Ask Maria Ruffled Scarf Crazy

Reader Question: I’ve seen some beautiful ruffled scarves lately and would love to make one, but not sure what kind of yarn is being used. Any help?

Answer: I have seen these scarves too and you are right–the scarves are fabulous, and amazingly easy to make. You’ll need what most are calling ruffling (also called frilly or twisty) yarn. There are many brands to choose from and at first look the yarn looks like flat ribbon, but when you loosen it up it folds out to look a lot like netting. I’ve listed below a pattern plus several how-to’s for knitting with this new and exciting yarn. My friends are raving about this fashion look and you’ll find the scarf a very quick project!

Try your hand at making a ruffled scarf with this wonderful project, Ruffelina Frilly Scarf by Michael Sellick from The Crochet Crowd.

Here are some step-by-step knitting instructions using Ruffelina yarn from Bernat.

Check out this great video showing how to create the ruffle style using the ruffling yarns.


Maria Nerius is the Craft Expert at She’s worked and crafted for over 30 years and loves to answer questions about any craft technique. Send us your question today!



AllFreeCrochet’s Pillow Crochet Along Winners

Michael and I would like to personally thank everyone who participated in our very first Crochet Along. This was such a fun activity that brought all the crocheters together for a fun time! Even if you did not participate you can make the pillows any time you wish with these tutorials. There were some pretty creative entries. Some of you decided to add little embellishments like flowers, and one of you even turned your pillow into an owl pillow. Adorable! I guess I won’t make you wait any longer…
Three winners were randomly chosen to win one of three gift baskets.

And the Winners Are:

goombi723g with a peach colored pillow.

Karen Durgee Perry with neutral colored pillows.

Flemstica with a rainbow colored pillow.

Please contact us with your mailing information so we can send you your prize! Congratulations!

You can see all of the beautiful photos in our photo gallery!

AllFreeCrochet’s Pillow Crochet Along Week 3

Welcome back, crocheters! Today starts the final steps to our Crochet Along; how is your pillow coming along? If you missed week two or you’re a bit behind, don’t worry. You can work up these pillows any time you want. Don’t forget…we’re choosing three lucky winners at random. All you have to do is post your photos in our photo gallery, it’s so easy. Make sure you label your photos as “Crochet Along” so we know that’s your photo entry. Now let’s finish up these pillows.

Two Panels should be constructed. You can mix them up so the pillow has different colors on either side (if you prefer).


Attach the two panels together by placing the panels on top of each other.

FOR PILLOW 1 – Create a slip knot and slide onto hook. Slip hook through both panels. I have chosen to slip it between the posts to be consistent. Single crochet the two panels together all the way around.

FOR PILLOW 2 – Create a slip knot and slide onto the hook. Slip the hook through both panels. CH 3, 2 DC into the same corner piece. DC all the way around. I double crocheted between each post on both panels to ensure I was attaching them at the same spot on both panels.

Continue to SC the two together for 3 edges.

Once 3 edges are SC together… Slip in pillow form.


Continue to SC the two panels together. Pillow form will be trapped inside.


Fasten off and weave in ends. Now you have your beautiful pillow to show off!

Don’t forget there are prizes just for posting pictures. Three winners will be chosen at random, so be sure you post your WIP’s and finished pillows in our online gallery! We will announce the winners on March 12! Thanks for participating!


AllFreeCrochet’s Pillow Crochet Along Week 2

Welcome back! We are making some fabulous pillows during our Crochet-Along. Based on the instructions for Week 1, you should have your yarn, hook and other materials ready. You should also know which pillow you want to make, if not both. Now we are ready to crochet some great decor!

We will start by making the front and back of the pillow. You can find the pattern below, as well as a video for each pillow. First chain 37 and DC 5th from the hook, then DC all the way across. Be sure you look at the abbreviations and diagram before starting, so you know how the pillow will be made.


BEG = Beginning, CH = Chain, HDC = Half Double Crochet, ST – Stitch, SL ST = Slip Stitch, SC = Single Crochet, DC = Double Crochet, TR = Triple Crochet, FPDC = Front Post Double Crochet, BPDC = Back Post Double Crochet

I wanted to show you the repeat pattern. The red lines going up and down are showing you that each basket weave is in sets of 4. The red solid line on the left side is where the pattern is reversed to create the basket weave look.

Here are some things to keep in mind before you begin:

  • The color transition (for the rainbow pillow) will cause wasted yarn as you need to start each at a specific point. This means you have to get to the point in the skein that matches the rest of the skeins to be consistent with the coloring. You might want to buy a 4th skein just in case.
  • When doing the black side of the pillow you will use eyelash and black worsted yarn at the same time.
  • Working with extra skeins at the same time causes you to go a bit slower, which is okay.

Chain 37

Row 1: Dc in the 4th ch from the hook. Dc in every ch across. Turn.

Row 2: Ch2. *FPDC in the next 4 dc, BPDC in the next 4 dc. Repeat from * all the way across and finish with 1 hdc into the top of the stitch below. Turn.

Row 3: Ch2. *BPDC in the next 4 dc, FPDC in the next 4 dc. Repeat from * all the way across and finish with 1 hdc into the top of the stitch below. Turn.

Row 4: Ch2. *FPDC in the next 4 dc, BPDC in the next 4 dc. Repeat from * all the way across and finish with 1 hdc into the top of the stitch below. Turn.

Rows 4-25: Repeat rows 2-4 seven times.

Row 26: Repeat row 2.

Fasten off.

Do a second panel by repeating the above instructions.

Pillow Option 1:

Pillow Option 2


Don’t forget there are prizes just for posting pictures. Three winners will be chosen at random, so be sure you post your WIP’s and finished pillows in our online gallery!


Crochet Along Schedule

Week One, Starting February 22 – Gather Materials

Week Two, Starting February 29 – Start Pillow

Week Three, Starting March 7 – Finishing, Assembly and Sharing Photos

March 12th – Announcement of Winners



AllFreeCrochet’s Pillow Crochet Along

Find your favorite yarn and grab a hook, it’s time for AllFreeCrochet’s first ever Crochet Along! With the spring season headed our way we thought it was a great time to start sprucing up your home. Michael Sellick is our Crochet Along cruise director and will be driving the boat on this terrific project. Whether you are a beginner crocheter or a more advanced hooker, you will love joining us on our crochet journey. And if the waters get choppy, we will encourage each other to keep the ship afloat!

The Project

There are two pillow patterns to choose from in our Crochet AlongEach pillow only takes a few hours to make, but since this is a crochet along we’ll only give you bits and pieces of the pattern throughout a three week period of time. You can choose to make one pattern or both, it’s up to you!

How To Participate

Tune in Wednesdays
Every Wednesday, Michael will be here to share the next step in the Crochet Along. We will be posting the instructions as well as videos right here (see video below), so stay tuned.

Post Your Photos & Make Friends
We will be sharing our progress and would love to see yours too on our new online gallery. Our easy to follow tutorial about Flickr will get you started if you aren’t familiar with the site. As your are working up your new pillow(s), we encourage you to post work in progress photos and meet fellow crochet along pals in the process. You can comment on other people’s photos and encourage them as they will you. Once your pillow is complete, be sure to post your finished product in the gallery.

Supply List

Below is the supply list for each pattern. You can also get your supplies through CutRateCrafts at a discounted price! These patterns can be made with a wide variety of materials, so feel free to use what you have on hand or change up the yarn to suit your own style. After all, this is your pillow, so customize this project any way you like. We can’t wait to see what you make!


Pillow Option One
Size M/9 mm or N/10mm size Crochet Hook
3 Balls of Red Heart Light & Lofty Wine, 127 g or 4.5 oz size
1 Pillow Form measuring 16″ x 16″
Buy Select Materials at a Discounted Price


Pillow Option Two
Size M/9 mm or N/10mm size Crochet Hook
3 to 4 Balls Bernat Mosaic – 100 g or 3.5 oz Psychedelic Color
3 Balls black eye lash yarn – 50 g
1 Red Heart Super Saver – Black 197 g or 7.5 oz
1 Pillow Form measuring 16″ x 16″
Buy Select Materials at a Discounted Price

Crochet Along Schedule

Week One, Starting February 22 – Gather Materials

Week Two, Starting February 29 –  Start Pillow

Week Three, Starting March 7 – Finishing, Assembly and Sharing Photos

March 12th – Announcement of Winners


We are so happy to have you all join the fun of our first Crochet Along! To keep the fun going we have a few fun prizes for three lucky winners who will be chosen at random.

How To Enter

  • Post your project, finished or in progress, in our online gallery to be entered.
  •  Open to anyone 18+ in the US or Canada.
  • Photos must be posted by March 11, 2012, 11:59p EST.
  • There are three amazing gift baskets to give away!
  • Each one contains three skeins of yarn, three crochet books and a crochet kit.
  • Be sure you post your pictures for a chance to win!

Let’s Get Started – 24 Free Crochet Lessons

Learn How to Crochet

Mikey hosts this 24 Course Series with Curtzy Crochet Hooks

Did you know that I now have a Free 24 Course Program. Months of preparation to get this video series has paid off. It took 2.5 months for the entire program to be uploaded onto my YouTube Channel and finally the entire series is up and going. I’m not surprised that it was well received, but I was really surprised to learn that the combined views totaled over 100,000 views by the time the last video was launched.

You can see all videos in order right now and begin your program immediately.

This program was designed for Curtzy Crochet Hooks from England. The owner and I had worked together for 4 months before the first video rolled out. A Combination of 32 videos is now available and ready. A lot of people have no idea the amount of preparation and editing involved to pull off such a massive program. Over all, I’ve been really happy with it and we have encouraged new crocheters to get on board.

Begin your learning experience. If you are looking for a fun project to start, you have to see my Colorful Fantasy Granny Afghan.

Crochet Yarn Painting Project

Mikey's Bernat Mosaic Yarn Painting

Mikey's Bernat Mosaic Yarn Painting

Doesn’t this look stunning? If I were to ever plan something that would have rocked the crochet world as much as I did with this painting, I probably would not have gotten the attention as this new yarn painting has received.

Watch this HowTo Instructional Video on creating your own. I consider this project free form as you need to create the work to fit the frame. Everyone will have different sizes of frames to work with. This requires you to be a bit imaginative and exercise your crochet skills.

In this frame that is 24″ wide by 30″ high, I’ve created a yarn insert that is basket weave crochet. This video will cover a number of questions such as the following:

  1. How to create the basket weave stitch
  2. Sizing requirements for the insert
  3. How I attached the yarn to the frame
  4. What to look for in a frame due to weight of the project
  5. Materials used and crochet hook size

Over all, I absolutely loved this project. It’s one of my most treasured crochet projects to date. In keeping with the Basket Weave theme, have you seen this Basket Weave Scarf Pattern? It’s the same concept as shown in my project.

Meet Mikey, Tutorial Host for AllFreeCrochet and AllFreeKnitting

Learn how to loom knit with Mikey

Free Workshops with Mikey

Mikey is back at Spinrite Factory Outlet on February 25th from 10am – 3pm.

This month he is concentrating on Loom Knitting. He will be showcasing looms by Crafting Essentials and Authentic Sock Knitting; this is a free workshop and there are several throughout the day.

The classes book quickly as Mikey takes only six students at one time. He finds having more than six at one time throws off the learning experience and people don’t learn as much. He prefer students to understand what they are doing by the end of the class instead of just getting a general idea.

There will be discount sales going on during this event. There is also desserts and coffee being served throughout the day. Store opens at 10 am and coming early ensures you can get coffee and dessert before they run out.

The show we are doing, “Coffee Talk”, is from noon – 1pm. This means Mikey is taking a break from teaching. He’s going to have a lunch break where anyone is invited to join; bring your lunch and sit with Mikey and gossip about creativity with him. Limited seating and space. Just show up, the store is not booking for this added experience.

Try this loom knitted scarf by Mikey called the Crystal Scarf. People are loving this quick little project and looking all fabulous with their scarves when they are done.

Crochet Party Time – Art Night Out Party Kits

Crochet Party Kits
Art Night Out’s Crochet Party Kit

Have you ever seen this Jewelry Crochet Kit before? It’s called Art Party Kits by Art Night Out.

Art Night Out is from Maine, USA where they specialize in creating a fun night out at their studio. They have a unique mix of different genres of crafting; there seems to be something for everyone. They realized there was a need for Party Kits where people want to have all the supplies to be able to teach others.
This kit allows you to host a party where the focus is creativity. Kits range in different sizes depending on the party you have. The kit you see above is for 4 people. 

I’ve done this before where I charged my friends a fee for learning crochet jewelry with me. Using these kits, you get everything you need such as crochet hooks, beads, wire, clasps and more. I don’t feel bad about charging my friends because all of these materials cost money. My expertise and hands on instructions are worth some money as well.

Here’s what I did:
  • Bought the kit so I had everything on hand. The kits have a great selection of products inside to really make interesting jewelry that adults and kids would appreciate working on.
  • I charged a fee to attend my course in my home. The fee includes the materials and my time.
  • I worked out the course fee to be about $30. In one course, this kit can bring in about $120. Minus the kit fee and the rest is in my pocket for a rainy day!
  • I can make money on the side by hosting creativity parties such as this.
It’s a great little idea that has really neat cash earning potential. If you get some of these kits you can throw a party of your own! Make some crochet jewelry that you’ll wear forever.

Meet The Crochet Dude

Meeting The Crochet Dude, Drew Emborsky, has been one of the best highlights of my professional career as Mikey from The Crochet Crowd. I might be like you where when you see a celebrity you freak out and say the dumbest things. You realize you are tripping and then you bury yourself further to make yourself like a lunatic. Now that I painted that real image of what I was like, you can imagine poor Drew putting up with me.
Despite my initial introduction of being all nuts and crazy, Drew really took it in stride and was so kind. I have met other celebrities who stink of attitude but Drew was so polite, genuine and a guy that I would love to have in a crochet circle. The video that is attached below is Drew and I speaking for the first time about crochet. Though we had met earlier in the day, we left the crochet talk for this interview so that the conversation was new information being shared between each other.
The highlight of this video is that him and I are just talking about the love of our chosen career paths. We are both celebrities in our own realm and come at crochet from a different vantage point. This video, which I must admit was a pure accident… but genius move, truly is a real conversation between crochet artists. Watching this video is like ease dropping behind the scenes of the Crochet world from a teaching point of view.
To keep this video genuine, I barely clipped anything out because we were catching him signing autographs for his brand new book called Use Up That Yarn! being published by Lesiure Arts. Look for it on Amazon or your near pattern book retailer.
Meet Drew Emborsky & Michael Sellick.
The Crochet Dude (Drew Emborsky) and The Crochet Crowd (Michael Sellick) together sharing the love of crochet together.

Watch & Listen to our casual conversation!

Find some free crochet patterns by The Crochet Dude.