Mother’s Day Crafts: Blogger Edition 2010 eBook

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Mother’s Day Cards

I can’t wait to send my mum her crocheted ballet wrap sweater for her birthday/Mother’s Day (they are only a few days apart). I’m crocheting a cord to close the sweater, but I also found a lovely blue ribbon to match the yarn. I need to include a fantastic card in the package too. Of course, my first inclination is to make a card, such as this Lilac Bouquet Card (so pretty!), this Pretty Pansy Card or this For You Mom Card. If I run out of time, I also found a few goodies on Etsy.

  1. I Love You Mom Pop-Up Card by Tracy Chong

  2. Mom’s The Queen Card by Two Hand Design
    Moms The Queen Card by Two Hand Design
  3. Mother’s Day Love by Paisley Greetings
    Mothers Day Love Card by Paisley Greetings
  4. And my personal favorite (of course), also great for Father’s day: I Love You Octopus Card by Glade Made
    I Love You Octopus Card by Glade Made