What better way to watch the Oscars than with some comfy Hawaiian Style Felt Floor Pillows? This sewing pattern gives a chic nod to Best Picture nominee The Descendants, which was set and filmed in Hawaii!

If you loved ’60s-set movie The Help, you’ll love this Retro Apron! Made from repurposed pillow cases, this simple sewing pattern will have you looking stylish as you tidy up around the house.

Last but not least, this Hidden Message Locket perfectly encapsulates the plot of nominee Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, in which the main character is searching for a message from his late father. A beautiful film commemorated by a beautiful jewelry craft!


There are plenty more handmade craft ideas where these came from. Check out FaveCrafts and all of our sister sites for more buzzworthy jewelry projects, sewing patterns, crochet patterns, and quilting patterns!


How about you? Do you watch the Oscars every year? Have you ever hosted or attended an Oscar-watching party?