20 Vacation Bible School Crafts for Every Theme

20 Vacation Bible School Crafts for Every ThemeMake Vacation Bible School even more fun for the kids this year with these really cool project ideas! There are plenty of projects for each theme, so you won’t have to worry about running out of VBS crafts for your kids. With these crafts you can teach your kids so much about the importance of God in their lives and the love that he has for the world as a whole. They’ll have the time of their lives doing these activities, and they’ll get to keep them as a reminder of the wonderful experiences that they had at Vacation Bible School.




Spy Theme

If your theme is the VBS Spy Theme, then we’ve got you covered. Your kids can decode secret messages from God with the Super Secretive Spy Decoder and learn important messages that God tries to convey to us through the everyday miracles of life.

Jungle Safari Theme

Let your kids go on a safari and learn about the beautiful animals that God has created, by having them make some Paper Fold-Up Safari Animals.

Space Theme

Your kids can jump into the deepest parts of space at VBS and admire the vast universe that God has made for them by making their own CD Space Craft. They’ll love learning about the vast universe, and they can even imitate the stars in the heavens with the Glowing Homemade Play Dough Recipe.

Weird Animals

They’ll have a blast crafting the weird animals of the world when they make Funny Fish Paper Crafts or the Slinky Bead Snake Craft. When they make all of these different kinds of animals, they’ll see how each and every one of God’s creations is unique and wonderful.

More VBS Crafts You’ll Love

You can teach them about Exodus and when Moses followed God’s command and freed the slaves of Egypt, by letting them make the Moses and the Red Sea Paper Crafts. All of these projects take no more than an hour to make, which is great for being able to do other activities that you’ve planned for the day. When you have story time, everyone can grab their Campfire S’mores Kabobs and listen to the miracles of the Lord.



38 Sunday School Crafts and Bible School Crafts for KidsAll of these crafts are wonderful for keeping kids occupied and happy, and most of these projects are inexpensive to do with large crowds. If you’re looking for more Vacation Bible School crafts to keep the little ones busy, AllFreeKidsCrafts has you covered! Discover even more crafts in 38 Sunday School Crafts and Bible School Crafts for Kids.

What’s your Vacation Bible School theme?


6 of Our Favorite Tie Dye Designs + A Giveaway!

Groovy. Radical. Totally tubular. There are countless ways you can try to describe the pure awesomeness that is tie dye, but the best way to appreciate this classic summer craft is to jump right in and start making your own! Once you learn a few of the basic tie dye techniques, you can create any kind of tee you can imagine. Tie dye is a favorite of the AllFreeKidsCrafts editors, and while we could give you a whole list of the coolest tie dye designs on the planet, we decided to narrow it down to just a few. Trust us, it was hard to pick just 6 for you to try.

Ready to wear your love of tie dye on your sleeve? Browse our favorite tie dye ideas, and make sure you scroll all the way down for our giveaway! It might just give you extra inspiration for these tie dye designs…

Tie Dye Heart Shirt

Tie Dye Heart Shirt

Do you take your love for tie dye as seriously as we do? Then this is the tie dye T-shirt for you. The Tie Dye Heart Shirt is the tie dye design our readers love the most, and it’s easy to see why. This tee is too cute to ignore!


Carousel Folding Tie Dye Design

Carousel Folding Tie Dye Design

I love the trendy color-block look of this Carousel Folding Tie Dye Design from I Love to Create! Plus, it’s really easy to make, so this tie dye project is definitely kid-approved.


Double Rainbow Dazzle Top

Double Rainbow Dazzle Top

If you’re anything like me, you have a hard time picking 2 or 3 colors to use on your tie dye creations. That’s exactly why I love the Double Rainbow Dazzle Top! This tie dye design looks better with a multitude of hues, so feel free to unleash your love of color.


Drip Drop Tie Dye Design

Drip Drop Tie Dye Design

So the Drip Drop Tie Dye Design might not be tie dye in the traditional twist-and-band sense of the word, but it’s still pretty cool. I love the fact that there’s absolutely no wrong way to make this tie dye tee! This tie dye design definitely wins the award for being the most kid-friendly.


Captain America Tie Dye Tee

Captain America Tie Dye TeeShow off your nerdy side with this Captain America Tie Dye Tee! Guys will totally love this tie dye design, but that doesn’t mean ladies can’t sport this tee as well.


Summer Twist T-Shirt

Summer Twist T-Shirt

You can’t go wrong with the summer camp classics, which is why this tee is my favorite on this whole list. The Summer Twist T-Shirt is the perfect, tried-and-true symbol of summer!


BONUS! Tie Dye Accessories and Tie Dye Home Decor

Tropical Tie-Dye Tee PeeYou didn’t think we were done talking about tie dye, did you? Don’t limit yourself to T-shirts this summer. Go ahead; tie dye everything in sight!


One Step Tie-Dye Kit

Ready to dive into these awesome tie-dye ideas? You need a One Step Tie-Dye Kit from TULIP! The One-Step Tie-Dye Kit provides kids with everything they need to create their own tie dye masterpieces: 3 squeeze bottles, gloves, rubber bands, and a great list of project ideas and inspiration. Grab your T-shirts, and enter to win today! Contest ends June 16th, 2014, at 11:59:59 p.m. Eastern Time.

 Which one of these tie dye designs is your favorite?

All-Star Ideas: 10 Baseball Crafts for Kids

Nothing kicks off summer like baseball season! Picture it: warm summer nights, sharing salted peanuts with your family members, hearing the crack of the bat as the ball soars into the sunset. Baseball is the epitome of a family-focused summer, which means these sports crafts are the perfect way to start your summer off right. From baseball crafts for your child’s bedroom to quick and easy baseball crafts for preschoolers, these all-star ideas will guarantee your family’s summer fun.

All-Star Ideas: 10 Baseball Crafts for Kids


Decorative Baseball Crafts

Turn your future major leaguer’s room into baseball paradise with these decorative crafts.Whether you’re looking for some simple DIY wall decor like the Ballin’ Baseball Wall Art or you want to really knock your child’s room decor out of the park with a Pottery Barn Knock Off Baseball Lamp, these baseball crafts are sure to make your little slugger smile. Once the season ends, you can also use your child’s bat or baseballs to turn each one of these sports crafts into a custom keepsake that will easily transition into their teen years.

  1. Home Run Bookends
  2. Ballin’ Baseball Wall Art
  3. Pottery Barn Knock Off Baseball Lamp from The Country Chic Cottage
  4. Baseball Bat Picture Hanger


Baseball Crafts for a Party

Summer sports are always more fun with friends, so why not invite your child’s baseball team to celebrate their victories with a party? Create Sporty Baseball Centerpieces for the tables, and send the kiddos home with some adorable I Heart Baseball Treats. From DIY party decor to tasty party favors, these baseball crafts will make your child’s party a home run.

  1. Sporty Baseball Centerpieces
  2. I Heart Baseball Treats
  3. Baseball Snack Bag Printable
  4. Baseball Wreath from How to Nest for Less


Easy Baseball Crafts for Kids

You don’t have to throw a party to create some sports crafts with your child. Either of these adorable baseball crafts are ideal for some quick and crafty fun. Make the #1 Baseball Fan Sign with your little ones to take to their older sibling’s game, or help your kids make a keepsake Charmed by Baseball Necklace to remember their first baseball season.

  1. Charmed by Baseball Necklace
  2. #1 Baseball Fan Sign


BONUS! Other All-Star Sports Crafts

If baseball’s not the sport for you, don’t worry! We have tons of other sports crafts that your child will love. Here are a few of our favorites:

What was your favorite sport when you were a child?

On Summer’s Wings: Ladybugs, Bumblebees, and Butterfly Crafts

April showers bring May flowers, and May flowers bring all kinds of cute little critters. Now that the sun is shining strong and the flowers are in bloom, I’ve been seeing a few new faces in my neighborhood…and I’m not just talking about the kids I’ve seen running around outside. Ladybugs, bumblebees, and butterflies are by far the cutest symbols of summer, so now that I’m finally seeing my favorite bugs out and about, I’m feeling inspired!

In honor of all the glorious warm weather we’ve been having, AllFreeKidsCrafts has gathered up our favorite insect-inspired summer crafts for kids.


Lovely Ladybug Crafts

Paper Plate LadybugThis lucky little lady bug has landed here to stay, to make my garden pretty, and keep the weeds away.” Ladybugs might just be my favorite insect of all time; they’re tiny, but their bright burst of red adds a wonderful dash of color to my summer flowers. Plus, ladybug crafts like this Paper Plate Ladybug are super easy for kids to make! Ladybugs are thought to be good luck, so get extra lucky with these super cute summer crafts for kids:

Buzz-worthy Bumblebee Crafts

Bumblebee Garden StonesThese adorable summer crafts are sweeter than honey! Now in real life, I admit it: I’m absolutely 100% terrified of any kind of bee, no matter how harmless. Thanks to these bumblebee crafts, though, I can enjoy one of the most familiar faces of summer without the fear of getting stung. Whether you nest a few of these Bumblebee Garden Stones in your yard or make some Pool Noodle Bumblebees to entertain the kids, these charming little creatures are sure to brighten your day.

Beautiful Butterfly Crafts

Monarch Butterfly Symmetry ArtI’ve saved the most stunning summer crafts for last: butterflies! I’ve never seen a butterfly that I didn’t instantly love. When I was a kid, I loved making projects like Monarch Butterfly Symmetry Art, turning my seemingly-random paint splatters into beautiful butterfly wings. Invite your little ones to spread their creative wings and make these butterfly crafts come to life.


 Would you rather craft a ladybug, a bumblebee, or a butterfly?

Crafts for Boys: 16 Radical Craft Ideas

Crafts for Boys: 16 Radical Craft Ideas

Getting little boys interested in crafting isn’t always easy, especially when they think crafting is nothing more than pom poms and pink stuff. Prove that the wonderful world of crafting is more than just glue and glitter by sharing these creative crafts for boys!

Plus….scroll down for our latest giveaway!

Sports Crafts

I Heart Baseball Edible CraftsHut, hut, HIKE! Gather your little sports fans and give them a pep talk, because it’s time to get crafting. These sports crafts for kids are the perfect way to ease reluctant little ones into crafting, since they’re all low-effort and low-cost. There’s a sports craft out there for every crafty athlete, so don’t waste another minute to swing into creativity.

  1. Number One Baseball Fan
  2. DIY Tabletop Football
  3. Popsicle Stick Skateboards
  4. Printable Tabletop Soccer Game
  5. NEW! I Heart Baseball Edible Crafts


Dinosaur Crafts for Kids

Dinosaur Egg SoapBoys are sure to roar with excitement when they see these DIY dinos! Whether you want to learn how to make fossils with your tiny explorers or simply want to add some prehistoric fun into playtime, these awesome dinosaur crafts will make the kiddos’ boredom go extinct.

  1. Paper Plate Stegosaurus
  2. How to Make Dinosaur Fossils
  3. Magic Hatching Dinosaur Eggs
  4. Jurassic Crayons
  5. Dinosaur Egg Soap

See More Dinosaur Crafts


Superhero Crafts

Super Simple Super CapesIt’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s….the coolest collection of superhero craft ideas ever! Every little man deserves to have the chance to play the hero, and thanks to these crafts for boys, they can get ready to take on the world. No matter which famous hero your little boy loves (or even if he made up his own), these kids’ crafts will help him play the part.

  1. Fantastic Felt Superhero Masks
  2. Comic Book Banner
  3. Batman Bath Towel Cape
  4. Captain America’s Shield
  5. Super Simple Super Capes
  6. Superhero Storage Jars

See More Superhero Crafts



GIVEAWAY! Need more brilliant ideas for crafty boys? Boycraft will help your little man learn how to make papier mache, sew, knit, and make all kinds of awesome kids’ crafts, and you have the chance to win a copy. Click here to read more and enter to win a copy of Boycraft! The deadline to enter is May 12th, 2014, at 11:59:59 p.m. Eastern Time, so enter today!




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DIY Home Decor: 19 Homemade Suncatchers to Make

DIY Home Decor: 19 Homemade Suncatchers to MakeThe first day of spring will come in exactly seven days from today, and here at AllFreeKidsCrafts we are definitely counting down. When spring finally arrives, that means we can dive headfirst into our favorite spring crafts for kids: homemade suncatchers! Making decorative crafts like these is the perfect way to add a little cheer to your home, and we guarantee that kids will love these colorful crafts.

There are tons of ways you can make your own suncatchers, depending on the craft supplies you have at hand. With these kids’ craft projects, you can learn how to make suncatchers out of just about anything, from paper to pony beads and so much more. Homemade suncatchers also make great homemade gift ideas for any member of your family, too! After all, who doesn’t enjoy a little pop of color in their day? These home decor craft ideas are sure to delight your entire family. Make an array of these homemade suncatchers now, and enjoy them through spring and summer!

Melted Bead Projects

Melted Bead Suncatcher Craft for KidsBeads aren’t just for making jewelry. These plastic bead suncatchers are tons of fun to make, and they’re essentially effortless. All you have to do is pick your favorite homemade suncatcher from the list below, grab beads in all your favorite colors, and get crafting!


Recycled Crafts

Sunny Day Hot Air BalloonsWhen spring arrives, skip the trip to the store and start planning for sunshine by making these thrifty homemade suncatchers! With these recycled crafts, you can get the dazzling homemade decorations you’re looking for without spending a cent. Who knew crafts with household items could be so beautiful?



Melted Crayon Art Ideas

Melted Crayon Animal SuncatchersCrayons are a go-to material when it comes to crafting with kids, so why not turn a tried-and-true favorite into a completely original art project idea? Melted crayon art ideas that double as DIY home decor are simply brilliant, and they’re fun for kids to make.



Paper Crafts for Kids

Million Dollar SuncatchersDid you know that you can transform tissue paper crafts into stunning homemade decorations for your windows? Suncatchers are the perfect paper crafts for kids to make to celebrate sunny weather, and they’re perfect for toddlers and preschoolers to try since they are no tricky techniques involved.


Other Homemade Suncatchers

Stained Glass Suncatcher ClingStill need more home decor ideas? We’re a little obsessed with stained glass crafts, so these homemade suncatchers are a few of our favorites. Learn how to make suncatchers that will amaze everyone with these easy home decor crafts.

Which one of these homemade suncatchers do you want in your window?

LEGO Ideas: 8 Crafty Ways to Get Pumped for The LEGO Movie

diy-lego-crafts-ideasAre your kids going crazy for the new LEGO movie? It’s easy to see why the latest computer-animated comedy has received so much attention. LEGOs have been popular toys for decades, and the franchise continues to churn out new LEGOs to inspire us year after year. Now that there’s a new movie about our all-time favorite toy, those of us at AllFreeKidsCrafts are just too excited to share some crafty LEGO ideas!

I won’t spoil anything for you about the movie, but I will say this: The LEGO Movie is hilariously charming, and it’s fun for both children and adults (an absolute necessity in animated films). Plus, with big name actors (Will Ferrel as the LEGO villain and Morgan Freeman as the wise old LEGO wizard? We love it.) and LEGO-ified superheroes combined with a touching message, there’s just so much to love. And if you already love LEGOs, you simply can’t miss this movie!

Ready to fuel your love for LEGOs? It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen the movie twice already or are counting down the days until you get to go, you’re going to go crazy for these awesome LEGO ideas.

#1: Prep Your Space

IKEA Hack Lego TableWhere do you usually play with LEGOs? If your LEGOs are spread out all over the house, it might be time to turn to these organizing ideas. After all, once you see the movie you’re going to be too excited to play with your LEGOs to bother cleaning them up! Update your LEGO table with these thrifty ideas:

#2: Color and Paint: LEGO Art Project Ideas

Lego Stamp ArtYou love building your own creations out of LEGOs, but if you’ve been building for hours you might need a break. If that’s the case, why not turn to some new art project ideas?



#3: Dress the Part

DIY Lego Costume

Show the world just how much you love LEGOs with this unique DIY Lego Costume!

…alright, so we might be taking one this a little too literally, but you can’t deny that wearing your own creative homemade costume is a blast. Plus, you’ll be the only person in the movie theater dressed like a LEGO block! Grab a group of friends, and make a DIY Lego Costume in every color for even more fun.

#4:Accessorize with DIY Jewelry

LEGO Friendship BraceletIf dressing like a LEGO block isn’t quite your style, you can still show your love for LEGOs with these DIY jewelry projects. Use these easy LEGO ideas as gifts for your friends and family, or make them for yourself to wear to go see the LEGO movie.

#5: Snack on Homemade Desserts

Easy LEGO CookiesThe best LEGO ideas are also the tastiest. Easy homemade desserts like these are perfect for party food, especially since even little ones can help out. These delicious treats are an absolute must-make if you’re planning to throw a LEGO party in honor of the new movie.

#6: Try Unexpected LEGO Ideas

LEGO BlockDid you know you can build LEGO creations out of yarn? It’s totally possible. If you don’t believe us, see for yourself! This crocheted LEGO block is easier to make than you might think, and the possibilities are endless! Once you’ve made a few of these cozy LEGO blocks, you can turn them into anything you want. Stitch them together to make a pillow, a blanket, or even an awesome LEGO drawstring bag!


#7: Deck Out Your House

LEGO Display FrameIs your LEGO obsession too big for one room? We understand. That’s why we gathered these DIY home decor projects for you!



 #8: Watch the Trailer!

Have you seen the LEGO Movie yet?

Legos have so many possibilities! Check out our fun ideas on Pinterest.
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Wedding Planning Tips: Kid-Friendly Wedding Ideas

Hot Air Balloon Sweets Table

Some brides make the decision to make their wedding a kid-free affair. This can eliminate some hassle. It can also mean some of your most beloved friends and family members will not be able to attend. If you don’t want to force your friends into getting a sitter, try these unique wedding ideas for keeping kids busy at your wedding. These Wedding Planning Tips: Kid-Friendly Wedding Ideas are sure to make it a stress-free experience for both parent and child. As long as you plan ahead and think about the kiddos along the way, you will have no problem having kids (no matter how rambunctious) attend your festivities.

Tip One: Keep Kids Busy and Occupied

DIY Wooden SwingKids act out and start to misbehave when they are bored. If they cannot keep their little brains happy, they start to get rambunctious. The best way to plan for this is to install kid-friendly wedding ideas into your wedding from the start. Surprisingly enough, plenty unique wedding ideas double as boredom-busters for kids.
1. Use free wedding printables like this I Do Printable Activities for Kids during the ceremony and dinner downtime.
2. Install fun little activities like this DIY Wooden Swing, so they have a place to play.
3. For older kids, you can get their brains working with a fun scavenger hunt and photo activity. Free wedding printables are perfect for this.

Tip Two: Involve Them in the Process

Adorable Kids TableKids will also act out when they feel like they are not getting enough attention. Since weddings are such an adult-centered event, you really need to plan for the little ones. If they feel like they’re involved, they won’t act out quite as much. Use these unique wedding ideas to keep adults and kids involved.
1. Give them their very own table at your DIY wedding. If they have their very own space and it is exciting enough, they won’t be running to mom and dad constantly.
2. Let them do some of the big kid stuff like hopping into your DIY photo booth and playing with props like these Goofball Photo Booth Props. Kids absolutely love taking silly photos.
3. Since kids will probably refuse to step out of that DIY photo booth, create a separate play area that is similar for them. This dress-up box is a brilliant kid-friendly wedding idea.

Tip Three: Think Like A Parent

Kid-Friendly FoodOne reason parents are so great at keeping kids busy is that they are fantastic at anticipating what a child will do. When you are planning your wedding, seek out unique wedding ideas that will make your wedding tables and reception kid-friendly and safe.
1. Use unique wedding ideas like these General Store Candy Jars or this Hot Air Balloon Sweets Table to provide sweet treats for the little ones as well as limiting access to it. If you have a candy table, parents can control how much the kids grab instead of your over-worked waitstaff who might have a hard time saying no.
2. Keep wedding tables clear of danger. If you have a beautiful DIY centerpieces at every table, skip it at the kids’ table. This is especially true for DIY centerpieces with glass or lit candles in them. Better yet, find a centerpiece that will be out of reach like these Sensational Sky DIY Centerpieces.
3. Serve kid-friendly food. This is probably one of the most important tips to take with you. Kids will probably refuse to eat your yummy salmon dish or fancy chicken. Be prepared to offer something like these Dinosaur Shaped Sandwiches to keep their bellies happy. Hungry kids are naughty kids.


Enter to win a darling Bridal Bundle for yourself or your favorite bride! The giveaway ends at midnight on February 10, and you can enter once a day.

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Loom Love: 11 Rainbow Loom Patterns for Valentine’s Day

Have you fallen in love with Rainbow Loom bracelets? So have we! As you already know, Rainbow Loom bracelets are the perfect accessory for just about any occasion…so why not make some new designs for Valentine’s Day?

To show our love for you, our lovely readers, we brainstormed new ideas, found some new Rainbow Loom patterns, and even included a special surprise at the bottom of this post. Enjoy, and don’t forget to spread the Loom Love!

11 Rainbow Loom Patterns for Valentine's Day

Ideas: Rainbow Loom Designs

Beautiful Bow Rainbow Loom BraceletsFishtail Rainbow Loom Bracelets

Update these classic Rainbow Loom bracelets for Cupid’s favorite holiday! Whether you’re making them for yourself or your BFF, Rainbow Loom bracelets are a super fun accessory for February 14th. Here’s how to turn our favorite Rainbow Loom patterns into something special for Valentine’s Day:

Fishtail Rainbow Loom Bracelets: pink, white, red…create pretty patterns with these romantic colors! Stack a ton of these on your arm for a super-festive look.

Easy Bead Rainbow Loom Bracelets: simply choose beads and rubber bands in festive Valentine’s Day colors, and you’re good to go. You don’t even need the loom for this one! Bonus points if you use heart-shaped beads!

Charmed Rainbow Loom Bracelets: have any adorable heart-shaped charms around the house? This tutorial will teach you how to add them to your Rainbow Loom bracelets. Talk about a classy accessory.

Beautiful Bow Rainbow Loom Bracelets: Give your beau a bow with this adorable Rainbow Loom design!

Printable Valentines

Easy and Adorable Printable ValentinesOver the Loom Printable Valentines

Already have a ton of bracelets whipped up that you don’t know what to do with? Give your friends the gift of a brand new Rainbow Loom bracelet for Valentine’s Day this year. You simply can’t go wrong with printable valentines like these, since they’re so easy to make. From ‘punny’ to pretty, you won’t want to miss these unique Valentine’s Day craft ideas:

 Love these valentine ideas for kids? Learn how to combine your rainbow loom bracelets with a photo of you for a super cool valentine!

BONUS! Rainbow Loom Video Tutorials

We love trying new things! Here are some incredible Rainbow Loom tutorials you just have to try:

How to Make a Valentine’s Single Rainbow Loom Bracelet

Valentine Heart Rainbow Loom Bracelet

Ready to show off your skills on the Rainbow Loom? This bracelet is the perfect accessory for February 14th.

Rainbow Loom Heart Charm

Beginners, approach this tutorial with caution. The Heart Charm is a little tricky, but it’s totally adorable. Give it a shot!

Layered Heart Rainbow Loom Pattern

This particular pattern is relatively easy. You can even turn this rainbow loom design into a fashionable hair clip to wear to school!


Which one of these tutorials do you want to try?

Candy-Free Alternatives: 9 Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids: 9 Valentine's Day Ideas You'll LoveRHas your child’s school restricted what kinds of gifts and treats kids can bring to class? Whether your kids like it or not, a candy-less Valentine’s Day might be headed your way… but that’s no reason to fall out of love with the season of love! AllFreeKidsCrafts always believes that crafting is a great way to express the way you feel, and that’s especially true around Valentine’s Day. With our latest crafty collection of valentine ideas, you’ll be completely charmed by Valentine’s Day all over again.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t always get quite as much fanfare as other holidays, but we think these festive Valentine’s Day crafts for kids might change that. The Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids: 9 Valentine’s Day Ideas You’ll Love free eBook is more than the perfect resource for kids to craft gifts for friends, teachers, and relatives. Kids will discover delightful new ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and families will find entertaining activities for spending time together.

Homemade Valentine Cards, DIY Jewelry, and more

Have you been struck by Cupid’s arrow of curiosity? Here’s a preview of the crafts inside Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids: 9 Valentine’s Day Ideas You’ll Love:

Conversation Heart Treat Baskets

If you can’t bring candy for your classmates, you can still whip up something sweet to give as a gift! Conversation Heart Treat Baskets look like the real deal, but you can throw in any sort of trinkets for your friends. Valentine’s Day crafts for these are so creative and fun, and there are plenty more to discover in this delightful eBook.

Hand Print on My Heart CardOne of the most heartwarming aspects of the Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids: 9 Valentine’s Day Ideas You’ll Love eBook is the sentimental homemade cards kids can make. Sure, it might be easier to buy a card or valentine from the store, but making something that came from your heart is a much more sincere way to show someone you love them.

Want to know the best thing about these cute Valentine’s Day craft ideas? No matter if you have tons of time or only a little, we’ve gathered some kid-friendly crafts that work for any schedule. This collection of Valentine’s Day craft ideas has a project that will help you make the most out of whatever family time you have.

Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids: 9 Valentine's Day Ideas You'll Love

You can find all of these Valentine’s Day crafts for kids in our newest free eBook, Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids: 9 Valentine’s Day Ideas You’ll Love. Click here to download your copy, grab a few new ideas, and start celebrating the season of love with the people that matter most!


How did you celebrate Valentine’s Day when you were a child?