22 Beach Wedding Jewelry Ideas

The summer season is fast approaching! Where do your thoughts go when you are day-dreaming about summer? Mine go straight to the beach. There a very few sights that are as breathtaking and calming as an ocean view.  With gorgeous scenery, light weight fabrics, tan skin, and sand between your feet, there is only one more thing you could possibly need, and that is a stunning piece of beach-worthy jewelry. Since wedding season is in full swing, we here at AllFreeJewelryMaking have designed a collection just for you of some fabulous beach-worthy wedding jewelry projects. Whether you are a bride, bridesmaid, or a simply a wedding guest at a beach wedding, there is something for everyone in the collection of beach jewelry ideas.


22 Beach Wedding Jewelry Ideas


Seashells, nautical knots, and sea glass pieces are all fabulous elements to incorporate into a wedding them in creative ways. From braided bracelets to colorful bauble rings, everyone will be able to find the piece needed to complete their beach wedding look in this collection.


Seashell Jewelry PiecesSeashell Wire Necklace

There is no way to better represent a beach wedding then to include elements in your ensemble that are actually from the ocean. Stunning seashell projects like this Seashell Wire Necklace are prefect for a beach wedding theme. Find more seashell jewelry projects amongst these beach wedding jewelry ideas.








Finger Knitted Nautical Necklace

Super Easy Sea Glass Stretch BraceletOcean-Inspired Jewelry

Whether you are looking for your something blue, or are simply inspired by ocean hues, these ocean-inspired projects are for you. This Super Easy Sea Glass Stretch Bracelet is the ideal beading project both for beginners and for veteran beaders looking for an easy, stress-free DIY jewelry design. Find more alluring sea glass jewelry pieces and more in the Ocean-Inspired section of our beach wedding jewelry ideas collection page.





Under the Sea Bauble RingEven More Beachy Jewelry Ideas

Are you looking for more cute beach-inspired patterns? Try this lovely ring pattern. The beads on the Under the Sea Bauble Ring resemble seas urchins, making it the perfect accessory for a summer beach wedding getaway. Still haven’t found the right beach wedding jewelry piece for you? There are even more beachy jewelry ideas for you to choose from on this fun collection page. Also, be sure to visit AllFreeJewelryMaking.com for the latest summer DIY projects and wedding jewelry designs.



What is your favorite piece of beach jewelry?

Hot Jewelry Trend: Precious Metals for Summer

Summer is a time of beachy bracelets, rope necklaces, bold colors, and nautical prints; but, sometimes even in the hot summer season, you need a little bling in your life. Every girl’s gotta have a little sparkle, even in the summer months. There is no better way to add a little shiny element to your ensemble than with a lovely homemade jewelry piece. That is where these trendy summer metallics come in. Wear these bright and shiny precious metal hues all summer long. If you are looking to stay chic with this summer trend, AllFreeJewelryMaking has compiled a list for you of some of these fabulous metallic jewelry projects. Shimmer and shine with this sparkly summer trend!


 Metal on the Moon Necklace

One of the best ways to get this trendy summer look is with this luminous necklace pattern. The Metal on the Moon Necklace is a sweet, inexpensive knockoff that will surely put a smile on your face during the sunshine season. [break]

Metal on the Moon Necklace[break]

Metallic Bangles

Making bangles from scratch can be a little tricky, but these metallic bangles are well worth the effort. Thin and light for summer, but classy for the whole year round, there are endless benefits to these pretty DIY bangles. [break]

Metallic Bangles[break]

Hidden Message Locket

Perfect for beginner and those new to the art of metal stamping, this precious little locket is a lovely DIY metal stamped jewelry project. Simple and sweet this homemade locket is sure to be near and dear to your heart this summer and beyond. [break]

Hidden Message Locket


Classic Crystal Arm Cuff

This Classic Crystal Arm Cuff is a quick and easy project that is sure to impress. The gold wire is pretty enough on its own, but the crystal beads are what set this accessory apart. Plus, its thin wire keeps it from being heavy during the summer season. [break]

Classic Crystal Arm Cuff[break]

May Flowers Metal Earrings

In under a half an hour, you can create chic boutique style jewelry with just a design stamp, texture hammer and a few blanks. Follow this step-by-step tutorial, and you will be amazed at how easy these DIY metal earrings are to make. Celebrate summer flower season with these pretty-as-can-be DIY earrings. [break]

May Flowers Metal Earrings[break]

Metallic Lace Cuff

This Metallic Lace Cuff is a DIY bracelet made for showing off, and not just because it’s designer-inspired. Bright gold coloring combined with the delicacy of a lace bracelet design ensures that this fantastic cuff will be a keeper for your wardrobe for this summer and beyond. [break]

Metallic Lace Cuff[break]

Friendship Bracelets Beyond the BasicsAnd don’t miss…

Speaking of trendy jewelry, there is nothing quite as trendy for summer as friendship bracelets. These DIY bracelets are a staple of the season. Think friendship bracelets are just for kids? Think again! In Friendship Bracelets Beyond the Basics, from Leisure Arts, you’ll kind tutorials that everyone can enjoy. Kids, teens, and adults alike will find patterns they adore in this compilation of nineteen friendship bracelet tutorials. Enter to win Friendship Bracelets Beyond the Basics by June 10, 2014, at 11:59:59 p.m. Eastern Time.

[break] [break] [break] [break]

What is your favorite summer jewelry trend?


All Aboard: 8 Nautical DIY Jewelry Projects

Climb aboard the summer nautical trend by making DIY nautical jewelry. From the high seas to high fashion, nautical jewelry is making a splash. Embrace this beach-worthy trend with some fun knotted projects. Whether you are preparing for sailing season, or just looking to mix up your jewelry style, nautical jewelry is a easy and accessible trend to try. Most knotted jewelry patterns require very little tools and are easily customizable to fit your jewelry making needs.

We know that you like to be on trend, yet be your own fashion force. That is why we at AllFreeJewelryMaking have compiled this collection of a variety of nautical DIY projects. Infuse bright neon colors into your designs, or embrace the bold, timeless look of navy and white. The possibilities for making nautical inspired jewelry are endless. From sail-boat worthy pieces to beach-wedding designs to nautical patterns you wear all year round, there is something for everyone in this collection of nautical jewelry patterns.


Nautical Braided Bracelet

Nautical Braided Bracelet

Get ready to sail the ocean blue with this Nautical Braided Bracelet. Made from leather cords and a solid braid, this DIY bracelet is tough enough to withstand any typhoon that comes your way. The cheerful colors evoke the cry of seagulls and the crash of waves. As an added bonus this red, white, and blue designs evokes a sense of patriotic pride too. It’s the perfect bracelet to wear on Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, but it is also subtle enough to wear all summer long! [break] [break] [break]

Bright Nautical Knot Necklace

Bright Nautical Knot Necklace

Nautical does not have to be all about navy and white. Create a bold nautical-inspired look with this Bright Nautical Knot Necklace. Be on trend, but still craft your own unique nautical look with this bright neon pink knot DIY necklace. If neon is not your style, you can still test out other colors for your nautical jewelry making. This Black and Gold Nautical Bracelet is perfect to wear all year round, and serves as a good reminder that you can set sail for jewelry making inspiration during any season. [break] [break] [break]

Nautical-Inspired Necklace

Nautical-Inspired Necklace

It’s sailing season, and you need to look great. Chances are, you never thought you would don a rope as a necklace, but the cord blends well into this recycled, Nautical Inspired-Necklace. This necklace is so stunning it could even be your something blue for a beach wedding! If you are looking for more ways to incorporate nautical designs into your wedding attire, check out Beautiful Beach Jewelry: 22 Beach Wedding Jewelry Ideas. [break] [break] [break]

Nautical Knot Necklace

Nautical Knot Necklace

There are so many nautical designs, it can be hard to choose what to make. You can focus on the chain of the necklace and make a Finger Knitted Nautical Necklace, or learn How to Make a Nautical Rope Necklace. You can make a bold pop of color statement piece like with the Nautical Poppies Necklace and Bracelet Set. Sometimes though, you just want to go with a simple traditional design like this Nautical Knot Necklace. Classic and cool in navy and white, this knotted necklace is sure to be a favorite in your summer DIY jewelry collection. [break] [break] [break]

What is your favorite nautical jewelry design?

35 Braided Jewelry Patterns You Should Make

Summer is fast approaching, and braided bracelets and necklaces are staples of the season. Braiding is one of the most basic ways to weave, but if you think braids are boring, think again. Simple yet intricate, braided patterns are a classic fashion motif for a reason, and there are so many ways to work this weave into your accessories. Embrace the braid with these 35 Braided Jewelry Patterns!

Learn how to kumihimo, fishtail braid, box braid, and more in this collection of lovely braided jewelry project tutorials. Braids are the best for the summer season because they usually do not require a large amount of materials, and rarely require any tools. From trendy kumihimo patterns to fan-favorite fishtail braids, there is something for everyone in this collection of fabulous braided jewelry patterns.

35 Braided Jewelry Patterns


Kumihimo Patterns

Kumihimo is a beautiful Japanese braiding technique that has become incredibly popular of late. Once you check out these projects, you’ll understand why.


Kumihimo 12-Strand Spiral Bracelet


Box Braid Patterns

Also known as the “square braid” or “square stitch,” the box braid is sturdy and strong yet stylish. Learn how to box braid by making these macrame jewelry patterns.


Leather Box Braid Necklaec DIY


Fishtail Braid Patterns

The fishtail braided bracelets are sure to be fan-favorites.  This style of braid is a fast and fashionable way to weave. Follow these tutorial to learn this fun braiding technique.


Fishtail Bracelet


Braided Bead Patterns

What is better than a simple braided jewelry project? A projects with braids and beads, of course! Beaded designs are easy to replicate and can be endlessly customized using different colors, sizes, and cuts of beads.


Glittering Braided Cuff


Braided Fabric Jewelry Projects

These braided jewelry designs are a great way to use some scrap fabric, a secondhand scarf, or an old T-shirt. For accessories on the softer side, try braiding fabric into a trendy bracelet or necklace.


Simply Striking Braided Scarf Necklace


Braided Hemp, Cord, and String Jewelry Patterns

Looking for some thrifty braided jewelry projects? These hemp, cord, and embroidery floss jewelry projects should all be pretty cheap to make (which means you can make even more of them!).


Five Stranded Braid Bracelet


What’s your favorite braided jewelry pattern technique?


And don’t miss…

Fun with Chinese Knotting Giveaway

Looking for new ideas for accessories and embellishments? Then Fun with Chinese Knotting: Making Your Own Fashion Accessories & Accents from Tuttle Publishing is for you. Enter to win the Fun with Chinese Knotting Book Giveaway!  We are giving away one copy of Fun with Chinese Knotting from Tuttle Publishing to one lucky winner. The deadline to enter is May 26, 2014, at 11:59:59 p.m. Eastern Time.

Read the full review here.

Summer Preview: 57 Sizzling Summer Jewelry Projects

Bright colors, beachy designs, light fabrics, the smell of sunscreen in the air—it’s almost that time of year! These are all essential elements of summer style, and the season will be here before we know it. As the weather warms up, you’ll need fun and exciting accessories to create a hot summer look. We’ve got you summer goddesses covered with this collection of 57 Sizzling Summer Jewelry Projects. From bold neon bracelets to trendy nautical necklaces, we have a little bit of everything you could need in this seasonal assortment of DIY jewelry. Whether you are vacationing by the beach, or lounging by the local pool, there is something for everyone in this collection of sassy and stylish summer accessories.


Summer Preview: 57 Sizzling Summer Jewelry Projects


Studded Leather Macrame BraceletMacrame Patterns and Friendship Bracelet Patterns

Of all the bracelet patterns and instructions out there, the Studded Leather Macrame Bracelet is sure to become a fast favorite of yours. This super cool bracelet design uses sterling silver beads and shamballa knots to create an edgy studded effect. Macrame and friendship bracelets are staple accessories of summer. To find other bracelet patterns like this fun macrame bracelet, visit our collection page.

Summer Agate Dangle Earrings[break]Colorful Summer Jewelry Projects

Summer is the season of bright and bold colors, especially for jewelry pieces. These bright pink Summer Agate Dangle Earrings are a product of one of our simpler beaded earring tutorials, and they are sure to send lots of compliments your way. Check out our summer jewelry collection for more colorful summer jewelry projects. [break] [break]


[break] [break] [break] [break] [break] [break] [break] Light and Airy Summer Jewelry PatternsDainty Stackable Seed Bead Bracelets

Warm weather is wonderful, but when it’s hot out, you don’t want to be worn down by heavy materials. Keep cool and look hot with light and airy summer jewelry patterns. Whether worn stacked or singular, these Dainty Stackable Seed Bead Bracelets make the perfect sophisticated accessory. This handmade seed bead bracelet set would be the perfect finishing touch on almost any outfit. You can’t go wrong with these cute summer bracelets. Find even more light and airy jewelry patterns for in our collection for summer.



Nautical Knot NecklaceBeach-Ready Jewelry Projects

Going to the beach is one of the best summer activities there is. Want to hit the sand and still make a statement? Then you will want to try beach-ready pieces like this Nautical Knot Necklace. Sea-faring fashionistas are sure to find summer jewelry pieces they love in this group of beach-worthy projects.






If you still haven’t seen the right summer jewelry accessory for you, don’t fret! We have even more summer projects for you to choose from. Remember, we are always adding projects to AllFreeJewelryMaking.com, so be sure to check in for the latest seasonal projects and trends!

 What is your favorite summer jewelry piece?


Leisure Arts Knots and Macrame Book GiveawayBONUS: This collection features several knot and macrame bracelets. Want to expand your skills in these areas? Enter to win the Leisure Arts Knots and Macrame Book Giveaway! We are giving away a copy of Macrame Jewelry and Knots & Beads  to two lucky winners. The deadline to enter is May 12, 2014, at 11:59:59 p.m. Eastern Time. [break]

20 Mother’s Day Jewelry Gifts

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, so it is time to think about the perfect gift to get your mom this year. Yes, there are the typical staples: a card and some flowers. But you could also surprise her this year with a homemade gift! You can make gorgeous handcrafted jewelry for mom with this wonderful collection of Mother’s Day jewelry gifts from AllFreeJewelryMaking. Whether your mother’s jewelry style is more haute chic, trendy, or classically beautiful, we have a series of homemade Mother’s Day gifts that will delight and astound her! From beaded bracelets to pretty brooches, make your mother feel glamorous with these unique handmade gift ideas that incorporate all of your creativity and design finesse to create the perfect special something for her.

20 Mother's Day Jewelry Gifts


Glass Photo PendantBeaded Necklace Patterns for Mother’s Day

This Glass Photo Pendant is such a thoughtful way to show your appreciation for her. Immortalize your mother’s favorite family photos or a new moment with this technique for transferring photographs onto a gorgeous glass pendant. For more necklace patterns for gifts, visit our collection page.

[break] [break] [break] [break] Beaded Mother’s Day BraceletsSilhouette Charm Bracelet

You’ll never see your mom’s wrist bare again after you present her with one of these lovely handmade beaded bracelets. Charming DIY jewelry gifts, like this Silhouette Charm Bracelets are sure to become Mom’s new favorite. Look at our collection for more beaded bracelet gift ideas.

[break] [break][break] [break]

Bedazzled Glass EarringsPretty Beaded Earrings for Moms

Moms are often so busy that they don’t have time to go out and buy things for themselves. Pamper your mom with a pair of pretty beaded earrings that you made yourself! Find the tutorial for these Bedazzled Glass Earrings and more in this collection.

[break] [break] [break] [break] [break] Mother’s Day Rings to MakeCrystal Volcano Ring

This Crystal Volcano Ring is the ultimate in modern costume jewelry. A whimsical swirl of wire complements this Swarovski crystal that catches the light like fireworks and flame. Make your mother a cocktail queen with this snazzy accent piece. Go to our collection page to find even more DIY rings to give as gifts.





Mother's Day Fabric BroochBONUS: Looking for a project you can use as a pendant, bracelet accent, or standalone piece? Try out this Mother’s Day Fabric Brooch! Use fabric flowers and a photo charm to craft the perfect Mother’s Day gift with this personalized brooch. If you love this DIY brooch, then be sure to check AllFreeJewelryMaking.com for the latest holiday jewelry tutorials! Plus, if you need even more Mother’s Day jewelry project ideas, be sure to check out our free eBook, Mother’s Day Jewelry Gifts: 8 Free Jewelry Making Tutorials. We hope that Mother’s Day Jewelry Gifts: 8 Free Jewelry Making Tutorials will inspire you to create homemade Mother’s Day gifts from the heart this May!

How are you celebrating Mother’s Day this year?

Whether your mother’s jewelry style is more haute chic, trendy, or classically beautiful, we have a series of homemade Mother’s Day gifts that will delight and astound her.
Read more at http://www.allfreejewelrymaking.com/Jewelry-for-Holiday/18-Mothers-Day-Jewelry-Gifts#UHLYUSY8dlBiWli7.99

Jewelry for Graduation: DIY Graduation Gift Ideas

It’s graduation season! Late spring is typically the time known for graduations, and with celebrations comes the process of gift giving. Finding the right gift for any occasion can be a daunting task, and it can be especially hard to find just the right gift to give to the graduates in your life. You want to find something practical, yet also unique. This is why you can never go wrong with a lovely piece of homemade jewelry as the perfect gift idea. In this collection of Jewelry for Graduation: 12 Graduation Gift Ideas, you will find stellar DIY jewelry gift ideas for graduations. From homemade necklaces to DIY bracelets, you are sure to find the right piece of jewelry to give to the graduate in your life.

Jewelry for Graduation: DIY Graduation Gift Ideas

DIY Necklaces for GraduationHow to Make a Custom Color Pearl Necklace

Pearl necklaces are a classic piece of jewelry, so they would be a great gift for any graduate. But what if you are bored with plain white pearls? Learn how to make necklaces in every color of the rainbow with this amazing tutorial for How to Make a Custom Color Pearl Necklace. Spice up the classic pearl necklace design with a little pop of color! If pearls are not your thing, check out these other fabulous DIY necklace ideas.


Parisian Charm BraceletHomemade Bracelets for Graduation

For adventurous graduates, consider this Parisian Charm Bracelet. Perfect for jet-setters at heart, you can customize this piece with photos of places you know the graduate will want to visit. This piece is a great reminder their journey is just beginning. Find more bracelet gift ideas for graduation in our collection.


Other DIY Gifts for GraduationDIY Love Knot Jewelry

Not satisfied with just a necklace or bracelet? Consider a DIY Love Knot Jewelry Set. Recipients will adore having a matching jewelry set, and you will love how easy this dainty wire-wrapped jewelry pieces are to make. Take a look at the rest of our collection for more DIY gift ideas.







Be sure to visit AllFreeJewelryMaking for even more gift giving ideas!

What DIY gifts have you made for the graduates in your life?




Late spring is typically the season for graduations, and with celebrations comes the process of gift giving. It can be hard to find just the right gift to give to the graduates in your life. Still, you can never go wrong with a lovely piece of homemade jewelry as the perfect gift idea. In this collection of Jewelry for Graduation: 12 Graduation Gift Ideas, you will find stellar DIY jewelry gift ideas. From homemade necklaces to DIY bracelets, you are sure to find the right piece of jewelry to give to the graduate in your life.
Read more at http://www.allfreejewelrymaking.com/Miscellaneous-Jewelry/Jewelry-for-Graduation-Gift-Ideas#wKbLcizIlJXUUHEJ.99

24 Amazing Wire Ring Tutorials

There is nothing more exciting than a new DIY jewelry piece, and one of the simplest ways to add to your jewelry collection is with a homemade ring. It can be hard to find just the right ring pattern. That is why we at AllFreeJewelryMaking have created this collection of 24 Amazing Wire Ring Tutorials. Whether you’re a fan of gigantic statement rings or prefer the simplicity of basic wire wrapped rings, there’s something for everyone in this group of wire jewelry tutorials. You’ll find delicate floral patterns and eye-catching beaded baubles that are deceptively intricate. After browsing these wire ring tutorials, you’ll be inspired to create a ring for your own taste in jewelry making.

Amazing Wire Ring Tutorials


From colored bauble rings to spiral wire-wrapped tutorials, you are sure to find the right wire ring for you among this collection. Learn new skills like creating a simple wire ring base, or pick up a wire-wrapping technique. Find the right ring pattern for you amongst these fabulous tutorials.


Cute Stackable Beaded Wire Rings

Create a Ring with Color

As far as wire jewelry free tutorials go, this Cute Stackable Beaded Wire Rings tutorial is hard to beat. You can make several of these cute, budget-friendly rings, in a multitude of colors. Find even more colored rings that will be the talk of the town in this collection.





Two-Tone Wire Rings

How To Make Wire Rings

Wire rings are all the rage, so why not make your own? With these beautiful Two-Tone Wire Rings, you’ll put yourself ahead of the fashion curve. Best of all, these DIY rings are perfect for novices who may not know how to make jewelry with wire. Check out this collection and create even mores ring that make a fashion statement with the simplest of materials.




Wrapped Peach Aventurine Ring

In a Twist: Wire Wrapped Rings

Learn how to make a wire ring that is both elegant and versatile with this tutorial for a Wrapped Peach Aventurine Ring.  Like other DIY gemstone jewelry, you can substitute out the gemstones and personalize the piece. No matter what gemstone you use, this DIY ring is sure to be a favorite part of your homemade jewelry collection. Find even more wire-wrapping tutorials in this collection. From crystals to beads to the minimal elegance of plain wire, these wire wrapped rings are sure to become staples of your wardrobe for years to come.




Be sure to visit AllFreeJewelryMaking.com for more wire ring tutorials, stylish wire jewelry pieces, and more homemade ring tutorials!


Which DIY wire ring do you want to make?


Go Green: 15 Earth Day Jewelry Crafts and Other DIY Projects

Recycled CD NecklaceEarth Day is in just two weeks! Are you excited? You should be! Earth Day is not just a holiday for granola-lovers, eco-friendly activists, and neo-hippies. It is also a day that everyone can celebrate with chic jewelry pieces and some awesome DIY projects. The Earth is important to celebrate, so honor Mother Nature with fabulous nature inspired jewelry pieces. Recycled jewelry is also a great way to show you care for the environment, but still want to maintain a sophisticated look. Wearable recycled crafts are an awesome way for DIY divas to save some cash while also going “green” and saving the Earth! Instead of tossing that plastic in the trash bin, turn it into the latest DIY jewelry trend.

AllFreeJewelryMaking has put together a list of some of the best nature inspired jewelry tutorials, recycled jewelry crafts, and other Earth Day inspired projects. Get started making these eco-friendly, holiday projects today, and celebrate, and contribute to a healthy, sustainable Earth.


Nature Inspired Jewelry

Beady Leafy FringeOne way to show your Earth Day enthusiasm is with nature inspired jewelry pieces. Check out this tutorial on how to make a Beaded Leafy Fringe. Free beading patterns are so much fun to try, and this technique can be used for a variety of projects. From trees to stones, you are sure to find the right DIY jewelry piece inspired by nature for you.

Beachy Wire Sea Star Pendant
Everglades Inspired Seed Bead Necklace
Stone and Bone Bracelet
Ocean Stones Statement Necklace
Rustic Spring Branch Necklace
Mossy Forest Floor Necklace
Tree Branch Bangles


Recycled Jewelry Tutorials

Coffee Stirrer Spike Necklace

Anyone can make a beautiful bead necklace; challenge yourself by turning would-be garbage into glamorous accessories and make something totally unique, like this Coffee Stirrer Spike Necklace. Plus, don’t forget, not all recycled jewelry has to come from the recycling bin. While it is great to turn trash into treasure, it is equally exciting to repurpose random odds and ends from around the house into bits and baubles for your next recycled jewelry creation. Use your imagination to create a unique, eco-friendly designs like a Recycled CD Necklace, other one of these other fabulous recycled jewelry pieces:



Even More DIY Projects for Earth Day


Earth Day Papier Mache GlobeOnce you look chic and sleek with your Earth Day friendly jewelry designs, you are going to be in the mood to create more exciting DIY Earth Day projects. From green crafting ideas to coffee filter flowers, we’ve got you covered with this collection of Earth Day crafts.

Refashioned Cardboard Storage Bins
Nature Journal for Kids
Recycled Decoupage Luminary Jars
Cute and Colorful Coffee Filter Flowers
Recycled Magazine Floral Wreath
Necktie Refashion Into Necklace or Wallet
Quick Fix Grocery Bag
25 Green Crafts for Earth Day
33 Earth Day Activities for Children



Earth Day is just around the corner, so start crafting these awesome eco-friendly projects today! Be sure to check out even more Earth Day projects from AllFreeJewelryMaking, AllFreeHolidayCrafts, AllFreeKidsCrafts, AllFreePaperCrafts, AllFreeSewing, and Fave Crafts.


How are you going to celebrate Earth Day?

Jewelry Findings: 8 Fabulous Finishing Touches

Jewelry making is a lot of fun, and learning new techniques and tricks is always an exciting venture. It is so rewarding to see your new creations come to fruition. Sometimes though, it just feels like your pieces are missing a little something special. They just need an extra piece or element to make them live up to your boutique-style dreams. The easiest way to find out what your piece is missing is to experiment with different elements and findings. The clasps, findings, and other little details of your jewelry designs make all the difference. From beaded toggle clasps to simple square stitch bails, you can give your pieces a professional look with tutorials like these from AllFreeJewelryMaking.

Jewelry Findings: 8 Fabulous Finishing Touches


How to Make a Beaded Toggle ClaspCreating your own clasps is an easy way to incorporate a dazzling DIY touch. Follow this How to Make a Beaded Toggle Clasp tutorial to learn a new handy jewelry making skill. Bring a touch of sophistication to your homemade pieces by adding the beaded toggle claps to your stash of jewelry making techniques. Here are some other tutorials you can try to experiment with different types of clasps:

Easy Wire S Clasp Tutorial
Garden Gate Clasp Tutorial



How to Use BailsIn addition to clasps, bails are a super simple way to add just a little something extra to your jewelry making projects. This skill is particular helpful for adding a unique component to pendants. Learn about different types of bails and how to use them properly with this helpful How to Use Bails jewelry making tutorial. For other pendant projects that need an extra bit of oomph, you can use these helpful tutorials:

Simple Square Stitch Bail
Curvy Wire Wrapped Pendant
Right Angle Weave Bezel and Bail



How to Attach Fold-Over Crimp EndsNeed even more tips on making beaded jewelry for beginners? Try this video tutorial for How to Attach Fold-Over Crimp Ends when working with cord in your necklace or bracelet projects. If you are working with ribbons, you can try this tutorial for How to Attach Ribbon Crimps. Master these techniques, and give your cord and ribbon necklaces a clean, polished look.



For even more tutorials on jewelry making basics and learning new techniques, be sure to check out AllFreeJewelryMaking.com!

Nunn Design Winter 2014 Collection


Bonus! Want to add more findings into your homemade jewelry collection? Enter to win beautiful findings and jewelry components to help you realize and elevate your own gorgeous jewelry creations with items from the Nunn Design Winter 2014 Collection Giveaway. This season’s collection includes a stunning array of flat tag mini tablets, gold and silver mini earring circles, ornate brooches, clay squishers, and an ornate earrings kit. We are giving away the latest Nunn Design collection to one lucky winner. The deadline to enter is April 14, 2014, at 11:59:59 p.m. Eastern Time.

Which of these techniques do you want to try in your jewelry making?