20 Easy Summer Crafts for Kids

Summer Crafts for Kids

Summer is such a fantastic time for crafting with kids because without homework, they have extra time to get outside to work on summer projects and try easy science experiments. Best of all, doing crafts with your kids is a great way to get the entire family together.

Not sure what to make? Craft ideas for kids are so much fun to search for. I know, because I took care of it for you! I found crafts using recycled items, I found crafts using paint, I even found easy crafts for kids that light up. Your summer is gonna rock!


Summer Crafts For Kids

1.A fun flower embellishment for your summer sandals from FaveCrafts
2.A pair of plain shoes freshened up with brightly colored tie dye from FaveCrafts
3.A simple dreamcatcher that will chase the bad dreams away from A Little Craft In Your Day
4.A plain t-shirt made colorful and cute with sponge painting from A Little Craft In Your Day
5.A pretty and handy sticky note memo holder from Creative Cyn Chronicity
6.Kids’ tasty lip gloss made with powdered drink mix from Adventures In All Things Food
7.An aquarium from of a mason jar from Hello Wonderful
8.A super fun bouncy ball that really does bounce from My Frugal Adventures
9. Adorable fireflies that really light up from Apartment Therapy
10. A recycled soda bottle mini garden pet from Beautiful Home and Garden
11. Homemade sidewalk chalk that you can then create more art with from Princess and Pinky Girl
12. A sea-faring whale made of egg cartons from I Heart Crafty Things
13. A plastic bag and a plastic bottle transformed into a jellyfish in a bottle from Bhoom Play
14. Paper tube confetti launchers from Piikea Street
15.A colorful and trendy metal washer pendant from Small For Big from Small For Big
16. A glass gem sun catcher craft from Kids Activity Blog
17. Tin can wind chimes from A Girl and a Glue Gun
18. Squirt gun painting from Fire Flies and Mud Pies
19. Buggles in a tin travel toy from Pebbles and Piggy Tails
20. Sand casting at the beach from Artful Parent


Are there any other easy crafts for kids you’d like to share! Write about them in the comment box below!


Easy Yarn Crafts for Kids: Cup Weaving Tutorial

cup-weavingEasy crafts with yarn that are not crochet or knit can be hard to come by. I like to find yarn crafts that are creative and functional but also perfect for kids. This tutorial from Yarnspirations fits the bill and we are so excited to share it with you. Organize your desk with these woven cups and show off your love for yarn! These cupse are a great way to use up yarn and teach kids a new weaving technique.


  • Version I Caron® Simly Soft® Paints Peacock Feather – 1 ball
  • Version II Caron® Simply Soft®  Ocean – 1 ball, Cool Green – 1 ball, Neon Green – 1 ball, Neon Yellow – 1 ball
  • Plastic cup (cup shown is 20 oz/476 ml size).
  • Marker.
  • Tape.
  • Scissors.
  • Printed template.
  • Glue (hot glue and glue gun is recommended – adult supervision required).


1. Place cup upside down on printed template, centering the mouth of cup within the circle. (See template on page 3).

2. Mark cup at each dividing line with maker.

3. Repeat Steps 1 & 2 at base of cup.

4. Cut down sides of cup at each mark from mark at mouth of cup to mark at base of cup leaving approximately ¼” [0.5 cm] uncut at base. You will have 1 1 weaving strips.

5. Tape end of yarn to the inside bottom of the cup.

6. Weave yarn in and out of strips, pushing weaving to bottom of cup as you work.


1. Cut first yarn and bring tail to inside (see blue yarn in photo). Place end of new second color inside cup, skipping one weaving strip (see green yarn in photo).

2. Begin weaving with new color, trapping yarn tails between weaving and inside of cup as you go.

3. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 as necessary for desired stripe pattern.

TO FINISH – Both Versions

Cut yarn and tuck tail into weaving at inside of cup. Dab with glue and let dry to secure.

BRAID: Cut 12 lengths of yarn approximately 36” [91.5 cm] long. Tie strands together close to one end. Divide strands into groups of 4 and braid together, tying a knot to secure end. Glue braid around top edge of cup, cutting to size and securing ends at inside of cup with glue (cut off any knots to avoid bulk). Make a second braid and glue around bottom of cup in the same manner.

What would you use these cups for?


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Easter Arts and Crafts: The Cutest Easter Craft to Make with Your Kiddos this Spring

This craft is a fun project for any holiday or season and makes a fun and festive wall hanging. It’s a great project to do with kids of any age for Easter this year!finishedSupplies

  • Model Magic dough – you can buy it or make your own, I used this recipe.
  • Spring or Easter shaped cookie cutters
  • Drinking straw
  • Craft paint and paintbrushes
  • Glitter (optional)
  • Dowel rod
  • Baker’s twine or yarn
  • Tarp (I use a garbage bag)

I got a variety of different spring and Easter shaped cookie cutters in different sizes, I used eggs, a bunny, a butterfly, and flowers. Model Magic dough works really well for this because it’s not too heavy when it dries. You can buy the Crayola brand or you can make your own. I split the recipe in half and still had a lot of dough. Make sure to roll out the dough evenly and thin. A few of my shapes were too thick and took a really long time to dry and then they ended up cracking when they finally did dry. The dough air dries but takes awhile, so you might want to prep this step ahead of time if you have impatient younger kids wanting to paint.
When your dough is still wet, take a drinking straw and poke a hole for hanging.


I picked a palette of spring colors to use for painting the ornaments.

You can have a lot of fun painting these, get creative and make some fun shapes that will really brighten up the room!



paintedegg paintedbutterflies


My daughter insisted on using glitter but this step is definitely optional. She added it directly to the wet paint which works well to make it stick but still ends up with a big glittery mess. If you do use the glitter it might be a good idea to add a layer of Mod Podge over to top to seal them and hopefully keep the glitter in place!


Once we had painted them all we created our wall hanging. I used baker’s twine because I love the spring colors and the twist of white, but really any yarn or string will work.


Take a piece of twine and tie a knot on each end of your dowel rod, leaving some slack in the middle for hanging.


I stringed the twine through the hole and then tied it to the dowel rod. I used a variety of the different sizes and hung the strings at varying heights.

This was a fun and inexpensive way to add some Easter decor to the house and really get ready for spring!



What do your kids love most about spring and Easter?

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16 Plastic Spoon Crafts for the Thrifty Crafter

Have you ever considered plastic spoons as a staple craft supply? If you haven’t, you need to see all of the amazing things you can make with them! I personally love plastic spoons because of how inexpensive they are and the never ending variety of colors that they come in. Plastic spoons can be found anywhere; I like to pick them up at the dollar store. They usually have a very large selection and you can get a lot of spoons for just one dollar. You can create amazing wreaths, kid crafts, decor, and more with plastic spoons. We have rounded up some of our favorite Plastic Spoon Crafts from talented craft bloggers for you today.

There are many fun techniques for crafting with plastic spoons. One of my personal favorites is cutting them up and spray painting them. You’re able to customize them to any color you like. I really like trying out the ombre effect. You can also melt the spoons and create plastic spoon roses. If you would like to learn more about that special technique, check out #14- Plastic Spoon Roses.


1. Plastic Spoon Puppets from Creative Jewish Mom
2. Maracas from Plastic Spoons from Dana Made It
3. Plastic Spoon Flowers from A Cross The Blvd
4. Chocolate Spoon Gift idea from Red Ted Art
5. Pineapple Lamp from Craft Foxes
6. Plastic Spoon Wall Decor from Jeanetics
7. Bug Craft with Plastic Spoons from Perfect Playgroup
8. Plastic Spoon Laurel Wreaths from A Subtle Revelry
9. Plastic Spoon Lamp from Handimania
10. Plastic Spoon Christmas Tree from One Project Closer
11. Plastic Spoon Fall Pumpkin DIY from Club Chica Circle
12. Pottery Barn Inspired Hurricane with Plastic Spoons from The Happier Homemaker
13. Plastic Spoon Snowmen in Clay Pots from Crafts By Amanda
14. Plastic Spoon Roses from Favecrafts
15. Spring Flower Garland with Plastic Spoons from Club Chica Circle
16. DIY Spoon Mirror from Crafters Anonymous


These plastic spoon crafts are so much fun! All the ideas for creating with plastic spoons is really fascinating. Kids will love all the fun and easy ideas that they can create with plastic spoons.

Leave us a comment telling us what Plastic Spoon Craft you’re going to try first!


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10 Ways to Make Homemade Playdough and Homemade Slime

10 Ways to Make Homemade Playdough and Homemade SlimePlaydough and slime are making a come-back! When I was younger, playdough and slime was all the rage among my friends, especially the little playdough kits that you could use to make your little plastic people grow crazy hair. The slime was equally as fun because of the ooey-gooey feeling between your fingers. We always used to pretend that they were little aliens.

Now, I can only imagine how much better playing with playdough and slime would have been if I had learned how to make homemade playdough and homemade slime. When I saw the Giant Bubble Slime Recipe, I literally did a double-take. Now you can blow bubbles with your slime? I thought to myself that this slime recipe would be a huge hit for my niece. She loves bubbles and slime, so putting those two together would have her overjoyed.

These days there are just so many awesome ways that playdough and slime can be made! All of these recipes will definitely have your little ones super excited about being able to be a little inventive with their toys. I have officially become the “favorite” aunt because of these fun recipes that I gave my little niece. Every time I go to visit her, she asks if I have a new recipe for her.

Incredibly Easy Homemade Playdough

Galaxy GooHomemade playdough is definitely the star of the kids’ craft world. Your little ones can take regular playdough and put a fun new twist on it! They can make Galaxy Goo that looks exactly like the night sky, or they can make the Edible Oatmeal Playdough Recipe. When you tell them that they can now eat their homemade playdough, they won’t believe their little ears! Now they can make their wonderful creations and eat them, which is most kids’ dream when it comes to playing with playdough.

Slippery Slime Recipes

Sparkly Ocean Slime RecipeKids love the gooey feeling of homemade slime because they’re very interested in different textures. They love to hold things with their little hands, and they love to make things with their hands even more. These recipes are so simple that they could probably learn how to make slime all by themselves. They will have a blast putting a fun summertime twist on their homemade slime with the Sparkly Ocean Slime Recipe. They’ll be captivated by how their ocean slime sparkles just like the ocean waters would in the sunlight. There are so many fun slime recipes for your kids to chose from that they won’t be able to decide which one to make first.



Golden Glitter Slime without Borax


How to Make Homemade Playdough: 22 Recipes for Homemade Playdough and Homemade Slime has a lot more fun homemade playdough and slime recipes that your little ones can try!



What types of homemade playdough and homemade slime have your little ones made?

16 Honestly Easy Kids’ Craft Ideas

16 Honestly Easy Kids' Craft IdeasThe big thing about finding crafts for your kids is worrying if they will be able to do them by themselves. Younger kids always like to show their independence by creating things on their own. We all hate to see when this happens, but this is a great way for them to gain their footing in the world. So why not encourage their new-found independence with some fun and easy crafts that will blow their minds? They can get as independent as they want to with these easy crafts.

There will not be a chance for them to sigh with boredom when they play with their Giant Bubble Slime Recipe or with their Fun Exploding Paint Bags. There are even fun edible crafts that will get them excited about cooking and turning their tasty treats into little works of art. Every kid loves eating sweet treats, so why not make it even more fun for your kids by letting them make their treats themselves?





Amazingly Fun and Easy Crafts

Neon Glowing Water BeadsAll of these fun and easy crafts will have your little ones super excited about craft time. They will love the Lots o Dots Tie Dye T-Shirt because what kid doesn’t like to design his or her own T-shirt? Tie dye is definitely all the rage for kids right now, so add something to your list of fun crafts for kids that they won’t be able to say no to. There are also tons of other crafts for your kids if they would rather do something else. They can do anything from making their own Galaxy Goo to Rockin’ Melted Crayon Art.

Super Easy Edible Crafts

Sweet as Nectar Butterfly PizzaOf course kids are always after the sweet and the sugary, so be the best parent on the planet and introduce them to these fun and easy edible crafts. They will go nuts over the Edible Puzzle because they finally get to play with their food before they eat it! This  concept will definitely catch them by surprise. Now, there are other yummy edible crafts that won’t get your little ones all sugared up and bouncing off of the walls. They can try their little artistic hands at the Sweet as Nectar Butterfly Pizza, and make their yummy butterfly treat as cute and colorful as they can.

Easy Crafts for Outdoor Fun

Easy Homemade Bubble SolutionKids hate being cooped up inside all day, especially when it’s bright and sunny outside. Now they can be even more excited about running outside and into the warm sunshine with their Easy Homemade Bubble Solution. Now they can blow tons of bubbles and run to pop them. These fun easy crafts are definitely what your kids will need to have the best time of their lives outside.


Eye-catching Marbled Fish ArtThe great thing about easy crafts is that your kids can make them all by themselves and then surprise you with what they created! 27 Easy Kids’ Crafts for Toddlers and Preschoolers has even more fun ideas that will have your kids super excited about craft time.







What kind of easy crafts do your little ones like to do?

Kids and Camping Hacks: 17 Camping Crafts for Kids

Keep Kids Busy

Ah, camping! It is one of the best summer activities. With warm weather and your family, you can escape to the woods or the lake with just a handful of supplies. In theory, camping is fun for the whole family. Time away means tuning out the rest of the world and spending time with one another, but kids do not always see it that way. Keep little ones busy and entertained by making these camping crafts for kids before you are tucked safely into your camper or tent out in the wilderness. Instead of giving them time to complain about missing their televisions and iPads, engage their little minds and hands with some summer crafts for kids. Whether they are playing pretend inside DIY tent summer camp crafts or waiting out the rain with a quiet book pattern or classic summer camp crafts, your kids are sure to have a lovely time exploring these camping crafts for kids. We have collected these Kids and Camping Hacks: 17 Camping Crafts for Kids.

Make Them Their Very Own Tent

While most camping crafts for kids involve the little ones actually making the project, these DIY tents are just too perfect to not put in this blog post. Let your little ones play pretend with their very own tent or teepee. These summer camp crafts would be perfect for a backyard sleepover, too!

Child’s Outdoor Tent
Children’s Hula Hoop Play Tent
Toddler DIY Teepee

Summer Camp Crafts to Keep Your Camp Kid-Friendly

Use these DIY picnic blankets and other camp crafts to make sure your space is perfect for kids. If they have their very own placemat or blanket to sit on, kids are much less likely to get into huge messes while rolling in the grass or mud.

Traveling Placemat Tutorial
Patchwork Picnic Blanket
Outstanding Outdoor Pillow
Great Outdoor Baby Blanket
How to Make a Waterproof Picnic Blanket Tote
Waterproof Park Blanket Tutorial

Summer Camp Crafts for Rainy Days

Come armed and prepared for the inevitable rainy day. It is Newton’s Law of Camping that you will have to suffer through at least one rainy day. If you don’t have a place to explore for an indoor day trip, these quick camping crafts for kids will keep your little ones busy in the tent.

Yo Gabba Gabba Quiet Book
Vegetable Garden Quiet Book
Battleships Folders Tutorial
Baby’s First Book

Friendship Bracelets Summer Camp Crafts

What says summer camping and summer camp more than an old-fashioned friendship bracelet-making session. Friendship bracelets are easy to make, easy to cater to any skill level, and take up very few supplies. This would be a great craft for moms and little girls to make around the campfire but you don’t have to leave out the boys. Every little kid on this planet loves a good friendship bracelet. Plus, they make great gifts for mom or grandma!

God’s Eye
How to Make a Friendship Bracelet with a Recycled Lid
Twisty Bracelet Pattern
Leaf Pattern Friendship Bracelet

If you love these camping crafts for kids, check out these 23 Summer Outdoor Activities and Camp Crafts for Kids and 12 Free Apron Patterns & Easy Garden Ideas.

What is your favorite summer camping or summer camp memory?

15 Paper Crafts Your Kids Have to Try

15 Paper Crafts Your Kids Have to Try Whoever thought paper could be so much fun? What’s so amazing about paper crafts is that you can go outside of the box, and make whatever your heart desires! My kids love making paper crafts, and right now, they’re into making paper flowers and paper animal crafts. I’m always eager for them to gain new interests like these because they get to express their creativity through something that they love to do. They went nuts over the Floating Butterflies when I showed them the craft idea. Right now, we have butterflies floating in almost every doorway in our home. My little girl loves running through them as she pretends to catch them.

Your kids will love all of these paper crafts because they’re super easy and loads of fun. I’ve even made a few of these crafts myself. The awesome thing about these crafts is that some of them involve other materials, such as paint and coloring tools. You can capture your kids’ attention for hours with these wonderful crafts.

Gorgeous DIY Paper Flowers

Crepe Paper FlowersOur home has a gorgeous array of different DIY flowers, which I absolutely love, because there is just something about a homemade flower that adds a little character. My kids love making paper flowers, and everyone who steps through our front door most definitely notices. I’m always proud to say that my little ones made me those gorgeous little works of art. So naturally, I’m always looking for fun new flower crafts that they can get a hold of with their little hands. Their new favorite flower craft is the Tissue Paper Water Lilies. They’re so life-like and beautiful that everyone comments on them, which makes my kids burst with happiness.

Silly Animal Paper Crafts

Colorful Scales Rainbow FishEvery kid loves crafting when animal crafts are involved. Your kids will have a blast making animals like the Paper Plate Penguin and the Handprint Owls because there are different materials that they get to play around with. They’ll love having the opportunity to get their hands covered in paint to make their little owls.

More Paper Crafts

Unexpected Paper DollsThere’s nothing like enjoying a beautiful summer’s night outside with the romantic lighting from the Lovely Little LED Lanterns. These DIY lanterns are gorgeous little additions to my outdoor patio. My kids love that something they created is used for everyone to enjoy.


33 Kids' Paper Craft Projects


Discover more fun crafts in this collection of 33 Kids’ Paper Craft Projects. Your kids will excited at all of these new crafts you show them!



What kind of paper crafts do your little ones like to do?

15 Fun 4th of July Crafts Your Kids Will Love

15 Fun 4th of July Crafts Your Kids Will Love One of the best things about the 4th of July is the time that you get to spend with your family celebrating Independence Day with 4th of July crafts, food, and fireworks. Every year my kids and I prepare for the 4th by putting together a list of fun patriotic activities that they want to do the most. Of course, my kids usually go straight for the 4th of July DIY accessories that they can wear to our annual red, white, and blue bash. This year my daughter insists upon making the  Patriotic Firecracker Tie Dye T-Shirt to wear to the party. Lately, she has been all about the tie dye shirt activities. It’s such an adorable shirt that it made the kids’ crafts list immediately.

I love kids’ crafts like these because they are all so simple and inexpensive. My kids can do most of these crafts by themselves, which I find they enjoy even more because they like to make crafts and then surprise me when they’re finished.


DIY Accessories for the 4th of July

Firework Tops for the FourthMake your 4th of July party a blast with these adorable accessories that your kids can make and wear to show their patriotism. Your kids can glam up their outfit with the Rockets’ Red Glare Bracelet, or they can add a burst of red, white, and blue to their attire with Firework Tops for the Fourth.

4th of July Dessert Recipes

American Flag PretzelsYou can add a blast of fun and color to your party desserts with these yummy 4th of July dessert recipes. These recipes are great to make with your kids because they’re so simple. My kids absolutely love it when we make the Fourth of July Fruit Flag Cake. They enjoy arranging the fruit on the cake to make it look like the American flag.

More 4th of July Crafts for Kids

Confetti Popper RocketsOne of the biggest parts of a 4th of July party is being outside, so why not let your kids create beautiful lighting with Fourth of July Luminaries? These gorgeous lanterns will give your outdoor party the spark that it needs, and your guests will enjoy the personal touch that your kids made to the party with their Fourth of July crafts.




You can never have enough red, white, and blue fun with your kids. If you’re always looking for more 4th of July crafts for your kids like I am, then download your free copy of 21 American Craft Projects: Patriotic Crafts for Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and 4th of July Crafts for Kids free eBook. There are tons of adorable Fourth of July crafts that your kids will love!




How are you celebrating the 4th with your little ones?

10 Thrifty Recycled Crafts for Summer Fun

10 Thrifty Recycled Crafts for Summer FunEvery kid looks forward to summertime because they get to spend some time doing fun creative activities. Kids get to let loose and run around outside in the sun instead of being in a classroom all day. The challenge, though, is keeping your kids occupied with fun summer activities. My kids are all energy and no down time, so I’m constantly searching for new activities to keep them entertained. Now, I love using recycled crafts to entertain my children because I don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money on projects to keep them occupied. I’ve found that the coolest recycled craft that my kids love are the Adorable Minion Lawn Darts because they can’t get enough of the Minions. This fun craft keeps them outside for hours at a time. I have a hard time getting them to come inside when it’s time for lunch.

Of course, you need to plan for the summer days when the weather might not be as nice as you’d like it to be, so it’s always a great idea to add some indoor activities to your list. Any time I come across cardboard boxes, I immediately grab them because my kids love turning them into a fort or Creative Cardboard Box Cars. They always have a blast making things out of the cardboard boxes. Sometimes they prefer playing with cardboard boxes over anything else. That’s why it’s always a good idea to find new cardboard boxes to bring home.

Most of the materials for these crafts were already in my house, so I didn’t have to scramble around town looking for things that my children can use for their crafts. These no-fuss crafts really made it easier for me to keep my children happy.


Outdoor Activities

Summertime is all about playing with your kids outside in the sun, so you need to have some fun summer activities that will get the whole family outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. The Water Bottle Rocket is the perfect kids craft to get your little ones outside; after all, what kid doesn’t like to shoot things off into into the air?



Indoor Activities

Indoor activities are always a great idea to have for when it’s nasty and rainy outside. Your kids can throw a burst of color into a cloudy day when they make Color Burst Melted Crayon Art. This a great activity idea to do, especially when your kids have a bunch of old, broken crayons that they never use.


The Ultimate Guide to Summer Fun


If you’re looking for some more summer fun ideas to have with your children, check out the Ultimate Guide to Summer Fun, hosted by our friends at True Aim Education!



What summertime activities do your little ones love to do?