Do as the Romans Do: 20 Mosaic Project Ideas

Take a hint from the ancient Romans and decorate your home with lavish mosaic art projects. Did you know that it was common for the wealthiest citizens to have four dining rooms – one for each season? At the House of the Faun in Pompeii, each dining room is decorated in mosaics with colors and symbols reminiscent of each season.

Even though such luxurious living is rare today, you can still decorate your home with that ancient art style and feel as though you are royalty. No matter where you put them, these 20 mosaic project ideas from FaveCrafts, AllFreeHolidayCrafts, and AllFreeKidsCrafts will freshen up any room in the house.

Don’t be afraid to make this art form your own. Creating mosaics is easier than it looks. There are so many ways to can make one, and the results are always inspiring.

In the spirit of the House of the Faun, these mosaic project ideas have been divided by season, but they really look lovely no matter what time of the year.  Here, you will find mosaics for the garden, kitchen, dining room, office, and more. Get ready to feel like a Roman goddess!


Make a Mosaic for the Springtime Garden

Concrete PlanterThe following mosaic art projects would look great in your garden next spring. As you take a leisurely stroll through your garden, you will be surrounded by beautiful art. That’s enough to make anyone feel like an empress!

1.  Mosaic Birdhouse

2.  Ivy Leaf Mosaic Hanging Pot

3.  Recycled Concrete Mosaic Planter

4.  Mosaic Bunny

5.  Decoupaged Mosaic Wine Bottle



How to Make Mosaic Art for Summer

Mosaic Stepping StoneThese mosaic art projects are great for outdoor décor like stepping stones. While you’re relaxing on the beach, don’t forget to pick up a few seashells for a refreshing summer craft. Enjoy bright colors and nature while you can, and craft this beautiful mosaic art.

1.  Mosaic Stepping Stone

2.  Mosaic Butterfly Stepping Stone

3.  Seashell Mosaic Wreath

4.  Mosaic Kaleidoscope Lamp

5.  Mosaic Sunflower

6.  Mosaic Sun Tray

7.  Mosaic Melted Bead Bowl


Mosaic Art Ideas for Autumn

Mosaic RoosterAs the leaves begin to change, you will notice that nature has a flair for creating mosaics of its own. Be inspired by the warm autumn colors and show Mother Nature that you can make mosaic art of your own. These art ideas are as beautiful as the changing trees. Come, see, and conquer a few mosaic projects this fall.

1.  How to Make a Pebbled Garden Mosaic

2.  Rooster Mosaic

3.  Paint Chip Mosaic Art

4.  Mosaic of Paint Chips


Simple Mosaic Projects for Winter

Stained Glass Mosaic LampWinter is a great time to make mosaic projects as gifts for family and friends. These art ideas and mosaic frame decorating is just the gift to warm your loved ones’ hearts. Amaze everybody on your list with handmade gifts fit for royalty.

1.  Mosaic Paper Heart

2.  Mosaic DIY Picture Frames

3.  Mosaic CD Picture Frame

4.  Stained Glass Mosaic Lamp







While you’re adding beautiful mosaics to your yard, you might want to spruce up your garden even more with some decorative flower pots or painted watering cans. What better way to get the latest crafting ideas than by using our free eBook Garden Crafts? Not only are these ideas decorative and fun, but they are a great way to help the environment.


What is your favorite season and why?


Bernat Mosaic Afghan Kits exclusively by The Crochet Crowd

Bernat Mosaic Afghan Kit by The Crochet Crowd for Creativ Festival
In cooperation with Bernat, The Crochet Crowd will have mosaic afghan kits available at Creativ Festival.

At Creativ Festival on October 21 – 23, The Crochet Crowd will go live once again. This is our 3rd time going and we are more serious than ever with providing our followers with ground breaking deals on the show floor.

As advertised by Creativ Festival, we will have Bernat Mosaic Afghan Kits at the show. You can see all the swatches of Bernat Mosaic selections; we will not have every colour at the show. Based on a random poll to our audience, we selected the top 6 preferred colours.

The Bumble Berry Afghan that I presented is a representation of what each kit will do. This afghan took a certain amount of balls to achieve this. Using 100% of the same colour but due to the slow transition of colours, it really comes out to be a show piece at the end.

When making the above sample picture, I realized that if I would have raised my hook size up to 6.5 or size K, that I would get fewer squares out of my skeins but my afghan would have been much bigger. However, my kits are put together to accommodate getting yourself a complete afghan done just as you see in the video. The creativity in the end is really up to you.

So what’s in the kit?

  • You are going to get all the balls to complete an authentic afghan.
  • You are going to get a free written pattern to follow along to make this afghan.
  • We are throwing 2 complimentary gifts inside the kits that are practical and you will, in fact, use.

So Here’s The Deal!

  1. The total value of this kit as it stands just under $100. We don’t expect you to pay that.
  2. We don’t expect you to pay for all of the yarn either. This kit has been priced low so that the you are receiving free yarn balls.
  3. The two complimentary gifts are indeed free with your purchase.

You will be saving about $25.00 if you were to purchase everything at full retail price.

So what’s the catch? 

  • We have only the top six colour choices on hand.
  • We have only a few of each kit on hand.
  • Once gone, we don’t have the power to re-stock at the show.
  • First come, first serve.
  • No holding or shipping will be done with our afghan kits.

See you at Creativ Festival on Oct 21 – 23rd.

For more inspiration, come to my most favourite resource site for Crocheters!

This Week on Cool2Craft TV – Color-ful Crafts

10-17-11 Color-ful Crafts - Cool2Craft TV
Join host Tiffany Windsor for a new episode of Cool2Craft TV. This week’s show theme is Color-ful Crafts. EcoHeidi Borchers is showing how to tile a mosaic stepping stone, Candace Jedrowicz is creating a crazy colorful polymer clay heart pendant and Tiffany is making a color-ful layered no-sew fabric flower.

It’s easy to watch the Cool2Craft TV Channel right from your computer. Monday October 17, 2011 at 9 am Pacific/ 10 am Mountain/ 11 am Central/ noon Eastern. Watch craft demos and join in the live chat at showtime at See you Monday!


Watch live streaming video from cool2craft at

This Week on Cool2Craft TV – Girlfriend Gifts

Join host Tiffany Windsor for a new episode of Cool2Craft TV. This week’s show theme is girlfriend gifts. EcoHeidi Borchers creates with a vintage Aleene’s technique to transform eggshells into the look of mosaic on a pretty pendant, Candace Jedrowicz creates an eternal chocolates polymer clay tiled box and Tiffany stamps and stencils a wood box.

It’s easy to watch the Cool2Craft TV Channel right from your computer. Monday September 12, 2011 at 9 am Pacific/ 10 am Mountain/ 11 am Central/ noon Eastern. Watch craft demos and join in the live chat at showtime at See you Monday!

Cool2Craft TV - Girlfriend Gifts


cool2craft on Broadcast Live Free

New Pattern Monday: Homemade Home Dec Extravaganza!

What good is a craft if you can’t use it for something? Wearable crafts stand in for boring store-bought fashion, crocheted afghans keep you warm in front of the tube, and homemade cards can be given to friends on special occasions.

Similarly, crafts that double as home decor can personalize your home on the cheap. On last week, we put up some great new home decorating craft projects to try, all of which use recycled materials or supplies you already have in your stash.

Polka Dot Tissue Lantern: Embellish a paper lantern with tissue paper scraps cut into circles. The tissue paper is translucent, which allows the light from the lamp to glow warmly through the polka dots.

Polka Dot Tissue Lamp

Mosaic Wall: Never has a home decorating idea been this easy–just adhere extra scrapbook paper or card stock to your wall with glue dots to add some personality to your room.

Mosaic Wall

Paper Graffiti Lamp: Who uses phone books anymore now that we have the internet? No one, unless they’re making this edgy lamp. Rip phone book pages into strips to embellish a plain lamp shade.

Paper Graffiti Lamp

If your appetite for home decorating crafts has still not been satiated, check out “Great Decor in a Flash Without a Lot of Cash.”

Home Decor: Living room redo inspiration and projects

I’ve been thinking about how to decorate the living room. I did a little blogsurfing and found a few creative, inspiring, and amazing redo’s. I’m a DIY girl, so I love the living room redo’s where there are homemade projects. Two of my favorites are The Homesteading Apartment’s Makeover Monday and  and Southern Comfort’s Living Room Project Breakdown. And when I found The DIY Show Off’s blog, I got VERY inspired–check out her before and afters.

Then it was off to the FaveCrafts site to find some projects that I could try for my living room  redo. First, there was the broad search of Decorating Ideas. Then, to get some wall ideas (my living room has some very big walls), I cruised the Wall Decor section. And I found some specific ideas that I thought I might have to ponder. I have some pillows that need sprucing up, so I though the Flower Petal Pillow was inspiring. And I’ve got two matching lamps that definitely need a pick-me-up — will it be re-covering the lamp shade or mosaics on the base like these spheres (right). Since I’m a rescuer of abandoned furniture, Amy Anderson’s upcycling idea will certainly find a place in my decor. And there are a couple of ideas for room dividers: the Screen Fabric Panels and the Fall Foliage Room Screen.

In all, I’ve got a lot to think about in decorating my living room. What type of living room redo projects have you tackled lately? Have you done a whole room, or just a few projects to refresh your decor? Leave a comment and let us know! And if you’re willing to share pictures, post them on our Facebook page!

Ask Maria “Crafting With Tile Samples”

Dear Maria,

I have some tile samples 3″x3″x1/8″.  Does anyone have any idea as what kind of craft they can be used in ????

Suellyn C,


I don’t know if your tile samples are finished (sealed), unfinished, smooth, or with texture, but I’m going to try to give you some ideas. The first thing that comes to mind is to use decals. There are a wide variety of decals or transfers designed for porous (unsealed tile) and non-porous (sealed or finished tiles). Decals wouldn’t work for a tile that has any texture, but you could decal smooth tiles and create anything from a refrigerator magnet to a coaster to garden markers. Think of each tile as a mini canvas.

You can paint on tiles with glass paint. Sometimes glass paint requires you to heat set the paint in your oven, others do not. You could use an acrylic paint on the tile surface as long as you finish it with a sealer to protect the paint from chipping. Using acrylic paint is convenient, but remember this paint is not designed for painting on tile and shouldn’t be handled heavily.

Many of my friends use tile for mosaics. Usually the tile is broken into small pieces, then adhered to a surface and grouted. They create trivets, garden stepping stones, and more. I also have friends who break up the tile and use the shards (sanded with no sharp edges) as the base of pendants. You can paint, draw, or stamp on tiles with permanent markers or alcohol inks.

Mosaic Projects

Blue Willow Mosaic Egg (easy to adapt to any color tile)

Seashell Mosaic

Tile Tattoos (decals for tiles)

To the joy of crafting,  Maria Nerius, Resident Craft Expert at