In Case You Missed It: “Quilter’s Gift Guide: 12 Quilt Patterns for Small Quilt Projects and Keepsake Quilting eBook

Christmas is closing in on us every day, and it’s not the only stressful day of the year quilters have to prepare for. It seems like there’s always parties, events, and special celebrations we need to attend with gifts in tow, and shopping can be a difficult and expensive experience for busy people. To help ease your troubles, the editors at FaveQuilts have put together a brand new eBook that you can download right now, the Quilter’s Gift Guide: 12 Quilt Patterns for Small Quilt Projects and Keepsake Quilting.

Quilter's Gift Guide: 12 Quilt Patterns for Small Quilt Projects and Keepsake Quilting

No matter what time of year it is, you can open up this handy gift guide to find some quick and easy quilt patterns and small quilt projects that suit friends and family of all kinds. Get creative with your scrappy quilt leftovers and design gifts that are useful, decorative, and all from the heart. If you don’t have time to make a full quilt pattern, you don’t need to worry, because most of these projects only require a few hours to put together, and you’ll barely need any fabric. There’s just no better way for quilters to show their loved ones how much they care all throughout the year!


What you’ll find in this eBook:

Quick Quilted Coffee Cozy – The smallest project in our gift guide is pretty and practical. We all know someone who has to have their morning coffee or carries around tea throughout the day. Instead of having to deal with the hassle of holder that might not be recyclable, your loved ones can enjoy a handmade cup cozy that really pops with some impressive free motion stitching.

T-Shirt Memory Quilt – Our biggest quilt pattern included in the eBook is a favorite amongst quilters who love making personalized memory quilts and keepsakes. Gather together some old t-shirts and make this fun pattern that can be displayed, or used to brighten up a bedroom or living room.


Quilter's Gift Guide: 12 Quilt Patterns for Small Quilt Projects and Keepsake Quilting


Download a copy of the Quilter’s Gift Guide: 12 Quilt Patterns for Small Quilt Projects and Keepsake Quilting – it’s free!




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What kind of gifts do you like to make?

A Year of Quilts: Our Favorite Seasonal Free Quilt Patterns

According to our last site survey, a big number of our loyal FaveQuilts readers only want to spend a few weeks on their patterns. With the right quilt patterns, this could mean a new quilt for every month! Below, you’ll find some cute designs and projects ideas that will make each month special.

FaveQuilts 2014 Calendar


Treat yourself to something that’s stylish, useful, and very easy to piece together by making a Chinese New Year Pop Up Hexie Basket. Even if you won’t be celebrating the Chinese New Year beginning at the end of the month, you can make this cute little basket with English paper piecing.


Instead of a generic gift, you can show someone special how much you care with a sweet quilt pattern like the Heart of My Heart Valentine Quilt for Valentine’s Day. It’s the gift that keeps on giving; this heart quilt pattern is small enough to serve as a table decoration or small wall hanging.


Spring has arrived, and nothing will suit it better than a quilt pattern with refreshing green fabric. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, decorate your home with a Green Beer Quilted Table Runner. Even if you don’t celebrate the holiday, the simple strip pieced design will bring a modest and modern look to any style of decor.



Nothing says April like the April Showers Mug Rug; whether it’s storming outside or bright and beautiful, you can enjoy a peaceful afternoon with a hot cup that you rest on this creative mug rug pattern. It’s perfect for scrap quilters looking to start cleaning out their stash in time for spring cleaning.


Nature blooms so beautifully during May, and now you can appreciate their beauty in your quilting too with the beautiful and easy Fields of Tulips Quilt. It’ll be a nice change from a vase of flowers, and these will last much longer.


If you have little ones, they’ll finally be home, and your schedule might be thrown for a loop. Even if you only have a few hours, you’ll still be able to make the cute Sunny Santa Monica Quilt and decorate it with your favorite free motion design.


Picnic season will be in full swing as soon as things heat up, so be prepared for some fun adventures with the family with your very own picnic quilt pattern like the Ravishing Rail Picnic Quilt. This eye-popping jelly roll quilt looks just as amazing in your home too.


Before the warm weather goes away, enjoy one final fun trip to the beach with the handy Seaside Chevron Picnic Quilt, which uses laminated fabric that ensures you’ll be able to enjoy your day and minimize clean up.


Another chill is on its way, but your family will always be warm and cozy thanks to a rag quilt like the Fuss Free Rag Quilt.


Many quilters don’t want to create a whole new project for Halloween because of how short the holiday is, but a project like the One Hour Pumpkin Hot Pad can be used throughout the season while still making a cute addition to your holiday decor.


Nothing’s more important than the table during Thanksgiving, so make sure yours looks its best with a classic table topper like the Cinnamon Spice of Life Tablecloth.


No matter what holiday you celebrate during December, the Attic Window Snowman Scene Quilt will be a sweet reminder of how magical the season is.




For more quilting inspiration year round, enter our 2014 Calendars from Landauer Publishing giveaway! We’re giving away two calendars full of beautiful ideas and designs for every month of the year. Enter by tomorrow!








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Shaping Up Your Quilt Patterns: Learn How to Make a Quilt with Your Favorite Shapes

Shaping Up Your Quilt Patterns: Learn How to Make a Quilt with Your Favorite Shapes

A fundamental part of quilting is piecing together pieces of fabric; What makes the craft so unique is how you can use many of the shapes we are all familiar with to make your projects more outstanding. The editors at FaveQuilts have found that our readers want more than just blocks, so we’ve put together a list of ways you can change up your designs with your favorite shapes.


Half square triangles are often used as an easy way to piece together blocks or make more intricate quilt patterns, but they’re not all you can use to make points on your quilt. Patterns like the Cool and Quick Triangle Quilt Pattern use bigger triangle designs to create consistent patterns that easily create a modern appeal. You can even make cute holiday patterns with trees or stars; it’s really that easy!



Try these triangle quilt patterns:



One of the first shapes many quilters learn is the square (or block). You can always rely on designs like a square in a square pattern to show off your fabric and make your favorite color schemes look even better like in the gorgeous Sew Stitchy Squares Quilt. Once you get more advanced, you can change up the size of your squares within your quilt block patterns or try different ways of piecing them together for more unique appeal.




Try these square quilt patterns:


Nothing says chic like a hexagon quilt pattern. Of all of the shapes, we find this one to be the most fashionable. Not only can you learn how to make a quilt in a vintage style with English paper piecing hexies, but you can also use a hexagon design as geometric embellishment for a small quilt project. There are also quilt patterns like the Boho Honeycomb Hexagon Quilt which easily give your home decor a timeless appeal.


Try these hexagon quilt patterns:




There’s no denying how popular star quilts are and have been for centuries. Not only do star quilt patterns have a timeless quality, but there’s also plenty of variety in their design. There are are stars with four points, five points, and even eight like the lone star in the Big Star Baby Blanket.



Try these star quilt patterns:


Love shapes? Then you’re going to love the You Hexie Hexagon Ruler from June Tailor. Cutting the perfect hexagon has never been easier than it will be with this slitted ruler with nine different measurements. We’re giving away three on our site; enter to win by tomorrow!







What’s your favorite shape to quilt with?


Quilt Block Party!: 6 Popular Quilt Block Patterns

Our quilt block patterns category is one of the most popular on FaveQuilts; it’s got hundreds of ways for quilters to start their next quilt pattern. Throughout the year, the editors on our site like to put a list together of the most popular designs and share them with our readers. This party is getting started with 6 of our best quilt block patterns.



Disappearing 16 Patch Block

One of the most consistent trends this year has been a love of all things nine patch, be it a regular block of nine squares or an impressive variation. Melissa from Happy Quilting made a beautiful diamond-like design that will create a whole new level of depth to a geometric throw.

Stacks & Stacks of Scraps Quilt Block

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from our bloggers, it’s that you don’t need to buy new fabric to make an amazing new quilt block. Stefanie from Little Lady Patchwork cleaned out her scrap drawer and used strip quilt piecing to make a design that’s going to be unique every time. Mixed up fabrics have never looked so good together.

Star Flower Quilt Block

The magic of star quilt patterns has enchanted us in every form from accessories to full-sized lap quilts, so it’s no mystery why star quilt block patterns like this one made by the ladies at Piece N Quilt made our list. The delicate floral fabrics have made this a top choice for spring quilts and quilts for girls.

Easy Log Cabin Quilt Block

Classic quilt patterns are never bad to start with whether you’re new to quilting, looking for a reliable way to show off some great new fabric, or simply find some inspiration to get started. There’s no better option than the versatile log cabin quilt block such as the one made by Cassandra from Mighty Distractible.

Feminine Pink and Green Quilt Block

Another traditional quilt pattern that found its way on our list was the square in a square quilt pattern, which made colorful quilt blocks like this one from Erin at Why Not Sew an excellent choice for quilts with any color scheme.

Swirling Dresden Block

Modern quilt blocks have also made an interesting impact recently. Vicki from Quilting Lodge had one of the most stunning examples of this, a bold variation of the classic look of Dresden plate patterns that’s even more remarkable with the contrast between light and dark fabric.



Are you still on the lookout for the next big quilt block pattern? You can just as easily design one yourself using the unique system included in Blocks, Borders, Quilts! A Mix-and-Match Workbook for Designing Your Own Quilts by Sunny Steinkuhler. Learn the secrets behind making a one-of-a-kind quilt block by entering to win your own copy. The contest ends on the 26th.






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Quilt Your Way to a Great Holiday: 5 Thanksgiving Ideas and Free Quilt Patterns

Can you believe Thanksgiving is only a week away? The editors at FaveQuilts certainly can’t, and we know that for quilters, this time of year can be particularly hectic. It seems that there’s always something missing from your home decor that you don’t discover until the last minute; to help you out, we’ve put together a list of some easy quilted Thanksgiving crafts that you can make before next Thursday.


Thanksgiving Turkey Applique Template

Speaking of applique, one of the fastest solutions you can always rely on when you need to do a little Thanksgiving decorating is using applique patterns like the Thanksgiving Turkey Applique Template. It’s a cute little way to dress up your linens, add a holiday touch to a piece of clothing, and much more.

Pumpkin Table Runner

In need of something more specific? No need to panic; use iconic imagery from the holiday, as well as the fall season as inspiration for your home decor. A popular choice that’s also versatile enough to be used throughout the rest of the fall months is the Pumpkin Table Runner, which will be a cinch for anyone familiar with strip quilt piecing.

Homespun Thanksgiving Table Topper

Basic quilt block patterns and piecing techniques that you have previously learned can come in handy when creating a Thanksgiving-inspired design like the Homespun Thanksgiving Table Topper. Cut your rustic fabric into flying geese and snowball blocks, and you can make your own table topper pattern that has a charming appeal suitable for a holiday table. You can even add some fun applique letters to spell out your favorite foods; this could become a fun activity that encourages the whole family to participate.

Vintage Autumn Table Topper

Another way to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere with your quilted Thanksgiving decor is through a more specific theme. Vintage has made a huge comeback in recent years and is always a favorite amongst quilters, making quilt patterns like the Vintage Autumn Table Runner a guaranteed hit. Putting this together won’t be particularly complicated, especially if you’ve already picked out some lovely charm packs to use. Like many of the other projects here, you may like them so much that you’ll decide to keep them out during the rest of the season, or maybe even the year.

Changing Season Attic Window Quilt

Your table isn’t all that needs decorating; give any room in your house a touch of fall that will perfectly complement Thanksgiving dinner with full-sized quilt patterns like the Changing Seasons Attic Windows Quilt. No matter what the weather’s like outside, you can depict a breathtaking fall landscape with a mesmerizing attic window pattern that will really wow guests. It’ll be hard to believe they’re not actually looking out of a window!


What’s the most important part of your Thanksgiving decor?

Today’s Learn How to Quilt Tips: Quick and Easy Quilting Tutorials and Techniques Our Readers Love

The editors at FaveQuilts are always trying to update our techniques and tutorials section because we know if that there’s always something new for even the most experienced quilters to learn. We’ve learned a lot about what tutorials our quilters find most important, and we’re sharing these important lessons with you (thanks to The Graphics Fairy for all the cute images!):

Dresden Plates

The gorgeous Dresden Roses from V and Co have been a hit since the very first day we featured them on our site. Not only does this tutorial show quilters how to make a Dresden plate, but also how to add those perfect flourishes that will ultimately make your quilt blossom.

More Dresden tutorials:


Sewing Machine

It’s important to remember maintenance, and our readers made sure to get the best advice possible with the How to Clean a Sewing Machine tutorial from Amy’s Creative Side. Take a break from your pattern and look through these up-close images that will help you zoom in on the most important details and really take care of your machine.

More Machine tutorials:


Rag Quilts

Keeping the family warm as the cold weather starts to blow in is a task many of our quilters faced head on. They referenced the Rag Quilting Video Tutorial from our Youtube channel and made some cuddly and shaggy quilts to keep their home looking cheery and feeling snuggly.

More rag quilt tutorials:


Quilting Supplies

Starting a project without having the proper supplies handy can be a big mistake. Worried about costs? Then like our readers, you’ll be interested in smart tips and tricks like Stocking Your Station with School Supplies from Patchwork Posse. You can learn some smart ways to save that will really come in handy during your future craft store trips.

More ways to save:


These tutorials aren’t the only way you can work on your quilting. We’re offering two exciting giveaways that encourage learning, as well as being prepared.

Annie's Quilting ClassYou can enter to win an online class from Annie’s Catalog and get a step-by-step breakdown of how to make a quilt from start to finish. You’ll learn how to make the gorgeous Bric and Stones pattern using chain piecing and plenty of half square triangles. Both beginners and experienced quilters will enjoy this. Enter by the 23rd.


TrueCut Tools Prize PackReady to start your next pattern? That won’t be a problem if you are stocked with the innovative materials in the TrueCut Tools Pack. One lucky winner will get cutters, rulers, and plenty of tools that will help you maintain the quality of your new materials for a long time. Enter by the 19th.


What’s your #1 quilting tip?

2013’s Best Thanksgiving Ideas: Free Quilted Table Decor and Slow Cooker Recipes You Should Try

Time’s winding down to Thanksgiving, and we can just imagine how stressful this time of year has been for all of you quilters! It can be hard to find time to work on decorative patterns and plan your big meal at the same time. The editors at FaveQuilts can help take some of that stress away with some of our favorite quilted table runner patterns, table toppers, and other quilted decorations that you’ll be able to complete in no time. We’ve also found some popular slow cooker recipes from our friends at AllFreeSlowCookerRecipes that you can start on while you work.

Table Decorations with Thanksgiving Themes

It’s the reason for the season, so if you don’t want to skimp on the holiday aspect of your home decor, use some classic seasonal colors to complement your fabric, like in the Quick Patchwork Thanksgiving Table Runner, or include a popular holiday image that will look even more impressive when quilted.


Thanksgiving themed patterns to try:

Fall Inspired Quilt Patterns

Thanksgiving’s only one day of the year, and if you’re trying to save fabric, you may find yourself in a bit of a predicament. Thankfully, there are patterns like the Simple Autumn Table Runner that are appropriate for special occasions, as well as everyday decor that you can have in your home for the rest of the fall season.


More fall patterns to try:

More Quilted Table Runner Patterns and Table Toppers

Just because this is a special holiday doesn’t mean you can’t still bring your designer style to the table. You don’t necessarily need to incorporate fall colors into your Thanksgiving table decor to make it special; Just look at how amazing and classy the Modern Dresden Quilt Table Runner looks. A timeless look or a modern sensation can just as easily complement your delicious meal.





More table runners and toppers:


BONUS! Thanksgiving Slow Cooker Recipes

There’s no better way to cook for a quilter than with a slow cooker. You can prepare a meal in the morning, let it sit during the day while you’re quilting, and have a delicious meal and some great progress completed on your latest pattern by nightfall. Finally get the rest and relaxation you deserve this holiday season instead of standing over a stove all day with the help of our friends at AllFreeSlowCookerRecipes.

Does this Easy Pumpkin Soup look delicious or what? If you like that, make sure you take a look at all of the Thanksgiving-themed recipes our sister site has to offer:



Which of your holiday decorations do you like to make yourself?

Quilting Trend Alert: Our Top 5 Tweets of October 2013

FaveQuilts Top Tweets

When planning ahead, the editors at FaveQuilts want to make sure we’re doing the best we can to connect readers with the content that they’re looking for, and we get a lot of help from our Twitter page! To find out more about the top trends with our quilters, we took a look at the top 5 tweets from last month. Here are the results:


#5: Christmas Quilt Patterns

Christmas Quilt Patterns




Quilters always have to be two steps ahead when it comes to patterns,  which is why our brand new Christmas quilts eBook, The Best Free Quilt Patterns for Christmas: 10 Quilt Blocks, Christmas Ornaments to Make, and More, came at the perfect time. It includes tree skirts, handmade Christmas ornament ideas, quilt block patterns, and full-sized projects that quilters can start on now and have ready by the time they’re preparing to deck the halls.

#4: Quick and Easy Quilt Patterns

Quick and Easy Quilt Patterns




No surprise here; quilters are busy people, therefore; they’re always looking for a helpful quilt pattern that they can finish without worry. Our friends at CraftFoxes were already tackling this issue with the Gift in a Week Quilt pattern. It’s big, beautiful, but doesn’t take up your time. It’s a beautiful gift that can be used and displayed all throughout the year, so if you’re strapped for time this holiday season, make sure you’ve got this pattern saved somewhere.

#3: Hexagon Quilt Patterns

Hexagon Quilt Patterns




Our readers have used both Hexagon quilt patterns and English paper piecing patterns to create intricate and decorative designs with a certain retro flair, and they know how time consuming the cutting process can be. Luckily, Andy from A Bright Corner created a pattern using a creative trick that saves you time, but still gives you that same hexie look. Her ingenuity has made the Fakie Hexies Quilt one of the most popular projects of the month.

#2: Rice Bags

Rice Bags




The hot new trend of the season has popped up in every facet from crochet to knitting, and our readers were more than ready for it. Learning how to make a rice bag really comes in handy; not only can you make your own handmade body warmer and cooler with the Heavenly Hot and Cold Rice Bag tutorial from Make It and Love It, but you can also use this idea for stocking stuffers or as small party favors during the holidays. Your friends and family will thank you as soon as they use it.

#1: How to Make a Patchwork Quilt

How to Make a Patchwork Quilt




With that autumn chill rolling in, quilters knew now was the time to start making those cozy patchwork quilts. Team FaveQuilts thought it would be helpful to create our very own Patchwork Quilt Guide that linked to all of our favorite projects and patterns.


Not only are our readers getting ready for the next season, but they’re working on their quilting skills with all kinds of resources. Be sure to follow us on Twitter for all of these and more!


What was your favorite quilting topic or trend last month?

Grandma’s Favorite: English Paper Piecing Techniques and Flower Garden Quilt Patterns

The tradition of quilting is often one that’s passed down between family members, so many quilters can recall fond memories of the patterns their mothers and grandmothers used to make. One classic style that’s still very popular within both traditional and contemporary quilting is English paper piecing; these little hexies can be used to make flowers, chic designs, and much more. No matter what size your dream pattern is, English paper piecing can really come in handy.


English Paper Piecing for Your Home Decor

Hexagon designs have a certain old fashioned look to them that becomes incredibly stylish and modern when used within a home decor pattern. It’s amazing; just one little shape can turn into an entire table runner, a mod bed quilt pattern, or even a festive little pop up basket for the holidays. Once you’ve made a few, building an entire design will seem like such a breeze, giving you plenty of room to experiment with your color schemes and detail work.

Quilted Wearables

What better way to represent your quilting in your everyday life than with a beautiful quilted accessories? They’re great for quilters who want to work on their hand stitching, and they’re so small that they’ll barely require any materials. If you have any jewelry fans in your family, these designs are also excellent gift ideas that are even more special because you made them yourself.

Decorative Quilted Bag Patterns and Organization Ideas

These patterns are such treats for quilters; they’re colorful, super cute, and all serve a purpose. Hexies can turn any regular bag pattern into a modern fashion statement, and even items you make to help you stay organized like pincushions and pouches will look more decorative and at home with a few hexies popping within their patterns.

Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt Patterns

The most classic use for hexagon patterns has to be the grandmother’s flower garden quilt. The simple, but eye-catching style complements just about anything and provides quilts with a refined delicacy that looks like it came straight out of the past.


Learn how you can create a magical quilt pattern with English paper piecing techniques with Quilts from Grandmother’s Garden: A Fresh Look at English Paper Piecing. We’re giving away a free copy, so enter to win before November 12th!


What’s your favorite way to use English paper piecing?





Fall International Quilt Market 2013 Recap #2: Talking Trends with Our Favorite Companies

Quilt Market Recap 2

During our time at Quilt Market, we found that some of the best source of inspiration, as well as the most helpful look into current quilting trends came from companies. You’ve seen many of their bundles on our site, so don’t miss this recap of what our favorite companies are doing this year:

Birch Fabrics

birch-fabricsBirch Fabrics

Any time we get our hands on something from Birch Fabrics, we prepare ourselves to take a trip to a beautiful place, and their booth was no exception. We met up with the very talented Melissa Lunden, who did an amazing job on patterns like Window View and Break Dance. Woodland creatures were a big trend at Market, and Birch is surely in the forefront with patterns that popped on everything from full patterns to clothing to some of the funnest furniture we’ve ever seen.


Shannon Fabrics

Shannon Fabrics  Shannon FabricsShannon Fabrics

If there was one booth we never wanted to leave, it had to be the fun, rustic farmhouse set up by the talented team at Shannon Fabrics. Their one-of-a-kind cuddle fabrics were transformed into plants, animals, and quilts that looked absolutely perfect for a snuggle. Our readers are big fans of strip quilting, and Shannon shows that the method is going to be a big part of 2013 and 2014.

RJR Fabrics

RJR FabricsRJR Fabrics

During our visit to RJR Fabrics, we were delighted to see more adorable animal prints with our favorite creatures like foxes and owls brightened up with pastels and delicate florals. There was purse patterns and dress designs ladies of many ages will surely fall in love, and we felt inspired by the innovative ways their designers used these collections to make graphic quilts with real modern appeal.



We didn’t win anything, but it was a real pleasure playing this thread golf course showing off the versatile polyester and cotton threads offered by Aurifil. The creative look of their booth exemplified just how large their collection is, so quilters can really focus on embellishment and detail.

Camelot Fabrics

Camelot Fabrics

Another booth that was so hard to walk away from was that of Camelot Fabrics who put their own twist on the animal trend with sweet bird patterns. These fabric lines are going to be a big hit in the world of baby quilts.

Anna Griffin

Anna Griffin

When it came down to elegance in all forms, Anna Griffin is one of the best choices. They gave the animal fabrics trend a chic upgrade and mesmerized with fabrics that had feminine flair and an adventurous sense of exoticism.

Timeless Treasures

Timeless Treasures












One booth that really got attention was that of the fun team at Timeless Treasures. Not only did they offer a wide variety of designs, but showed some of the amazing ways these fabrics could be used to make incredibly designs. It’s no wonder they won the Best Booth Award for Creativity (and they sure know how to entertain)!

Riley Blake

Riley Blake DesignsRiley Blake DesignsRiley Blake DesignsRiley Blake Designs

There was a collection for every quilter here. The Riley Blake Designs team showed off patterns filled with bright colors. Their designers took the fabric to the next level and used it to make just about anything with a stylish balance between prints and solids.

Art Gallery Fabrics

Art Gallery FabricsArt Gallery Fabrics

Art Gallery Fabrics

A group of amazing designers interpreted each of the colorful collections from Art Gallery Fabrics into stylish booths that will inspire your inner home decor designer. It was like we were taking a whole series of vacations just by walking down a row!


What’s your favorite fabric collection or style?


P.S. Don’t forget to enter to win our Quilt Market swag bag! You have until the 12th. See here for more details.