Fall International Quilt Market 2013 Recap #1: Catching Up with Our Designers

Quilt Market Recap


Team FaveQuilts was given the pleasure of attending International Quilt Market Houston 2013, and while we were enjoying some gorgeous quilt patterns and plenty of amazing fabrics, we also had the pleasure of running into some designers we feature right on our site!

Lindsay Conner

Lindsay Conner








Our first stop was at the booth from our friends at C&T Publishing where we ran into Lindsay Conner, who you will recognize from both Lindsay Sews and Craft Buds. She’s promoting her brand new book, Modern Bee: 13 Quilts to Make with Friends, an incredibly helpful look into the world of quilting bees and how to successfully participate in one. We were even able to get a signed copy!

Our favorite projects from Lindsay:


Christina Cameli

Christina Cameli








We were also very excited to find out another one of our favorite designers was working with C&T Publishing; Christina Cameli of A Few Scraps has released the must-read First Steps to Free-Motion Quilting: 24 Projects for Fearless Stitching, which includes everything both beginner and advanced quilters will need to become free motion fanatics. Like Lindsay, Christina gave us our very own signed copy.

Our favorite projects from Christina:


Natalia Bonner and Kathleen Whiting

Natalia Bonner and Kathleen Whiting








Our last meet-up through C&T Publishing was with this duo at the signing for their new book Modern One-Block Quilts, which demonstrates how easy it is to make amazing quilts simply with one block design. You can read more about it and find some Natalia and Kathleen’s amazing patterns on their site Piece N Quilt.

Our favorite projects from Natalia and Kathleen:


Sara Lawson

Sara Lawson








Another designer we’re a big fan of who was really popular at Quilt Market was Sara Lawson from Sew Sweetness. We couldn’t have been more excited to see some of her fashionable bags and hear about her new book with Martingale/That Patchwork Place called Big-City Bags. We know our readers love bags, so don’t miss it!

Our favorite projects from Sara:


Jeni Baker

Jeni BakerJeni Baker 2
Though we didn’t get to run into the very busy Jeni Baker of In Color Order, we got the chance to take a look at her amazing Dreamin’ Vintage collection with Art Gallery Fabrics. Like all of the patterns our readers love, everything looked colorful and so perfect!

Our favorite projects from Jeni:


Phyllis Dobbs

Phyllis Dobbs










During our stop at the Gutermann booth, we were very lucky to catch up with Phyllis Dobbs, owner of the Phyllis Dobbs Art & Design Studio. Her designs were really grabbing attention, and it’s not hard to see why!

Our favorite projects from Phyllis:


Vanessa Christenson

Vanessa Christenson










Another blogger who we saw getting a lot of attention was one of our favorites too, Vanessa Christenson from V and Co. Her gorgeous new fabric line with Moda Fabrics entitled Color Me Happy certainly put a smile on our faces when we got to see an entire booth decorated with colorful designs.

Our favorite projects from Vanessa:


Kelle Boyd

Kelle BoydAnn Kelle Designs

It was hard not to just stare at the adorable and creative wonderland that came from Kelle’s fabric lines with Robert Kaufman. We’ve seen Kelle’s work through our friends at AllFreeSewing, and we hope to have her sharing her bright and colorful inspiration with us soon too!

Kelle’s project on AllFreeSewing:


Stay tuned for more of our Quilt Market Recap!


What’s your design style?


P.S. Don’t forget to enter to win our Quilt Market swag bag! You have until the 12th. See here for more details.

Quilting 101 for Animal Lovers: Animal Print, Modern Quilt Patterns, and Projects for Pets

One of our favorite sources of inspiration has been shared with designers, quilters, and people all over; animals. Our editors at FaveQuilts have noticed that whether it’s with gorgeous animal print fabric or a cute little quilt pattern for your pet, quilters can’t get enough of animal patterns! We want to help celebrate both the wild and the domestic with some creative and cute quilt patterns that are all animal-inspired in one way or another.

Projects with Animal Print

Quilting fabric is so much fun when it comes to prints. Not only are there patterns than use those classic designs we’re familiar with like the one seen in the Tiny Tiger Pouch, but there are also some beautiful fabrics that include cute little animals that quilters are able to cut and transform into creative designs for kid’s quilt patterns, as well as holiday-themed designs.


  1. Tiny Tiger Pouch (shown)
  2. Bedtime Bears Baby Quilt
  3. Cats Around the World Quilt
  4. Chilly Penguin Wall Art
  5. Elephant Applique Cushion
  6. Under the Sea Quilt

Modern Quilt Patterns Inspired by Animals

Even if you only have plain fabric, you can still express your love of animals through your quilt patterns. There are many paper piecing patterns and quilt blocks that use the techniques you’re already familiar with to depict your favorite animals right on your project.





  1. Happy Cat Quilt Block (shown)
  2. Bird Love Quilt
  3. Enchanting Peacock Pillow
  4. Giraffe Quilt Block
  5. Howling Wolf Block
  6. Majestic Maple Fox Block
  7. Owl Always Love You Quilt Sampler
  8. Pig in a Blanket Quilt
  9. Silly Shabby Butterflies Quilt


Small Animal Quilt Projects

Putting an animal on your quilt isn’t the only way you can make a project featuring your favorite creatures. These small quilt projects serve as organizing ideas, quilted gifts, and just all-around fun ways to make you smile.


  1. Kitten in a Box (shown)
  2. Bucket of Fish Game
  3. Charlie the Elephant
  4. Chickadee Pincushions
  5. Stuffed Turtles
  6. Sweet Christmas Birdie Ornament
  7. Winter’s Deer Paper Pieced Block


Projects for Pets

Our pets are like members of the family, so why not show them some love with one of these easy quilt patterns? Imagine how much money you’ll save by putting together a scrappy pillow for your puppy or a fun little catnip toy for your cat. They’ll last for years, they’re easy to repair, and they’ll be just as unique as your precious pet.



  1. Pinwheel Pillow for Puppies
  2. Plaid Puppy’s Dog Bed
  3. Best Blanket for Dogs
  4. Reversible Halloween Dog Coat
  5. Catnip Mice


Safari Fabric Bundle


If you’re ready for your patterns to get wild with some animal-inspired designs, simply enter to win this Safari Fabric Bundle from Quilting Treasures. You have until November 5th!

What animal do you think is the most inspiring?





Quilt in a Day: Our Top 7 Last Minute Halloween Projects and Patterns

Can you believe Halloween is only a day away? If you’re just realizing you’re missing a special decoration or bag pattern, don’t worry; the editors at FaveQuilts have prepared something special for you. This list of last minute Halloween quilt patterns are perfect for the quilter in a hurry. These patterns will only take you a few hours, which means you’ll be ready to enjoy a frightful and fun Halloween without worry.

1) Reversible Fall Holidays Quilted Placemats

Reversible Fall Holidays Quilted Placemats

Spending money on every single holiday that occurs between October and December can seem like a real nightmare on your wallet. You can cut expenses easily when it comes to your table decor by combining two holiday fabric collections you like to make these Reversible Fall Holidays Quilted Placemats for both Halloween and Thanksgiving.


 2) One Hour Pumpkin Hot Pad

As the title says, the One Hour Pumpkin Hot Pad only going to take an hour (or maybe even less time) out of your day, and it’s well worthy the effort. This cute little pumpkin pattern not only acts as a perfectly-sized hot pad for your delicious dishes, but this scrap quilt pattern can also be used as a doily, dish, or autumn decoration.



3) Wreath of Bats Pattern

For a Halloween quilt pattern that’s fast and versatile, but very elegant, try the Wreath of Bats Pattern. You’ll never look at these creepy creatures the same way; with a simple applique design, you can transform any of your festive fabric into a stellar new centerpiece for your room that’s got an impressive complexity that’s very easy to create.



4) Scrapbusting Strip Pieced Halloween Pillow

Strip quilt piecing is an easy and efficient way to bring together your favorite fabric without sacrificing tons of time, which makes the Scrapbusting Strip Pieced Halloween Pillow a project to add to your list. Grab some Halloween quilt scraps or other fabrics that will complement your decor and make pillow designs that are really striking.



5) Halloween Table Runner

If you’re having guests over and are struggling for a quick way to dress up your table, try the Halloween Table Runner. Use your charm pack quilt patterns to make a modern design with just the right bit of edge to stand out, but still fit in with the overall holiday theme.



6) Easy Applique Treat Bags

Can’t find a good basket or bag to use for your little trick or treaters? Then you’ll need to learn to make some Easy Applique Treat Bags, which you can easily personalize with your kids’ favorite fabric and designs.




7) Pumpkin Patch Quilt Block

When it’s time to start relaxing and getting the kids to wind down from all of the exciting festivities, this creative Pumpkin Patch Quilt Block pattern will really come in handy. They can use snap buttons for a number of activities you can enjoy as a family.







For more quick and easy Halloween projects, check out our list of 9 Decorative Halloween Quilts + 3 DIY Halloween Bag Patterns!

What’s your best last minute quilting tip?


In Case You Missed It: “The Best Free Quilt Patterns for Christmas: 10 Quilt Blocks, Christmas Ornaments to Make, and More” eBook

Christmas is still a long way away for many crafters, but quilters always need to be ten steps ahead. Knowing this, the editors at FaveQuilts have spent the past few months finding festive Christmas quilt patterns for just about anything you can imagine. Not only did we find beautiful quilted ornaments, tree skirts, and table decorations, but plenty of other free quilt patterns will bring some serious Christmas spirit into your home. If you’re having trouble figuring out where to start, you’re in luck, because we’ve just finished up our new free eBook for the holidays, The Best Free Quilt Patterns for Christmas: 10 Quilt Blocks, Christmas Ornaments to Make, and More.

The Best Free Quilt Patterns for Christmas: 10 Quilt Blocks, Christmas Ornaments to Make, and More eBook
Everything you need to turn your home into your own personal winter wonderland is in here. We chose some of our most popular free quilt patterns and quilt blocks that will really set the mood in any room, but this eBook also has plenty of smaller decorative options that are perfect for quilters with a full schedule. Instead of spending hours in line at the store, you can design your own tree skirt, stockings, and small quilted decorations using materials you already have and can easily put a festive twist on. Tis the season of thrifty quilting!

What you’ll find in this eBook:

Christmas Log Cabin Quilt Block – Even during the holiday seasons, log cabin quilt blocks are still on the top of everyone’s lists. This pattern will make a lovely addition to a full pattern, or you can make an entire log cabin quilt. It’s subtle enough to also work well within a small quilt project, and the tutorial itself is a good one to save when you want to try using a certain color scheme with a particular quilting design like this.

Candy Cane Stars Quilt – If you’ve got time for a big project, make it this hypnotic star quilt throw. The design itself looks a bit intimidating, but with the steps being broken down and accompanied by a helpful triangle template, you’ll be confident that you can finish this before snow even starts to fall. A project this stunning will be an excellent addition to your living room’s home decor; it’ll be warm and cozy, but also impressive enough to draw attention to any spot.

Download a copy of The Best Free Quilt Patterns for Christmas: 10 Quilt Blocks, Christmas Ornaments to Make, and More – It’s free!

If you like this eBook, you’ll love:




Easy Quilt Patterns Inspired by the Countryside: The Patchwork Quilt Guide

Our Favorite Patchwork Quilt Patterns

When falls comes around, the editors at FaveQuilts just can’t help but dream of curling up in some cozy patchwork quilt patterns. They’re perfect for this time of year, not only because of how warm and comforting they are, but also because of how easy and versatile the patterns are. Get started with one of these today, and you’ll be able to share a special new patchwork pattern with your family before October ends. Here are some of the most popular ways quilters are making patchwork quilts this season:

Patchwork Baby Quilt Patterns

What could be more special for a baby born in the fall than a beautiful patchwork quilt made especially for them? The patchwork design’s flexibility will really come in handy here; you can easily use your own color scheme within any of these patterns and still get lovely results. Patchwork quilts also provide plenty of options for variations, so you can get creative with the way you quilt your squares. Any soon-to-be parents will be so grateful to receive this kind of personalized gift, and the blend of comfort and casual design will guarantee that this quilt will be in use for years to come.

Bed Quilt Covers

Fall weather can be very unpredictable, but you don’t have to worry about catching a chill if you use your patchwork quilting skills to make a brand new cover for your bed. Home decor can be very expensive, but you can expect to save a lot of money with these brilliant patterns that encourage the use of scrappy quilt leftovers. This is the perfect opportunity to play with your favorite geometric shapes and give your room a whole new look.

Small Patchwork Quilt Projects

Short on time? No problem, because patchwork quilting covers more than just full-sized patterns. If you simply need a way to give your home a bit of a rustic touch or make something special for someone else, there are plenty of cute ways to use your patchwork.

More Popular Patchwork Patterns

You don’t even need a specific reason to enjoy the classic country charm of a patchwork quilt. Many of the most popular free quilt patterns involving patchwork can be made for any occasion. You’ll learn some from variations, see how you can complement colors, and personalize your pattern for someone special.


At Home with Country Quilts



There’s still plenty of time to start a patchwork quilt pattern, and if you’re in need of ideas, you should enter to win a copy of At Home with Country Quilts: 13 Patchwork Patterns. Submit your entry by October 29th!





 What’s your favorite use for patchwork?



Quilting Color Pop: Finding the Perfect Free Quilt Pattern in Any Color

We’ve all got a favorite color, and this can be a real joy for quilters. When we have a go-to color, any pattern seems possible. The editors at FaveQuilts have seen all kinds of color schemes and amazing blends, but today, we wanted to focus on the basics. All you need to do is pick a color and see how you can use it to bring out the best in your quilt:

Quilt in Color: Free Patterns


Nothing burns brighter than red, and it’s versatility really shows through once you start using it within your different designs. There’s a special kind of romance that’s created when you blend red squares with whites and pinks to make an unforgettable patchwork pattern. Use a more modest shade to accentuate a classic design, or mix your shades together to give a simple quilt pattern more depth. Bold quilters will also appreciate how powerful a statement the darker shades create.


For a refreshing sense of brightness and energy, definitely consider orange. Whether it’s in the center of a basic quilt block pattern or running in and out of a complicated pattern like the rail fence quilt shown above, orange will make your patterns stand out.


Are you just bursting with positivity and want your quilt pattern to do the same? Then you should become a fan of yellow! These cheery hues are popular with all ages, meaning you can design yourself a new throw and make a cute little quilted wallhanging for your little one. Fashionistas looking to make their outfit pop should make their next quilted bag pattern with some happy yellow fabric.


Go green (literally) with another versatile color that creates a sense of natural beauty within any quilt pattern. Bright greens are excellent for springtime, especially if you’d like to depict some actual nature in your pattern. Many of the best garden quilt patterns utilize green as a base to complement other colors while still maintaining an overall balance of hues.


Another very popular color is blue. Not only is it a go-to color for patterns for boys, but its cool tones feel right at home within winter patterns. There are so many different shades that you can create a unique pattern simply with this primary color.


Mysterious and elegant, purple is a beautiful and rich color sure to present a sense of regality in your patterns.


Have fun with your projects of any size by adding one of the liveliest colors there is; pink. It’s a favorite for designing quilt patterns for girls, as well as embellishing fashion patterns. Pink patterns are also a special way to show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness.


Timeless Treasures Soho Solids


If you’re in need of some real color therapy, enter to win a bundle of gorgeous Soho Solids from Timeless Treasures. We’re giving away three bundles of some of the best quality fabric basics you can find. The contest ends on October 22nd, so enter today.






What’s your favorite color to quilt with?


Fabric Favorites: Fat Quarter Quilt Patterns

All of us at FaveQuilts could talk about fabric all day. Nothing is more enjoyable than seeing all of the ways the beautiful batiks, prints, and florals inspire quilters to turn regular quilt patterns into amazing projects. One of the most popular cuts of fabric has to be the fat quarter. You can use them to make colorful quilt patterns, and then save the leftovers for cute small quilt projects. Today, we’re celebrating fat quarter quilt patterns with some of our favorite projects.

Quilted Bag Patterns

One of the most popular designs for any kind of fashionable fabric is a quilted bag pattern. Fat quarters are popular with quilters looking to cut their fabric into particular lengths, as the measurements provide versatility. Take the Fat Quarter Gypsy Bag for example; all you need are six fat quarter cuts to make one of the most popular quilted handbags on our site. You’ll learn how to add texture and depth to your designs that will make this fat quarter quilt project one that serves an every day purpose. You can also save your fat quarter fabric scraps to make pouches and key chains too.




 Fat Quarter Quilts for Kids

If you’ve got a little one you love to quilt for, fat quarters are probably a must-have for you. They are so many bright and colorful fabric choices, and you can cut them into all kinds of fun shapes. One classic design that children just love is the Brick Pattern Fat Quarter Quilt. It couldn’t be easier; just cut up your fat quarters into rectangles and get extra playful with their favorite colors and print designs. It doesn’t take a long time to make and they can use it all over the house. It can be a comforting blanket in their bedroom, a comfy mat during playtime, and whatever else they can think of. Nothing brightens up a day like a child’s face when they receive a new quilt like this from someone special.


Baby Quilt Patterns

Quilters are looking for new baby quilt patterns every day, and we think there’s no better way to make something simple and sweet than with fat quarters. With such an unpredictable event occurring, it’s good to have a pattern like the Fat Quarter Rainbow Baby Quilt around, as its fairly straightforward in design with just the right amount of color. You can slice up some fat quarters and finish this in a week or two, which seems perfect if you’re awaiting a new arrival.




Quilting with Fat Quarters

Fat quarter fans don’t have to stop here! There are even more fat quarter quilt patterns to start working on. You can get 17 of the latest patterns for free if you enter to win a copy of Quilting with Fat Quarters: 17 New Patterns from the Staff at That Patchwork Place. The contest ends October 15, so be sure you enter today.


What’s your favorite way to use fat quarters?




In Case You Missed It: “17 Quilting Tutorials: Quilting for Beginners and Top Tips for How to Quilt” eBook

No quilter could have gotten to where they are now without starting with the basics. At FaveQuilts, we’ve been happy to frequently update our techniques and videos section with the latest tips from experienced quilters looking to give our readers the best ways to improve and challenge their skills. We thought it would be a great idea to make these tutorials even easier for quilters to access 24/7, and we’re excited to share our latest free eBook, 17 Quilting Tutorials: Quilting for Beginners and Top Tips for How to Quilt.

17 Quilting Tutorials: Quilting for Beginners and Top Tips for How to Quilt eBook

These quilting tutorials cover a broad range of topics that will guide you through many of the most important steps involved in making a quilt. You’ll find not only technique-based tutorials that demonstrate how to quilt, but you’ll also find some very helpful guides and tips for things like choosing fabric, getting to know your sewing machine, and even cleaning your finished quilt. First time quilters will appreciate the break down of basic cutting, stitching, and finishing techniques, while more advanced quilters can not only brush up on the basics, but find a few new challenges when it comes to things like quilt binding and finishing a pattern that will help you achieve a new level of mastery in your quilting.

What you’ll find in this eBook:

Trouble Free Straight Line Quilting – It’s so frustrating when your lines aren’t looking as clean as you’d like them to, which is why this list of 10 tricks to straight line quilting is a must-read. It doesn’t simply list ideas; you’ll find a comprehensive list that includes plenty of images, in-depth explanations, and links to further reading that you can take a look any time you’re in need of some extra advice. Once you’ve improved your straight line quilting, there will be many more opportunities to do bold and creative things with your stitches.

Single Fold Binding Tutorial – Presentation is very important; who doesn’t want their quilt to get noticed? We think quilters will be proud to show off any project if they have used quilt binding techniques like this to finish them. The quilting tutorial is simple, easy-to-follow, and is an excellent starting point. If you’re ready for something beyond a basic binding technique or quilt border, you can check out our more advanced quilting tutorials that will show you how to add curves, shapes, and more to really add that stand-out wow factor to any pattern.

Download a copy of 17 Quilting Tutorials: Quilting for Beginners and Top Tips for How to Quilt – It’s free!

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Quilting Forecast: New Christmas Quilt Patterns to Start Today

October’s on its way, but you’ve probably already packed up your autumn fabric; it’s time to start those Christmas quilt patterns! The editors at FaveQuilts have been hard at work looking for the best new Christmas projects and quilted Christmas decorations just for you, and shared some of their findings this past week with our fans on Facebook. If you missed out, look below and get ready for some Christmas cheer.


Christmas Quilt Patterns

Monday: Advent Calendars

Advent calendars aren’t the easiest quilted projects to find, so when patterns as pretty and useful as the Pocket Advent Calendar designed by Noodlehead (hosted by Gwenny Penny) come out, you’ve just got to check them out. This pattern in particular is fun because you can fill the colorful pockets with little gifts or activity ideas for any little ones at home, and you can use practically any kind of fabric you’d like.


 Tuesday: Quilted Christmas Ornament Crafts

Round up your fabric scraps and apply your everyday quilting skills to make the 25 Patch Mini Christmas Ornament from Love to Sew Studio. The nine patch quilt pattern is currently one of the most popular designs on our site, so we’re sure all of you readers will adore this cute little variation that’s got a classic, homemade charm.




Wednesday: Stocking Patterns

Here’s a fun craft that can involve the whole family. Everyone can choose their favorite fabrics and you can easily whip up a whole set of cute decorations using the Christmas Stocking Tutorial from Amy’s Creative Side. You can personalized them in just about any way you’d like, and they’re perfect for the quilters looking to keep their fabric budget small.

Thursday: Quilted Christmas Decorations

The holidays are the best time for quilters to get thrifty with anything and everything. Take the Berry Christmas Log Cabin Wreath from Christa Quilts for example. While others will be cleaning up piles of dried needles, you’ll be sitting back and admiring your work with this creatively festive use of log cabin quilt patterns.




Friday: Tree Skirt Patterns

Christmas in July Tree Skirt

Learn how to make a tree skirt with a refreshing free quilt pattern like the Christmas in July Tree Skirt from Freshly Pieced. These Christmas quilts in particular can provide a nice break from the standard shapes you’re used to when piecing together a lap or a throw.



Saturday: Christmas Quilt Block Patterns

When you’re finally ready to start on those full-sized Christmas quilt patterns, you can find a variety of options with some crafty holiday quilt block patterns. We know that star quilt patterns are huge with our readers, making the Scrappy Christmas Star Block from Clover and Violet a cost-effective and gorgeous block that we know you’ll love.






See all of the patterns from this week’s feature on Facebook, and visit our site to find even more Christmas quilt patterns

you can start on now. Feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you’d like featured next.


What do you like quilting for Christmas?




6 Picture Perfect Paper Piecing Patterns

Quilters with a particular interest in piecework just can’t get enough of paper piecing patterns! The editors of FaveQuilts are always excited to add new patterns and see the creative ways quilters have transformed their favorite patterns, as well as images from their everyday lives, into pieces of a quilt. Here are some can’t-miss designs that we think will really get your creative juices flowing:

Fantasy Fem New York Beauty Block – Our readers have been looking all over for the perfect New York beauty block, and we think we’ve finally found one. This paper piecing pattern challenges you not only with some very angular cuts, but also with color schemes. You can create a stunning image that seems to pop right out at you simply by how you contrast shades in this quilt block pattern.


Quickie Hexie Flower Quilt Block – A classic use for English paper piecing hexies are flowers much like this. It’s not too complicated, and it’ll add a pleasant touch to any new spring quilt patterns you’re planning. Bring a little delicacy to your next flower quilt pattern with this sweet little pattern.

Tiny Tabby Block – Who isn’t crazy about cats these days? Animal lovers of all ages will be charmed by this happy little face peering out of a quilt. Try using a paper piecing pattern to make your next kid’s quilt; you can change the color of this little kitty for a playful, whimsical look.

The Zipper Block – Here’s another paper piecing pattern that presents a real challenge for quilters. Not only does this bold pattern have lettering, but also a creative design mimicking a zipper that requires some pretty fancy cutting. A clever quilt block like this makes a statement no matter where you put it.

Warsaw Mermaid Quilt Block – Another paper piecing pattern that presents a deeper sense of artistry while still maintaining a clear sense of beauty is this new paper pieced pattern inspired by Warsaw. Even without context, this pattern has a particularly magical quality unlike any other you’ve seen before.

Sewing Machine Block – One of the most popular paper piecing pattern we’ve seen is this one. You can make a little wallhanging for your quilting space or make a quilt pattern with one of your favorite tools on it. Once you start on this creative design, you’ll find yourself looking for even more ways you can recreate your supplies into crafty little patterns.


Needles and Notions


If you enjoy paper piecing patterns and are in need of inspiration, enter our latest giveaway! One lucky winner will receive a copy of Needles and Notions: Paper-Pieced Patterns with a Sewing Room Theme, which is filled with ways you can bring your everyday quilting supplies into your next pattern. Our giveaway ends on October 1st, so enter today.



What kind of images do you like to paper piece?